Schluter quadec satin anodized aluminum

[US-CA] [H] KBDfans Tofu SE Red, Brand New, Unbuilt [W] Paypal

2023.03.25 23:43 schsieh [US-CA] [H] KBDfans Tofu SE Red, Brand New, Unbuilt [W] Paypal

$350 including free shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees
Tofu SE Anodized Red
Ordered in Jan and delivered in Feb. Didn't have time to build it and I am also sizing down my collection. $350 is a fair price, I paid $395 for it including tax and shipping.
Please comment before PM and please don't use Chat. Thank you.
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2023.03.25 20:23 bdpf79 [WTS] Custom and 2 discontinued Kizer and Rike

Hi all,
For sale today are a couple of discontinued knives from Kizer and Rike and a Custom from South Africa.
Not looking for trades atm.
Time stamp:
Price include shipping and paypal fees.
I am shipping from Canada so please allow between 1 and 2 weeks for delivery.

Rike RK1502 (B+ for new clip and carried a couple of times): $170
Like new, only carried a couple of times, never cut anything.
I replaced the awful original pocket clip with a steel deep carry pocket clip (original pocket clip showed about 1.5” of the knife sticking out, this only shows about 0.5”).
Comes with original pouch, microfiber cloth and the original pocket clip.

Kizer Velox 2 (C for anodizing) : $140
I did anodize the scales bronze so it looks nicer with the blue hardware. Other than that this knife is BNIB, never used or carried.

Custom from J-Blades from South Africa
Blade: about 3.15”, Elmax, clip point, satin on the flats, stonewash on the grind
Scales: FatCarbon Copper Space Coral
Liners and pocket clip: Titanium
Hardware: Bronze anodized stainless steel
Pivot: Phosphor bronze washers
Deployment: single thumb stud
Comes in a presentation wooden box, no COA but DOB is March 28 2022.
The knife is on washers, so it doesn’t have the free fall action found on bearings, but it is very smooth.
The detente is weaker than I prefer, I guess to also be able to slow roll it easily. It can still be flicked as seen on the video, but it requires a bit more focus.
It seems like there is a small crack from when he machined the CF, that he fixed as I can’t feel anything with my fingernail. See pictures (show side on top of the pivot).
The blade came off-centered. I tried to fix it. It’s a bit better now, but still favors the show side.
The knife has never been used or carried, but while trying to fix the centering, I scratched the blade on the lock side a bit, that is why I am rating it an A-. I tried to take a picture of it (last pic).
All in all, it is not the most refined Custom knife out there, but the knife maker is fairly new, did a pretty good job at it as it is all done by hand with no CNC, and the price is reflected accordingly.
Price: $340
Pics and video:
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2023.03.25 19:39 beefy-pot-pie [US-NY] [H] Ikki68 Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminum Edition) w/Bluetooth PCB - keyboard only [W] Venmo G/S, Paypal, Trade

CONUS shipping included in cost, and open to trades/bundles for:
• 7v • QK60 • Alchemy Trays • other macro pads
Comment before any PMs, and feel free to reach out for questions. Thanks for reading!

Ikki68 Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminum Edition) Keyboard
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2023.03.25 15:59 Quiet-Ad8489 Wash aluminum siding withOUT TSP for painting?

My aluminum siding is 70s-era, anodized, and in desperate need of a paint job. I know it will need some cleaning prep, but I don’t want to use TSP because I have a garden all around my house and I can’t imagine how I would protect it all.
I’ve seen some articles say it only needs a good power washing with water, and tackle tough spots with sponge and detergent. Others say TSP is the only way.
What say you all?
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2023.03.25 13:53 1thedeals Sofirn LT1S USBC 21700 Rechargeable Camping Light >> $24.37 Black Color Only

Sofirn LT1S USBC 21700 Rechargeable Camping Light >> $24.37 Black Color Only

Sofirn LT1S USBC 21700 Rechargeable Camping Light Powerful Torch Portable Emergency Lantern 2700K to 6500K with Charging - Black Color Only >> $24.37 AliExpress
AliExpress Store:

v Emitter: 2700Kwarm white led*18, 6500K cool white led*18, Red LED*4

v Operating voltage: 2.8V – 4.2V

v Battery options: 1*21700(make sure you buy the set with battery)

v Dimension: 97mm (length) × 68mm (head diameter)

v Weight: 257 grams(without battery)

v Flashlight body: Aerospace grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military grade specification type III, anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat exchange.

v Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (Moon/Low/Med/High/Turbo)

v Reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation

v Low voltage warning: When the battery voltage is too low, the LED indicator in the side switch will start to flash rapidly. Please recharge the battery.
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2023.03.25 12:32 Chico237 #NIOCORP~ NIOBIUM~& THE QUANTUM INTERNET, U.S. & EU Critical Minerals & more....

#NIOCORP~ NIOBIUM~& THE QUANTUM INTERNET, U.S. & EU Critical Minerals & more....

#NIOCORP~ NIOBIUM~& THE QUANTUM INTERNET, U.S. & EU Critical Minerals & more....

New experiment translates quantum information between technologies in an important step for the quantum internet

