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Worth it?

2023.03.26 00:09 DifficultDog6 Worth it?

So I've got a '69 Fairlane Torino with the 351 2v engine option. It's a project car that was offered to me for about 5k. I can possibly get the price to something lower but I'm wondering if the car is worth it. It's got surface rust obviously, seats are slightly ripped but runs and drives. It's mostly good and won't take much to restore but with this being the base model, I was trying to decide if the car would be worth the money and how much I can get for it as a private seller and an auction sale. Let me know, I've got about an hour before I need an answer for the seller. Thanks
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2023.03.26 00:00 germanky Car Salesman

NOW HIRING Car Salesman-https://gethiredinflorida.us/sales/car-salesman-1283595842/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2023.03.25 23:53 BaphometSlaught Timing chain slack?

Car was running fine, actually had it up for sale Someone test drove and it came back in limp mode. It would not start back. It had a code for Camshaft position sensor. Replaced it, and car still won't start. Guess a new timing chain in my future?
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2023.03.25 23:36 LordMichaelkage Got my first truck! 2019 Silverado Custom! So excited to join the truck fam!

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2023.03.25 23:35 boxler3 Is leasing a vehicle a better choice?

Something I am looking into is if it is cheaper to lease a vehicle before buying it. From what I can find, you don't pay personal property taxes on a leased vehicle in my state (Missouri). So that saves thousands of dollars over a 3 year period. And with interest rates so high right now, I could put the remaining balance into a 3 year CD at 4.25% APY until I am able to buy the car. And then when I buy, I will pay less in sales tax because the value has depreciated by the time of purchase. Is there something I am not understanding? Is there a catch? Or is this the way to go?
Edit (context):
If I were to lease a Subaru Outback Limited, it would cost me: $3,197 down $470/month x 36 months = $16,920 Total payed after 36 months = $20,117
In the fine print, it states that there is an option to buy at the end of the lease for $24,337.
Total cost of purchase by leasing and then buying = $44,454 + tax.

However, I could put the last $24,337 (plus tax ($2,154) = $26,491) into a 36 month CD at 4.25% APY and retrieve $3,596 in interest.

If I were to buy the vehicle with cash, it would cost $39,173 + tax + 3 extra years of personal property taxes and I wouldn't be able to put the extra money in a CD and earn interest.
I'm now seeing that your monthly payments do not include sales tax, so it sounds like you'll end up paying the same sales tax in the long run. But 3 years of personal property taxes seems like a huge savings. My current vehicle is valued at $1,200 and I paid ~$120 in personal property taxes last year, meaning my personal property taxes for a vehicle is about 10%. 10% of ~$40k is huge.
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2023.03.25 23:34 AggravatingCollar235 L'homme de la cabane

Bonjour je m'appelle Nadia et je vais vous raconter mon histoire de quand j'avais 11 ans. J'étais avec ma pote Inès. Un jour j'étais seul avec Inès et mon chien Magunus (mes parents travaillent) à un moment nous étions dans la sale de bain et d'un coup nous entendions mon chien aboyé de toutes ses forces au même moment le téléphone fixe sonna je demanda à mon amie de decsnedre voir se qui se passé pendants que moi j'allais décroché au téléphone je décroche, et s'était simplement une pube donc je décrocha. Juste après je n'entendé rien, comme j'habite dans une sorte de maison à 2 étage et que j'habité dans le 2er je regarda par la fenêtre et je vis mon chien Magnus couiné et se cacher derrière ma pote et celle-ci était pétrifié de peur en regardant un homme en trian d'essayer d'ouvrir mon portail. Il se rendis compte d'un coup que Inès l'avais vu arrêta immédiatement lui fit un sourire et reparti vers un côté de ma rue qui mener à une petit ruisseau entouré de bambou où se trouvé une cabane, que je connais bien car j'y allais beaucoup m'amuser quand j'invitai tout mes pote chez moi. Inès me regeoin dans la maison accoupagner de Magnus et nous nous enfermons à clés. Inès me décrit que l'homme avais une 30 année qui avais une grosse barbe, des cheveux long de grosse cern violettes et qui avait le visage très sale. Il portait un t-shirt bleu très sale aussi et un cargo noir. Nous avons appellé nos parents qui sont vite revenu et qui sont allés vérifier si le mec était toujours là heureusement non.
Voilà squeezie c'est pour toi 😘😘
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2023.03.25 23:23 swearingmuffin An example of the mad used car market

