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2023.03.25 23:48 Lost-Beach3122 Horrible Histories Awful England Full History Episode Concept

Through old sketches and new sketches, Rattus Rattus hosts a chronological look at some of the more strange, sad, and outright Horrible aspects of the entire history of England.
  1. Savage Stone Age
  1. Broken Bronze Age
  1. Cut Throat Celts
  1. Smashing Saxons
  1. Measly Middle Ages
  1. Terrible Tudors
  1. Slimy Stuarts
  1. Gorgeous Georgians
  1. Vile Victorians
  1. Evil Edwardians
  1. Frightful First World War
  1. Awful Interwar Period
  1. Woeful Second World War
  1. Freaky Fifties
  1. Swinging Sixties
  1. Sadistic Seventies
  1. Ugly Eighties
  1. Nasty Nineties
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2023.03.25 23:48 XO_Akuma Am I making a stupid choice or no?

So I've been accepted to Loyola as a History major and have so far been offered $42K per year in scholarships/aid - and I might get a bit more after I appeal because my dad has cancer and my parents, both bartenders in a tourist destination, have had a bad couple of years.
I've also been accepted to DePaul, and they've offered me a couple scholarships but they're taking FOREVER to announce their aid offer (regardless of what they do end up offering, I plan to appeal that too, but I still wish they'd hurry up).
Pending their final aid offers, I'm stuck between these two, but I also have a backup that I really don't wanna have to take. UTRGV is about an hour and a half from where I live, it's way cheaper, and I might even get a good offer from there anyways. But I don't feel like it'll be right for me.
Here's my story summed up: I went to UT Austin 2020-21, and that experience was so traumatizing that when I got home I would dissociate just when I parents would ask me what classes I'd be taking or if I'd found housing next year. I had to beg them just to let me take a semester "off" at my local community college Fall 2021. After that semester "off", I decided it was time to man up and go back to UT the next semester. I ended up excelling, but by no means thriving. I got involved with a project that even landed us a summer fellowship, but by the end of that, I had realized that it wasn't just the COVID year completely ruining my first year of college - the city itself was the problem. So I went BACK to my local community college, where I'm currently finishing up.
I wanna know if going to Chicago will be worth it. I really want it to be worth it because I genuinely cannot stay here in Texas. I'm not living my life to the fullest here, and I don't think I can. It is getting so much worse here everyday in every metric - cost of living, quality of life, career prospects, queer discrimination, etc, etc.
I know Chicago is expensive but from the research I've done it sounds like it's still better than Austin. People often paint Austin as some queer Mecca and I genuinely have zero earthly clue why; I don't know how Chicago is in that regard but I hope it's better than even the supposed gay havens in Texas like Austin. Plus it actually has public transport (as opposed to this entire hell state). Not to mention the fact that Chicago has a shit ton of museums (which as a History major I hope to work/intern at) and if I'm not mistaken is a huge writing hub. My real passion is writing, and I hope to make it as a writer in Chicago, though if that doesn't pan out I hope Loyola or DePaul can ready me for a career as a historian.
I want to know: am I mistaken for being so hopeful? Will either Loyola or DePaul be worth it? And would you honestly recommend Loyola over DePaul?
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2023.03.25 23:48 IchBinWoYin Can an extrovert become an introvert?

