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2023.03.26 00:46 Ghost0fThomas 39 [M4F] #Bloomington - Trying to practice emotional conservation to make something long term

My therapist and I were talking about the give and take of relationships lately. He has exposed his kinky side to me, so we had an incredible conversation about just how much more a relationship in kink uses our emotional resources. Often times we see our actions being cathartic to the trauma of lives, but rarely do we see the tax it takes upon us in the current space. It made me think about how many times that as a Dom, I may have been fulfilling my role, and not realizing what I harvest I'm not doing a good job replenishing.
I know that must sound like I don't offer aftercare or possibly avoid dealing with sub drop, but I can tell you that as a Pleasure Dom and a Daddy Dom, that's the farthest from the truth. I enjoy the aspect of healing as much as hurting, and often use the art of Kintsugi as what I strive to do with my submissives. While I see that as healing their submissive needs, I now wonder if I was truly replanting seeds that would help foster regrowth and renewal, keeping the passion and desire alive.
I want to change that. I want to be intentional. I want a sub that is not scared to tell me what exciting buys they got from target. A sub that describes to me the intricates of their day and all the pitfalls they have to navigate to get to me. A sub that is not here to just get release, but knows that can keep part of themselves safe in me...not because I will lock it away, but because I want to tend to it and help it grow.
That means I need to be honest with who I am. I need to share with you the kind of person I am without trying to hide the bits you might not be fond of later. I need to tell you I'm a Dom that comes in many flavors. I enjoy creating the height of feeling as a pleasure Dom. I love to give the structure of a Master. I love to unconditional care of a Daddy Dom. I love to deliver the expression as a Sadist. These are things I've put into posts before, but here is the new one. I love being a boyfriend. I love being someone who wants to exists parrel to you. I want as many kinky nights as I do movies on the couch nights. I want to go on roadtrips that exhaust us and let you feel so comfortable in the car you can just rest in silence as we travel back together. I want to know what place I can pick up fries to surprise you the most. I want to show you my favorite TV show, and have you fall asleep on my chest because we are different people. I want you to wake up in bed knowing I must have carried you there.
Do I want to make you scream so loud in (and out) of the bedroom that makes you have to explain friends and almost brag about your experience? Yes. Do I want to talk you to little shops across new cities that you can pick up little things to remember our adventures? Just as much.
I want to give a full experience. You'll notice I'm not writing a lot about me, or what I expect you to be. I'm doing that because I want you to know my intentions, not my checklist. I want you to discover who I am because you're curious, not just reach out because I meet a minimum requirement.
So if you want to try to be a part of my steps towards emotional conservation, and be replenished more than you're used, I hope you'll take a chance and reach out.
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2023.03.26 00:39 Automatic-House6764 Help!! Friend lost her engagement ring at a bar last nighg

Hey guys,
My friend blacked out at bar and realized her engagement ring was missing the next morning when she woke up in her place.
Any suggestions on what she should do? She has already contacted her insurance but would rather get her ring back. She tried to file a police report but the police wouldn’t allow her since she has no idea if someone stole it or just lost it… but was hoping that a police report would at least help find it if it went through a pawn shop.
She is trying to contact the bar too but they are not answering the phone and will have to go in person when they open.
If you have any advice or suggestions on anything else we should be doing it would be much appreciated!
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2023.03.26 00:35 shy_147 2023 AAC Experience

I have recently undertaken (and passed) assessment, so thought it may be beneficial to some for an updated summary of the proceedings. It is fairly lengthy, but includes up to date details of the process, which I hope you all find useful.
Day 0
You will be sent an email with links to the various cognitive/maths/English tests around midnight on the day of arrival. They will be available on the portal. Do not click into them, they are one time use. If you click them you may have to reschedule the whole assessment. Do NOT click them!
Do yourself a favour and pack well in advance, not the night before. Double check all documentation you are required to take. You will need two forms of id such as valid driving license, birth certificate or passport, as well as utility bill. Tickets for the train need to be collected from a ticket machine, do not leave it to the morning of travel! In the morning check to confirm your train isn't cancelled or delayed.
