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2023.03.26 01:25 Hopeful_Cranberry897 Help- newborn, breasts intensely sore and milk hasn’t even arrived yet

Hi there, I've got a 2-day-old newborn who's been trying to feed voraciously for the last 60+ hours. Her latching wasn't great for the first two days, and my boobs had been getting sorer, but she was definitely eating a lot based on her diapers. The lactation consultant told me her latch was actually pretty good this morning, and they discharged me. Then in the last 6 hours my nipples went from "tender and a little sore" to excruciatingly painful. I tried pumping - it's also excruciating. I don't think the problem is her latch now, since the pump also causes basically the same pain. She's going to wake up and want to feed any minute and I don't know what to do - breastfeeding seems impossibly painful, and/but I've got a hungry baby and also I assume my milk supply is going to arrive with a bang in the next 24-48 hours. (i'm not engorged - my full milk supply hasn't come in, and I remember engorgement from my first pregnancy and that is not what this is at all.)
I tried calling my lactation hotline but they just told me to pump and that pumping shouldn't hurt. they seem to regard pumping as a huge concession and to be ideologically opposed to the use of formula under any circumstances so no one is going to tell me when or if I should use a little of it to keep her fed while I give my boobs a break. (I had always intended to combo feed, FWIW - I was just trying to establish a healthy base in breastfeeding first).
What do I do? I don't want to make a bad situation worse, but I need to feed my child and I assume I need to get a bunch of milk out once it starts coming in tomorrow or so. Do I just try to push through the pain? I can try to hand express some, but I just know that's not going to be enough for her. Should I bust out some of our emergency formula supply? Please give me your advice...
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2023.03.26 01:24 MorningLilacs The Catholic church allows sex during pregnancy, which means it is ok with sex that is unitive but not procreative in this one circumstance. Meaning, the Catholic church is ok with sex for pleasure & unitive purposes alone, that is not procreative, during pregnancy.

The title is context for my question:- My husband smokes, but plans to quit soon. I am pregnant, and do not wish to be exposed the chemicals from this, yet, I still want to be intimate with him.- If we have sex, but he ejaculates on me (near the entrance), but not inside me, this is unitive, but not procreative. It seems to align with what I wrote in the title. Is this still a sin? If so, why?
Note: I am so sorry if this is offensive or too graphic. It's an honest question, and I don't feel like I can speak with my priest about this. Does anyone know the answer? It would be very helpful for our marriage!
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2023.03.26 01:24 DEAN_NFT Would you call this a stingy act? Date with my girl gone wrong. Short recap: Several years ago (probably around 2008), i and my girl had spent a year together dating at the time, and I was in my final year. We lived as neighbours in the same off-campus student's lodge. The school was located in a ru

Would you call this a stingy act? Date with my girl gone wrong. Short recap: Several years ago (probably around 2008), i and my girl had spent a year together dating at the time, and I was in my final year. We lived as neighbours in the same off-campus student's lodge. The school was located in a rural area, hence no access to good restaurants, supermarkets, malls and other places a couple could go to have fun. So we hardly ever did go out. On some fateful day, we had a break from school, due to public holidays and I decided to go to a nearby town to do a market survey/window shopping of some computer parts (I am a computer enthusiast). She had complained earlier on, that she was quite bored, so I decided to kill two birds with a stone, by asking her to come along with me so that we could have the experience together. Long story short, we went on the survey, which took about two hours plus and by time we were done, we were hungry and exhausted and luckily there was an eatry around that area. I decided that we should go in and have lunch. I made a rough estimate in my mind, that it would probably cost the both of us 5k to have a meal and drinks similar to other eatries which I was accustomed to at the time. But on getting to the checkout, I realised it was almost twice my estimate (at this time I was not working and paying for this meal of almost 10k was to come from my monthly allowance from my parents which was basically 20k). I quickly improvised given the situation i found myself and asked my girl to take her order. She requested for some fried rice and some chicken, while I just requested for a meatpie and drinks to subsidize the cost and then requested for 2 spoons so we could share the rice (Total cost now came down to roughly 6k). The waiter promptly obliged and hence i paid and we proceeded to our seats with the food. She asked if I wasn't going to order food for myself and i replied by telling her that I ordered for two spoons so that we could share (I could have some of her rice and she could have some of my meatpie). I noticed her countenance changed and she didn't like the idea. I asked her why she was upset and she couldn't mention. She commenced eating and I picked up my spoon to dig in to her rice (we always eat together from a plate at home, the difference now is that we are in public) and immediately I put my spoon in she stopped eating and refused to eat the food any further, safe for the few spoons she had eaten before I joined her. I tried to cajoule her to continue eating but she refused and at the end of the day I had to continue eating the food alone. I tried to make things lively on our way home by making one more stop before heading home, where I bought her some novels. (she loved reading romance novels back then) she picked 2 of them but still her countenance didn't really improve much. On getting home and some days later, when she was finally able to talk about it, she opened up and told me that she sees what I did at the eatery of not ordering for 2 plates of food for the both of us as a very stingy act. I tried to explain to her why It had to happen that way but she took it with a pinch of salt. Recently after all this years have passed she reminded me about that incidence again in an unrelated argument and I was shocked that despite my explanation of that event she kept it at the back of her mind as a reason to judge me as a stingy person. Now my question to the ladies (mainly because I am a man and understand that we see things from different perspectives) and anyone patient enough to have gotten to this point: Is this act really a stingy act? And please explain your answers. Probably telling me how you could have handled the eatry situation better if you were in my shoes.
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2023.03.26 01:23 Formal_Coyote_5004 Hey everyone! Just joining… I thought I’d tell you some stuff

I’m new here and I’ve heard great things about the support here. I guess I’m just gonna go for it and give a little background.
I’m 31 and I’ve known I was an alcoholic since I was like 17. I was adopted at birth from two addicts. I had no reason to become addicted to anything in my life but it happened. I’ve never had a problem with other stuff… I partied really hard in my teens and 20s… coke and molly but I’ve never done heroin. None of those things stuck with me. I grew up with a community where weed was just an every day thing, but I can’t smoke weed because it flares up my anxiety and believe me if I could smoke weed instead of drinking, I would’ve done that a long time ago haha. I wasn’t even diagnosed with my anxiety until my late 20s and medication has helped so much. I’m on clonidine and Vyvanse (I know it’s weird, vyvanse calms me down)
I’m here on this sub because I need a little support. I had a really scary experience with my liver enzymes when I was 23 (or 24?) and it scared the shit out of me because the pain was awful and I was sober for almost two months after. I had blood tests every week to monitor my enzymes. I made it almost two months and I started drinking again.
Fast forward a long time later, now, I’m in a three year relationship with the love of my life and he’s sober which is super helpful. I’m in the restaurant industry (been in it my whole life) and sometimes I NEED A DRINK after work. It’s a tough industry and as a lot of you probably know, drinking a lot is a normal thing.
My problem is that I can’t just have one drink. It’s always been like that. I can be sober… I haven’t had withdrawals or anything since that one time. And I’ve had blood tests for my liver about every 6 months and they all come back normal… but somehow I don’t trust them? Like why though? Whenever I get back normal blood tests it’s almost validation that I can drink. And I don’t like that. When my body feels not good (I know the signs… I have gastritis so I take a week off)I take a week off, maybe sometimes more.
Anyways, thanks for listening if you’ve made it this far, and if you have any advice I’d love to hear. ❤️
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2023.03.26 01:22 MachineRough1052 My DM planned to kill me, without telling me.

This is a mix of a vent and advice post.
I have just finished up a session where my character was killed to advance the story, without telling me. I was already kinda mad at him because we spent an entire session getting beat up (In the end, he ended up just retconning us winning) but I put that behind me because the story was quite interesting. So at the start of the session, he tells us we need to kill this guy that is three to four weeks travel away, after a very boring hour or two of travelling we get into combat with two young white dragons, there are like 7 players so it takes half an hour for one round. I cast some spells, and then one of the dragons flies up, and a fairy in our group goes up and attacks it. The dragon is knocked prone and falls on top of me. I get dealt 63 damages. My max HP is 57. I rolled nothing, I couldn't roll dex because ''I couldn't see it'' I couldn't roll con cause I don't know why. So when my turn comes around and I roll my death-saving throw. But I'm not supposed to because... reasons??? So another 1/2 round goes and the dragons are defeated. and apparently, I had 2 failures and 2 successes. I WAS NEVER INFORMED OF THIS. So I'm trapped under a dragon and near death and then my dm says " Alright ---- you need to hit a DC 17 saving throw or MachineRough1052 dies" and I'm like, WHAT???? anyway so they fail and I die die. But thankfully our wizard has revivify (for some reason) so I'm saved. Huzzah! Nope, some of the bigger bad guys show up and just straight-up steal my soul. This was all planned and he killed me (the cleric) to further the story without so much as a "Hey I'm going to kill you" So now I can't be revived at all. So fuck me I guess. I'm already planning on leaving but I don't know if I'm overreacting or what. I guess this is more of a vent post. But what should I do?
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2023.03.26 01:21 Cake_Eater26 Rifle and Knife: Ep.2 "Capital"

CW: Lots of dead birds and war crimes.