3 years ago (feb 2020) I bought THIS for £6500 which Autotrader advertised as “Good Price”.
Over the course of 3 years I put over 30k miles on the car. I part exed it recently and it went to auction where a dealer bought it. Now, 3 years and 30k miles later…it’s for sale for £6490 “Good Price”! It’s lost only £10 in value in 3 years!
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2023.03.25 23:14 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Modded Vehicles for Sale ⚾ Supercars, Sports cars, Armored Vehicles

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2023.03.25 22:55 realelijahion It was an xbike “classic car show” at the Rivendell garage sale today

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2023.03.25 22:46 Glad-Zucchini2579 Current (and former) salespeople, what was your previous job before coming over to car sales?

Just curious to see where everyone came from!
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[REQ] ($250 USD) - (#Hopewell Jct., New York, USA), (REPAY $335 4/10/23), (Venmo/cashapp)

Post contents

I just halted being a self-employed, 3-D design business owner and accepted a nice salary job starting April 3rd, 2023. I am in the process of selling one of my vehicles, that I thought would go quicker, and am behind on bills. I would like to start this new job without worry, knowing my first bimonthly check is over $2,000 & the sale of my car will yield me a net of 15-20k.
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2023.03.25 22:43 cavanaughnick Adding cruise control to a car that doesn't have it?

Hello all,

Asking this on behalf of my GF. She has a 2020 Chevy Trax LS that has steering wheel volume controls, but no cruise control. Her 3-year lease is coming due soon and it's financially beneficial for her to buy out her lease rather than lease new or finance something else. She is just trying to see if it's possible to add a reliable, good-quality cruise control to her vehicle aftermarket.
I was at the Chevy dealership today for my vehicle and asked the service guys about it. They looked at me like I was crazy and said they'd never heard someone ask that. They told me to ask the sales manager, who did some searching on his computer and said he found an aftermarket kit from Rostra that would add in cruise control. However he said since it's aftermarket their service guys wouldn't be able to add it in. It looks like the kit has some sort of paddle similar to those for blinkers and wipers to activate the cruise control. I just have no idea how reliable this would be and how to even begin installing it.

Does anyone on here know if this is something that can be added in a different way? My first thought was just buying a steering wheel that has the cruise control buttons (or popping out the plastic bit in the steering wheel and fitting the buttons in there) and run the wiring into the wheel. I don't know much about cars so I'm hoping someone here can advise.

Thank you!
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2023.03.25 22:40 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Modded Vehicles for Sale ⚾ Supercars, Sports cars, Armored Vehicles

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2023.03.25 22:30 blockytraditionalist A Commentary/Rant on FB Marketplace prices

I know what I'm proposing is basically impossible but I'll say my bit anyway.
I really wish it was more acceptable to flag or report ridiculously priced cars on Facebook or basically any where cars are listed for private sale. It's just so ridiculous seeing rolling shells going for 5 or 6 grand, or a car that's basically scrap metal commanding the price of a decent used car from pre 2020. If it were more acceptable to call this crap out, sellers would think twice about the amounts they set.
Granted, there's a ton of factors that have gotten us here and undoing all of them may be impossible in and of itself. But we can't have our cake and eat it too. Meaning, these people jacking their used s***boxes up to ridiculous prices are the same people crying about how everything is inflated, I can't afford crap, yadda yadda yadda.
Maybe set a fair price for that heap that's 10 miles away from being a roller, and you'll actually get paid. To the people who are setting fair prices for your cars, I salute you (and those listings seem to disappear the fastest, so don't tell me honest pricing doesn't work).
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2023.03.25 22:30 KhoaFraelich Used car buying guide: Subaru BRZ

Used car buying guide: Subaru BRZ

Communicative, predictable and balanced - the car that proves fast doesn't always mean fun




The fastest cars aren’t always the most fun. In fact, many cars now are too quick to be thoroughly enjoyed on a public road – unless you’re willing to risk losing your licence.

The Subaru BRZ isn’t among them, though; rather it’s a sports car you can get the best out of at everyday speeds, just like its better-known twin, the Toyota GT86.