So my story goes like this: I was the popular kid back in high school. Tall, blond hair, blond eyes, athletic body, part of the "cool guys club"... Whole school knew me, had many (can't even remember how many) beautiful girlfriends. I was the one always partying, drinking, taking drugs... All that while simultaneously being extremely good at sports and playing for the national team (won't say which sport, sorry) through my whole high school. Then the high school ended and like 90% of my "cool friends" ended up either in some shitty colleges or went to work some shitty jobs, while I entered one of the best colleges in a country. And then I would say, the environment changed me. I started meeting new people who aren't from "my world" and they opened my horizons. I started getting interested in natural sciences(I was always exceptional at math and pshyics but never actually cared about them at all), history, geography, philosophy, watching TV shows, movies, animes, playing video games, etc. I got bored of my old friends and whenever I tried to actually hang out with them I ended up going home to watch some show, play chess, read about some scientific work or anything else that does not include other people. Parties that once I loved, now I find boring and feels like they're always the same. Started noticing patterns behind everything that other people do and I feel like I've already seen all of that. Nothing, but literally nothing that I once loved, makes me excited anymore. Only thing that I find joy with other people is talking about some deep and complex things. I enjoy meeting people with different opinions who can open my mind and make me think "outside the box" etc...
So yeah that's my story. I still have the experiences of my past which are often useful, but I just don't enjoy the things I used to love. Parties and social events once filled me with energy, now just.. drain me.
Is it common that someone like me can go this far from one extreme to another in a span of just about 2 years? Or is something wrong with me.. Whatever it is, I feel better now than I've ever felt in my life before. Would always give those past non senses for one quiet night and a good book.
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2023.03.25 23:48 lionandlime Southeast Asia City Recommendations

I'm meeting up with my brother (a fellow digital nomad) and doing some work/travel with him for about a month - Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. After that he's leaving and I'm looking to stay in SE Asia on my own, but at a slower pace.
I'm looking to stay in a place for about a month at a time, and I really need to focus on myself. Ideally I'll be able to rent an inexpensive apartment, focus on my work and developing my career, eat clean and workout regularly, and go to the beach for a quick swim most days.
Any recommendations for where I should do this? I'd like to see Vietnam and the Philippines, and I'm open to anything else (including the countries I'm already passing through with my brother).
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2023.03.25 23:48 MrDatGuy96 Looking for advice for next fall as a recent graduate?