I got to Lichfield City station and was one of the first in my intake to arrive. After a while loads of lads started filling out the station, no one really spoke as everyone appeared very nervous. It is fairly obvious who is there for assessment.
A member of staff in black came over and guided us to the car park over the road to the coach. We lined up against the wall for a document check. You are given your number here. Remember it, write it on your hand, type it on your phone. The staff do ask a final time if anyone needs reminding once you arrive, but don't be one of those candidates who needs reminding.
When we arrived, we dumped our bags under a covered seating area and lined up in three ranks. We then filed into the main centre and made our way into the lecture theatre. Blue coloured bibs are on the chairs, sit in the seat with your allocated number. We were told to put the bib on and sit in the chair. You get a numbered water bottle and a pen. These two things do not leave your side from now on. Do not lose either of them. We filled out a load of forms, certificates check and place them and your ID in an envelope, we were told to keep these safe until the morning when they would be checked and processed by the admin team. We were then led through to the classroom in groups to check army portal log on works and links for the tests have been sent. After this we watched a brief video outlining the next few days activities.
We then lined up outside, always three ranks from now on. We were sent for dinner at the cook house. Seated and then when ready sent one table at a time to the hot plates. The chef now takes your plate and puts the food on it for you, no self-service. Make sure you finish eating your meal before the staff are done. When told to line up outside make sure you tuck in the chairs and remember water bottles.
Back for ice breaker (name/where you're from, job choice and interesting fact or fear). Its short and sweet, some lads did theirs in literally 15 seconds. Pad it out a bit longer as that is a bit too quick, don’t act like you are rushing through it. Keep eye contact with the entire room, speak nice and loud and clearly. Add a bit of humour. We Then got a break down of Day 1 in more detail, then shown accommodation and given timings for lights out, breakfast, etc. Given access to the rec room. Given time to research roles and to speak to family, relax, TV, etc or access computer room to study for ACT if you haven't already. You are allowed to keep your phone on you for most of your time here, just don’t start using it when you shouldn’t be.
In the accommodation block we were told to put bibs on the end of the beds so if there is an emergency in the night we are easy to identify. Typical military bunks and a locker each. I've stayed in a few barracks in the past and Lichfield is actually pretty decent and modern, don’t get used to it. The pillows are awful, so good tip is to bring your own travel pillow. The bedding is laid out by the previous intake, so you have to make it. Our room agreed alarms at 0530. Many of you will know, barracks are usually either boiling hot or freezing cold. The first night we were all roasting even with the window open.

Day 1
Alarms off at 0530. Get up and straight into shower and shave. It pays to be first here as hot water dropped off for the lads who went a bit later, and if you leave it too late you are queuing for the showers. Start drinking water now as urine sample is required sometime during the morning, but also your run is hopefully tomorrow, so stay hydrated today. Water is always available in reception for top ups or from sinks in the ablutions. Tidy up the room and make your beds as you have a brief room inspection before breakfast. Make sure lockers are shut, bags under beds and bedding is made. Put phone chargers away. Water bottle and pen, then three ranks outside and to breakfast. The bleep test is not until after your medical on day 2 so eat as much as possible today. Lunch is provided during your various assessments, but not in the cookhouse. Highly suggest no caffeine as it can affect ECG later on, although plenty of lads drank it and were fine. Personally, I went without as didn’t want to chance it.
Back to the lecture theatre. We were told to take a sample bottle from the grey tray and write our number on it. We were told at any point if we needed to urinate for our sample to just go to the toilet without asking. Fill it, rinse it off and place it in the pink tray. Dont be like one bloke who bought his sample back with him into the theatre, that went down like a lead balloon with the staff and had us all howling. We had another brief power point presentation with a run through of the Army Cognitive Tests, which included examples. There were tips/advice given by the staff which was helpful. You are allowed pen and paper during the ACT’s so you can write things down to help if needed. You will be going between the classroom for tests and the med block for medical tests depending how busy it is. The admin team arrived and checked our documents, we signed the envelope and it was then sealed. After this we had a briefing by medical staff and briefly check med forms are correct. Required to wear mask at all times during the medical process. They hand these out so don’t worry about bringing your own. They take you through in small groups. I was led to a waiting room with about 5 other lads and told to take everything off apart from t-shirt, shorts, shoes, socks, jewelry is allowed if it is religious. If you end up in a waiting room, try to sit at the front as they call the front in first, otherwise be prepared for a long wait.