Memory transcription subject: John Brown, Private, 53rd Infantry Division, Squad "Thunderbolt".
Date [Standardised human time]: July 7th, 2137, 1525 p.m.

I yawned, looking left and right at my squad mates. Ethan was driving the humvee.
"Hey, you’re finally awake." I heard from sarge as James chuckled. I annoyingly looked at Johnson through the interior mirror as I stood up and got behind the machine gun on top of our humvee. The machine gun had a shield in front, covering me. I was looking at buildings. The street we were on was empty. I looked behind me and saw other vehicles spreading around the street that felt large. After a bit of time driving down the street, I looked at the building, looking at the windows I spotted a small Godjid child through the window. Her parent quickly picked her up and curtained the window.
"Hey Christopher, what are you thinking about?" I heard James below me.
"Well, my wife is nine months pregnant, I’m gonna be a father."
"Congratulations!" Johnson said with a happy voice. I heard high five noise
"Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?." Ethan chuckled
"I bet that’s gonna be a boy. " I said, smiling from the situation.
"Heh, after this I’d like to visit my wife and probably rest for a while." Christopher said with a happy tone.
I looked ahead of us. I saw a group of Krakotl round the corner and started to shoot at us. I swivelled the turret at them and sprayed them down with lead. As they dropped, another group revealed themselves, and the humvee sped up, turning left and driving through the other street.
"Fuck, it looks like they tried to ambush us." Ethan said, the humvee turned right and I saw a heavily fortified defensive line at the end of the street. I opened fire, taking out some of them. I saw some of them with a rocket launcher, I killed one of them as other shot and hit the road nearby. Other one shot and the rocket hit close to our humvee, causing it to lose control and flip on the side.
I coughed and got out of the machine gunner's spot. I took my gun and covered teammates as they got out of the humvee.
"TO THE ALLEYWAY, MOVE FAST!" I heard Sarge shout. We quickly ran into the alley, rushing through it. Sarge reported enemy positions through the PDA on his wrist.
"This is a quiet street, isn’t it?" James said sarcastically, I looked around as we approached the end of the alleyway.
"Stick to the plan, move carefully." I peeked out, checking the street.
"The street is clear; let’s move on." I said and walked forward. We advanced down the street to another alleyway. I heard voices and crying noises, I moved closer to a corner and peeked out. I saw two Krakotl soldiers beating one Venlil as the other was crying and begging them to stop. I quickly jumped from the corner onto one of them, hitting him in the head and knocking him out. I heard a shot behind me as Krakotl’s body fell down. Sobbing Venlil crawled to his friend. We left them and moved further.
We walked out of the alley, finding a building to take cover in and we quickly moved to it. James spotted a flock of Krakotl on the other side of the street. I quickly hid behind a vehicle to use it as cover.
"Suppressive fire! We need to get to that building!" I moved to the next cover and started to shoot at them, taking some of them. We moved to the building and rushed inside the building, barricading the main door with nearby furniture. We moved onto the second floor and prepared our defences. I, Sarge, and Ethan are on the second floor, while James and Christopher were on the first floor.
"We’re pinned in the garrison building, we need reinforcements now!" I heard Sarge say on the radio as I reloaded my gun and broke the window, taking position and aiming at the gate. The enemy started to move through the gate, and we opened fire.
"Reinforcements are on their way, stay put." I heard from the radio. They stopped charging, allowing us to catch a breath. I checked my ammunition and reloaded the gun
"What a great situation right now!" I said it sarcastically. The hover vehicle drove nearby and opened the fire. I hid behind the windows. Ethan took out his grenade launcher and changed position, then peeked out of the window and shot at the vehicle, exploding it as plasma inside it flew on nearby krakotl troopers, burning them.
"Where are our fucking reinforcements?!" Christopher shouted as he kept shooting. I heard an explosion on the first floor; they breached the main door, and they rushed inside the building. Two more vehicles drove in with the soldiers suppressing us. I threw a grenade at them, exploding and killing a bunch of them as I saw a tank on the other side of the street approaching, aiming at us.
"TANK! GET BACK!" I screamed, jumping away from the windows as a tank shot, exploding the wall. I coughed and felt ringing in my ears as I felt nauseous. Groaning from a headache, I crawled to the left side of the broken wall. I heard an explosion and peeked out from cover and saw burning Krakotl’s tank. APC broke the wall and killed the last attacking krakotls. Several troopers hopped out of the APC, taking defensive positions in cover. We got downstairs and walked out of the building. The leader of the other squad approached us.
"Lieutenant Robin, you good guys? Looks like we were just in time." He said, looking at us.
"We’re good, thanks for helping. What’s the situation in the city?" Johnson said.
"We’re doing good, the problem is, the closer we are to the centre, the stronger their defences. Commander found a street where we could breach through."
"Where is the commander?"
"On the north of the city, they have some problems with advancing and breaking their defences. He sent some tanks to us so we could advance to the centre."
"Understood, we go with you." We walked to the tank and got on it. We advanced through the streets as we got there, we got off the tank and got behind him. The building at the end of the street was fortified and had several machine guns.
Tank slighly drove forward and shot at the building, exploding the wall making the machine guns stop firing. Our troopers advanced, taking cover and shooting at krakotls behind fortifications. Their tank approached from the corner and shot, hitting our tank and taking out his left track. They shot back, their shell easily penetrated tank armour and killed crew inside. They rotated the tank on the right providing more cover for us.
Tank shot with a smoke shell, we advanced down the street closer to the building, troopers cleared nearby location and signalling the tank. Their crewmate got out and and started to repair the track as other tank came in and drove through the building creating a hallway. We followed the tank and got to the city centre. The city centre looked large and big, and like usual, there was a big building. I saw how Krakotl troopers forcefully took and brought several civilians inside the building, I saw only Tilfish, Godjids, and Venlils. I turned to Johnson and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Sir, they’re taking civilian hostages into the building."
"Fuck, that’s making everything more difficult." He grabbed the radio on his vest strap.
"Commander, they’ve taken civilians hostage inside the building."
"Fucking birds, take your and other men and storm the building."
"Yes sir! Robin, get your squad over here." Robin and his five troopers came closer to us.
"Okay, listen here. We need your help to storm that building. I hope you and your squad have hostage rescue training. We’ll breach this building from both sides, we'll take the front door, and you'll take the back door. Understood?"
"Understood." He and his squad quickly walked to the back of the building as we walked to the main entrance. We breached the door and walked inside, the first floor was clear. We took the staircase, and the next 3 floors were empty, all floors had two entrances from both staircases. We got to the next floor. We heard voices coming from the door. Robin and his squad took the floor above us.
I opened the door. James and Ethan threw flashbangs inside the room. After their explosion, we walked inside, killing dazed and stunned birds. I noticed hostages on the floor. One of Krakotls tried to take Tilfish as a shield, but I shot him dead before he could touch them. After sweeping the floor, we checked on the hostages.
"They’re good, just scared." I said as I looked at the trembling Godjid, I patted him, and stood up.
"Robin, we saved three hostages. Moving to the next floor, what’s your situation?" Johnson said. I reloaded my weapon and checked the remaining ammo.
"We saved some hostages too, go to the last floor, we'll clear it together." We quickly moved onto the next floor as I thought about this hostage situation. We got near the door.
"Sir, we’re ready. Breaching on your command." Johnson said on the radio.
"Use one flashbang, breach, and clear!" I heard from Johnson's radio. I took out my flashbang and pulled out the pin, sarge opened the door as I threw the flash inside. After two loud explosions, we rushed inside.
"ON THE BALCONY!" I heard a trooper shout, he got shot and fell to the floor. I turned and looked at the balcony, shooting a Krakotl down as troopers killed stunned Krakotls. We walked on the balcony to the cabinet, which was supposed to be the mayor's cabinet. Lieutenant kicked the door, I peeked out of the cover aiming at them, James did the same. One of the Krakotls took Venlil and used him as a shield, hid behind him, and aimed pistol at us. One of the Krakotls was aiming at two Tilfish hostages, and the other was aiming at us.
"Stay where you are and don’t move, predators. You don’t want a civilian to get killed do you? What I’m even saying, you will just kill us all and eat our bodies!"
"Listen here, we all will lower our weapons, you let him go and we accept your surrender." The lieutenant spoke with a calm tone, peeking out. Venlil was terrified and crying.
"Pl-please, I d-don’t want to die."
"Shut up, you stupid traitor, they will just eat you anyways!" We were looking at each other, waiting for the first move.
"Fine! Don’t kill them, okay? We surrender." James said and dropped his weapon and pistol.
"REALLY?!" He yelled with a happy tone and peeked out of Venlil's body. As he did, I quickly aimed at him and pulled the trigger, hit him in the head then shot down the one aiming at hostages as Robin shot the last one.
"What a stupid douchebag." James said as we checked on the hostages. Sarge came to Venlil and comforted him, calming him.
"Commander, this is Lieutenant Robin, the hostages are secure, and the building is clear. What’s your situation?"
"We broke their defences advancing to your positions, their resistance is dwindling."
"Understood sir." He sighed and walked out of the cabinet. I walked to a sergeant, looking at the dead Krakotl. After calming Venlil, Sarge stood up and turned to me.
"You got a good eye, nice shot, by the way."
"Thank you, sir. What’s our next orders?"
“We’ll move to the next system in about 3-4 days then do the same as we did here…Also prepare for medals.” He looked at civilians and walked out.