Hi, I feel somewhat stupid asking this sort of question online, but, in all honesty, I really don’t feel that I have anyone offline to ask it. Essentially, I’m struggling to determine where I should go next fall. I’m considering between two different schools and I’m trying to not only make a generally good decision, but a decision that is also best for me. I’m considering between a small private Christian Academy or a larger public school. And I feel as though anyone that I could ask offline would be affiliated with either school in some degree.
Before I get into my actual post, I should provide some further context. If I were completely honest, I would say that I’m a bit anxious of working at a public school. And this originates from my first student-teaching placement, where I had a placement with a bad cooperating teacher in another county. I struggled through the placement and more-or-less failed it (I technically failed it, but, thanks to some sort of loophole I don’t understand, I didn’t have to redo it). This was a bit traumatic for me and caused me to be far more perfectionistic as a teacher. I had to undergo a full semester of remediation before finishing to my second placement and graduating. But, even though I had a significantly better second placement, the whole situation has made it very important to me to know that I’m at the right school and have made the right decision. It has also caused me to feel as though I can’t make mistakes and, if I do, then they will think I’m not good enough to be a teacher at their school.
Needless to say, I graduated in December and I am currently working at both schools as a substitute teacher. And I’ve been trying to use this time to weigh out the pros and cons of either school, but I also feel as though my emotions are so “muddied” right now that I couldn’t make a proper decision. And last week, the private school went so far as to call me in for an interview. I think I could have answered a couple questions better, but it was a good conversation and the administrator and I talked for about an hour. I don’t know if they’ll actually hire me and, even if they reach back out to me, I’m still questioning if that would be a good choice for me.
My conclusions about both schools are the following:
I have been affiliated with the Christian Academy since about 2014, due to my brother participating in their basketball team. And since then, I have tutored, substitute taught, and helped out with their Spring and Christmas programs (among other things). I know the staff very well and even have friends that work there. They are a small school (about ~148 students, though the new administrator hopes to get enrollment up to ~180 next fall) and, having substituted grades K-5th, I’d have a ballpark idea of the students I’d have next year. And, truth be told, I kind of just like the smaller size of the school and its classrooms (even though I’ve regularly taught at the public school, I still find its larger size to be a bit overwhelming at times. And, thus, this private school often seems refreshing by comparison). The kids and families would be easier to work with as well. However, I wouldn’t make as much money (in the interview, he claimed his upcoming changes could get salary up to ~25K, but I’m skeptical and think it might end up being closer to 20K) and I’d have far more to teach within a given day than I would at the public school (which isn’t necessarily positive or negative, but just an observation). Regarding my financial situation, I still live at home and don’t have many expenses, so that’s not a concern at the moment. And they just hired this administrator back in October, so I don’t feel I know or have the rapport with him like I did with the previous.
On the other hand, the public school is where I completed my final student teaching placement. I’ve only been affiliated with them since August, but I feel as though I’ve developed a great rapport with the staff and the principal. And, due to my student teaching, I would generally have a better idea of what I full week would look like. They have far more resources and have implemented a co-teacher model, which means teachers teach the same three subjects to two blocks of students. And the day is practically over by noon (for fourth grade anyway – the rest of the day consisting of lunch, latter half of the second block, specials, recess, and dismissal). If I went there next fall, they’d start me off at about ~42K. However, they are a larger school (with about ~400 students) and have far more problematic students and a more likely chance of having crazy parents (i.e. one father was notorious for having had to be escorted out of his youngest son’s kindergarten class for using the n-word; one parent start fussing at my cooperating teacher, calling her “the f-ing worst” for her son’s own refusal to do something). I should add that of them are not all like that, but I’m just trying to give insight to the worst of which I’m aware. And the larger size makes knowing my potential roster feel like a lottery. And this concern is fueled by conversations with a first-year teacher there, who probably has one of, if not, the most difficult class in fourth grade.
I believe it appears that it would make the most sense to go to the public school next year. However, I think at my core I would rather go to the private school. I think it would create a positive year of experience and allow me to learn without having problematic students and/or parents. And, truth be told, I’ve always kind of wanted to work there. As a Christian myself, I’ve always liked the idea of working at a school that shares my values and beliefs. I really respect what they are trying to accomplish and love that I could teach those values without the taint of the public education system. Additionally, I think that I may grow to regret it later if I didn’t at least attempt to work there.
However, this is not without its own concerns. First of all, I think that I’m still somewhat afraid of going to the public school due to my bad first student-teaching placement (I was really afraid to return for my second student-teaching placement). And by going to the private school would be giving in to said fear. And, additionally, I’m afraid that I’m trying to enter my profession with training wheels installed and wrapped in bubble-wrap. Put simply, I think I’m trying to make things as easy for myself as possible. I’m also worried that I may be reluctant to apply to a public school when it comes time to do so.
Of course, even though I don’t feel as though I have someone offline to discuss this with, I have discussed this with my family. My father thinks that I’d be happy at the private school, but strongly indicates that he thinks it would be best to go ahead and get the higher income. And he says that I seem to have a strong rapport with the staff at the public school and he thinks the principal seems to like me. And this has been another note of concern for me as well, since I’m afraid losing that rapport with the staff. Realistically, even if I do choose to go the private school, it will only be for a year or so. I’m afraid of risking the loss of that rapport. This public school does have its issues, but it does have a great staff.
However, my brother thinks that I would fit in the best at the private school and that is where I would be the happiest. And I would agree that I would might be happy there, but I don’t know that that necessarily means it’s the right choice.
Of course, all of this built on the assumption that either school would actually hire me. Nothing at the moment is set in stone. There is a possibility that I may have to look elsewhere. And I’ve even questioned if either school is the right choice for me. I’m not sure if that’s a gut feeling or anxiety – as I’ve already said, I believe my emotions are muddied right now. I’ve even gone so far as to question if I should sub another year and add in some other schools from some other counties to explore all my options. These three schools are really the only ones I’m familiar with and, truth be told, I have a slight fear of the unknown. If I took this option, it would help these other schools feel less like a “wildcard.” I’ve even had a teacher recommend subbing a while before taking a full-time position.
So, with the information I’ve provided, what would your advice to me be regarding what I should do next fall. If I were completely honest, I’m very afraid to make a decision on this matter. As I’ve already said, I feel as though my emotions are somewhat muddied right now and I believe I am unable to properly make a decision. One on hand, I’ve always kind of wanted to work at this particular private school. And I fear that I may regret it later in life if I didn’t. However, I’ve also grown to really like the people of the public school and feel like they would make excellent co-workers. And I would hate to potentially lose that. Or should I continue what I’m currently doing and get to know all my options?
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2023.03.25 23:48 kingslayeer58 1.3B on march is CRAZYYY🔥🔥