You are initially filtered through the below tests, the results of which are put into your medical folder. You can fail at this stage but will not be told until they have been reviewed by the doctor prior to having your physical examination, you will be told of a failure/deferral during this examination. The nurses measure height and weight, calculate your BMI, check your eye sight (if you have a recent optometrist report they seem to skip this step if the results of the report are within the limits), colour blind test (book with coloured dotted circles with numbers and you have to read out the numbers that you can see), ECG and potentially an echocardiogram and a hearing test. There is lots of waiting and queuing but to be fair I was never in the same spot for long. You may be sent off for tests in-between to speed up process. I was sent to the classroom for tests twice in a row because the doctor’s waiting room was too busy.
A few notes on the hearing test. It is a very hot booth; you will sweat in it. The test starts as soon as the door shuts and the beeps are a lot quieter than you imagine they will be. You still have to wear your mask at this point so you will hear yourself breathing, try to breath slowly and quietly.
During this process I undertook the ACT (useful link to practice these at the end of this post) and because I went for a trade, the TST. For this you are given 45 minutes. You are allowed to use (and given) a calculator. It covers GCSE level mathematics, so think ratios, percentages, decimals, averages, fractions, volume, speed, distance and time and a bit of algebra. Good resources for this if you haven’t recently taken your GCSE’s and need some revision, are BBC Bitesize and Corbett Maths. Don’t panic too much about this, you should be able to get the minimum required for your role if you revise two or three weeks before hand. I would recommend taking it even if the role you are initially going for (e.g. infantry) doesn’t require it. You have nothing to lose taking it, if you score enough (easily achievable) it can unlock other job roles you may not have thought about.
A note about the classroom – when you enter, keep your voice to a whisper as people will be in and out all morning undertaking tests. This also goes for waiting rooms in the med block, keep your voices down and don’t let your excitement/nerves get the better of you and you all start running your mouth. It will not go down well.
When you are finally seated in the doctor’s waiting room, you are asked to complete a short medical form. It asks about close family history, if you have suffered any particular diseases or issues in the past. Do not lie on this form, be honest, but it goes without saying, there is no need to state anything if it is not on your medical records.
The doctor will check your blood pressure, your joints and tendons, lungs/breathing, eyes, teeth, movements, hip mobility. Discussion around anything declared by you on the form in reception and on your RGMD form your own doctor completed. You will be asked to strip down to your underwear and perform a few variations of walking on a line, e.g. on your tip toes, on the sides of your feet, etc. You will squat and duck walk, they will check neck rotation, shoulder rotation, flexibility to some extent and finally do 5 press ups and to hold the last rep. At this stage you either pass with a green bib and can continue, an orange bib means you are deferred, no run for you on Day 2 but you are fit to do the mid-thigh pull, med ball throw and the team tasks. A red bib is a fail. That means no exercise at all but I believe you can continue with the team tasks and interview. If you receive no bib at all, you are sent home there and then as this is a deferral for 12 months or a bar from service.
At some point after you are deemed fit for service you will perform the mid-thigh pull and med ball throw. Mid-thigh pull is essentially a rack pull with a fixed bar. You will be given two or three chances to complete, and pull for 5 seconds with everything you have got. The best way to prepare for this in the gym is either deadlifts or if you are worried about form and injuring your back, rack pulls, which closely resembles this test. The med ball throw can be a bit strange at first but you shouldn’t need to practice it more than a few times. Prepare for this by doing bench press, dips and push ups.
You grab lunch from reception and eat in the rec room. We were then shown a DVD in reception showing 14 weeks of basic training and a chat from Catterick PTI regarding infantry. Reserves pulled aside for another chat on top outlining the reserves process which is slightly different. After this we got our boiler suits, gloves and helmets issued for team tasks on Day 2, and were told to leave them in the rec room. At this point the next intake of candidates had arrived. We were told under no circumstances should we approach them. At dinner we were given the opportunity to use the onsite shop. I used this as an opportunity to buy food for the travel back the next day on the train. I highly recommend trying to get as much sleep as possible for tomorrow.