A lot of this comes down to its limits and how approachable they are. There isn’t an abundance of grip in the BRZ; after all, it sits on the same narrow rubber as the Toyota Prius. This essentially feeds its fondness for shimmying beneath you, making sliding it, whether a little or a lot, a piece of cake.

Now, you might think that sounds dangerous, but don’t worry, because everything here is communicative, predictable and balanced. The BRZ is a true driver’s car, meaning you always feel in full control. More specifically, you have direct, well-weighted steering and some fine chassis dynamics on your side, not to mention there’s the safety net that is electronic stability control.

You will also find that, due to slightly different suspension setups, the BRZ is a tad firmer and thus sharper in the bends than the GT86. While the GT86 sold in greater numbers in the UK, mostly due to Toyota’s larger dealer network and longer warranty, the BRZ’s rarity could solidify it as the more appealing choice for you. Just keep in mind that this is reflected in marginally higher prices.

But back to the driver’s seat now, because we must talk about the BRZ’s six-speed manual gearbox. Not only does it add another layer of engagement, but it’s also simply a joy to use. An automatic is available, but choosing that would be like joining a rock band with the triangle as your instrument.

Another reason to avoid the auto is because it actually makes the BRZ slower: it has a claimed 0-62mph time of 8.2sec, while the manual can complete the sprint in 7.6sec.

On the subject of performance figures, let’s talk about power. The BRZ’s 197bhp is a decent amount, on par with what you’d get from hot hatches such as the Ford Fiesta ST.

Torque is a different story, though. With its 2.0-litre flat four’s lack of a turbocharger or supercharger working against it, this engine produces only 151lb ft. Fortunately, this peak arrives way up at 6400rpm, hence there’s an incentive to rev the BRZ out. And let us reiterate: this car was never meant to be a speed demon.

Of course, you can add power via modifications, although obviously this won’t be cheap, when another aspect at the heart of the BRZ’s appeal is affordability.

When it arrived back in 2012, the BRZ had a £26,000 price tag, undercutting rivals from premium brands. Sure, it came in at a higher price than the 2.0-litre Mazda MX-5, but then the Subaru was the more practical and powerful sports car.

Today you will find used BRZs advertised for as little as £10,000, so they aren’t intimidating buys.

Affordable driver’s cars deserve all the appreciation they can get, rare things as they are these days, and the BRZ is one of the very best.

An owner’s view
Neil Winn: “I had the opportunity to ‘learn how to drift’ in a Toyota GT86 at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed as part of a Toyota promotional event. It only involved low speed, second-gear slides on a skid pad, but I loved how playful the car felt and decided that I had to have one in my life. As luck would have it, just a couple of months later, a pristine one-owner Subaru BRZ came up for sale at a local dealer, so I pulled the trigger.

Source: Autocar
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2023.03.25 22:17 bart_so Transform your used car merchandising with AI-powered photography and editing to boost online sales: https://www.spyne.ai/

tags: car, transforming, professional
for: used-car dealers, car owners
read more about this project: https://domore.ai/tools/spyne.ai
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2023.03.25 22:17 mh161616 XC90 Recharge software issue / lease unwinding.

Traded in my 2020 XC90 T5 at the end of the lease for a 2024 XC90 T8 Recharge. Dealer offered 4K of equity, 4K off the car plus the 7.5k lease credit for plug in hybrids.
Brought it home and when I got in the next morning there was a check engine light. They came and picked it up and called me the next morning and said there is an issue with the software that currently has no solution.
The guys are the dealership (sales and service) agree that this is not right and they have to do something for me.
They have mentioned that one of the options would be to unwind the lease and restart the buying process.
If I go down that route, they would owe me the cash equity for my old car, correct? Either that or give back my old car (1 month remaining on lease).
This can’t be resolved until Monday as the GM of the dealership is out of town until then.
Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to handle. My preference would be to get my equity back and become a free agent again (i.e. not tied to Volvo anymore)
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2023.03.25 22:00 AutoModerator What is #VALZUBIRIAGENDA and some ideas and insights

The 3 basic parameters of hashtag #Valzubiriagenda:

  1. We artists and everyone else can write and self-publish art- and artist-related books: memoirs, biographies, art books and art catalogs. Books are forever. Pamphlets and brochures are not books.
  2. We announce a schedule of increasing prices of our art pieces, which includes quantities (scarcity numbers) per price point and overall (the total quantity of art pieces we might ever make). This helps art traders, art investors and art collectors speculate or even stop speculating and instead join a community of investors working together to hopefully skyrocket to the higher announced prices in a shorter span of time.
  3. We can use the NFT world, because NFTs provide the tracking (who owns what) and trading.
We can also not be involved with NFTs. Stores and individuals can help sell art using online presence and our catalogs in the stores. If this trends, or once this trends, even expensive art can be sold by neighboring businesses, without exclusivity. Commission systems do not have to be standardized. Art investors can produce their own catalogs to leave at the cafés. Even the cafés can produce their own catalogs.
Valzubiriagenda NFTs
NFTs only came about a few years ago. But I had been working on this since the 1990s. I wrote a book, Valzubiriagenda, along with fellow artist Silverio Perez, and released it in 2018 (Amazon and elsewhere), tackling everything related to #1 & #2. We'll come up with #3 in a later book/ memoi marketing book.
Any artist, including tangible artists can release 10,000 NFTs if the artist chooses to do so. For tangible artists, the NFT first becomes an Art Commission Contract for sight unseen, yet-to-be made art. Once the art is made, the NFT becomes proof of ownership that the actual, tangible art is theirs.
Warehousing our tangible art
Another related idea is that the tangible art may be warehoused by the artist so that the NFT traders continue to trade. This means that even 10-ton 10-foot tall sculptures can be owned and traded by anyone without worrying about shipping, reshipping, scratches, smudges, parts breaking off, etc. The newness of the pieces remain because they are stored by the artist, source, gallery, etc. The art piece gets shipped to the art collector, the ultimate owner.
An artist who makes ceramic coffee mugs - smaller art pieces, can release 10,000 NFTs with a schedule of increasing prices so that NFT traders can trade immediately. The 10,000 coffee mugs can get damaged, so as they are made, they continue to be stored by the artist, until the time when art collectors decide to have the art pieces shipped to them.
Why only now?
I decided to write as many book-length memoirs as I can before I came out to promote this.
I'm an artist and an author. Both need time to "master." I would not even fully use "master" on myself, because there's always something new, even to my own art, my own writing and publishing.
I am now claiming that I'm the visual artist who has produced the most artist memoirs in the world. I have 5 on Amazon. I count Valzubiriagenda as both a marketing book and a memoir-of-sorts, because it has a lot of my own life lessons on writing and publishing. I would not care to contest my claim of having the most memoirs. I will release 5 more over the next 3 years.
BARTER! Get help to write, photograph art and publish your books!
Anyone can hire 11 ghostwriters for 11 memoirs. If you can make art, but you cannot write, then barter your forever art with those who can help you produce forever books.
I don't feel the pressure of writing and publishing because I feel my focus should be on art students and art experts who would study my art and my books 100 years from now. Don't expect relatives and friends to read your books.
I call myself the Dollman
For my NFTs, I am proposing to make dioramas - my original, costumed, bejeweled porcelain dolls in backdrops that will also have precious metals and gemstones. This way I can incorporate precious metals and gemstones in my work, to make sure that people perceive my art as expensive, just in case I myself don't become "famous" - there's no need to get world famous. We are artists and all we need to do is to satisfy the art niche.
Use your laptop now!
I will encourage you to start writing your book-length memoir. Write, Edit and then Self-publish it. Get help. Why wait a hundred years for someone to write about you when all you need is a laptop and a nearby coffee shop.
Don't start counting chickens before the eggs hatch. I have encountered a lot of would-be writers who immediately see themselves as bestselling. world famous assets to society. Two even wanted me to sign NDAs (Nondisclosure agreements), because they did not want me to steal their book ideas.
Here's a suggestion. I would not personally do it. From one manuscript can come 2 books: The Original Draft (unedited, with misspellings, considered to be an art piece, scanned pages(?) of your handwritten original effort), and The Final Edition (edited).
Another way to enhance our investability, tradability and collectability is PROVENANCE - how art ownership proceeds through time. The way this can be done is also through publishing books. Everyone can write their memoirs, biographies, art books and art catalogs, including traders, investors and art collectors. In effect, we artists can continue to be included or mentioned in even more books, without any additional effort by us.
You as an investor, reseller, trader, art collector should be able to publish a catalog with 250 works by 250 different artists, but they need to agree to this right from the start - it's your money, you should require them to follow your version of the hashtag #valzubiriagenda parameters, which preferably should include permission for you to publish their art. Why would you track down 250 artists later?
No exclusive contracts
If you're a café, you can call for artists, and come up with a book with for example, 30 artists, with a chapter devoted to each artist's profile and images of the artist's art.
You can distribute your catalogs to businesses and individuals near and far and online.
The book Valzubiriagenda even cites that funeral homes and janitors closets can sell art, with or without exclusivity. Airline catalogs can include million dollar art pieces. Car manufacturers, showrooms and even car repair shops can sell art as well. Everyone should be able to do this, anywhere in the world, especially not just because of the pandemic, but right now, we are in really bad economies.
What's with the name #Valzubiriagenda
I was into conspiracy theories in 2018, and this term, "The Mandela Effect," was popular. I had read many times that an artist coined the term, but I had to research online, for her name, many times, before remembering it. I'm not good at remembering names. It took me a year and a half to finally tell you that Fiona Broome coined "The Mandela Effect."
I also thought I might have to research trademarks and copyrights just to come up with a generic name. So I decided on "Valzubiriagenda." I was not really sure at first, but I decided to use it as the title for my book (with co-authoartist Silverio Perez) so that there would be no turning back and I can move on.
Someone I recently met this May 2022 just called me a futurist.
In the 1990s, I proposed to a pension fund that they can raise billions of dollars, especially for emergencies, or as needed, or out of desperation, if the pension fund purchases a quantity of art from an artist who not only has a current, reasonable price, but an announced future price that the artist wants to reach.
That future price would obviously be higher than the current price. The art commission contract for multiple art pieces can be taken to the fund's financial lender for a loan. The higher future price can be used for financing purposes.
The pension fund's treasurer, a publicly elected official, said this idea might work, but we had to keep this a secret and discuss this some more, because other pension funds might copy and do this prematurely. This idea had to come from the two of us. The treasurer needed his votes and I needed credentials.
Added into the pot was my idea that I, as the artist, will also write one book-length artist memoir. This was and still is a strong factor, because the leadership and marketing books I had read then mentioned a strong tip. If you want to advance in your field, write a full-length book that is related to the field.
Unfortunately, the elected official, the treasurer of the pension fund, who was also a friend, passed away - he was old and had ailments. At that point in time, I cannot just approach another pension fund treasurer to share this idea with.
I realized I had to write a few memoirs. I needed to set an example for other artists, so I needed to write more than one memoir. Then I felt I should also make ready another book - the how-to of what I'm up to. I wrote Valzubiriagenda, which was a memoir of sorts. I knew how long it would take me to write a book, so I had to make sure I can also consider this book a memoir.