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2023.03.25 23:47 EmotionalWookiee My wife wants to move for a job, I do not

My wife (30 f) and myself (33 m) have been married for about 10 years. The first half of that marriage was up north where my wife grew up and the second half has been down south in Florida where my family is. We move down here somewhat against our will about 5 years ago because of some financial issues and my parents bailed us out. To be fair to her, she never wanted to live here but once we got here she did agree to buy a home. We managed to somehow buy our first home and settle down and have kids. Now she's been really desperate to leave for the past 2 years. Our marriage has really been stressed because of this. She misses her home, she doesn't like where we live (especially the politics of FL) and concedes she gave it a try for me but it didn't work out. She got a job offer that is almost as much as we both make and they need an answer fast. It's not located in her hometown but 8 hours or so away where some friends of ours live. There would be no family anywhere nearby. She wants to move obviously, but she's leaving it up to me. I would honestly miss my family and the stability we built up. I feel like moving somewhere without family is unwise for our kids who are both around 8. But I empathize with her and understand she's lonely and misses the familiar. I understand better than anyone because for the first 5 years of our relationship I lived halfway across the country in her hometown away from my family.
I'm not sure what to do, because I feel if we stay she'll continue to be unhappy and thus I'll be unhappy. It's not exactly my first pick of a place to move to, despite knowing friends there... I'm concerned if I go, she'll be happy but I'll be unhappy. I am worried about the kids growing up away from any family. But I am also trying to remember that relationships are about compromise. I also just don't want to make unwise financial decisions again, my parents won't bail us out twice. What do you think?
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2023.03.25 23:47 sugazilla 2023 M3 - battery question

Hi all, I am a veteran Mazda owner (6 & CX-9) and in late January I bought a 2023 Mazda 3 Preferred pkg hatchback. I absolutely love the car and it's a joy to drive. I seem to be having a battery issue, though. At about 1000 miles, I parked the car in my driveway and went inside for the night (10-12 hrs?) When I came out the battery was dead. I didn't leave interior lights on, didn't leave it unlocked, etc. So jump started it and went on my way, although I felt pretty uneasy about a brand new car doing this.
So a month later (last week) I parked my car in my work warehouse for 2 days while we did an out of town event.(1500 miles) I came back and guess what, the battery was dead. I have a portable jump starter but still this is really really concerning to me especially after reading on this forum and others that this seems to be an issue in some cars. I park at the airport a lot and I don't want to come home and have a dead battery. This should not be happening in a brand new car. Does anyone have any advice or experience with a fix? I will take it to the dealer if needed but I'm reading the battery should be dead and to have it towed there which is gonna be a total pain. Anyway please be gentle, I'm a single mom with limited knowledge of modern cars and limited time off to mess around being without a car. Thanks for any help.
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2023.03.25 23:46 Ok-Major6842 Looking for someone to sublease one room in a 3b3b

Hi, my friend and I (both guys, both current freshman) are looking for someone to sublease one room in a 3 bed 3 bath apartment, starting August 19th and running through the 2023/2024 school year. Apartment is located in campustown, near the Ike.
Rent: $760
FibeInternet/WateGarbage: $52
Utilities not included.
Renting through the university group. If you’re interested, fill out this google form and we’ll reach out to you!
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2023.03.25 23:46 Oncecagedbird What do you tell people that let their dogs out once a day?

