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This is a subreddit for lovers of the Munchkin breed. Standard, RugHuggers and Supershorts!

2022.08.03 16:54 Maverick_bun feeling guilty..

I've never owned a rabbit or small pet before. So over a month ago I rescued a domesticated rabbit. Saw it outside and I got a live trap and was able to catch it. Took it inside gave it a small area to roam in and I decided I was going to try and keep him.
Scheduled the first vet appt a month away, they were the only ones who could service him before September. Two weeks into owning it i saw puss coming out of his skin. No vet would see him in my area only an animal hospital an hour away. I had very little money because I just spent it all on this unexpected pet, and had no idea how much the vet bill was going to be because I don't know how long he was outside or what was wrong. So I decided to take it to a humane society that has a vet staff in house. They named it Swiss because of the holes in his skin that was caused by bots flies.
Swiss is fine, I'm sure they are going to be adopted, but I was feeling very sad and I fell in love with the bun, I didn't realize how great they were. So I immediately started looking for another rabbit because I had all this stuff and I had a vet appt already lined up. So I found a new rabbit, I found him on hoobly. This woman saves show bunnies from being taken to the meat markets (due to poor scoring at shows). He's healthy and happy. we went to the vet the day after I got him and I have a neuter appt soon.
I feel guilty about the other bunny. I almost feel like I should have waited and adopted him back. But I just wanted to start over with a new one. I don't ever want to feel that pets are expendable and can be returned like a unwanted shirt. Idk. I really like this forum and I want to post about him, I literally created a new account so people wouldn't question, what happened to the other bunny.
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2022.04.26 23:13 the-big-question Are there any good sites for finding Siamese cats for sale?

I've been searching online for Siamese cats for sale. I haven't found any good listings online. Facebook marketplace doesn't permit the sale of animals and Craigslist's interface hasn't changed in over a decade.
The best site (or at least the site with the most listings) I have found is hoobly. Hoobly is great, but still not that many listings and something seems sketchy about it.
"Official" or "trusted" breeders with websites and reviews typically have long waiting lists, so no promise I'll be able to even choose a cat from an upcoming litter. I'd really like to be able to choose between more than one cat so I can find one whose personality fits mine more, especially if I have to drive more than an hour to see them.
On top of that they and even many listings on hoobly expect a non-refundable deposit. How do I know that even if they draw up some contract that they'll honor our agreement? What if they only have one cat left when it's my turn and they won't let me wait until the next litter so I have options? I could be out as much as $250 if they choose to be petty about it if they charge a deposit.
There are few siamese cats in shelters and when they are usually a siamese shelter snatches them up, up-charges them from what they paid Sisca or wherever they picked them up from to where they cost almost as much as buying from a breeder, then they have the audacity to make you go through an application process just to be rejected if you aren't perfect.
Really, the people who take the cats that would find a home overnight from shelters just to hold them in foster care for months if not over a year then try to make a profit have the nerve to tell you you wouldn't be a fit pet owner?
How absurd and backwards is that? Anyways any better way of finding a siamese cats? Any sites or apps that do a better job at finding them? Would I have better luck just looking in local papers? Any feedback would be appreciated!
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2022.02.11 22:15 jashariaudrey Is hoobly and Facebook groups good to find breeders?

is hoobly classifieds and Facebook groups good to find breeders all I want is a just a pet not for breeding or show and I'm not going to spend high dollar for a dog $15000 and up.
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2020.01.11 15:08 guinmom A note on piggy adoption and my experience with a "piggy mill"

When I was out of the house and finally able to have the pets I’d always wanted, I bought my now 8 year old guinea pig. It didn’t take long for me to do more research and realize that he would need a friend so I started to look around online. I found someone on Hoobly who seemed to have guinea pigs of every look imaginable and was so stoked to go pick one out. I never questioned why they were so hesitant to give me their address. I never questioned why they were questioning me so much. I never questioned why the heck they had seemingly hundreds of guinea pigs from all breeds. After lots of discussion I was finally able to head over a week later and pick out my dream pig.