Day 2
0530 wake up call again. Start drinking now. Shower, shave, sports kit. Use any spare minutes now to pack your stuff away as best you can, as you will not have a great deal of time to do it later. Ideally, you want everything besides your clothes for interview packed away in your bags before you head down to eat. We also had to strip the dirty linen off our beds and lay out the new sheets as per pictures dotted around the block. Our intake was about 28 so no one slept on the top bunks, so we just copied the layout from those. Breakfast at 0620. Eat light as you will be doing the bleep test soon after 0800. We then waited in the rec room for the PTI to arrive and brief us on the test. He also went through a series of slides regarding healthy eating habits, fitness, what to expect at basic, etc. We were told to fill your bottles up and we were then led outside for test. Fill your bottle to the brim as it will be checked. You are split into groups of 7-8. You then meet another PTI to perform a warm up. The warm up was actually taxing and easily felt like the first 3 or 4 levels of bleep test, so be aware, it did catch a lot of us off guard. Start practicing the test at home with a 10 minute warm up prior, either a 1km run or a few levels of the test first.
We were told three strikes in a row do not count towards score if consecutive, so if you get one, catch up to get the next beep, get a second warning, catch up to make the next one, third strike you are out. Do NOT stop at your chosen role, you need to be a few levels above (if going for Para’s at 11.6 they stop it here anyway). You need to put maximum effort in and come off the test feeling like you are going to puke. Your interviewer will be watching at the side lines as well, so it really needs to be full on effort.
When you receive your third and final warning or they stop the test, you are led to a cool down, then into the rec room and your boiler suits. You are kept in the same teams as your run to complete the team tasks. You need to be vocal, even when you are not doing anything and waiting for your turn for example, you need to be encouraging your team members. Spend a few minutes, discussing as a team, everyone’s ideas and agree on the best one. It is key here that you all ensure everyone knows what they are doing and when. You need to work at pace, with a sense of urgency. We were explained you would be doing tasks such as this under enemy fire, so you need to be loud, you need to be shouting encouragement and you need to be moving at speed.
Once complete you will take off all your gear and place it back in the room. We were then given about 20 minutes to head back to the block, shower and get dressed for our interview, this was fairly chaotic as everyone seemed to finish the team tasks at a similar time, so people were queuing for the shower at this point. This is where packing when you got up or the night before will help you with time management.
We got to have a cooked lunch in the cookhouse this time, rather than a baguette. We were then led back to the lecture theatre for a final time. Here we had to sit in chairs at the back of the room, that did not have bibs placed on them, as a new intake would be arriving that evening. You wait for your interviewer to call your number.
You will be led through the back of the theatre into an office where you will sit down and discuss the following:
How you think you did, the army’s values and standards (know your CDRILS – not just what it stands for, but examples of how you apply them in your civilian life and how you utilise them in the army itself), job choice and info around that role. You don’t need to go overboard, but I would recommend knowing a good amount about the regiment or corps you want to join, the role itself, what is involved, where the regiment/corps are currently serving, etc. You need to know about phase 1 and phase 2 training, and give detailed answers about what is involved. Your interviewer will then go through the results of the cognitive and technical tests, your beep test score/run time, mid-thigh/med ball results and team tasks. They will then grade your score and issue your certificate. When there is enough of you done, they will minibus you back to station.
I managed to pass with an A grade. I kept my mouth shut and listened. If I didn’t understand something, I asked for them to clarify, it is better to ask again than to try wing it and get it wrong, I tried to be almost over the top confident, but not cocky or loud (but be loud in the team tasks!), I socialised just enough with the rest of the lads, but stayed away from the over the top throbbers thinking it is a weekend away at Butlins, keep your room tidy and your things kept away. Keep your phone out of sight unless you are on down time or the rec room. Sit up straight and don't slouch, dont cross your arms. Eat and shower fast and finally, keep your water bottle and pen on you always.
I hope the above helps ease some nerves of new candidates and gives an insight into the current process at assessment.