This one co-worker was telling me about his dog and then he mentioned that he “trained him “ to hold it and he lets him out once a day. His excuse is that we work long hours (10hr) and when he gets home he’s tired so he sleeps and can’t let the dog out.
I told him that I read on average dogs supposed to be let out for 3-5 times a day and once a day. To which he responded that his dog is “healthy “ and was trained ….. I mentioned to him that maybe he can consider using dog walker and he said he thought of it but his dog is reactive. Conversation ended with me saying oh ok.
This type of people get on my nerve , like why have a dog when you don’t even have a the time to let them out? This guy lives in an apartment so no backyard or anything .
I also had this other dude that never took his dog to the vet even when the poor dog had a huge lump , until one day it started bleeding then they put the dog down. Humans are so cruel sometimes
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2023.03.25 23:46 dragon870 which GPU upgrade would fit my recent build?

henlo, just saved up around 600$ which can be pushed another 100$ (if it's really needed) to buy a gpu for this setup i bought a year ago. It is a gaming pc that is 1080p as you will see from my monitor and i would like it to run current popular games like hogwarts legacy and other upcoming games the next 5 or 6 years at around 144 fps 1080p ultra or high settings.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-11400F 2.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $134.99 @ Newegg
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper H411R 34.1 CFM CPU Cooler $35.31 @ Amazon
Motherboard MSI B560M PRO-E Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard $124.91 @ Amazon
Memory Crucial Ballistix 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory -
Storage Kingston A2000 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $49.99 @ Amazon
Video Card MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 970 4 GB Video Card Purchased For $300.00
Case BitFenix Nova Mesh TG 4ARGB ATX Mid Tower Case $79.00 @ Newegg Sellers
Power Supply BitFenix Whisper M 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply -
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM - DVD 64-bit $119.99 @ Newegg
Monitor BenQ XL2411Z 24.0" 1920 x 1080 144 Hz Monitor -
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $844.19
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-25 18:42 EDT-0400
apologies if it sounds demanding in any way but there are some conditions i would really like to achieve:
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2023.03.25 23:46 ThrowRA7318237129 AITA for not wanting to leave My (M32) GF's (F27) friend out on the street?

Friday night, my GF is having a celebration dinner with her classmates for her school, and partners are invited. The original plan was to go for about an hour and then go do our own thing. Dinner time comes and I go to pick her up, and her friend/classmate is with her to carpool with us.
Since her friend is with us and we're driving fairly far to get to another part of the city for the dinner, I suggested maybe we could all get desserts afterward. That was the plan going into this, and all is well.
Dinner was great too and my GF got to enjoy the time with her friends and classmates. Instead of leaving after an hour, we ended up staying for about 3 hours. Which was totally fine and great because everyone was enjoying themselves.
Fast forward to about the end of dinner - one of her friends lobbied up the idea to go to a Club next. This was obviously a curveball and we were down for it, and others were too, except for the friend that came with us in the carpool. Long story short, it was obvious she was pensive and had reasons that were making her uncomfortable about going to the club. We were all still able to convince her to go for just a little bit (aka some peer pressure Lol).
As we all left to head to the club and the 3 of us were walking back to the car... the friend realized she didn't even have her ID on her, which made going to the club a total no-go for her obviously. We sat in the car and discussed for a bit what to do. The friend said we can just go to the club and drop her off on the street and she'd take an Uber back home herself. Although I didn't want to get in the way of things because I was just the driver, I also wanted to be thoughtful and considerate... so I may have been more skewed towards NOT leaving her out by herself while we went to the club, which wasn't even part of the plan initially. So I triple-checked the situation and ultimately asked my GF to make the final call, and she decided to just go get dessert at a place near home and go to the club another time.
On the drive back, I have a conversation with the friend about a mutual topic all three of us knows about... We get to the dessert place, stay there for about an hour and continue the conversation which ends up being pretty involved. My GF at this time is talking less and less and suddenly is getting sleepy.
Now the problem - when we get back and drop her friend off, my GF suddenly gets into a HUGE argument with me and said I wasn't being emotional and I cared more about her friend than her and that I was being careless, etc. She said I only cared about her friend having a good time. As I mentioned earlier, I felt some guilt about leaving her friend out on the street when we were her ride, and going to the club was never the plan anyway. Even though her friend said it was okay, I still felt like that would have been a rude thing to do. My GF feels otherwise, she said if the friend said it was okay, then it was okay.
She said I was only having a conversation with her... I was just trying to conversate and the mutual topic got interesting, but it was a MUTUAL TOPIC and I asked my GF many times about her thoughts along the way. It's just the way the conversation went and I wasn't sharp enough to realize she was tuning out and suddenly getting sleepy.
She said I was being dismissive and inattentive because we didn't go to the club instead. I get I was trying to steer things more heavily to what I thought was a good compromise - not leaving her friend out and still getting dessert like we originally talked about. It's evident now that my GF REALLY wanted to go to the club instead, but I feel like she should have put her foot down on that choice when I asked her to make the call. I was only able to do what I felt was right and not guilty, but I wasn't able to make the executive decision between my GF and her friend... To me, going to the club with one group of friends versus getting dessert with the other friend were both positive things for my GF.
So AITA and the one lacking emotional intelligence in this situation?
tldr; carpooled with GF and her friend to a dinner, got surprised with an invite to go clubbing... friend couldn't go, I didn't want to leave the friend out on the street to Uber home since we were her ride. I let my GF make the final call, we go back with friend to get dessert instead. I'm now being told I was not being emotional and an asshole.
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2023.03.25 23:46 Choppen45 Claiming old season pass rewards