In 2008, I imagined that someone like Bernie Madoff, or a fund like Lehman Brothers, would be desperate enough to use this to save themselves and their companies. I was not ready. I had only written 1 manuscript for a memoir.
In 2012, I released Dollman the Musical, A Memoir of an Artist as a Dollmaker. Once again, I was not ready because writing it depressed me a little, and I knew I had to write more.
In 2014, I released 3 memoirs, and re-released Dollman the Musical. Besides releasing regular books, I released special editions of the 4 books, which had a "Special Secret Insert for Bankers," which explains my ideas of an announced schedule of exponentially increasing prices, to satisfy investors, and the publication of artist memoirs, to satisfy art collectors.
In 2014, I also issued out a press release. Google "Can Billion Dollar Artist Save Investors and World Economy Valentino Zubiri PRWeb August 19 2014" and you will see the press release.
What I did was stake a claim on my ideas. I did not promote my books and the press release. I just wanted them to stay online, like a sleeping giant or a dormant volcano. I even designed 3 of the book covers to look like indie books from the 1980s. I was planting the seeds, thinking they will eventually grow and bear fruit in the future.
In 2015, I was interviewed by Richard Syrett, about one of my memoirs, Hocus Pocus Lately. This book is my memoir with paranormal stories. I could have pursued promoting my paranormal stories, but I wanted to be known first as a visual artist and memoirist, so I allowed myself one interview related to Hocus Pocus Lately. Richard Syrett has(had?) his own syndicated radio show, The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, about the paranormal. He also guest hosts on Coast to Coast AM, another internationally syndicated show about the paranormal.
In 2018, I released Valzubiriagenda (co-authored by artist Silverio Perez, a fellow artist). Finally, this book is "the how-to of what I'm to."
I'm going to end this with some strangeness. In 1986, a lady at a religious gathering went into a trance and left a good number of messages. Supposedly, anyone who got into a trance would have messages, but once the trance was over, the person would not remember what was said.
I was not part of the group, but the lady turned her head to face me. She "foretold" that whatever I would decide to do in the future, it will take time, but it will be the right thing. This is one of my stories in one of my memoirs, Hocus Pocus Lately.
The Tulipmania of 1634-37
I discovered that there was this incident of rare tulips becoming collectible during the Dutch Golden Age. There were tulips so rare and so well-desired that their prices equaled to that of a house. You can read more about this online (Wikipedia) or watch a few YouTube videos about it.
Here is the most useful idea that I gleaned from the Tulipmania. The tulip bulbs remained safe inside nurseries. The traders were carrying the deeds of ownership to the tulip bulbs.
Then NFTs came to the forefront
I started learning PHP, an HTML scripting language, and MySQL, the database that PHP can connect to in the background, in 1999, when there were only 3 books about PHP and MySQL at the bookstores.
By 2014, I was trying to figure out how to make the "ledger," or database that can be used to update ownership and who can be contacted. If we are trading art, then the art ownership should be updated.
Then NFTs came about. This can be used as our ledger. Everyone can immediately trade NFTs of future, yet-to-be made art pieces, especially because it takes time to make tangible art.
NFTs actually went a step ahead, by allowing digital art to be traded.
The only setback with NFTs, in my opinion, is that it still lacks a commission system for resellers and representatives.
For example, if a café wants to represent me, then they can promote me at their café and on their online pages. If I make one piece of art that will be exclusively represented by a gallery, then that commission will be different and more specific. As ownership is transferred, the subsequent owners should be able to reset the commission. We should also have the option of giving commissions to hundreds of representatives at one time with different percentages if need be.
The recent crypto crash
Lately, we have observed that NFTs and cryptocurrencies have been behaving like the stock market and other markets. They have been fluctuating.
I believe that it is time for a trend which discourages fluctuation of prices.
I have also seen YouTube videos where social influencers are encouraging us to be on the lookout for exponentially profitable ventures, because we have all seen this happen with the exponential increase of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Let's see if #Valzubiriagenda trends
We can announce present and future art prices. The galleries won't do this (yet?) because they follow a more traditional approach to the business of art.
We have a choice of using incrementally or exponentially increasing prices. We still reserve the right to change things in the future, so everyone should know to follow the latest update.
If this trends, if you as an artist simply announces that you will write an artist memoir, or that you will include the future works in future art books, you might have more art traders, investors and collectors approaching you.
Get your pen, paper and calculator
Imagine yourself as an artist, where you are right now. Let's just say you still do not have a book about yourself and your art yet. Imagine now that you have a memoir out there. Don't you think it makes sense to charge more than what you are charging now? Writing and publishing books is just the beginning. I'm just standardizing this approach. The books also say to do other related projects. In my case, getting Dollman the Musical onstage is one idea. You will have other related projects, but the publication of memoirs, biographies, art books and art catalogs will help all of us.
You can also imagine that a law firm that has meeting rooms, with someone who wants to form a local #valzubiriagenda group, can have meetings. A local café can do the same. Local photographers for your art, writers, editors, book designers, proofreaders and others can join in.
I suggest have printed books to share. 15 copies of your memoir or art books will be better than an e-reader or laptop or your phone to show. These gadgets can be stolen, sabotaged, broken, have coffee spilled on them, etc. 15 printed books means simultaneously showing to 15 people. You can even give them away to potential resellers, investors, traders and collectors.
When it rains, it pours, as in the days of Noah
There's a saying, "When it rains, it pours." There is a negative interpretation and a positive interpretation.
Negative: When trouble comes, they cascade to even more.
Positive: When opportunity comes knocking, more follow suit. We can assume that if one gets our art because of #valzubiriagenda, more want to do it now, because of the rising prices, and FOMO - fear of missing out. What will they lose if they miss the boat?
As I have said earlier, if the #valzubiriagenda trends, if you announce a future memoir or art catalog, you might have an increase of investors, traders and art collectors who would want to check you out. You might encourage more sales. Just remember to write and publish that memoir and art catalog.
There's this saying, "As in the days of Noah." Imagine Noah, building his ark, with members of his own family, putting all his time and effort into it. Noah was a nice guy. I'm sure every once in a while a neighbor offered him coffee, or chai latte, or whatever refreshing drink they might have back then.
Here's the lesson to be learned. Just because they offered him some type of bubble tea drink, or coca cola, they still didn't make it to the ark. Rubbing shoulders with actors does not make you an actor. I have told my artist friends to write their memoirs. They told me that once they see me succeed, after all these many years of seeing my seemingly useless efforts, then they will write their memoirs and follow the road that I had paved for them.
Good luck to them, but if I were you, act now, get my art or make art. Support the 5-year old artist whose parent promised to release a comprehensive art catalog. If you get that 5-year old's art, and mine, I would be honored to be in the same art catalog that you will produce. I'm already successful at that point. You have gotten the mission just right.
I have already claimed to have written the most book-length artist memoirs in the world. Dethrone that claim. Barter. Use ghostwriters. Success to me means facing God one day and saying, I wrote my memoirs and left the world a legacy of books and art. I will not tell God, smiling and proudly, that I encouraged a run for my art by announcing a schedule of exponentially increasing prices that reached 9 figures. I'm sure God knows we had fun.