ACT Simulator\_simulato
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2023.03.25 23:54 Dr_JohnP Desperately need help with 428 shibuya scramble 1500-1600 (spoilers)

I am losing my mind and didn't know where to turn. I love this game but for over an hour and a half I've been stuck in a loop that I can't break even if I follow guides for the game step by step. I've gotten to the point where everyone's story is resolved at "to be continued" except Maria's. If I choose option A and wait with the man with the cane I get her bad ending where she becomes a champion eater with her old boss. If I choose option B it eventually resolves her story to to be continued - however this breaks everyone else's progression because she meets with Miku and then Minorikawa can't meet with her and he gets blown up. I've followed everything step by step and I'm stuck and I really really want to progress and I truly can't figure out how to break out of this loop. How do I get Maria to not meet with Miku after leaving the man with the cane and get Miku to the pawn shop place to help Minorikawa?
I feel doubtful anyone will be able to help me with this amount of information but I've solved everything except her story breaks everyone else's. I don't know where else to look and I'm about to just give up playing because I can't find any permutation that works. Any help is highly appreciated.
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2023.03.25 23:33 starlight_darkness 32 [M4F] Los Angeles Socal - Looking for my person. Do you wear black, band tees, vans, and love Halloween?

First, this might not be the best place to look but here I am. I've tried dating apps before and it seems like swiping is mostly based on physical appearance instead of who would be a good match.
Second, I have cats so if you're not a cat or at least an animal person, hope you're not allergic.
Third, I'm looking to establish trust and friendship first with no lies, games, or pressure and meet in real life not online and not long distance, with the goal of a ltr.
Fourth, for those who are bad at communicating or end conversations without an explanation, its better to just not contact me at all. Communication is a two way street and we all have busy lives, but it literally takes a few seconds to let someone know what's up, especially in an era where everyone is glued to their phone's screen.
And if you've read this far great! A bit about me, I'm Latino born and raised in socal. I rarely drink, dont smoke or do drugs. Non religious, apolitical, have no kids and never been married. While I may not have it all together, I have a full time job, a car, good credit, savings account, pay my own bills, do my own laundry and cook my own meals, so that's gotta count for something.
Im somewhat a homebody, especially after a long work week, but I do like to be out and about, usually spending my weekends outdoors like the beach or mountains, hiking, street fairs, new coffee / tea places, window shopping at the mall, movies, museums and the occasional concert / weekend trip. Shopping for dumb, cat, band and halloween / horror t shirts is one of my favorite past times. I've been told I have that "elder emo" look to me although I don't think so.
My sense of humor can vary. I can be sarcastic and have a tendency to jokingly give someone a hard time especially if i like being around them.
I'm big on music although I'm more into alt, punk, and metal than any other genre but I've been to a wide variety of concerts and can generally listen to anything with good lyrics or a story.
Single with no kids
Age 27-37
Has a car and a job
Local to the socal SGV area
Similar likes / interests
Positive attitude
Good with communication
Does not base relationships off of qualities out of one's control such as zodiac signs or height
Not looking for a rebound, side piece, poly, ex drama, or in an "its complicated" situation.
While i try to describe myself as best I can, I'd rather focus on similarities rather than differences, and build on that. With that being said everybody has their definition of what they want in a person. For me it's: Someone who not only takes, but also gives. Someone who likes to talk, but can also listen without judgment. Someone who isn't afraid to show affection. Someone who is willing to meet half way and compromise, instead of letting one person bear the load. Someone who does nice things out of kindness, not for reward. Someone who is going to have my back no matter what, not turn their back on me when times get tough.
There's a lot more to me and while I'm not perfect, I'm not looking for perfection either. We all make our own choices or decisions and I can honestly say I've got very little to no baggage, and no exes in my life. I don't carry the past into my present or future and don't believe in keeping toxic / negative people around. Maybe that needs to be put out there too.
So if you think we'd be a good fit for each other, are looking for someone similar, and can put in time and effort to see where it goes send me a message with some basic info and we can go from there.
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2023.03.25 23:33 starlight_darkness 32 [M4F] Los Angeles Socal - Looking for my person. Do you wear black, band tees, vans, and love Halloween?