New experiment translates quantum information between technologies in an important step for the quantum internet ( =
A NIOBIUM superconducting cavity. The holes lead to tunnels which intersect to trap light and atoms. Credit: Aishwarya Kumar
Researchers have discovered a way to "translate" quantum information between different kinds of quantum technologies, with significant implications for quantum computing, communication, and networking.
The research was published in the journal Nature on Wednesday. It represents a new way to convert quantum information from the format used by quantum computers to the format needed for quantum communication.
Photons—particles of light—are essential for quantum information technologies, but different technologies use them at different frequencies. For example, some of the most common quantum computing technology is based on superconducting qubits, such as those used by tech giants Google and IBM; these qubits store quantum information in photons that move at microwave frequencies.
But if you want to build a quantum network, or connect quantum computers, you can't send around microwave photons because their grip on their quantum information is too weak to survive the trip.
"A lot of the technologies that we use for classical communication—cell phones, Wi-Fi, GPS and things like that—all use microwave frequencies of light," said Aishwarya Kumar, a postdoc at the James Franck Institute at University of Chicago and lead author on the paper. "But you can't do that for quantum communication because the quantum information you need is in a single photon. And at microwave frequencies, that information will get buried in thermal noise."
The solution is to transfer the quantum information to a higher-frequency photon, called an optical photon, which is much more resilient against ambient noise. But the information can't be transferred directly from photon to photon; instead, we need intermediary matter. Some experiments design solid state devices for this purpose, but Kumar's experiment aimed for something more fundamental: atoms.
The electrons in atoms are only ever allowed to have certain specific amounts of energy, called energy levels. If an electron is sitting at a lower energy level, it can be excited to a higher energy level by hitting it with a photon whose energy exactly matches the difference between the higher and lower level. Similarly, when an electron is forced to drop to a lower energy level, the atom then emits a photon with an energy that matches the energy difference between levels.
Rubidium atoms happen to have two gaps in their levels that Kumar's technology exploits: one that exactly equals the energy of a microwave photon, and one that exactly equals the energy of an optical photon. By using lasers to shift the atom's electron energies up and down, the technology allows the atom to absorb a microwave photon with quantum information and then emit an optical photon with that quantum information. This translation between different modes of quantum information is called "transduction."
Effectively using atoms for this purpose is made possible by the significant progress scientists have made in manipulating such small objects. "We as a community have built remarkable technology in the last 20 or 30 years that lets us control essentially everything about the atoms," Kumar said. "So the experiment is very controlled and efficient."
He says the other secret to their success is the field's progress in cavity quantum electrodynamics, where a photon is trapped in a superconducting, reflective chamber. Forcing the photon to bounce around in an enclosed space, the superconducting cavity strengthens the interaction between the photon and whatever matter is placed inside it.
Their chamber doesn't look very enclosed—in fact, it more closely resembles a block of Swiss cheese. But what look like holes are actually tunnels that intersect in a very specific geometry, so that photons or atoms can be trapped at an intersection. It's a clever design that also allows researchers access to the chamber so they can inject the atoms and the photons.
The technology works both ways: it can transfer quantum information from microwave photons to optical photons, and vice versa. So it can be on either side of a long-distance connection between two superconducting qubit quantum computers, and serve as a fundamental building block to a quantum internet.
But Kumar thinks there may be a lot more applications for this technology than just quantum networking. Its core ability is to strongly entangle atoms and photons—an essential, and difficult task in many different quantum technologies across the field.
"One of the things that we're really excited about is the ability of this platform to generate really efficient entanglement," he said. "Entanglement is central to almost everything quantum that we care about, from computing to simulations to metrology and atomic clocks. I'm excited to see what else we can do."

Old School Meets New School: Critical Minerals Used in Quantum Computing

Old School Meets New School: Critical Minerals Used in Quantum Computing Pillsbury - Internet & Social Media Law Blog - JDSupra
Quantum technology runs on the notoriously difficult-to-stabilize qubit. Unlike binary bits in classical physical components in computers and cell phones, qubits can operate in more than one state at a time (known as superposition), and they have an uncanny ability to remain interconnected with one another even when separated (known as entanglement). These features mean that the speed with which quantum computers can solve problems is virtually limitless—once science understands how to capitalize on their abilities, that is. An MIT article reports that an encryption problem that only a short while ago was thought to require billions of qubits may be susceptible to solution with a much more manageable number.
But there’s a hang-up—quantum machines are finicky. They tend to like things quiet, still and cold, in some cases requiring a temperature around absolute zero, or about -460 degrees Fahrenheit. The quantum computing process must be isolated and protected from “decoherence.” Noise in the system means that answer-checking routines consume enormous amounts of computational effort and energy.
Scientists are still working out the best ways to help quantum machines function in real-world scenarios. Regardless of the paths taken to get there, it seems a given that rare earth metals and other critical materials will prove essential building blocks.
Rare earths themselves are described in our prior post concerning their use in the energy transition. Each element has subtle differences in charge characteristics that can be isolated with precision in the beneficiation, processing and manufacturing process. That precision can in turn address this field’s other biggest challenges—scalability and reproduction.
As scholars grapple with these puzzles, a number of techniques have emerged for taming otherwise rowdy qubits, each with its own material needs. Some of the elements are household names, while others are generally known only as obscure boxes on a high-school chemistry class periodic table.

Superconducting: At a low-enough temperature, metals like aluminum and niobium.) no longer offer electrical resistance. This phenomenon makes them popular options for keeping fussy qubits stable in superconductor systems. Superconducting quantum computers are perhaps farthest along on their path to usability, with tech companies betting heavily on the approach. For example, Rigetti Computing is making advances in quantum computers and the superconducting quantum processors used to power them.

  • Trapped Ions: Trapped ion quantum computing is another established path for advancing this technology. Here, ionized atoms derived from the rare earth ytterbium are converted into ions and then used as qubits. Such a system can remain in a specified quantum state for longer periods of time.
  • Photonics: Crystals from europium, another rare earth element, have opened doors in the world of photonic quantum computing, which essentially turns light into qubits. Researchers think the material will be able to hold a high density of qubits in an identical and well-defined position. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has partnered with a photon-based company in an effort to build the first utility-scale quantum computer.
  • Neutral Atoms: In addition to the rare earths, the alkali metal element rubidium is playing a role in neutral atom computing. Still in the early stages of study, scientists aim to control the quantum state of rubidium atoms using a laser.
As the world makes a push for more mining and production of these distinct elements for energy and other purposes, they will play a surprising role in computing innovations. Lawyers familiar with quantum computing concepts will be instrumental in prosecuting intellectual property rights and expanding their application through licensing and commercialization. But the lawyers developing sources, products, and markets for rare earths and other critical material will also be involved in making the quantum leaps.
[View source.]