If you want to try out #valzubiriagenda, in any capacity, join this group. Let others know about this group as well.
If you are an artist, you can let everyone know here that you will produce your memoir, art catalogs, etc. It's okay if you don't know how to go about publishing yet, I will discuss this. Please be honorable enough to produce what you promise to produce.
If you want to meet fellow artists, investors, resellers, etc., join us here.
If you are a book writer, editor, proofreader; if you can photograph art pieces; if you are a book designer, etc., join us here. Let us know if you charge, barter for art, or both.
If you have your own tips and knowledge to share, join us here.
If you have underaged artists you are managing (parents, etc.) join us here.
Join this group if you want to sell works. Post your works. You web links. I'm sure I will.
You can announce meetings in your area. You might have meeting rooms, a café, restaurant, etc. where people can meet. In the future, you can have the regular show and tell, where books can be shown and shared.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if I need to edit some parts. Please share and join this group. - Valentino Zubiri, Dollman, Artist, Memoirist
Underaged artists are welcome here, so please be mindful of your language. We cannot post your adult-oriented art pieces, but you can direct us to a separate page or community. There will be limits to your posts, and there will be adult-oriented art that we cannot allow to be posted.
Thanks for reading. Please let me know if I need to edit some parts. Please share and join this group. - Valentino Zubiri, Dollman, artist & memoirist
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2023.03.25 22:00 Additional_Deal1284 Forest River trailers