Would like to hear your opinion and some criticism in the comments, thanks.
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2023.03.26 01:21 justbrowsingV Feeling terrible

I'm having some problems with my relationship, I'm a girl and my girlfriend is a girl too, we met on the internet and we dated at a distance for over a year, it was wonderful, we called each other every day, we talked about everything, it was such a strong and overwhelming love , she lived on the other side of the world, but she went back to our home country to study, so we were together for 4 years (in the same city) and we lived together sharing a house for 2 years during the pandemic, our relationship was very good and affectionate (not so much as online, but it was good). I got a job offer in another country and moved, we made plans to stay on the phone as it was before, and as soon as she finished her studies, she would come live with me. It's been a year and a half, I'm working as an immigrant, I work hard, I work in one place during the day and another at night, sometimes I cry because of the pain in my bones and I'm tired, but I'm saving money to have a better visa and a good future for us, I endured many humiliations at work. Well that's one thing. The other thing is that I feel that she is acting weird, if I don't call, she rarely calls, it's been 2 weeks without sending me a single hello, I've already had surgery, away from her and she didn't even care about how I was. We usually talk two or three times a week (because I call) and she always sleeps on the call, it's not more than half an hour and she's snoring. She always says she's tired from college, but when she has weekends or vacations, she goes out with friends to drink and go to parties, stay there until the next day and don't sleep. I've asked her a few times if she understands or would like to end the relationship, she always says she loves me and don't want to end the relationship, I've been feeling really bad about this situation, I often talk to her, she falls asleep and I hang up and cry alone for hours feeling like a useless bore who has nothing interesting to offer her.
She told me that when I traveled that she would call me every day and that I would never feel alone, that's not true, usually I feel tired, but well, I don't feel sad in life until I talk to her, I always have outbursts horribly sad after talking to her, that's dangerous.
She was the only person I ever loved in my life, I met her when I was 18, now I'm 24, she's 32 today, now there's only one year left for her to finish college and she even told me that I can buy her a ticket next year, when she comes to see me, I'm sad and confused.
Years ago when we dated online for a while (in the beginning) she was sweet and loving, she called me every hour and I gave her a lot of attention even though I studied and worked, I answered her calls until dawn due to the 12 hour time difference we had, every week we sent each other love letters and bought gifts online on birthdays and romantic dates like Valentine's Day. Now that I'm in another country, with only 1 hour of time difference, she barely calls me, she never sent me any letter here, she doesn't even send me gifts, I don't care about gifts, but I feel without any attention, but also I don't have the heart to break up with her, she says there's nothing wrong, I told her sleeping while I talk is boring, so she had several tests to see if she had a sleep disorder, she has nothing, I don't know what do, I usually let her choose a movie to watch, she sleeps, or we're talking and she sleeps, sometimes there are a few minutes of call and I'm excited showing something and when I realize she's sleeping, that never happens with her friends, sometimes I think it's on purpose to humiliate me.
I would like some advice. I can't stand having a tiring week but feeling good, then talking to the love of my life and going to sleep crying feeling like crap. Still with all that, I love her very much and I miss her, I miss that kind, caring woman I knew.
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2023.03.26 01:21 Alternative-Dust-682 Girl (23f) I’m dating (27f) says she’s falling in love, but often ‘too busy’ to see me?

We’ve met 4 times over 2 months now, and every time we meet it’s absolutely electric, so much sex and eye contact and cuddling and talking. The last two times were so amazing and the last time we both said we love each other. And we’ve said we’re exclusive
She texts me 24/7 EVERYTHING seems perfect apart from this one thing. - She’s often too busy to see me? She lives in Oxford and I live in London, but as I said she can only see my like once every 2 weeks. She normally comes to London.
I’ve been patiently waiting to see if this would change, but we fallen out last night (Friday) because she’s going away for 2 weeks (Sunday), so I was desperate to see her Friday night, offered to go to Oxford even for a few hours, but she said we couldn’t because she was ‘stressed’ about packing and getting ready.
I found that really upsetting, because I know I’d prioritise her above anything else and make sure we saw eachother, and I can’t understand why she wouldn’t want to do the same?
Anyway now she’s says she’s really annoyed at me - because I suggested she could have managed her time better?!
TDLR everything seems amazing, apart from she’s too busy to see me often
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2023.03.26 01:20 OMG2EZ I 100%ed 30 PSVR2 launch titles - here are my ratings and reviews

Hello VR party people,
so…I played a bit of PSVR2 recently. It looks like interest in game reviews and recommendations is quite high at the moment, so hopefully this is a good time to share mine. Viewer discretion advised, my takes are highly subjective and might cause outbursts of anger and rage, fear, sadness, giggling and/or sexiness.
I did something similar for PSVR1 in the past:
here (~100 games)
here (~70 games)
I’m rating games out of 5 stars and as a trophy hunter also rate the trophy list out of 5 stars. I’m also including my approximate completion time, as it showed either in the neat PS5 overview (which is sadly not always accurate) or in the game’s stats or on my psnprofiles.com.
On the VR trophies leaderboard I’m currently rank 1 in Europe and rank 4 in the world.
Have fun!