Europe turbo charges its critical minerals drive

Column: Europe turbo charges its critical minerals drive Reuters
Geothermal water is seen through a sight glass at a pipeline system of a geothermal power station of German power supplier EnBW Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG, where a pilot facility for lithium extraction will be built, in Bruchsal, Germany, April 23, 2021. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski
LONDON, March 24 (Reuters) - The European Union has unveiled the accelerator in its drive to reduce the bloc's import dependency for critical minerals and metals.
The Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) "will significantly improve" Europe's domestic extraction, processing and recycling capacity for metals such as lithium and rare earths, according to Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission.
The Act comes with targets for production and for reducing dependency on any single third country. China currently dominates the supply chain for many of the entries on Europe's list of "strategic" metals.
The EU is also playing catch-up with the United States, which is already investing heavily in critical metals capacity under the aegis of the Defense Production Act and the Inflation Reduction Act.
Europe may, however, have given itself a competitive edge by moving to streamline project permitting, a tortuous process that often drags on for years before the first shovel hits the ground.


The CRMA covers a subset of the EU's critical minerals list, with particular focus on battery metals like lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese and magnet inputs such as boron and rare earths.
Copper is on the list as an enabler of all things electric but aluminium and zinc aren't, which is a striking omission given the recent shrinkage of European production capacity.
Germany's Speira has joined the list of casualties, this month announcing the full closure of its Rheinwerk aluminium smelter due to high energy costs.
"Today's strategic raw materials list must not be the finished picture," warned Evangelos Mytilineos, president of industry group Eurometaux.
It probably won't be. The CRMA includes a provision for periodically updating the list to reflect evolving economic importance and supply risks across the critical metals spectrum.
For those metals on the list the target is for the region to mine 10%, process 40% and recycle 15% of what it consumes annually by 2030. By which time not more than 65% of any strategic metal's consumption will be able to come from a single third country.
These are ambitious targets given Europe currently sources 97% of its magnesium in China, which also has a complete monopoly on the processing of heavy rare earths and graphite.
Europe's lithium extraction can in theory meet the 10% target but it hinges on multiple new projects, many of them using innovative technology.
Recycling lithium-ion batteries is also a technical challenge that has to be resolved at scale to meet the 15% recycling target.


In terms of maximising domestic mining and processing capacity, Europe is following the United States in instructing all national governments to go back and look at what may have been left behind in tailings ponds and historic mine sites.
Operators of existing mines and plants should prepare an economic assessment study of what they're losing in "waste" streams. It's a policy that has already significantly closed the U.S. dependency gap for tellurium and scandium.
However, Europe has overtaken the United States in one key area, aiming to streamline the permitting of "strategic" projects to ensure a maximum time-line of two years for mines and one year for processing plants.
All such projects should be considered as being "in the public interest" by the relevant national authority when considering environmental impact.
The U.S. Administration has come under fire for using the Inflation Reduction Act to incentivise domestic mining while simultaneously blocking development of mines on federal land. The green-on-green environmental clashes seem set to continue until there is a long-overdue rewrite of the General Mining Act of 1872.


Many strategic metals markets are opaque, not easily financially hedged and concentrated on the supply side, according to the CRMA. All of which "increases the negotiating power of sellers and increase prices for buyers".
It calls for the Commission to set up a system for collective purchasing by interested buyers, a mechanism already trialled in the gas market.
It also recommends the accumulation of strategic metal stocks to buffer against unexpected supply disruptions. Europe has no strategic metal inventory, unlike the United States, China and South Korea.
Member states may have their own stockpiles and "as a first step and considering the lack of relevant information", the 27 countries in the bloc should report to the Commission what, if anything, they are holding.
Given such a humble starting point, it seems unlikely EU strategic metal reserves are going to come any time soon, if they come at all.


The EU accepts it will never be fully self-sufficient in most if any of the metals it's identified as being critical to its industrial and defence sectors.
The CRMA advocates diversifying supply in favour of "reliable partners" and creating "mutually beneficial partnerships with emerging market and developing economies".
It represents a further tectonic decoupling of global supply chains.
What started as a response to China's dominance of critical metals supply has been accelerated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Russia has historically been a major supplier of aluminium, copper and nickel to Europe's industrial sector to the extent that the EU has to date held back from sanctioning Russian material even as the United States imposes penal import duties.
But the metals world is clearly starting to split between West and the East.
It's a messy process, witness the dispute between the EU and the United States over the exclusion of European products from the electric vehicle subsidies introduced in the Inflation Reduction Act.
That particular hurdle may shortly be cleared, German newspaper Handlesblatt reporting that a draft agreement has been reached.
It is evidently in neither side's interest to compete with each other in the context of reducing resource ties with China and Russia.
Assuming future trans-Atlantic harmony can be achieved, something akin to a metallic NATO will start to take ever clearer shape.

BIS Issues Proposed Rule to Establish “Guardrails” to Prevent the Improper Use of CHIPS Act Funding

BIS Issues Proposed Rule to Establish “Guardrails” to Prevent the Improper Use of CHIPS Act Funding SmarTrade (
On March 23, 2023, the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking implementing measures to prevent the improper use of CHIPS Act Incentives Program funding. Described as “guardrails,” the proposed rules are intended to ensure technology and innovation funded by the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) and Science Act are not used for malign purposes by adversarial countries against the United States or its allies and partners. The CHIPS Act was enacted in August 2022 to incentivize the manufacture of semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the United States, especially amid growing national security concerns and economic competition risks posed by China’s increasing chip production in recent years. It provides appropriations to develop domestic manufacturing critical to U.S. competitiveness and national security interests. See Update of July 29, 2022.
The proposed rule provides additional details on national security measures that would be applicable to the CHIPS Incentives Program, including limiting recipients of funding from investing in the expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in foreign countries of concern (i.e., China, Russia, Iran and North Korea). According to BIS, these guardrails “will advance shared national security interests as the U.S. continues coordinating and collaborating with allies and partners to make global supply chains more resilient and diversified.” The proposed rule provides additional details on and definitions for these national security guardrails, including:
  • Establishing standards to restrict advanced facility expansion in foreign countries of concern.
  • Limiting the expansion of legacy facilities in foreign countries of concern.
  • Classifying semiconductors as critical to national security.
  • Reinforcing U.S. export controls.
  • Restricting joint research and technology licensing efforts with foreign entities of concern.