So I know you can claim rewards from old seasons with the Firefox extension, that was nice for getting some stuff. But back in Season of the Dawn (the Saint 14 one) I wasn’t able to play because of some existing home life factors. Maybe played a total of 4 days that season, if that much. Happened through the next 1-2 seasons as well but I don’t care much about those. The ornament armor sets from the Dawn Season Pass looks absolutely fantastic but I never got to play enough because of previously stated issues to get them. Is there any way to now? I payed for the pass and everything, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be a way to get that stuff later since you put the money up for it you know.
If anyone has anything useful/helpful on it to say I’d appreciate it! If you’re just gonna say something like “sucks for you bro,” you can skip that and save us both the time. Thanks y’all
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2023.03.25 23:45 nickt274 Restriction on blades?

I am beginning a collection of knifes and swords and so far information I have found on the internet is very vague. Are there laws that prevent possession of certain blades? What about open/concealed carry? More so looking for laws in the US specifically TN, IL and NY.
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2023.03.25 23:45 Feilong4 [WTS] Jordan 5 DJ Khaled Crimson Bliss sz 9M, Reebok Club C x DC sz 9M, Move Insoles All Day sz 8.5M

PayPal invoice only. Smoke-less and pet-less home.
Jordan 5 DJ Khaled Crimson Bliss size 9M
Asking: 135 USD shipped and PayPal'd in US
Worn 4-5 times outside. I decided to size down. To be honest, I realized that I've been wearing the wrong size all my life when I measured my feet..
Some creases but the leather is really nice so they'll crease up very well. I put wooden shoe trees in them each time I wore them to absorb any moisture so that they don't smell bad - wooden shoe trees not included. Original insoles still look very good because I used my own insoles. Plastic covering for the box has no cracks and looks great.
Comes with the shoes, original box, original laces, and original lace locks. Everything they originally came with.
Reebok Club C x DC size 9M
Asking: 50 USD shipped and PayPal'd
Tried on once in my room. It passed the deadline for me to exchange them for a different size. Like new. Comes with everything it originally came with.
Move Insoles All Day sz 8.5M
Asking: 25 USD shipped and PayPal'd in US.
Just not compatible with my super flat feet. Used only a few times. A bit dirty underneath due to the insoles rubbing on the inside of the shoes. Otherwise, in excellent condition because I barely used them.
I think I threw away the plastic packaging so these will come with just the insoles.
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2023.03.25 23:45 tommyboy27 35 [M4F] Texas Guy Putting Myself Back Out There

