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Memes for the Roughest Romans.

2023.03.26 00:55 coster-monger NEED ADVICE - pet store breeding cats

Apologies in advance for rambling, I’m not the best writer.
My local pet supply store is home to 4 cats (3 males and 1 female). All the cats belong to the owner of the store and his son who pride themselves on being cat lovers and refuse to adopt out any of the cats. I know this because I asked if the female was up for adoption because she’s extremely sweet and loves to be carried around the store and just has a zest for life. He was adamant about keeping the cat because he loves her and she was surrendered to him by a family that couldn’t care for her. Overall, the cats seem happy. They love people, and they seem relaxed and healthy. Ive always thought they would be happier living in a home rather than a stuffy cluttered store with no windows, but at least they are being cared for. I do have concerns about hygiene, like I always see one of their litter boxes is filthy and is right next to their food bowls and attracts flies. There used to be really sad looking birds in cages for sale but I think they’ve improved conditions a bit since last year. Now, my dilemma. I found out from my partner that their female cat is pregnant, meaning she and at least one other male in the store haven’t been fixed. Actually, I’d bet that none of them are fixed. This makes me furious. The thought of a young healthy happy female cat having to live with three intact male cats this whole time especially after hours with no one there to supervise. If I had known I would have said something. Now she’s going to give birth to a litter of kittens that will need to find decent homes in a city with so many homeless cats. This is driving me up the wall! He could have just gotten her spayed.
I wanted to get advice as to whether I should confront him about the situation and ask that he get the cat spayed after she gives birth. This obviously goes for the kittens as well…. He’s kind of old fashioned and proud seeming and I’m just worried that he would freak out and kick me out of the store for questioning him. Another concern I have is that he is able to care for the newborn kittens. The store is a big mess, ie the dirty litter box (I really hope there is more than one for 4+ cats). What would you suggest I do in this situation? I don’t want to “rat him out,”because I do believe he cares about his animals, but I’m quite conflict averse and this seems like a big undertaking… I still really care about these cats and want to advocate for them. thank you for taking the time to read.
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2023.03.26 00:53 edwardjhu I'm the creator of LoRA. How can I make it better?

I wrote this paper two years ago: https://arxiv.org/abs/2106.09685
Super happy that people find it useful for diffusion models.
I had text in mind when I wrote the paper, so there are probably things we can tweak to make LoRA more suited for image generation. I want to better understand how exactly LoRA is used in diffusion models and its shortcomings.
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.26 00:51 Zale69 Bday Momo

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2023.03.26 00:51 LBANNA Happy 32nd birthday to Setsuo Ito who voices as Shigeo Kageyama!

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2023.03.26 00:50 No-Connection6436 Happy Birthday Water champ! And thanks for the 10 Crystal cores :)

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2023.03.26 00:47 hphoffman86 Custom Labels / Engraved Bottles?

Anyone got a source for getting nice looking custom labels or bottle engraving for gifts? My bourbon guy just had his first kid, and I’m looking to get the kiddo a “Happy 21st Birthday” bottle to store on his shelf. Anyone have success with an online source in the US? Thanks!
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2023.03.26 00:46 hero_of_crafts I bought my girlfriend her first bra today

She’s been on HRT since October, Planned Parenthood put her on the accelerated doses after the first 3 months. I bought her 3 sports bra type ones for her to wear at the gym and 3 more daily wear bralettes. She’s wearing one of them out at dinner with me right now and told me how happy she feels to be doing it. She still mostly flies under the radar and presents male, but we’re getting there one baby step at a time.
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2023.03.26 00:45 SpideyCyclist Jiu - Naughty and cute cat Dongdong❤️ Handong who walks 10,000 steps with me❤️ Happy birthday, I love you Dongdongie❤️❤️❤️ (230326 DC Weverse)

Jiu - Naughty and cute cat Dongdong❤️ Handong who walks 10,000 steps with me❤️ Happy birthday, I love you Dongdongie❤️❤️❤️ (230326 DC Weverse) submitted by SpideyCyclist to dreamcatcher [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 00:44 Dalexmind Should I text my ex happy birthday?

So we broke up like 3 months ago, and so far it’s been rough but I’ve been back in my feet and after 3 months of no contact, she texts me to check up on me and wants to meet up. The she ghosts me. That’s was like 2 weeks ago. I was on tik tok and I don’t follow her but she pops up a lot to in the share isle and I sent a meme by accident. She responded to that immediately. I didn’t respond. Now it’s gonna be her birthday in two days and Im debating
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2023.03.26 00:40 wardenstark8 A D6 I made for my neighbors birthday present. The core is a 1 inch sold cube of steel. His name starts with a "J" so I burned that on instead of a one dot. He is into D&D, I don't know if he'll use it or not, but I am happy with the result.