Establishing Restrictive Standards and Limiting Facility Expansion

To protect national security and the resiliency of supply chains, CHIPS Incentives Program funds may not be provided to a foreign entity of concern. The proposed rule provides a detailed explanation of what is meant by “foreign entities of concern,” as well as a definition of “owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of.” The proposed rule defines other terms used in the CHIPS Act (including terms that will be used in required agreements with funding recipients), identifies the types of transactions that are prohibited under the Expansion Clawback and Technology Clawback sections of the CHIPS Act and provides a description of the process for notifying the Secretary of Commerce of significant transactions involving expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in a foreign country of concern.

Classifying Semiconductors as Critical to National Security

While the CHIPS Act allows companies to expand production of legacy chips in foreign countries of concern in limited circumstances, the proposed rule would classify a list of semiconductors as critical to U.S. national security. In doing so, the rule would define “legacy semiconductors” subject to tighter restrictions, which would include “current-generation and mature-node chips used for quantum computing, in radiation-intensive environments, and for other specialized military capabilities.” The proposed rule seeks to also clarify what would not be considered legacy semiconductors.

Reinforcing U.S. Export Controls

In October 2022, BIS implemented export controls to prevent China from purchasing and manufacturing advanced chips that would enhance that country’s military capabilities. See Update of October 31, 2022. The proposed rule provides definitions that are harmonious with and reinforce these export controls “by aligning prohibited technology thresholds for memory chips between export controls and CHIPS national security guardrails.” Accordingly, the proposed rule applies a more restrictive threshold for logic chips than is used for export controls.U.S. lays out possible critical raw materials agreement with EU -Handelsblatt

Dig, Dig, Dig: US and Europe Target China’s Grip on Critical Raw Minerals

By Otto LanzavecchiaMarch 23, 2023
Europe and the US share a common goal — increasing self-sufficiency for minerals and tech products needed to fight climate change. Alignment looks set to defuse transatlantic trade tensions.
The European Commission unveiled this month a two-pronged strategy to reduce its dependency on China and boost its green industries. The Critical Raw Materials Act aims to wean the continent off Chinese critical minerals. The Net-Zero Industry Act is geared at boosting the EU’s production of clean tech equipment by a recent decision to relax strict state aid rules.
Together, the proposals represent Europe’s response to the US pressure against China and to compete with protectionist subsidies included in the US’s Inflation Reduction Act. Although a danger remains that the US’s generous pockets and hard-line approach against China will sow discord, these European moves signal a desire to strengthen the transatlantic alliance.
Start back in August 2022, when the US Congress passed the IRA, which contained gargantuan government subsidies to US industries. Europeans were aghast. Confronted with sky-high energy prices and roaring inflation, they could hear a deafening sucking sound of investments leaving the continent and heading across the Atlantic Ocean. The US subsidies jolted European capitals to reconsider their strict limits on state aid, instrumental in building and preserving the European single market.
At the same time, Vladimir Putin’s weaponization of gas exports woke up the continent to the danger of Chinese-supplied critical raw materials and Beijing’s dominance in green industries, such as solar panels and electric car batteries. If China cut sales of these key products, Europe’s plans for its ecological and digital transition would be at risk of collapse — not unlike the United States’.
How could Europeans condemn Americans for steeling themselves against the same threat they faced? The answer to that question challenged the EU’s status quo, and European capitals began tilting westward. In January, while speaking in Davos, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen downplayed frictions over the IRA and stressed the need to “de-risk” vis a vis China.
The Biden administration took constructive steps: it began exploring extending some of the IRA’s benefits to European industries. US Trade Representative Katherine Tai had been urging the EU to develop its own, parallel strategy on subsidies and reshoring, saying that the US wanted to “work with our friends and allies to allow us to together build a resiliency and to wean us off some dependencies.” An agreement on critical raw materials would allow the US to extend the IRA’s reach to European industries, indicated US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. EU countries began to adhere to the US-led Minerals Security Partnership, aiming to create a like-minded critical raw material “buyers’ club” between democratic countries.
The political breakthrough came on March 10. President von der Leyen went to the White House to meet President Biden, while back home her Commission relaxed state aid rules. Afterward, they produced a statement signaling a transatlantic climate truce. And upon her return to Brussels, the Commission launched the two-pronged legislative proposals.
The Net Zero Industry Act aims to ensure that European produces at least 40% of European demand for green products by 2030. EU governments will be able to match subsidies provided in other countries “where there is a real risk of investments being diverted away from Europe,” according to European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.
The Critical Raw Materials Act aims to supply Europe’s green industries with crucial inputs. European mining and refining must cover at least 10% of the EU critical raw materials by 2030. That would be a giant feat for a continent that spent decades outsourcing most of the extraction and production.
Key provisions have China written all over them. If a foreign country has more than 65% of the market, its companies will have little chance of winning a public contract in the EU. For context, Beijing controls more than 80% EU market share in the solar sector.
Permitting will be sped up. It can take up to 15 years to get the green light for a new mining project in Europe. Under the Critical Raw Materials Act, mines designated as strategic must receive a decision on permits within two years.
Critics question whether Europe can achieve its stated goals. Environmentalists have vowed to oppose projects to mine lithium and other minerals, citing the danger to water and nature preserves. Business leaders from Solvay, Merck, and Dow warn that the Net Zero Industry Act offers too little funding and is too complex to compete against the US’s $369 billion of green tax incentives and subsidies.
Even so, the European proposals signal a U-turn in economic policymaking — and a potential transatlantic alignment. On both sides of the Atlantic, the love affair with free markets and globalization is fading. Instead of market-driven decision-making, we are entering an era of strategic planning with democracies moving to onshore and subsidizing critical industries.
The transition will be rocky and perilous. Divergences over how hard to hit China could re-emerge. The US takes a hard line, while European officials continue to consider Beijing both a “rival” and a “partner.” But both Brussels and Washington are working hard not to let their support for green tech deteriorate into a counter-productive and protectionist subsidy race. If they work together, they could shore up the democratic world’s shift to clean tech.Modelling and experimental investigation of Nb2O5 as a high-rate battery anode material


December 2022 E & MJ (

Dec. ISSUE... For a little light flip through with Coffee!