Buying a leisure car is a little exceptional than purchase a vehicle or truck. With cars and vans you may appearance up supplier fee and keep returned on many websites. The RV provider worried in recreational car sales work a lot nearer with the manufacturer than the car dealers and basically the producers are the bosses.
Forest River trailers
The maximum vital element you want to recognise is to lease an RV before you purchase. As glamorous because the RV way of life appears, you really need to attempt it earlier than you purchase it, and I am now not talking about the RV, I am speaking about the lifestyle. Get out on the road, visit campsites, talk to different RV humans and even ask them what they realize about recreational vehicle income, you will be amazed at how tons information you will receive

Much of the profit for recreational car income comes from the supplier selling you an inflated long term prolonged warranty. Do no longer fall for this trick. Do now not buy it. Most recreational cars include a 3 to 5 year warranty, why might you need to present a dealer thousands of dollars whilst you already have a warranty? And on top of that, they will throw the value of the warranty into the financing making the sale even greater beneficial for the dealer.

When your warranty runs out, just by using an prolonged guarantee from a reputable business enterprise like Good Sam. It nevertheless will fee plenty, but possibly 1/4 of the rate a supplier will charge you, and consider me guarantee's on RV's are really worth it as they are more complicated than automobiles or vehicles.

Don't allow them to sell you insurance both, you will be overcharged and they will make even extra cash.