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2023.03.26 00:37 Clarelpy1248 Worried that I don’t deserve my healthy relationship because I’m incapable of treating someone healthily due to my ambitions and family background.

Edit: was originally a post asking for advice, devolved into an incoherent rant so posting here ig.
Pardon any typos but it’s 7am here and I haven’t slept yet.
I [18F] am in a wonderful relationship with my long-distance boyfriend [M17]. He’s just the most amazing person ever and I feel absolutely supported with him. Our futures and plans align and we share the same values.
However, I’ve just been worried about my career in relation to our relationship. He knows that I want to pursue a STEM career and he fully supports me. I dropped out at 15 and I’m self-studying and picking up where I left off so I can take the necessary exams and go to college. I’m very passionate about this.
As the field stands, it’s still male dominated and I’m worried that a relationship will cause me to be taken less seriously. I feel like I need to box myself in that “type-A workaholic” box to have my opinion heard as a woman in the field. I’ve heard horror stories about women having their work taken credit by male colleagues or just facing harassment. I know that this is irrational, and I know that to break the mould I should do whatever brings me joy and still excel in my career but it’s really difficult.
Furthermore, we have both always wanted kids in the future and I still do. I want to play instruments with them and show them water bears under a microscope and be able to raise empathetic and kind adults. I’ve always wanted kids and I want to see them grow up into their own unique person and put in the effort to guide them. I just know how mothers are seen in careers. I know that they’re frequently turned down for opportunities and advancements because their superiors think that they “can’t do a good job” because their focus will be on their kids. It’s utter bullshit, but sadly that’s the perception.
I know I have a tendency to self-destruct what’s good in my life. My parents have a toxic relationship and most examples of men in my life have not been the best. I feel at fault for why my mom couldn’t leave my dad early on since I tied her to him. I know that my perception of relationships are skewed, and I guess I feel like I don’t deserve to be in a healthy one because I don’t think I’m capable of loving someone in a healthy way.
My personal life situation isn’t good now either. My dad’s in a care facility and is bedridden and probably is depressed. My mom finally feels free from his abusive behaviour and isolation. I’m in the middle of that and I’m happy for my mom but also I feel some sort of sympathy for my dad. I hated him when he was abusive but I just can’t pry myself away from him.
Seeing him like this has also made me sort of a hypochondriac because diabetes type 2 runs in his family, and that’s part of the reason why I feel like I can’t be in a relationship; I don’t want my future spouse to have to take care of me if I’m sick and old. Hell, I’m scared of getting old. I’m scared of being so sick in the body and head but can’t escape or end it myself. I’ll probably make a living will someday before I turn 30 just to soothe that fear.
I’m sorry that this has turned into a long winded rant about my family and my fears and everything and all that. I’ve just kept this inside for so long and I have no one to tell. My boyfriend knows, but I don’t want to become codependent on him by telling him everything. It’s too much pressure to put on one person; too much pressure for me as well. I shouldn’t have fears about chronic illness at 18. I shouldn’t be relying completely on myself for studying. I shouldn’t have to study until 5am each day because I spend the daytime visiting my dad. I shouldn’t be surviving on caffeine and pure spite and sleep deprivation. I want to say it’s a middle finger to my situation that I’ve lasted this long, but I’m exhausted, and lonely, and sometimes I drink just to let the floodgates open because I can’t. Not around my mom or dad. I’m so tired.
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2023.03.26 00:35 AnarchistEva At 25 years old things finally started getting better in my life and then I messed it all up. I hate myself so much and I just want to hang myself right now.