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2023.03.25 07:02 c_garbs WTS TW Price Dawn V2, Divo Knives Mash, Vosteed Thunderbird + some budget knives
Have a few pieces to move to cover recent purchases here on the swap. All knives will come with their boxes and included stuff(s). All payments must be PPG&S, unfortunately. Yolo > chat.
If you buy multiple pieces, I'll take $10 off for each additional knife.
T.W. Price Dawn V2 Blackwash - Never carried, never cut, never disassembled, has only been flipped a handful of times. The jimping and leverage on these make it the best front flippers I've tried. I think this is the best looking version, but decided to keep and carry the grey version. Action is very smooth, centering is perfect, lockup is super solid. I can't find any flaws on this - definitely a gem. -SV $310 SOLD
Divo Knives Mash Titanium + Satin - Carried twice, never cut, never disassembled, flipped plenty. Has a nice, stout detent and the action is very smooth. I'm sure Kev would approve. Centering is perfect, lockup is solid. The satin finish is very reflective and looks great, but there are some wonky imperfections/scratches on the blade. I tried my best to show them on the photos and video. I might have been able to send this back to Blue Creek, but I assumed I was keeping this so it didn't bother me. And it is still basically new. -SV $110 SOLD
Vosteed Thunderbird Dark Green Topo G10 w/ PVD Blade - This is my beloved fidget toy. First drop (V1 I guess) from Vosteed. Carried a few times, never cut anything with it, never disassembled it. My only complaint with this knife is the front flipper could have been taller for more leverage. Beyond that, everything else is excellent - lockup is solid, centering is right on and the action is very smooth. Has some cool acoustics too. -SV $120 SOLD

Budget Knives from Kizer (moving these because they won't find pocket time) - all of these have 154CM blade steel:
Kizer Towser K Liner-lock, Micarta Exclusive (Mojave Outdoor Gear) - Never carried, never cut, disassembled for cleaning and applying some KPL. There was some oil on the scales at the pivot area, so I applied some KPL to the rest of the micarta for consistency. Looks perfect to me. Has typical Towser K action (basically a smooth guillotine). Good lockup, perfect centering. Basically BNIB. -SV $60
Kizer Original, Black Aluminum - Carried 3 or 4 times so it has some snails on the scales. I've only cut tape, one cardboard box and one plastic package with this one. Edge is still sharp but I'll give it a strop before sending it out. Disassembled for cleaning/KPL. Good lockup, near perfect centering and nice action. -SV $50 SOLD
Kizer Mini Roach, Black - This was a light user and has only seen cardboard packaging. It was still sharp but is even better after a short strop. The hollow grind is very, very slicey. Flipper action is light but has the right detent for the spydie flick. Lockup is solid and centering is near perfect. -SV $40 SOLD
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2023.03.24 21:52 Strict_Reception_745 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Cookware

I just got a new stove. Unfortunately, the manufacturer only recommends stainless steel cookware with smooth bottoms. We used 1 pan that had some scratches on the bottom but no worse than ones in stores. It left a scratch. This was before we realized what we could use. Apparently, aluminum can leave a residue if the stove top isn't cleaned off immediately after cooking. Oh my goodness. 1st electric stove. Non induction. The time seems so absurd I have spent looking for the proper cookware. Insane. I am curious if anyone has had good experiences with hard-anodized aluminum cookware on such particular stove tops? Is that even risky? Our previous stove caught on fire. We bought this stove to do us over until we move. Dearly want to keep it nice! Thank you!! 😊
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2023.03.24 21:08 the_bove [WTS] 5 budget knives walk into a sale thread (3x Kizer, 1x Kubey, 1x CRKT)

Hi swap, I've got 5 budget knives for you today. Let's get some basics out of the way first:
The goods:
1. Kizer Towser S - Blue richlite / satin 154CM - Carried a couple times, maybe cut a package or two but that's about it. Factory edge, still quite sharp. No noticeable marks on the body, clip, or hardware. No scratches on the blade although the satin seems to be prone to smudges. Good lockup, excellent snappy action and absolute drop shut on the close. Has a small amount of detent lash that rattles a little if you grab the knife while closed and shake it around. (I had 2 of these and both had detent lash). SV - $50 **SOLD*\*
2. Kizer Mini Sheepdog (Thumbhole/non-flipper) - Black micarta / blackwash 154CM - Also only carried and used a few times. No noticeable marks on the body, hardware, clip or blade - Kizer does an awesome blackwash. Blade has been stropped but has a decent edge. Lockup, action, and centering are all good, tends to hang open just a touch when disengaged but closes with very little effort. SV - $50
3. Kizer Mini Begleiter - Green micarta / Satin N690 - Definitely a user. Carried quite a bit, but I stopped carrying it when I got the frag Ti mini. Micarta has some patina, particularly near the lock cutout, blade has some obvious scratches. Great snappy action on this little guy; very smooth with strong lockup. If it weren't such a light blade it would be fall shut. Centering slightly favors show side. Factory edge has been stropped and is still serviceable. SV - $20 **SOLD*\*
4. CRKT Crossbones - Gray 2-tone aluminum / Satin AUS8 - I'd call this one a light user. Never disassembled (I believe this has loose bearings and I didn't wanna mess with that), it did get a shot of KPL though. CRKT calls this gray, but it has some subtle tan/bronze tones. The handle has picked up some scratches on the flats, particularly on the clip side. No noticeable markings on the blade, lockup is solid, centering is good. Came from CRKT with a slight tap/rattle on the clip which I fixed by bending it stiffer to press against the scale more. SV - $25
5. Kubey Coeus (KU122) - Tan G10 / Beadblast D2 - Light use on this as well, just not getting any pocket time anymore. G10 shows some very light wear but nothing significant. The bead blast on this looks kind of stonewashed, and doesn't show any marks. Factory edge has been stropped, but was not the sharpest factory edge I've seen. Super solid lockup, and good centering - Kubey does a great job with their build quality. Fantastic reverse flick, nice and smooth, only needs a light shake shut. SV - $25
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2023.03.24 10:55 Big-Internet-4024 Tac Force Tactical Spiner with Bottle Opener Glass Breaker and Cutter Orange