First, this might not be the best place to look but here I am. I've tried dating apps before and it seems like swiping is mostly based on physical appearance instead of who would be a good match.
Second, I have cats so if you're not a cat or at least an animal person, hope you're not allergic.
Third, I'm looking to establish trust and friendship first with no lies, games, or pressure and meet in real life not online and not long distance, with the goal of a ltr.
Fourth, for those who are bad at communicating or end conversations without an explanation, its better to just not contact me at all. Communication is a two way street and we all have busy lives, but it literally takes a few seconds to let someone know what's up, especially in an era where everyone is glued to their phone's screen.
And if you've read this far great! A bit about me, I'm Latino born and raised in socal. I rarely drink, dont smoke or do drugs. Non religious, apolitical, have no kids and never been married. While I may not have it all together, I have a full time job, a car, good credit, savings account, pay my own bills, do my own laundry and cook my own meals, so that's gotta count for something.
Im somewhat a homebody, especially after a long work week, but I do like to be out and about, usually spending my weekends outdoors like the beach or mountains, hiking, street fairs, new coffee / tea places, window shopping at the mall, movies, museums and the occasional concert / weekend trip. Shopping for dumb, cat, band and halloween / horror t shirts is one of my favorite past times. I've been told I have that "elder emo" look to me although I don't think so.
My sense of humor can vary. I can be sarcastic and have a tendency to jokingly give someone a hard time especially if i like being around them.
I'm big on music although I'm more into alt, punk, and metal than any other genre but I've been to a wide variety of concerts and can generally listen to anything with good lyrics or a story.
Single with no kids
Age 27-37
Has a car and a job
Local to the socal SGV area
Similar likes / interests
Positive attitude
Good with communication
Does not base relationships off of qualities out of one's control such as zodiac signs or height
Not looking for a rebound, side piece, poly, ex drama, or in an "its complicated" situation.
While i try to describe myself as best I can, I'd rather focus on similarities rather than differences, and build on that. With that being said everybody has their definition of what they want in a person. For me it's: Someone who not only takes, but also gives. Someone who likes to talk, but can also listen without judgment. Someone who isn't afraid to show affection. Someone who is willing to meet half way and compromise, instead of letting one person bear the load. Someone who does nice things out of kindness, not for reward. Someone who is going to have my back no matter what, not turn their back on me when times get tough.
There's a lot more to me and while I'm not perfect, I'm not looking for perfection either. We all make our own choices or decisions and I can honestly say I've got very little to no baggage, and no exes in my life. I don't carry the past into my present or future and don't believe in keeping toxic / negative people around. Maybe that needs to be put out there too.
So if you think we'd be a good fit for each other, are looking for someone similar, and can put in time and effort to see where it goes send me a message with some basic info and we can go from there.
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2023.03.25 23:12 Altruistic_Race_6303 JAVIER LOPEZ CHABELO DIES TODAY AT THE AGE OF 88 - legal advice supports

The 88-year-old Mexican 'boy', player and captain Xavier López Rodríguez, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 88, will be remembered as Chapilo, a boisterous short-sleeved boy who was a part of life. Mexicans. He
played it for the first time in the fifties.
"It's a very sad morning," said the player's relatives.
Occasionally, you may receive promotional content from the San Diego Union-Tribune in Spanish.
In addition, López Miranda's family asked Mexicans and followers of the iconic Chapleau to pray for his consolation, as well as to allow him to mourn his death in peace.
“With a broken spirit and knowing that many, many people loved him for many years and will mourn his death, we ask you to pray for his comfort and the opportunity to grieve in peace the pain that overwhelms our entire family,” he said. say.
Although Chaplow grew up and lived most of his life in Mexico, López was born on February 17, 1935 in Chicago, United States, where his parents met and lived.
He served a few months at a military base in San Diego, although he never saw combat because the conflict had ended in those days.
Upon his return to Mexico after being recruited, he entered the university to study medicine, but by chance and necessity he began working as a general assistant for the nascent Mexican television.
On one occasion, the announcer and presenter Ramiro Gamboa “Tío Gamboin”, knowing his ability to imitate sounds, asked him to read a joke from a book.