After the Fall
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 24
Coop zombie shooter similar to Left4Dead, port from the PSVR1. Has many weapons, parts, mods and skins to grind for, so the replayability is solid. With crossplay there is always a healthy amount of people to play with. Especially in a group it’s great fun and the PS5 version profits from the better controllers and higher resolution. Unfortunately, it’s still riddled with unacceptable technical issues. Lots of bluescreens on higher difficulty, disconnecting from lobbies, glitched runs. On nightmare difficulty many people can’t play even a few rounds in a row without anyone in the group disconnecting or crashing. It’s way better on lower difficulties, but eventually you obviously don’t want to play those anymore.
The trophy list would be pretty decent, if not for one insane and entirely over tuned 20+ hour grind.
Altair Breaker
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★☆☆ ⏱ 8
Japanese sword action fighting game, mech-themed. The gameplay loop is running solo or coop through a number of arena-style levels until a final boss, then upgrading in a central hub area to get ready for the next run. The enemies get stronger over time, scaling to the lowest player level in the party. Gameplay and graphics are smooth and the first hour is very fun. Especially getting the hang of gliding around the various large arenas and then dropping onto enemies is very satisfying. At some (early) point you’ll probably realize that you have seen everything there is to do in the game though. Each run contains the exact same arenas, just in a different order. Enemies are all the same few models. Upgrading becomes expensive and therefore a bit grindy and doesn’t do much visually. Your swords and clubs and whatnot just get a bigger damage number or crit a bit more often. Without trophies, I don’t feel there would be much incentive to play this game for long, as there doesn’t seem to be much of a carrot to chase.
The trophies are easy, most get awarded for very simple things within the first few runs. Reaching level 20 and beating the bosses final form takes a bit longer, but the most grindy challenge is a whopping 1.000 enemy kills. That one makes this trophy list ultimately overstay its welcome by a few hours.
Overall a solid game to have some easy fun, especially with a group, but nothing to keep you engaged for long hours.
Awesome Asteroids
🎮 ★★☆☆☆ 🏆★★★★★ ⏱ 1
In this game you cruise around in a space fighter and protect your objective by shooting at waves of asteroids or the odd enemy ship here and there. It reminded me very much of the PSVR1 launch title “Eve: Gunjack”, that had you operate a gun turret in a similar setting. Shovelware without any glaring issues, but not a lot of gameplay either. You have freedom of movement in space though, which as far as I know no other game on PSVR2 offers currently.
It’s a great game for the quick trophy hunter in particular, as the full list, including a platinum and seven gold trophies, is up for grabs in under an hour. And if you absolutely need to scratch that space itch, this is a temporary fix until we get a worthy PSVR2s equivalent to Star Wars Squadrons.
Before Your Eyes
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆☆☆☆☆☆ ⏱ “3“
Story game with cartoon graphics that makes use of the eye detection of the PSVR2. You change scenes by blinking or looking at certain things, absolutely no controller input needed. This is kind of an odd one out of my list because I don’t have the platinum at the point of writing this. Even after the latest patch, the trophy list is broken for all but a small percentage of players, so 1 or 2 trophies can’t be obtained. I completed the game multiple times though and definitely wanted it on here, because it’s an absolute stunning experience. I have never been so emotionally hit by a VR game and recommend it to everyone. I don’t want to spoil anything, just have tissues and someone to hug nearby. This is a masterpiece of alternative storytelling.
Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★☆☆ ⏱ 7
Port from a PSVR1 game. You’re a miner equipped with several upgradable tools (pickaxe, pistol etc.), set out to get rich by riding down elevator shafts, mining different gems or collecting artefacts while shooting at enemies. Every shaft has three progressively more rewarding floors (randomly generated) with a safe full of valuables at the bottom. This basic loop (which takes anywhere between 2-15 minutes, depending on your approach) is spiced up by a quest system, tasking you with stuff like killing enemies, destroying bottles, or scanning spots in the overworld.
I enjoyed this game quite a bit more on the PS5, as it ran a bit smoother, looked noticeably better and had less crashes than the PS4 version. The movement with the Sense controllers is also far, far superior to the old Moves. Still, the game gets a bit clunky at times and is prone to stuttering and infrequently crashing the farther into the endgame you get.
The trophy list is pretty easy to complete, but the “endings” are very obscure to trigger without a guide and there is one collectible trophy that is a bit of a grind. Not a mind-blowing game, but fun enough and a good playground for trophy hunting.
Cosmonious High
🎮 ★★★★☆ 🏆★★★☆☆ ⏱ 8
A colourful puzzle game with lots of imaginative tasks in an alien high school. You are the new kid at the school and have to earn credits by attending classes and cleaning up various messes in the hallways. You unlock multiple superpowers progressing the story, including the mastery of elements, reading minds or manipulating the size of objects. While definitely aimed at younger audiences, I found the game to be cute, clever and endearing. The possibilities of goofing around with objects seem endless. The mechanics are very similar to Vacation Simulator, but Cosmonious High is the bigger playground.
Unfortunately, it started to mess up towards the end with some crashes, stuttering and bugs. The trophy list with a platinum and 7 golds can be completed in one weekend, if you try to be fast and use a guide for the collectibles.
Garden of the Sea
🎮 ★★★★☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 5
Absolute gem of a game. While the trailer makes it look like a farming sim, it’s actually more of an exploration puzzler. On a colourful island world, you expand a homebase by exploring your surroundings and discovering formulas for various items and buildings. Ingredients can be fed into a machine that crafts the desired product. A stable for the cute animal wandering the island, for example, might require fence parts, stones and certain plants, with the fence parts having their own formula to produce them. A central mechanic is also collecting a multitude of different plant seeds from all around the game world and growing them in your personal garden to have the adult plants readily available for completing new tasks. In the beginning you mostly encounter basic tasks and simple receipts, but after a while you unlock more islands, more complicated formulas and more animal friends! This game has lots of elements you might recognize from the PSVR1 title “Winds and Leaves”, which was an amazing game in its own way, just with a slightly different style.
The game isn’t very long and is sadly lacking a platinum trophy. Some of the formulas required for progress are also a bit tricky to figure out and might have you travel to a bunch of wrong places before you find out where to get what. If you are open to playing calm, colourful and relaxing VR games, this is a must have title.
Gran Turismo 7
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★☆☆☆☆ ⏱ 71
One of the three AAA titles in the launch line-up. The game needs little introduction and if you are even mildly interested in the racing genre, this is a no-brainer purchase. More interesting is the question about possible peripherals, which can quickly rival the cost of the console itself. If you have the disposable income for wheel, pedals & co, it’s a stunningly immersive experience and the definitively best way to play. If you don’t want to drop that kind of money for a complete racing setup, the game handles and feels great with the Dual Sense controller, too. Considering almost all PSVR2 games require the Sense controllers, having a VR game to play while they charge is a great bonus perk. While outside the car windows not quite as sharp as the trailers would have you believe, the clarity and detail of the interiors of the cars is amazing.
The game is otherwise what you would expect from a high-quality racing sim, so people who come from Mario Kart will likely have to endure quite a learning curve, depending on what they want to achieve in the game.
The trophy list was an absolute pain to complete, offering all facets of suffering known to trophy hunters. Grinding, RNG / time-gating and insanely difficult license tests made this the hardest trophy list I have completed in years. I would still only recommend not to get this title if you really don’t like the racing genre or get very frustrated by a game ruffling your feathers here and there.
Horizon Call of the Mountain
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★★★☆☆ ⏱ 10
The second of the AAA launch titles. Set as a side story in the timeline between Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, this game is a mix of tech demo for PSVR2 and fan service for Horizon enjoyers. And when I say “tech demo”, I don’t mean it derogatory, because wow does this demo the shit out of the tech. This was the first game I tested the new headset on and it spoiled me for all the other games that came after. People call this game a climbing simulator and I get it. Some are disappointed with the lack of open world or free movement in combat and I get it too. Yet, this is by far the best-looking game of the entire library (this and RE8) and my hot take is that this is the only native PSVR2 game we currently have that makes any effort at being a true “generational leap” over PSVR1. It’s not perfect, but HCotM made it painfully obvious to me that games currently have to compromise way too much, being held back by the demand of other, less powerful systems. But the potential is there and I can’t wait for new PS exclusive IPs to blow all the years-old steam/oculus/PS4 titles out of the water.
The trophy list was a bit challenging, as pretty much no one had completed the game yet and made guides (back in the days of February 2023, the older ones of you might remember). The options for backtracking are limited and you have to repeat missions fully when trying to clean-up all the collectibles. Meanwhile, you’ll get the same prompts and unskippable cutscenes over and over, which becomes quite irritating. Luckily you guys won’t have that problem, nowadays there are plenty of 100% walkthroughs available.
I massively enjoyed my time with the game, neck and back pain notwithstanding. There is no excuse not to have this game in your library.
Job Simulator
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★★★ ⏱ 2
In a museum for robotic visitors of the future you decide between one of four cartridges/displays, in which you interactively learn about traditional human jobs (mechanic, clerk, cook and accountant). You get accompanied by an AI buddy who guides you through the respective job and offers insightful titbits about the life and habits of the silly and inefficient humans. As an all-time classic and probably the most showcased VR game for friends and family around the globe, this was found in the monthly top ten list of PSVR1 downloads since the beginning of time. It’s still one of the more accessible titles for newcomers and a great choice for first ventures into the rabbit hole of trophy hunting.
Personally, I don’t think it aged amazingly well though. While the PS5 version seems to have a few more funny and up-to-date Jobs added to the cartridges, the scope of the game is still very small compared to the newer goofy sandboxes (like Cosmonious High or Vacation Simulator even) and people with a couple of VR hours under their belt will likely feel a bit bored or annoyed by limitations like not being able to turn via stick. Ironically, this pretty small game demands a rather large, obstacle-free space to play. If you do have the space and like to show off VR to first-timers, this is still a very nice game to have in your library.
Jurassic World Aftermath Collection
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 9
Alien isolation type stealth puzzler. In a story setting very typical of the Jurassic Park franchise, you are crashing on Islar Nublar and subsequently try to fix various catastrophic failures within the facilities systems, while sneaking and crawling from room to room or hiding in air vents and lockers to avoid detection from murderous dinos. The art style of this game is pretty unique, looks very much like last years PSVR1 title “Fractured” (or a toned-down Borderlands). Voiceover and story are nothing groundbreaking, but perfectly fine for a game like this. There isn’t much competition in this genre and there is a compelling thrill in the first few hours. After a while though, the graphical variety leaves a bit to be desired, mechanics become repetitive and the core premise of the game starts to feel not threatening, but forced and mildly annoying. Too much of the gameplay becomes waiting in a locker until the raptor is done sniffing around and leaves the room again. This becomes a particularly irritating waste of time when you get stuck, as it’s not always immediately obvious what or where the next objective is.