Tac Force Tactical Spiner with Bottle Opener Glass Breaker and Cutter Orange submitted by Big-Internet-4024 to u/Big-Internet-4024 [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:28 KylePeacockArt [WTS] 10 shipwrecked goodies (3 Spydercos, 535 Bugout, Kershaw, 2 QSP penguins, and copper beads)

Ahoy friends, I have 8 knives and 2 beads that I have been working on. Modifying and shipwrecking (mostly with ammonia, sometimes salt and vinegar). I have pieces in copper or brass that have a patina of greens and/or blues. I try to leave some of the metal exposed because I think it looks cool when flakes and spots shine through all the beautiful chaotic patterns of forced patina. Each piece is sprayed twice with polyurethane clearcoat to preserve the patina and metal, it also gives the nice bonus of not making your hands smell like copper when you handle your knife (a lot of people seem to dislike the smell of copper). Should be a little something for everybody in here, lots of variations and each piece is one of a kind!
  1. Spyderco Shaman, shipwrecked copper scales, black dlc coated blade Decided to start off strong. I got some fantastic blue colors on this one, pretty much no green just blue and copper. Shaman is an absolutely beautiful knife and feels great in the hand. Snaps open smoothly and drops shut pretty well. My finger seems to always get in the way when I try to drop it shut and I did not want to play with it too much since it is brand new and I am selling it. In the video there was a little bit of KPL that wanted to make an appearance but I wiped it clean. Has been disassembled to install scales but otherwise brand new. SV $420.69
  2. Para 3, shipwrecked brass scales, satin blade Included the black (g10?) scales that it came with. I am at least the second owner but it seems to be in very good condition. I think some light cuts may have been made with it but as you can see in the video no serious scratches above hairlines (which may have been factory, possibly?). Lubed with KPL and has nice snappy opening and drops shut. SV $215
  3. Spyderco Tenacious, shipwrecked copper scales, black coated blade This was one of my first knives and I carried it a few times but am fairly sure I have not cut with it. Other than some wear on the pocket clip it is in excellent condition. Got some excellent blues on the copper scales, much like the Shaman has but at a more budget friendly price. The centering is all out of whack, sit heavily to the right side but snaps open without issue. Closing it is a little sticky (probably due to it not being centered) and does not drop shut, does close without scratching the blade though so it's got that going for it. Has been disassembled to install scales, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, and then lubed with KPL. SV $145
  4. Frankenstein Kershaw Leek, shipwrecked copper scales, black blade May be a monster, but it is a beautiful monster. Couldn't find a black dlc blade with copper scales anywhere so I bought 2 Leeks and made my own. Really sweet blue patina from ammonia. Has custom blue anodized titanium screws. Really wanting to keep this one but would rather have cash at the moment and make another one later. The blade was from a user but it is in good condition. Video shows spots on the blade where it was neglected but there are no chips or major scratches. Snaps open and closed (spring is excellent), and the safety on it is very good. I tend to make these a little bit tight so that the safety doesn't wiggle loose but if you prefer a looser safety lemme know and I will give it an adjustment. Obviously has been disassembled since it is the blade from another Leek. SV $165
  5. QSP Penguin, shipwrecked brass scales, (stonewash?) dark blade Some cool blue edges on the scales and when it meets the brass there is a sort of green in between. Brand new blade and inner parts. Lubed with KPL for good measure. SV $110
  6. Kershaw Natrix, shipwrecked copper scales, engraved octopus Like number 7, this one was meant to be an etching originally. The octopus came out very fuzzy and lost almost all its detail when I shipwrecked though. Instead of sanding it off and trying again I used an electric engraving tool to draw the octopus that was supposed to be there. I filled the engraved lines with patina paint and then added a bit more fumes to get more colopattern. Meanwhile when I was doing all that, the other side sat inside the fume chamber and picked up some wonderful colors. Came out nicely balanced because the octopus side does not have too much distracting from the artwork while the "plain" side got all the cool blues and greens. I am not sure on the status exactly, but feel it is safe to say it is a user but in good condition. Video shows it snaps open with the flipper smoothly and snaps shut after pressing the liner lock. One of a kind engraving. SV $150
Edit Note* between these lines are the sold ones, moving them away from the original list for clarity (they kept getting jumbled in the list when I tried to strike through)
List of sold pieces:
5.Benchmade Bugout 535, shipwrecked copper scales This was a user I bought from someone here on the swap. Blade is in good condition. The insides didn't look great but I cleaned them up and everything moves and locks up as it should. It was a nightmare trying to get the washers lined up inside the locking (cage?) mechanism which I did not take apart. Spring looks like it has seen better days for full disclosure, but it works fine. Beautiful blue patina with spots of copper shining through on the scales. Comes with original blue stock scales. SV $220 SOLD
  1. QSP Penguin, shipwrecked copper scales, (stonewash?) dark blade Special octopus etching on this one. I was able to mask off the shape of an octopus and then clean it up so shiny copper shows through the patina. I tried this several other times on other scales but this is one of the cleanest etches I have made. Brand new condition on the rest of the knife besides the scales. One of a kind etching. SV $145 SOLD
9&10. Shipwrecked Copper Octopus Lanyard Beads (x2) The outsides of these did not pick up much color from the salt and vinegar shipwrecking treatment on the outside (and ammonia just turned them black so I sanded and started over). I think it is pretty neat how there are green spots on the inside edges down near the base of the tentacles. I kept one of these (did 3) for a knife lanyard for myself and the shipwreck is subtle but noticeable when you're holding it. Sprayed with 2 coats of polyurethane clearcoat to preserve the patina. SV $25 each or $40 for the both. Both SOLD
There should be at least one timestamp of each knife among the photos. Accepting PayPal Goods and Services as payment as per the rules. Please feel free to message or chat any questions. If it is a few hours after the post please direct message as my phone does not get chats.
Please lemme know if I made any mistakes (or if you need more angles/pics) since I am still fairly new myself and I will fix the post.
I am open to chats about custom mods, as you can see with the copper Penguin and the Natrix I can do a bit of engraving and etching. Thanks for looking at the post!
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2023.03.24 04:07 jthd488 [US-CA] [H] Iskar Black PVD Rim & Bottom [W] PayPal Only