I am a 25 year old woman living in the UK. I spent my late teens and early 20s wanting to die. At 25 years old things finally started getting better in my life and for the first time in my life I wanted to live and was so happy. Last year I went travelling, began to feel more comfortable with myself and after I came back from travelling I got a job.This was my first ever full time job previously I have worked part time. Everything was going so well and then I caused my own downfall. I was stupid, naive and found myself in messed up situations which I handed poorly. I want to hang myself right now.
I had a well paying job in a large corporation. I was the youngest employee in the department and it was a very challenging job in a high-pressure department with lots of issues, I struggled with the cases and failed to deliver to the challenging client base. I fell deeply in love with an older male work colleague in his mid 50s, and I got heartbroken so badly and humiliated at work.
I loved how he made me feel. I liked how he cared about my wellbeing, gave me attention, he even messaged on his day off. If I had a problem at work he always came running quickly to help me. He was talking about looking forward to meeting ne again because we both remote work and sometimes the workplace organises events in the office for the team to meet. All my life guys ignored me and it felt soooo great to have a man finally see me. One day he completely distanced himself from me. It turned out he got back together with his 55 year old gf who he has been on/off with for over 20 years. He knew full well how I felt about him but he didn't care or even be honest about his relationship status until I caught him being dishonest. I hid the mans age from my family and friends as result everyone thought he was my age. When it went wrong I told my family the mans real age and it shocked the household. My grandmother is still horrified.
I also befriended an older woman work colleague and she was of those workers who got on so well everybody. I thought she was nice person as she was always laid back. I was always so good to her at work and gave her assistance with her work when she needed it which makes it hurt even more. I wanted someone to talk to as i was so hurt and struggling to deal with my attraction to him as i never fell in love with someone so much older than me before and I was so embrassed about my attraction to him. Her being a mother with kids my age I thought I had nothing to worry about. She was being so nice to me, comforting me as i was so upset. After she promised me not to tell anyone she went and told the man( the male colleague I am love with) our entire private conversation and the pair of them were gossiping about me. I only found out from another employee what she did. It was so embarrassing and humiliating. Unfortunately in our private conversation I really insulted the man as i was so hurt in which I called him an "arsehole".
The next office day the company organised she surrounded herself around all these male work colleagues in the company including the man. She was even going together with all of them outside for lunch including with the man. That day I realised I don't belong in my workplace.
Before I got fired my final days at work was spent being humiliated as result of her gossip and mans shitty behaviour because he also humiliated me at work too by spreading lies about me to our boss. I got fired for performance reasons as it says on my letter. No employer is going to want me because being fired is associated with failure. I am burden on my family being unemployed and I am loser. No man, no income and justa failure. I had everything and I ruined everything.
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2023.03.26 00:33 Jaguars147 Was I wrong for this??

Yesterday, March 24th was my birthday. I was driving to buy myself some lunch from one of my favorite places, and I stopped at a stop light. I pulled my phone out and sent a text at the light, which i understand is against the law. I got pulled over a few minutes later, and the cop wrote me a 200 dollar ticket for texting and driving, and before he left, wished me a happy birthday and him and his partner chuckled and walked away. I understand I messed up, and I own that, but I can’t help but think this cop is a sad asshole who thought it would be funny to wish me a happy birthday as he’s leaving. And to add to it, I got a bloody nose when I got home that lasted an hour. Lol.
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2023.03.26 00:32 ocdihope Depersonalization?

Has anyone experienced the feeling that they're not in line with their gendered body anymore? Recently I've been heavily focused on my body (my chest specifically) and it feels like I'm completely disconnected from being male. It's so upsetting its like I'm in a void or out of my own body. I often get intrusive thoughts saying that "this isn't really me" or that I'm a different person. I'm especially worried since I've read trans people experience depersonalization. I also get the feeling that my body is too masculine. I'm really worried this is gender dysphoria. I crossdressed today because they thoughts & feelings were too overwhelming. It was very underwhelming and didn't leave me with an answer but my thoughts quieted down & it felt like I liked the bra (at the same time I hated it or was indifferent, I just wanted to feel connected to being a guy again, at least I hope I do). This all started because my therapist said that she couldn't diagnose me with anything other than OCD and if the thoughts feel real then i should speak with a gender therapist (I have, 4 times before this and none thought it was anything other than intrusive thoughts/ocd). I just can't stop analyzing the clothes and keep trying it which makes me more lost. Especially as I get anxiety being or imaging my gender. I'm so frustrated. I used to have an account before on here but deleted to stop reassurance. Now I'm back because of this stupid relapse.
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2023.03.26 00:30 carissadupont Thank you for your suggestions yesterday. Here are the end results :)

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2023.03.26 00:30 Mara_Fey345 Kanade, look to your left…

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2023.03.26 00:27 FllRE_FOXX_ happy birthday to me

season finale happened to fall on my birthday! im so glad that they announced milly's return it's definitely up there for the best birthday gift i received today. i love milly so much i cant wait to see her again omggg
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2023.03.26 00:27 ImportantSmell7270 Texting ex on bday

Why am I always seeing conversations about texting ex on there birthday? Why would you want to text someone who is no longer in your life a happy birthday? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all…
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2023.03.26 00:24 DarthBalls1976 Happy birthday to Sir Elton!

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2023.03.26 00:18 alicso Hip dysplasia and mild bilateral tears in CCLs