Checking a guide prior to running through the game avoids a huge headache in regards to the trophies. All but two are unmissable and story related, but if you fail to pick up any of six dino plushies and cross the point of no return, you will have to play two thirds of the entire game again.
Overall, the game is alright, but playing it more than once, just for one missed plushie, wasn’t fun. There is also the occasional bluescreen, and I heard the PS4 version in particular has technical issues.
Kayak VR: Mirage
🎮 ★★☆☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 10
This game does what its name says, it’s a kayaking simulator. Four different maps with some weather and daytime effects + some options for races and unlockable cosmetics. My take will make some people a bit angry, but here we go: This game was an overhyped disappointment for me. I can see why people new to VR enjoy the water effects and the details of very close objects. Those two aspects are undeniably nice, and the pool you start in when loading up the game looks cool and polished too, but ultimately those things aren’t doing a good job of hiding the mediocrity behind them. Anything two kayak lengths away simply doesn’t look convincing, especially in daylight setting. Night time and shadows work better, but this game is graphically still a joke if you stop and look even a tiny bit closer. There are fish that look like cardboard, the scenery looks washed out, the sky is mostly static, large parts of the maps are lifeless in an uncanny way, you quickly find the immersion breaking map boundaries (especially looking under water), the controls are prone to messing up and at the end of the day, the game is very shallow. There has also been a severe technical issue for multiple people, resulting in permanent loss of progress. I had start from km 0 again, after having my previous save with 80km on the clock corrupted for good.
If you have a very casual approach to VR, show it around a lot and do short sessions on average, this game is likely a fine and feel-good purchase. Otherwise, be aware that the hype might sell you this game as something it is not.
Moss / Moss: Book II
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★★★★☆ ⏱ 4 / 5
I played these two games back-to-back on PS5 and think they are very similar in all aspects, so I rate them together here, too. You as the “reader” are a meta-being outside the story, frequently breaking the fourth wall and helping the little mouse protagonist Quill to save her world from impending doom. You do that by moving her through highly detailed and lovely crafted puzzle rooms, that have you fight enemies, parkour Quill around on platforms, reach switches or interact with objects. The one most fitting word to describe both titles is simply “Masterpieces”.
Although both games are long released on PS4, I still found them to be shining examples of VR game design on PS5. The detailed world building, the storytelling, the gameplay, the polish, everything about these two games is stunningly awesome. On top of that, both have tons of trophies, most of which are fun and easy. The only minor obstacle on the way to the platinums will likely be the two types of collectibles, glass fragments and relic dust. There are guides for both, but finding all relic dust is still tricky, as it requires breaking most objects on every screen. Finding the one or two missing vases or barrels after completing the game could be quite a challenge.
As the question comes up quite a bit on this sub: The two books are almost seamlessly intertwined and it only makes sense to get both, or start with book I and go from there.
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 13
The PSVR2 fps game. Ported from the highly successful steam version, this game offers amazing Counter-Strike styled gameplay in various modes (TTT, S&D, DM, TDM, Zombies and more). Getting started in this game tends to be brutal, due to the complex gun handling. After a few hours, everything starts to become second nature though and the game opens up to a deep, varied and immensely fun experience. The playerbase is solid, with many modes getting hosted at all hours and most interactions in lobbies are friendly and often hilarious. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics crisp. A very minor issue for some could be that crossplay currently isn’t working, although I doubt people would really prefer to get matched with 1k hour PC veterans in their lobbies just yet.
My only gripe with this awesome game has been the lackluster trophy list. The trophies are tacked on to the game like an afterthought, there is no platinum and while not requiring much effort, it often seemed like they didn’t work as anticipated. I’ll take this list over an unobtainable or heavily bugged one every day, but would’ve liked to have more reason to stay with the game a bit longer.
In regards to expected upcoming fps titles, this game sits comfortably in the large gap between the hyper-fast and rather simple Alvo and the very tactical and slow-paced Firewall. The typical fps connoisseur won’t have any reason not to extensively play all three, or at least both Pavlov and Firewall.
Pistol Whip
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★★★★☆ ⏱ 4
On-rails, rhythm-based shooter with tons of tracks, modifiers and highscores to chase. Alongside bass intense music you shoot bad guys in polygon styled levels and reload on beat for points, while avoiding off beat actions and getting shot. This game has a great flow to it and is rightfully cherished as one of the top PSVR1 titles. The port to PSVR2 doesn’t innovate much, but doesn’t have to, either. The unique concept still works, the game is captivating and more of a workout than most people will expect.
As soon as you get the general idea about how to move efficiently to avoid enemy gunfire (see Christian Bale in “Equilibrium”, but more squatting), playing the game quickly becomes addictive and the trophy list turns out to be a satisfying and rewarding endeavour. If you ever skipped leg day you might have trouble moving much at all the next day though.
Resident Evil Village
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★★★☆☆ / 🏆☆☆☆☆☆ ⏱ 34
And here is the third AAA game we’ve got so far. Building on the story of RE7, this game continues to follow Ethan Winters along his gruesome journey of trying to save his family. The game has amazing graphics and atmosphere plus lots of replay value with a juicy list of unlockables (e. g. weapons, infinite ammo, a lightsaber !!1!), a DLC with a short but great sequel story and a wave mode, called Mercenaries. Unfortunately, on PS5 the VR mode is much less integrated than it had been done for RE7 on PS4 back in the day. Flat mode progress can’t be carried over to VR and you can’t earn any trophies. The DLC and Mercenaries modes are also not available in VR. For those reasons, I begrudgingly 100%ed the game shortly before the PSVR2 launch. Of course, I tested it for about an hour in VR, to see what all the fuzz is about.
Holy fuck. Holy FUCK.
Once you experienced this in VR you simply can’t see the launch library in the same light as before. This game shows you what the true power of PSVR2 could be about, and all the other games we currently have are just fun gimmicks (with the only exception of HCotM).
If you play the game flat and are eligible for trophies, the massive list tasks you with a wide variety of challenges, including a sub three-hour speedrun, a melee-only run, reading all files (a type of collectible), upgrading all weapons, and much more. Initially daunting, most of the list is actually neither too hard, nor too time consuming. The keen trophy hunter just needs some preparation and endurance, especially while trying for S ratings on all maps in the Mercenaries mode. The disappointing separation of VR and flat mode notwithstanding, this game is a truly great experience and if you could buy only one single game for your PSVR2, for now it should be this one.
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★☆☆ ⏱ 8
In a setting reminiscent of old school anime, you ride a futuristic bike through six distinctive, cyberpunk-esque levels, while collecting power-ups and taking out enemies with your impressive arsenal, including laser pistols, grenades, missiles, and a lightsabre mode for reflecting bullets. Every level takes about ten minutes and ends in an intense boss mech encounter.
Figuring out the general mechanics of the game, the weak points of enemies and the strategies to defeat each boss is a tough and often hectic challenge that feels impossible at first. If you stick with it and bite through, you’ll get rewarded with a visually pleasing game that runs buttery smooth and quickly turns “This is unfair, I keep dying!” into “This is unfair, they keep dying so fast”. There are a few different bikes to unlock, all of which handle in unique ways and mix up the gameplay a bit. Ultimately, the scope of the game is quite limited of course, so once you “git gud”, all challenges are conquered with relative ease and there is little incentive to come back. For fans of older arcade games, retro side-scrollers and the like, this game is very enticing. For all others, it’s an ok but not mandatory addition to the VR collection.
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★☆☆ ⏱ 5
Just a moment ago chilling in your office, you are suddenly beamed lightyears away to the Startenders Academy as an unvoluntary new employee, having to learn the ropes of intergalactic bartending. The only way to get back, of course, is not to stir any trouble, do the job as expected and secretly build a teleporter in the back of the barship. The gameplay is basically a slightly deeper and more polished take on Job/Vacation Simulators food serving sections. During a shift, multiple alien customers will approach you and place orders from a fanciful palett of drinks, which require a progressively more complex sequence of steps to mix correctly. Cutting, squeezing, heating, freezing and shaking will get more stressful in later shifts of the “campaign”. Your bar has multiple devices that you can upgrade with earnings and a 3D printer. You’ll also spend money to diversify the bars stock of ingredients, as well as buying blueprints for the secret teleporter.
The game is humorous and colourful, runs well and has good graphics. The way content gets added in the early shifts keeps players engaged for quite a while. The trophy list is straightforward, although ending in a bit of a grindy clean-up.
Fun game for newcomers, kids and as a group showcase. Veterans won’t be engaged for long though, due to the lack of endgame.
Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge
🎮 ★★★★☆ 🏆★★★★☆ ⏱ 9
This game has a bit of everything “Star Wars”: Space ships, gunfights, funny looking aliens, lightsabers, droids, stormtroopers, rebels, guest appearances of Master Yoda and Darth Vader and much more. The “Tales” part of the title can be taken literally, as the generic main story is flanked by a variety of unique side missions, presented as stories told by an NPC in the main hub area.
Despite being an older Quest port, the PSVR2 version of this game has a lot of polish, with top-notch voice acting, solid world building and high-end graphics. You easily feel immersed in an authentic Star Wars universe. It can’t quite outscale Horizons quality and has some glitches here and there, but is less linear and offers more fun distractions of fooling around with the environment. Nothing in the trophy list is particularly demanding if you do your research. The long list of collectibles suggests a bigger hassle than it turns out to be. As one of the big story titles in the launch window, you can’t go wrong with this game at all.
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★★★ ⏱ 2
Port of a PSVR1 title. Arena styled sword fighting against several different historical people, like Vikings or Samurai. There is a skill point system as well as a bunch of weaponry and armor to unlock. There are also countless modifiers to switch up the gameplay, one of which being the armor physics. With those on, the game can be tough and will require good precision to hit uncovered areas on the enemy’s bodies. With physics off, every part of the enemy is fair game and the stabby stabby will have you sweat buckets. This game is loved by its devs, who update and expand it constantly. The current result on PS5 is a fun ragdoll sandbox that looks and runs great.
If you max your efficiency with the help of smart modifier settings, you can get the platinum in about two hours. For people who played this on PS4: This game massively profits from the new controllers. The stick movement makes for a much better experience than the clunky old Move controllers.