Looking to sell my Iskar by Bitmap Studios. Asking price $290 shipped OBO
Black anodized aluminum case, black PVD stainless rim and bottom. Two scratches on the bottom weight (see timestamps) apart from that its still in excellent condition!
Includes lubed Staebies (205g0), PC plate and Hotswap PCB
Local to 92865 OC + free donuts
Reply to this post before PM, thanks!
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2023.03.24 03:14 alexdare [WTS] Olamic Wayfarer 247s

Alright swap, I'd like to ship this one to someone that will love it. Honestly, it was too fancy for me to carry. Too beautiful. I have not carried it, I have not used it since I received it, it's in the exact condition as when I received it. I didn't even open a box with it, and I'm leaving the original poster's epic description below. I prefer a Spyderco PM2 or PM3, something I won't feel terrible beating up. This is a STEAL.
̶S̶V̶ ̶$̶4̶5̶0̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ <--- SOLD SOLD SOLD <--- photos / timestamp
According to one redditor:
Those aren’t even bro prices, those are I need drug money prices. Damn near charity prices. U okay man? 😉
And another redditor:
These are blood bro prices. Damn dude!
No Trades at this time. Standard drill: Paypal FF, no notes.
OG Description From OP:
Custom Olamic Wayfarer 247S, light blasted & scalloped Ti handles with satin zirconium stripe inlay; 3d zirconium pocket clip; green anodized seabed Ti backspacer and Ti hardware. Sheepscliffe satin M390 blade. This was my first customized build, and it was $945 direct from Olamic. I think it looks super classy with some flair. I realize these don't exactly go like hotcakes here so I'm pricing it to take a huge hit, hoping someone will enjoy this more than I do currently.

Ownership: first owner
Centering/Lockup: Slight show side bias, 55% lockup
Body Condition: Factory
Blade Condition: Factory
Edge Condition: Factory
Box and papers: Factory
Modifications: Skiff bearings
Disassembled: Once to put in Skiff bearings
OG Post (2 weeks ago-ish):
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2023.03.24 01:13 theeverydaykitchen Top 8 Best Cookware Sets for Glass Stoves 2023

Editor’s Choice: Cuisinart MCP-12N
"A stainless-steel set which includes everything you need. Cool grip handles. Up to 550F oven safe. Tapered rims."
Premium Pick: Circulon Symmetry Pots and Pans Set
"These pots and pans will become a functional and eye-catching addition to your kitchen. Rich chocolate exterior. Hard-anodized aluminum. High-low circle surface design."
Most Pieces: Duxtop Induction Cookware Set
"This option will equip your kitchen to the full. 17 pieces included. Stainless steel with ceramic coating. Dishwasher and freezer safe."
Best Accessories: Rachael Ray Create Delicious Pots and Pans Set
"This set of pots and pans is a mere work of art. Great color options. A bench scrape and a lazy slotted spoon included. Swing lids."
Best Handles: Circulon Momentum Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set
"No more burns with this functional set. Silicone-enhanced handles. Durable stainless steel. 11 handy pieces."
Best Copper Bottom Cookware: T-fal C836SD
"A great option from one of the leaders of the industry. Copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Interior measuring marks. Up to 500F oven safe."
Best Value: MICHELANGELO Stone Cookware Set
"An affordable set with a stone derived nonstick coating exterior. Die-cast aluminum. Colander insert included. Easy to clean."
Best Lid Design: T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 17 Piece Cookware Set
"Pots and pans with silicone covered lids and handles. High-quality aluminum. Lifetime limited warranty. Thermo spot indicator."
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2023.03.24 00:47 theeverydaykitchen Top 6 Best Woks for No-Sweat Cooking of the Most Exquisite Dishes 2023

Editor’s Choice: Calphalon 1948257 Signature Wok
"Rather deep 12-inch wide anodized aluminum wok with healthy non-stick coating and safe to use in a dishwasher."
Best Cast Iron Wok: Le Creuset of America Enameled Cast Iron Signature Wok
"Made of high-quality cast iron this wok is great for creating a delicious meal for the whole family to enjoy."
Best Carbon Steel Wok: Mauviel Made In France M'Steel Black Steel Wok
"3-mm thick carbon steel 11.8-inch wide wok with flat bottom fit for cooking on an induction surface and is safe for the oven."
Best Electric Wok: VonShef Electric Wok
"Outstanding comfortable to use electric wok with a non-stick coating, heat-resistant silicone handles and a tempered glass lid."
Budget Pick: Craft Wok Traditional hand-hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok
"Professional grade round-bottomed carbon steel wok that weighs just 4 pounds and has high-quality wooden handle."
Best Stainless Steel Wok: Cooks Standard Stainless Steel Multi-Ply Clad Wok
"13-inch-wide stainless steel wok with stay-cool handles, safe to put in an oven and comes with included lid."
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2023.03.23 22:48 ajmckay2 Strange Bowden tube fitting?