We have an 11ish month old shelter pup (GSDxcattle dogxgreat pyrxhusky)—we adopted her in August and are absolutely in love with her. She’s truly the only reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Recently we noticed that after walks, she would get a limp in her hind legs that would go away by the next morning, so we took her into the vet to her checked out. Verdict is as the title says, hip dysplasia on left side only and both CCLs need repair. From the imaging everything looks relatively mild/early stage but I’m not an expert and am waiting to receive the imaging so that I share here. When she hasn’t been walked she is her usual bouncy self with no limping, though we have been strictly making sure she has been as inactive as possible in the meantime.
We are waiting for two consultations from different orthopedic surgeons and I have just been an absolute wreck going down the internet rabbit hole about these conditions.
We’ll get whatever surgeries we need, we are not worried about the cost, though we know it’s going to be a lot of money (5 figures based on googling but haven’t received any official estimates yet).
I guess my question is—what is the best outcome here? For the hip I want to opt for a total replacement if it means a more permanent quality of life improvement. I know nothing about the torn CCL’s and what procedures they use for that. What is the “standard” procedure and outcome for this?
Has anything else been through something similar that’s able to provide a snapshot of what the outcome was like? I’m absolutely devastated (crying nonstop about everything). All I want her to be happy and pain free. She’s so young and has her whole life ahead of her.
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2023.03.26 00:18 Separate_Repair_901 Can’t find anything.

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the anime or its characters. All I remember is that it is a slice of life where the main female character is shy, has blue hair with a curl on top, and likes the main male character. And that one of the episodes is a sort of fantasy dream where she is a cat that knocks down part of a castle wall just by touching it. Any help would be appreciated.
I have tried every google search i can think of to find a single image of the character to proceed from there but I can’t find anything after over an hour of searching.
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2023.03.26 00:17 No-Swordfish-8982 How do I love myself when my family doesn't?

I (F) am turning 30 this year and I still have a lot of trauma that was caused by my family that still affects me to this day and I don't know what to do about it at this point. Although, I'm still figuring things out, I may be part of a narcissistic family but I'm not fully certain. I've been confused about it for years now and I still go back and forth sometimes. I'll try to summarize as best as I can.
I used to be really close with my older brothers (now 37 and 40) when I was a child. I was the youngest sibling until I was 14 when my mother became pregnant with my sister. Prior to my sister being born, we hung out together all the time and they were emotionally supportive as well. They genuinely felt like my big brothers and I spent a lot of time playing video games, watching cartoons, and doing normal sibling stuff that kids did back in the 90s.
Eventually, they joined the military for their own reasons, one of which being to get away from my strict parents. They enlisted at different times and went into different branches of the military. Even at the time, I was around 11 years old and I understood and supported their reasons. My parents' marriage was rocky and it was tough to deal with their dysfunctional relationship. My mother being toxic was also a huge contributing factor.
My mother took out an Amazon credit card in my name when I was 19, maxed it out, made it go 90 days past due. It almost went into collections but my father and I discovered the bill in the mail one day. My father was pissed at my mother but he ended up paying the whole thing in full. Me, being 19, I was afraid of not being able to make it on my own. I was afraid of what the potential consequences of standing up to my mother would bring. I felt like if I stood up to her, she would kick me out and because I had no friends, I would be homeless with no where to go and I would have to drop out of college. Because of that fear, I didn't take legal action against her. Something I still regret not doing.
I found out she did the same thing to my Marine brother and he did not talk to her for almost a year. My mother played the victim at the time and called his girlfriend asking why my brother wasn't speaking to her.
As for my other brother, the Airmen: He met a girl when he was stationed in Utah. We were all raised Catholic but she wasn't and my mother had a problem with that. She intervened so many times to try and get them to have a "normal Catholic marriage" or get the marriage blessed by a priest. My now sister-in-law doesn't speak to any of us, isolates her children from us, and I haven't seen my oldest brother since my Marine brother's wedding. (5 years ago) I text him happy birthday and happy veterans day but two years in a row, he hasn't wish me a happy birthday.
Basically, my mother's actions have caused a rift in our family and I can't move on. I can't accept it. I feel so much anger towards my mother. I feel anger towards my brothers for abandoning me. It's actually poisoning me and turning me into a bitter person. I've tried dealing with it through medication, therapy, self-help books, meditation, yoga, endless research on psychological concepts like the narcissistic family and how to deal with them (Doctor Ramani, Jordan Peterson, etc.), how to love and trust people again, how to be independent and not care what others think, etc. I've spent so much time and money on trying to fix myself. The haunting thoughts of my family not caring about me or not making me a priority in their life at all holds me back from a lot of happiness because it just breaks my heart so much to the point where it distracts me from daily activities and makes me scared to take risks. I'm afraid to trust other people, open up to people, etc.
In terms of my father, we have a pretty decent relationship. He worked overtime to send me to a college prep high school. He was a hydraulics mechanic working out in the cold sometimes during the recession of '08. He showed up to my high school graduation when my mother didn't. He helped me move when no one else did. He's very smart with cars and he still helps me out with mine. He's always been a great Dad and has always been there for me. However, seeing him means seeing my mother.
Idk, I guess I'm just looking for comfort or words of wisdom or maybe someone has been through something similar so I just don't feel so damn alone and unloved anymore.

TLDR: My family trauma still haunts me after all these years and despite seeking professional help, I still feel like I'm on a hamster wheel, mentally.
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