Hi, I'm Thomas. I'm 35 and live in Texas. I moved here about 2 years ago for a relationship that ended up fizzling out shortly after my move, and that left me sour on things for a bit. But I've decided to put myself back out there and meet people.
I'm looking for someone within within 8 years of my age (so 27-43). Distance isn't too much of an issue, but I would prefer someone in the USA and Canada. I enjoy travelling and make a decent amount at my job, so travelling to see someone (or paying to have them come visit for a few days) isn't out of the realm of possibility.
What I'm looking for:
  1. Animal lover. I have 4 cats and volunteer every weekend with a local cat rescue. I'm not opposed to someone who likes dogs (I just don't have one due to work). But if you don't like cats, we aren't going to get along well.
  2. Nerdy. I just started attending a board game group locally that meets up for a few hours each Sunday to play board games and card games. I also do my fair share of video games. I've learned from past relationships that if we don't share a few interests, it isn't likely to work out, so I'd love for someone who was a bit nerdy.
  3. Someone flexible. I don't mean physically, but emotionally and mentally. My job can be stressful and there are days when I'm so busy that I don't eat lunch or dinner. So I need someone to understand if I get busy, I'm not ignoring you. Or if I've had a rough day and just need to unwind at home, that it's ok to sit in silence with each other and just relax.
Really, that's about all. I don't really have a type, but if you meet a few of those bullet points, I'd love to hear from you! Send me a chat or a DM. Looking forward to talking!
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2023.03.25 23:45 gayifer [QCrit] JOSEPHINE, Literary Fiction (89k)

This is my revised query letter. My first attempt is here:
Dear Agent,
Josephine Trovare has never been able to stray too far from home despite the bittersweet feelings she has attached to the place. Between the untouched room of her late sister Catherine and her estranged sister Emily’s recent return, she knows it is a lot less complicated to just stay at Rutgers University, where she just began her senior year of college. Yet, when her first girlfriend dumps her, Josephine doesn’t think twice before taking the quick ride back to the comfort of the only place she’s ever called home.
So, when her parents announce they are putting the house up for sale, Josephine suffers a second heartbreak that day. In an effort to cheer Josephine up, Emily suggests they unearth the time capsule they buried in the backyard with Catherine as kids. Inside, the sisters find a letter from Catherine requesting they fulfill her dying wish- to go on a road trip to Kentwood, Louisiana, the hometown of their idol Britney Spears.
Despite her hesitations, Josephine agrees to go on the trip with hopes that it will distance her from her ex and bring her closer to her sisters she hardly knows.
Josephine is literary fiction complete at 89,000 words. It will appeal to audiences who are looking for a story with the same type of references to lesbian and pop culture ala Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz led by an equally obsessive main character of that in Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier.
I am a debut novelist who once went semi-viral for being a lesbian in a “Billy on the Street” segment with Mariah Carey. If that isn’t the most terminally online, queer millennial sentence you’ve ever read, I don’t know what is.
Thank you so much for your consideration.
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2023.03.25 23:44 kuczech My paper check still hasn't arrived.

I'm sitting at home wondering where a paycheck I was supposed to recieve is. I have a part time job I started in January and still receive paper checks for. I recieved the check from January but not for February, which was sent on March 16th. (I get paid for one set of posts I write each month, so only recieve on check for each month.) I'm getting worried and have already notified HR in the company. They said if it's not there by Monday to let them know. I'm just not sure now if it was perhaps dropped when it was being delivered to me by my landlords because they drop off all of the mail that comes to the residence where I live. The other possibility is that it was in some other mail I recieved and it somehow was lost because I dropped it or accidentally threw it away. I've never had this happen to me before and am just wondering if the check can be reinstated if it was lost. Does anyone know if there are ways of finding out if a check was cashed? If it was lost by my fault or it was stolen and cashed, is there still a way I can recieve my money or is it a total loss? I've looked up some info online but I can't really find a whole lot that addresses every possibility and what to do in any of those circumstances.
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2023.03.25 23:44 Abraham-Ghumman Ikea Canada temporary worker