Synth Riders
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★☆☆☆☆ ⏱ 2
Currently the systems only basic rhythm game (Pistol Whip is a fighting rhythm game and Thumper is a bug on crack) and a port from the highly regarded PSVR1 version. Cruising along a musical track, you use your hands to hit individual notes or slide a rail, which quickly becomes a meditative experience, putting you in a cozy zone. The general feeling of the game is “Tron”, synthetic, retro. There is an extensive library of musical albums to choose from (many as paid add-ons though), including my personal favourite, Electro Swing. The game is often compared to Beat Saber, and while I enjoy Synth Riders, I’m not perfectly happy with the wrist-breaking way tracks work on higher difficulty and prefer the flow of Beat Saber when it gets hectic. Having the game constantly rub all the additional content packs in your face is something I find irritating, too. I also had worse tracking on PS5 than on PS4, often with the abrupt switching between VR and 2D. The tracking issues in combination with an absolutely underwhelming trophy list (no platinum, only 2 golds) sadly caused an overall mediocre experience for me, but I would still recommend this game to anybody who likes active, accessible and party-proof VR titles.
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
🎮 ★★☆☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 12
Horror rollercoaster with lots of jump scares, sequel to the acclaimed PSVR1 launch title “Rush of Blood”. On a joyride through ten levels you defend yourself from corpses, ghosts, bats etc. by shooting everything that moves. This simple and accessible formula brought a stupid fun and cherished experience to PSVR1. Understandably, gamers were super hyped for the successor. Anybody with eyes and access to reddit probably noticed that what we got…underdelivered. If you never played Rush of Blood and try this game without any kind of expectation, you can have some fun with it. But for anybody else, this game is a huge let down. Carl Sagan said “There are more stars in our universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth” and unfortunately there are still less stars than there is pop-in in this game. On top of that, cheap graphical assets are copy pasted all over the levels, yet long sections remain empty, messing up the pacing, everything presented in laughingly bad resolution. In its current, unacceptable state, this game couldn’t compete with an average PSVR1 game, especially not with its predecessor.
Slogging through this mess for at least three times to clear up the trophy list is brutal. Personally, I think there is too much wrong with this game to ever have it morph into something great, even if Supermassive started to release weekly patches.
The Last Clockwinder
🎮 ★★★★☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 6
During a flying visit of a gigantic, partly mechanical tree you recall memories of spending time there as the apprentice to a “clockwinder”, the operator of the driving mechanism of the tree. You unlock rooms within the tree, activating its engines and recollecting your memories via messages on tape recorders. This is a beautiful little puzzle game with a great all-around package. Music, voice acting, story and graphics are very well done and endearing. The puzzle mechanics are pretty unique, people might remember the PSVR1 title “Transpose” doing something similar: You record yourself doing certain actions, then have a robot repeat those actions in an endless loop. The more complex the puzzle, the more iterations of you have to work together to automate the mechanisms. These puzzles are not trivial and going for all trophies requires maxing the clone set-ups efficiency.
This title should not be ignored by any fan of VR puzzlers, trophy hunters are a little less inclined though. The list lacks a platinum, only has one gold and has you work for it.
The Light Brigade
🎮 ★★★★☆ 🏆★☆☆☆☆ ⏱ 12
I preface this by voicing my deep-rooted annoyance with the unity engine. Many VR games are developed in unity and suck in unity. Controls are often clunky, you can’t grab and release stuff as expected, assets have unpredictable interactions or graphical borders, physics stem from a parallel universe where everything is a mix of jelly and rubber and anything requiring precision turns into a big fumble-fiesta. The Light Brigade is one of the few titles, in my experience, that manages to almost negate all those issues with a very high level of polish. The game is a rogue-lite with elements of both magic and military shooter. There are a lot of different classes to unlock and upgrade, which ensures tons of replayability. During each run, a system of temporary skill cards offers strategic choices and makes each attempt at completing a run a slightly different experience.
There were still times I couldn’t help but wish I would play on a different engine. Weapons don’t handle as snappy as in other fps; enemy hitboxes, especially the head, appear a tiny bit unreliable at times; tracking sometimes gets wonky. You are supposed to aim like you would in real life, but the PSVR2 doesn’t appreciate having your hands in that particular position. One issue is also with mandatory teleporting, as you often have to cross gaps and aim for designated spots, which in unity-known fashion often behave unresponsive. All of these points would only be minor gripes in most games. The huge “but” in this case is the very high difficulty of The Light Brigade. Character level, skills and a maxed-out health pool don’t matter. If you peek at the wrong time or get caught out of position, you get shred to pieces. Having that happen because your vision turned 2D at the wrong time or you fumbled with the messy teleporting spot, is tilting. Simply put, the game demands a level of precision that neither the engine nor the PSVR2 are designed for. (People might remember this feeling from PSVR1s “Sniper Elite”)
It also has to be stated that this game has two of the dumbest and most outrageous trophies in the launch line up. You are supposed to play an entire run with every single one of your shots being a headshot. This is simply not feasible and I have no idea how anybody involved in this games design would unironically bring such an idea forward in the first place. The first boss in the game even has a mechanic that requires shooting at other things than his head to end an invulnerable phase. No one can achieve these trophies without using an obvious soft exploit (still madness), or a not quite as obvious hard exploit.
All in all, this title is an amazing rogue-lite, that is a bit overtuned if played as intended.
🎮 ★★☆☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱-
Port from the PSVR1. Rhythm game for fans of arcade games and tough challenges. In a minimalistic setting you race a bug at high speeds along a rail and have to turn and jump to avoid obstacles and intermittently kill bosses. The intense music correlates to the obstacles. With PSVR2s clean graphics, the presentation of this game puts you in zen-mode quickly. Each level you get introduced to more mechanics and more complex sequences. The levels are segmented and the individual parts can be repeated and perfected, to hunt the elusive S ranks.
Many people celebrate this gameplay, but it’s not totally my cup of tea. I hoped for autopopping of the trophies, as promised by the devs. It turned out that importing a PS4 save file only autopops half of the list, luckily the hard one for S ranks on all levels.
If you dig this kind of gameplay and like a challenge, I can see this game being a great experience.
Townsmen VR
🎮 ★★★★★ 🏆★★★★☆ ⏱ 20
Settlers, but in VR! If I had to select only one winner of a “Hidden Gem Award” of the launch line up, it would without question go to Townsmen. The PSVR1 ventured into this genre quite a bit, with titles like Dino Frontier, Oh My Genesis!, No Heroes Allowed or Tethered, but on PSVR2 we currently only got this game (I believe Cities VR is more of a management sim, like the Tycoon games), and no one seems to talk about it! If you don’t know what Settlers is, I’m referring to an older, but widely acclaimed rts city-building series on PC, that had you coordinate a growing population of settlers to farm resources, build various facilities, establish supply-chains and ultimately outpower and dispel enemy forces. You do the same in Townsmen, all with a top-notch, medieval presentation, cute and crisp graphics and a smart way of introducing more and more layers of complexity each level. The genre fits VR to perfection, with the options to seamlessly zoom in and out, inspect every nook and cranny of the map or instantly jump into whatever scene requires attention at the moment. Taking in every minute detail of the lovely designed islands or zooming out and simply enjoying the “Where’s Waldo?”-ness of the scenery never gets dull.
On top of that, the massive trophy list offers a range of very fun challenges, most of which are self-explanatory, but sometimes require a bit of imagination or trial and error. The game isn’t perfect though. In later levels or in a longer session of sandbox mode, when more individual entities have to be accounted for, the gameplay starts to stutter. Replayability is also limited once you beat the campaign. You can load up the maps in sandbox mode and set difficulties for wildlife and enemy pirates, but this is only a poor imitation of what full-fledged rts games on PC usually offer. Regardless, I was so delighted by this game that I’m comfortable with a five-star rating. Fingers crossed for more of these kinds of games in the near future.
Vacation Simulator
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★★★☆ ⏱ 6
Port from the PSVR1 version. Fleshed out successor to Job Simulator, with more activities and mechanics. Instead of jobs, you recreate favourite human pastimes across the typical vacation spots of beach, mountain and forest. Here, you don’t simply execute one task after another in a single predefined spot, but interact with different NPC robots in the area and work on collecting “memories”.
The game aged alright and is still fun and engaging, in between all the fresher PSVR2 titles it’s not an absolute must-have though. It has a lot to offer for trophy hunters, with its list being easy and fun, but demanding more effort than Job Simulator.
What the Bat?
🎮 ★★☆☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 2
Goofy puzzle game directed at younger audiences. You have bats for hands and with that handicap navigate various challenges of life, like brushing your teeth, playing fetch with a dog, parking cars, making breakfast or doing chores on a farm. The game places you in thematically grouped levels, each one having you come up with solutions to whatever sticky situation you find yourself in. The game is creative and funny in a silly way, but is overall pretty limited. It’s good, one-dimensional entertainment for an afternoon, after that though you quickly find yourself wishing for actual PSVR2 graphics and other interactions than slashing at things. I’m also not overly ecstatic about a kids game teaching that fun things happen when hitting chicken, sheep and dogs with baseball bats.
The trophy list can be done in two hours, but isn’t very rewarding. No platinum and only one gold.
Zenith: The Last City
🎮 ★★★☆☆ 🏆★★☆☆☆ ⏱ 28
The systems only MMO with all of the genres stereotypical mechanics, like class variety, weapon and gear farming, skills, level progression, open world activities, dungeons and quests, all in the jolly colourful unity engine. The game has a huge world and a long main story. With proximity chat and crossplay it’s pretty easy to connect with people to play with in one of the central areas of the game world. The playerbase is healthy and friendly.
So much for the good. I gave the game four stars on PS4, despite many issues I found with it. Now, on PS5, the game sadly didn’t live up to my expectations at all. It got more content, but the problems linger. It feels really cheap and clunky. Spells work with gestures, many of which are constantly triggered on accident. Pop-ins are everywhere, important graphical assets and allies load in at irritatingly short distances, enemies move erratic and are prone to disappearing or teleporting. For some people the game keeps crashing almost on an hourly basis. Overall, this feels like a very rough beta build and not a seasoned, multi-platform release.
The underwhelming trophy list offers no highlights either. You’d expect a game of this scope to come with a list of 30-50 trophies, incentivising you to explore and wander off the beaten path. Instead, this list is a flat “Do the main story while reaching max level”. I can only recommend this game for MMO fans who play with friends, as the group experience is much better than the solo ordeal.
submitted by OMG2EZ to PSVR [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:19 PokemonWoah How do you find a place to play?