Another lure is the extras and accessories. Most dealers worried in recreational vehicle income attempt to come up with all the basic system you need to get on the street, even a touch starter kit for the small necessities like rest room paper, conserving tank cleanser, unload hoses and a few other matters.

The kicker is that there are so many ad-ons and alternatives they can make you dizzy.

Want satellite TV? Your local installer can do it a good deal cheaper, however if you are shopping for an high priced RV and you are going to have a full blown automated roof device wherein there will be reducing into your roof then it is exceptional to have the supplier do it. But you may negotiate.

If the dealer really want to promote the unit, he will bend.

You can add hydraulics to raise and decrease your trailer. They will try to charge you for the hitch setup and brake controller. Don't cross for it. I even have by no means purchased an RV where the leisure car sales dealer did now not throw these in.

The best recommend is to brochure save first research what alternatives are to be had an then whilst you are ready to go to a recreational automobile income supplier you may be armed to negotiate.
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2023.03.25 22:00 RemoteRocketship Matterport is hiring a Head of Enterprise Sales (Americas) in the United States

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2023.03.25 22:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] A Hat in Time, CODE VEIN, Mega Man 11, Tower Unite, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/ti26nz/mizznos_igs_rep_page/
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2023.03.25 21:45 f1newsbot Exclusive: Marko hints at possible AlphaTauri change

Since 2006, four cars on the Formula 1 grid have been run and operated by Red Bull.
Before you got anywhere near the World Championship winning squad, you would first need to serve an apprenticeship at the second team - Toro Rosso.
Drivers would get a chance to impress at the outfit formerly known as Minardi and if they made the grade, promotion to the senior team was secured. Fail to and it would likely be the end of your Grand Prix career.
For 2020, Toro Rosso was given a freshen up and a new name: AlphaTauri as Red Bull wished to push their clothing brand.
This was also an opportunity for AlphaTauri to branch out from Red Bull and become more than just 'the Red Bull junior team' with standout seasons in 2020 and 2021 from Pierre Gasly.
However, all is not well at AlphaTauri as the 2023 season gets into its stride.
There has been great change at the very top of Red Bull, with questions over AlphaTauri's future swirling, but in this exclusive chat with RacingNews365, Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko is firm about the future of the team.
At the recent Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, long-time team boss Franz Tost was rather outspoken of his engineering team, saying he did not "trust" them any longer following a poor 2022 and slow start to '23.
It came after big changes in senior Red Bull GmbH management following the death of chairman Dietrich Mateschitz in October 2022.
Mateschitz's responsibilities have been divided up, with Oliver Mintzlaff taking up the role of leading 'corporate projects and new investments' - in short, the sports arm of Red Bull.
While Marko admits that talks were held, he firmly says AlphaTauri will not be sold.
"No, AlphaTauri is not for sale," he tells RacingNews365.
"Internally, there were several considerations, though.
"What is not satisfactory is that AlphaTauri costs more than Red Bull, so what do we do?
"Do we restructure, do you stay in Italy? Do you move the team partially to England or maybe even completely? Do you sell the whole thing?
"These were the considerations, when a new management comes in, you go through every possibility.
"We need a second team, simple as that.
"Especially also for the [Red Bull Powertrains] engines, it has to work. We have very good people here, the best.
"But we also have to prove in practice that things are under control."
How to do exactly that is the question. Tost admitted in an exclusive interview with RacingNews365 that having the team based in Faenza made it tricky to recruit staff from the United Kingdom, where most engineers are from.
He also believes the team need better infrastructure with which to compete , although one thing not needed is an engine as AlphaTauri bolt the RBPT unit in the back. This will have Ford backing from 2026, but one thing uncertain is whether it will be an AlphaTauri running it - as Marko explains.
"It is something we are reconsidering," he replies when asked about the future of the name of the team.
"It is logical too. The branding of AlphaTauri has been scaled back somewhat, because only in a few countries where we race, AlphaTauri is actually sold.
"It is about three to four countries only.
"The task is simple. More money must be brought in and results improved."
When asked how to do that, Marko did not rule out the possibility of an external title sponsor being signed with the team, in a similar way to Oracle at the main squad."
Join RacingNews365.com journalists Michael Butterworth and Dieter Rencken, with new host Balve Baines, as they discuss the key talking points from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
Source: https://racingnews365.com/marko-denies-sale-rumors-alphatauri-does-hint-at-new-team-name
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