Ikea Canada temporary worker
Hi! I need some help. I found one licensed immigration agent for Canada. I contacted her for Canadian Work permit. She told me about the warehouse assistant job in Ikea. As i m not in Canada or have work permi, she told me that there would be an interview for this job. I was like okay thats fine. But she said that i have to pay for insurance and medical certificate first because now Ikea made in Mandatory. Before it wasn't. She said i have to pay her and she will go to embassy and get a insurance cover and medical certicate for me. Embassy will assign the insurance company and for medical certificate they will get a date and when i will arrive in canada it would be done there. But have to pay now to obtain the certicate which will cost CAN$850. I was surprised. And she told me if i cant buy these now before interview then ikea will not process my application. And then i received an email from Ikea that your interview had been scheduled on this date and you have to keep these documents ehich include (insurance and medical certificate) ready for the interview if not your application will not process. I waited for the interview and then i recieved a text on google chat that my interview will take place there. He started my interview and asked standard questions for this and then he ask me about the insurance and medical certifcate which i told him that i wont have and he told me that yout lacking in these documents so we will not process your application anyfurther. Now i have a question do Ikea required any insurance and medical certificate from temporary foreign workers? As i tried really hard to find for this information and even tried to contact Ikea Canada by phone and through email as well. But couldn't get help as i tried to send email on hr contact which is given for canada. My email blocked, i tried with different accounts nothing happened. I called them and they dont let you talk to the managers who are working right there and with normal team members they dont have that kind of knowledge. Can please someone help me in this regards. It would be really helpful. Thanks
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2023.03.25 23:44 xiaonk All my life

I'm pretty tired of my life. I wake up everyday to see nobody. I work all day just for someone to get angry at me because I did something they asked the way they "didn't want to". I come back home and i work. My parents are always angry at each other and i always have to lock the door if i want to work without noises. Nobody gave me a compliment since I was a 6 year old kid. I've never been in a relationship with someone, and someone never loved me or told me they do. I kinda feel like having a curse. I liked a lot of people in my life, but nobody liked me back. Not in such a long span of time the exact person I liked ended up with one of my friends or with another person. I'm way too young to dissappear, and i don't want to. Everyday I wake up and hope something can change hoping for the better. I've never been this sad all my life. I hope this moment dosen't last long. If there's any errors, I'm sorry, but I'm not from England.
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2023.03.25 23:44 KIASeth 23 Telluride S FWD INVOICE PRICE

Hello, Seth at Arapahoe KIA in Centennial CO.
I have 1 Telluride S FWD Everlasting Silver with black interior available at Invoice price $38,390 plus tax and fees. That’s just under $1000 off MSRP and we are willing to take best offer under invoice for a serious buyer to move it quick.
Please email [email protected] to reserve it today with a $500 deposit. Out of state customers are welcome! We can arrange affordable transport or reimburse up to $400 for a single one way economy flight to Denver so you can drive it home.
Fees are as follows: Doc Fee $799.50 Temp Tag $31.64
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2023.03.25 23:44 AllTheHope95_ SOS

My sister is diagnosed bipolar. She is a danger to herself and others, and this has been proven. We are in Illinois and she was involuntarily committed to Chicago behavioral health hospital. The doctor is refusing to treat her or send her somewhere residential for further treatment and mental health rehabilitation specifically because “she’s refusing meds, so we can’t do anything. She’s in her right mind, she wants to go to a homeless shelter because she associates home with treatment and doesn’t want treatment.” He agreed with me that she suffers from anosognosia(lack of insight of illness) but still refuses to help her simply because she says no. She is in a psychosis/catatonic state and has been for the last 7 months.. so he is gonna have her sent to a homeless shelter in a shitty part of Chicago… am I missing something?
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