Is there like a website or something that lists places that have games on etc (uk) I currently play mtg and the o ly reason I found that was by accidentally stumbling into it through a friends partner one day, I have no idea if any shop near me even runs game nights for this.
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2023.03.26 01:14 LiquidBeagle Probiotics during flare up?

In the midst of my first flare up since my diagnosis two years ago. Not sure what triggered it, but that’s another conversation.
What are your thoughts on probiotics(yakult, kombucha, dried apricots) during a flare up? I’ve been strictly clear liquid for 24 hours, and the pain is slowly getting better. Definitely nowhere near as bad as when I was first diagnosed, but I switched to liquid at the first sign of discomfort this time.
Thanks everyone.
submitted by LiquidBeagle to Diverticulitis [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:13 Less_Breakfast2136 suspicion thoughts/feeling “off”? i’m so tired of it

For the last couple months, especially since I heard nv* was at its peak, it feels like I’m in a constant 48-hour countdown to see if I’m going to get s—even if I wasn’t really “exposed.” I also sometimes convince myself I feel off before eating even if I don’t actually feel sick, if I’m fatigued or anxious I basically convince myself my body knows it’s going to happen and eating is a bad idea. It’s happening tonight and I’m hungry but it’s really hard to get through dinner, because I’ve convinced myself that eating as little as possible would make nv easier to get through if I got it. I’m just so done with thinking about this 24/7. It’s exhausting and it’s limiting me so much. I don’t want to do anything or leave the house and I feel like no one understands. I’m barely making it through any day. Guess I just need to vent/ask for advice.
submitted by Less_Breakfast2136 to emetophobia [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:12 random_weebo_chick Side effects, and maybe mcas

Ugh. Why am I so sensitive to medicine. I just got on my pots meds and this is day 2 of on midodrine (2.5mg 3 times a day) and im already experiencing side effects. And I was told I’m not allowed to lay down with it active in my system which make me hate it so much cause I feel sick and itchy and stuff while on this and all I want to do is to lay down…
This medication make it my 4th prescription. I’m only 15 years old. And I want to stay away for medicine but I want a normal life. Plus my mom have me on like 5 vitamin supplements but they aren’t doing harm so far.
There’s a possibility that I have mcas and if I do it explains a lot but I just fucking hate it. It makes me so sensitive to meds.
I just fucking started this meds and i already having symptoms. Imma try to stay on it for a week or two or till the pill bottle runs out to see if it would go away.
Im also pissed that my meds for my tics and mood swings is going to be changed because I just found out that it’s making my pots worse. Annd im also diagnosed with heds and I take a medicine for nerve pain and migraines. And I just find out thaat my tic meds and my pain meds is a bad combination which also makes my pots worse so… I now gotta get rid of my tics meds and find a new one.
Another medication I have is a antihistamine (because my doc suspects I haave mcas) and I wonder if I can just take it annd maybe my side effects would get better. But I can’t take it yet in a few days after I do my 24 hour urinalysis.
Im just tired of this all and I want to scream
submitted by random_weebo_chick to ChronicIllness [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:11 ItzAlphaWolf [Discussion] Furry Worries - Week 318