I’m a big researcher and tend to dive down every rabbit hole imaginable. I researched hand soap yesterday. So when I got there, I was horrified by the literal hundreds of baby guinea pigs standing in cages made of chicken wire type grate but I was also fascinated. I got to questioning this lady real quick and found out that she was a guinea pig breeder. She told me she supplied guinea pigs to Petland and on a limited scale to “serious buyers” looking to show pigs. I was neither of those things but I am annoying and I am persistent so it seems like she must’ve just given in after messaging. These guinea pigs hardly had enough room to turn around let alone popcorn like babies should be. They were housed outside where it often gets to 100+ degrees in the summer. Many were lethargic and clearly sick. I can’t even imagine how many likely die from those conditions. Their delicate, new little feet had nothing to walk on but chicken wire. They nipped at and fought with each other. There were no sweet wheeks but were squeals of discomfort. I panicked and said the first thing I could think of on the spot and ghosted. I was SHOOK. That’s where pet shop guinea pigs are coming from and it had literally never crossed my mind before. I was young and naive and really didn't know anything about shopping vs adopting.

She mentioned Petland so I headed over and looked at their guinea pigs that were on display. There were many “fancy” teddys, Peruvians, abysinnians etc. just like she had said. I pieced everything together and realized how messed up it all was. This is what really ignited the rescue fire within me. I adopted a Craiglist piggy and fostered dozens more. I traveled more than 3 hours to pick up a piggy who was photographed living in a hamster cage. I thought about all the things I could say to those people when I got there but when I got there it was a family of 5 living in a one bedroom apartment, living in not more than a hamster cage themselves who was ecstatic to have received $10. These are the guinea pigs that need rescuing.

“Rescuing” from a pet shop does little more than line the pockets of the store and the breeder and ensures the cruel cycle will continue. For that one cute piggy in the store (at least at Petland) there was one back at the breeder sick and dying. I’m not trying to shame anyone or upset anyone, just share my experience and enlighten some people as to what may be going on behind the scenes. Everyone is up in arms about puppy mills but guinea pigs continue to fly under the radar. When you purchase a pet from a pet store, this is what you’re supporting. In a way guinea pigs are the impulse buy of the pet world. We know how much space and care they require but lots of people do not. So if you’re not convinced there are any adoptable guinea pigs in your area, just give it a few weeks. You’re bound to find one soon enough
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2019.01.08 14:35 Space_Blast Where to find fancy mice??

All of our pet stores (PetSmart/petcos) have been sold out of fancy mice for a couple weeks and do not know when they will restock. I’ve looked on Craigslist and hoobly for local breeders and have not found anyone. Do you know of any other places I could look?
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2018.02.12 18:19 Chinaski_is_dog Anyone know of puppies available in Wisconsin or Northern IL?

I'm guessing this isn't the place to post, but hoping for a good lead. Not sure where people are listing their puppies these days. Seems like Hoobly and pupyfinder? Just looking for a male family pet...
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2016.09.20 09:08 Trypsylvania Best place to buy sugar gliders

So recently I started looking into acquiring a sugar glider but I am having difficulty finding a site or place to get one that is legitimate and not equivalent to a puppy mill. I live in PA and seem to see pet shops that sell them around me. I heard hoobly is a good site for rescues but I am looking to start my family from the ground up.
Also i was wondering if its best to get two female joeys so the sugar glider is never without a companion.
Any information or help you can share will be greatly appreciated!
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2016.08.11 18:56 weird20something Looking to get rats in southern MN

I have looked at shelters, pet finder, hoobly(?), and a few other sites and nothing appears and if it does it is a good like 3 hour drive which I cannot do with my schedule. Any known breeders in my area?
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2015.10.27 00:58 DoopDiddlyDoop New Puppy Question

I'm looking to purchase a husky puppy soon and was wondering how important the breeder is when buying the dog. Based on akc.org and shca.org there are very few registered breeders within my state (or within 400 miles), let alone the number that are currently having new litters. With that being said there are tons of other places that advertise huskies for sale (newspaper classified, hoobly? - found on google, pet stores). From what I've heard, I want to avoid these other places at all cost. Is this still true? I walked past a petland the other day and they had a sign saying they were akc registered. What's with this? Any insight on who to buy a dog from would be great! Thanks!
E: Thanks everyone!
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2013.04.13 21:29 Genietak Is it possible to find an exotic pet breeder in California?

I'm looking for a specific pet and can't find one. I've checked hoobly and even so desperate I've looked on Craigslist. Found one on craigslist And put a deposit. I had everything ready for the new addition to our family.. but the guy never called me back...go figure! Any advice on exotic breeders close to California...I'm willing to drive
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