Strange Bowden tube fitting?
This cool anodized aluminum Bowden tube fitting came on the dual gear extruder of my Ender 7. Looks much cooler than the typical brass/chrome fitting but it was making this clicking sound. Turns out the white piece embedded in the aluminum is loose and that's what was clicking/screwing up my retraction. Anyone else have this issue? What did you replace it with? It's an m10 thread with a 4mm bore which the PTFE tubing slides through.
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2023.03.23 19:47 150LAT10N [WTS] LNIB Knife Sale: Marfione Custom Warhound Folder Fundraiser (ODKW, CRKT, Microtech, Medford, Reate, Arcform, Heretic, Giant Mouse, & WE)

Hello, Fellow Swappers! Trying to finish amassing the funds needed to purchase a Marfione Custom Warhound Folder.
Up for Sale:
All items are LNIB with the following characteristics:
Given the objective, not looking for trades at this time. Thanks for stopping by!
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2023.03.23 16:57 RatherBeDesigning Can I use Keyshot Aluminum Anodization values to specify color to a manufacturer?

I'm an American designer working for a US company that manufactures products overseas. We communicate aluminum anodization colors to our Asian factories (S. Korea, China, Vietnam). In the past we have just send the factory a picture of a similarly colored bike or car part and tell them to use a similar color, which I find is not very precise way of requesting an anodization color.
In Keyshot there are values such as "Film Refractive Index," Film Extinction Coefficient," and Film Thickness (in nanometers). I noticed that changing the Film Thickness value changes the anodization color. I'm wondering if anyone knows how you might be able to use those color values to accurately specify aluminum anodization finishes.
Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 16:48 RatherBeDesigning Aluminum Anodization Color Standards?

H i, I'm an American designer working for a US company that manufactures products overseas. We communicate aluminum anodization colors to our Asian factories (S. Korea, China, Vietnam) and the person who was in my position before me used Pantone color system to specify aluminum anodization colors. I have a design/arts background, but not much engineering/manufacturing experience and I'm hoping to start bridging those gap using this community.
Are there internationally recognized standards for aluminum anodization? In Keyshot there are stock colors for aluminum plus the option to create a custom aluminum anodize finish using parameters such as "Film Refractive Index," Film Extinction Coefficient," and Film Thickness (in nanometers). I noticed that changing the Film Thickness (nm) value changes the anodization color. I'm wondering if there's a more technically accurate way to specify aluminum anodization finishes besides just sending the factory a picture of a similarly colored bike or car part, which is what seems to be happening a lot.
Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 16:46 RatherBeDesigning Anodizing Aluminum Color Standards?

Hi, I'm an American designer working for a US company that manufactures products overseas. We communicate aluminum anodization colors to our Asian factories (S. Korea, China, Vietnam) and the person who was in my position before me used Pantone color system to specify aluminum anodization colors. I have a design/arts background, but not much engineering/manufacturing experience and I'm hoping to start bridging that gap using this community.
Are there internationally recognized standards for aluminum anodization? In the program I use to create product renderings (Keyshot) there are stock colors for aluminum plus the option to create a custome aluminum anodize finish using parameters such as "Film Refractive Index," Film Extinction Coefficient," and Film Thickness (in nanometers). I'm wondering if there's a more technically accurate way to specify aluminum anodization finishes besides just sending the factory a picture of a similarly colored bike or car part, which is what seems to be happening a lot.
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2023.03.23 16:25 Grocery-Super Magnetic dipstick for champion 3400 dual fuel generator

Magnetic dipstick for champion 3400 dual fuel generator
The Champion 3400 Dual Fuel Generator is a reliable and efficient piece of equipment that provides power when you need it most. However, like any piece of machinery, it requires proper maintenance and care to ensure it continues to operate at optimal levels. One area where maintenance is crucial is in monitoring the oil level, and that is where the GenExhaust Magnetic Oil Dipstick comes in.
Image 1 for the product GenExhaust for Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator
Image 2 for the product GenExhaust for Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator
Image 3 for the product GenExhaust for Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator
The GenExhaust Magnetic Oil Dipstick is an aftermarket product that replaces the OEM part number 83.031000.01. It is specifically designed to fit the Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator, so it is essential to check your operator's manual to verify the fitment before purchasing. The dipstick is made from high-quality 6061 aluminum, which ensures durability and longevity.
Magnetic dipstick for champion 3400 dual fuel generator: GenExhaust for Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator - Non-Anodized EASY USE MAGNETIC OIL DIPSTICK
The primary benefit of using a magnetic dipstick over the stock dipstick is that it pulls any ferrous metallic fines from normal engine use that are in the oil. This is crucial as these small engines do not have an oil filter, and the magnetic dipstick helps to extend the life of the engine. The high-temperature super magnet is partially recessed inside the dipstick and secured with an oil-tolerant, high-strength (4500 PSI), high-temperature retaining compound.
There are other versions of magnetic dipsticks available in the market, but the GenExhaust Magnetic Oil Dipstick has several features that make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, it has a hexagonal body instead of a round body. This design makes it easier to grip with fingers or a wrench, especially when any oil gets on it. The flat surfaces are also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.
Learn more about magnetic generator repair: How to restore the magnetism of a magnet on a generator
Some important articles about Overunity Magnetic Generator:
🌀 Free Energy AC Generator - Genuine Technology: 🔑 Free Energy Magnetic Generator and synthesizes many other technologies imbued with Nikola Tesla's technological identity 🔨
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2023.03.23 12:35 Abject_Ad3128 canopy 10x20

Create an unforgettable experience with your own canopy tent! 10x20 canopy tent from Starline Displays is the perfect addition to any special event. It provides shade for large areas, and can be used indoors or out. The frame is made of anodized aluminum for long-lasting durability, and the entire assembly is quick and simple.
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