Hey furries, u/The-Woop hasn't made one of these in a little bit. I've always liked these posts so I thought that I'd help him out again by taking over until he gets back.
Users have sometimes stated that it is difficult to express their sorrows or misfortunes on this sub because they do not want to feel burdensome or unwelcome in what is normally a very happy-go-lucky environment. And so, this thread is to encourage furs to open up with their issues, not only on here but on the sub as a whole. If grief has been on your mind or something has been bothering you as of late, big or small, please leave a comment for myself and others to see if we can be of any help, or at least lend a sympathetic ear.
Alternatively, if you feel pretty nice about yourself today, don't be afraid to browse any existing comments and see if you can make somebody's day a little better. Maybe you have experience with what that person might be dealing with. Or perhaps you just want to let them know that they have a person to talk to. However, there are the principles that should be considered:
1:If you are responding to a comment do your best to be as thorough and insightful as possible. Do not just comment and forget about the other person afterward. While little pick-me-ups can help, do your best to be there for the other person. Encourage discussion and do not be afraid to have more in depth conversations. The comment section is always fine, but if either of you feel that you must talk in a more private setting, do not be afraid to use something such as PM, or a different instant messaging service.
2: I am aware that unfortunately, misfortune does not have a curfew. This thread is not in any way meant to contain negative emotion on the sub, but is meant to be a convenient place for others to open up and find somebody to talk to. If you experience strife at any other time during the week, do not feel like you must wait until Saturday to state it. Please feel free to make your own post.
3:This thread is not meant to replace professional help. If you feel that you could have depression or any other similar psychological condition, you are still invited to post, but it is highly recommended that you seek a form of professional help as well as look into the resources below.
4: Suffering is not a competition. Do not feel like your issues are too slight, or insignificant to post. You are invited to express your problems no matter their scale. Your sadness is just as valid as any others.
5:If you are not looking for advice and would just like to receive emotional support or simply get something off of your chest, you are more than welcome to state so. After all, a shoulder to lean can be a great remedy.
Last but certainly not least, here are a list of resources that anyone can contact. Please do not hesitate to use them if you feel the need. It is better to call and it not be worth it, than to not call and forgo the help you deserve.
International Suicide Prevention Hotlines
National Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA): 1800 273 8255
Distress Centre (Canada): 416 408 4357
UK The Samaritans or 08457 90 90 90
Samaritans (Ireland): 1850 60 90 90
Lifeline (Australia): 13 11 14
Lifeline (New Zealand): 0800 543 354
Greece KLIMAKA Center for Suicide Prevention or 101
Japan TELL Tokyo Lifeline in English/Japanese or 03-5774-099
Spain Teléfono de la Esperanza or 902500002 2
Chile Teléfono de la Esperanza or (00 56 42) 22 12 00
Germany Telefonseelsorge or 0800 111 0 111 (or 222)
Brazil CVV or 141 France S.O.S Amitié International Association for Suicide Prevention
More numbers - http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide- hotlines.html
Trans Lifeline
Trans Lifeline - translifeline.org
UK Support - http://www.allabouttrans.org.uk/support-organisations/
LGBT Resources
The Trevor Project 24 hour hotline - 866-488-7386
Website - http://www.thetrevorproject.org
Twitter - u/thetrevorproject.org
Addiction Resources
Alcoholic Anonymous - http://www.aa.org
Narcotics Anonymous - http://na.org National
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Association's toll-free hotline (Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST) - 1-800-931-2237
Crisis Chat
In the United States Chat anonymously with an Active Listener: http://www.7cups.com
Self Harm
Alternatives for Stopping Self Abuse or 1–800-DONT-CUT (366–8288)
Rape and Sexual Abuse
Rape Abuse & Incest National Network or 800-656-HOPE (4673)
Finding a Professional
Unfortunatly, while there seems to be no globe wide way to find food banks for those in need of food, Google Maps should give a good starting point to find your local ones.
And as always, if anyone has any ideas on how this thread could be improved upon or if the concept is in any way flawed, please do not hesitate to send u/The-Woop a PM.
submitted by ItzAlphaWolf to furry [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:10 LiayaShunter I’m heart broken

I lost my sweet Mikey today. He was this tiny beautiful blonde Shih Tzu. He was my dog the moment I was him. He was always happy to see me. It al happened so fast. I noticed that he wasn’t acting like himself and 24 hours later, gone. He got an infection and turns out he had a heart defect, he had a heart attack on the way to the vet and it was over soon after. I’m crushed. I don’t know what I’m looking for, I just hurt…
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2023.03.26 01:10 TheReddister Concerta + Alcohol

Sex: Male; Age: 23; Weight: 225; Height: 5’11”; Relevant Conditions: Generalized Anxiety, ADHD, Depression; Smoking: No; Alcohol Use: Haven’t in 3 months, very occasional; Current Medications: Generic Concerta 18 mg once a day
Hi. My psychatrist didn’t clarify this and I wanted to ask for my own safety.
I take generic concerta 18 mg (methylphenidate ER) one time in the morning each day.
I know you aren’t supposed to mix alcohol and ADHD meds together but I’m going to a friend’s birthday party and it’s almost been 12 hours since my dose.
Can I drink at all or can I drink some but should avoid getting drunk or I should limit myself to a single drink max? And if I can drink should I take medicine tomorrow or not? I’m seeing my doctor on Monday to evaluate the medicine efficacy anyway and will probably be switching to a new medication so stopping for one day won’t be too bad for me.
submitted by TheReddister to AskDocs [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:09 Sakesss What do i do to get rid of my feelings?

I (20m) am pathetic for falling for my friend (19f) this fast, especially for someone who's dating. I've only known her since fall semester, but really haven't talked till this spring semester.
Before i knew her i was fine, i had no feelings for anyone and was self sufficient. I liked my own company and wanted to be alone. So why did she decide to ruin it for me. Its not like she's beautiful, so why would i like he this much.
We've been smoking weed at university weekly and spending time together. Most people thought we were dating, and I'd be lying if i said i didn't like that rumor.
She once told me she was going out with her boyfriend, who according to her looks just like me, and i got this huge pain in my heart. That day i destroyed myself in the gym.
She always makes me lazy cake cz she knows i love them, we have a mc world together, she steals my jackets, talks to me nonstop, calls me after classes to hang out....
Last Tuesday we went to friends house, he had a trampoline so we played on it for 2 hours, we played fighting, she tried pinning me down and it was so much fun. Once we were done we just layed there for a while with her head on my chest, cuddling? Idk I've never really tried ot before. But i swear to god i wanted to stay like that forever.
Today we were talking as usual and the topic of kinks came up, she said she likes pinning people down and getting pinned by them, she also likes dominance. Thats supposed to mean something doesn't it??
Now i can't get her out my mind, she's there 24/7. Only reason i get up in the morning is to see her. And worst part is i know she doesn't like me the way i like her, ik if i say anything then this will be gone and i don't want her gone.
Tl;dr i caught feelings for a friend who is dating, i don't want to ruin her relationship or ours by confessing
submitted by Sakesss to relationships [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:09 AdPlus6613 Nuevo servidor vanilla anarquico-New lawless vanilla server

Friends I opened my minecraft 1.19.x server almost compatible with all versions of both PC and cell phone I invite you to join it is anarchic
Handles basic commands is open 24 hours
I wait for you to join
Amigos abrí mi server de minecraft 1.19.x casi compatible con todas las versiones tanto de pc o de celular los invito a unirse es anárquico
Maneja comandos básicos está abierto las 24horas
Los espero para que se unan
Discord: https://discord.gg/Km9Ed3vExr
Server ip: anarchyhardcore.aternos.me:47446
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2023.03.26 01:09 ApewithCrayolawINGz Think before you speak

My wife and I were out working for a delivery company today to make some extra money for the family. I decided to stop and have cigarette while my wife went to grab our order. Two “grown men “ decided to mock me for smoking a cigarette. I just stared at them and thought to myself, “If only you knew why I smoke.” I’m a recovering meth addict. I chose to smoke cigarettes so that I could kick my meth addiction. I’m not stupid. I know what cigarettes will do to me. Since quitting meth and now smoking cigarettes, I work 70-80 hours a week and have given my four kids more than I did as a meth addict. Think before you pass judgement. It saddens me that people can still be so close minded with how much information we can access today. Please treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Who are we to judge others for who they are?
submitted by ApewithCrayolawINGz to SaltLakeCity [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 01:08 TemporaryAccount-tem I think he's high on cocaine again

I think he's high on cocaine again submitted by TemporaryAccount-tem to youngpeopleyoutube [link] [comments]