It was about a father and a son named Chaplow, and when he read it, he did the voice of a boy who would accompany him from now on, despite his 300-foot height.
Gamboa invited him to tell him jokes on the air, and thus Chappelo was born during the broadcast of the children's musical Carrusel.
Also with the character began López's career in show business, which led him to abandon his medical studies.
After living for a time in New York, where he worked in theater and cinema, he returned to Mexico and worked as a scriptwriter for the program "La media hora de Chabelo" that had been on the air for more than seven years and from which comedy programs were derived. ..
He has worked in various film productions alongside famous directors such as Ismail Rodríguez and Arturo Ripstein, as well as comedians such as Germán Valdés "Tintín", Manuel "Loco Valdés", Gaspar Henin "Capullina" and Mario Moreno "Cantinflas".
In November 1967, he broadcasts his family-oriented Sunday game show En Familia with Chabelo, serving as writer, producer, and captain.
In 2012, he obtained two Guinness World Comments certificates for his 44 years as the presenter of "En familia con Chabelo" and for his work as an actor for 57 years playing the character "Chabelo, friend of all children."
Without a ban, on November 27, 2015, he announced the end of "En Familia", after 48 years of continuous broadcast on the Televisa network.
“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end,” Shapilo said in a video posted to social media after weeks of rumors about the fate of his show.
But he continued to act as the same boy in shorts until December of that year on the television show Parody, despite his wrinkled face and high, scratchy boyish voice.
But in 2018, many people heard his natural voice for the first time in the thriller "The Mongolian Conspiracy," in which he played a military man.
In 2019, he denied the rumors on the networks about alleged health problems and said in October, with his characteristic humor: "I'm fine. Those who stutter are very bad. With all my love, I send them a horn." A part of the life of Mexico has died
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2023.03.25 23:02 Morzo_Voidmaster Sassy Cola - three short stories describing a timeline where the future is guided by a soda company

3,659th Quarterly Meeting
Kilometer-long freighters docked and undocked from Port Vesta. Ventral doors opened to let in adamantine loading arms, the size of which existed only in tales of primordial titans for much of human history. Once reloaded, the ships departed for humanity's interstellar colonies at Tau Ceti, Aldebaran and Rigel. So choked with ship-induced warp bubbles was Vesta that stargazing was a fruitless pastime for many millions of kilometers out.
And all this was visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the most important conference room humanity had ever known.
Cool air circulated through the 40 by 20 by 5 meter room. 20.4 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature to keep ambitious minds in line with corporate procedure. And no minds were more ambitious than those sitting in here.
9 of the most powerful human beings alive sat around the rectangular conference table, four on each of its long sides and one at the end farthest from the door. Their perfect faces were reflected in its polished black marble, craftsmanship reflecting in craftsmanship, one working in flesh and the other in stone. Their suits ran the gamut of subdued color, from black to gray to blue to beige to brown, though all but one had a metallic sheen. No one tried speaking before the meeting began. Everything that would be said today had been written and rewritten over the previous weeks. Today was a formality, a tradition practiced by an organization that had existed for 914 years.
Yet everyone in the room knew that the predetermined decision formalized today thrust their organization into foreign territory.
The man at the end of the table stood up. His dark brown suit was only two shades distant from his dark brown skin, most on display on his shaved and polished head. He removed his black-framed glasses from their perch 210 centimeters above the floor and tucked them into his breast pocket, 170 centimeters above the floor.
"Members of The Board," he said, "I declare this, the 3,659th quarterly meeting, open."
A woman, nearest on his left, stood up as he sat down. She wore a beige suit whose metallic sheen paled in comparison to her voluminous blonde hair. In her lilly white hands was the Quarterly Profit Report.
"Mr. CEO," she said in her most authoritative voice, "I'm proud to report that we have once again met the expectations of the founder. From July 1st to September 30th, 2999 CE, we maintained a profit margin of 80.0 %. As of September 30th, we hold a market share of 99 % and a market capitalization of 400 quadrillion credits."
The woman sat down. The other eight clapped their approval.
A man, nearest on Mr. CEO's right, stood up. His gray suit complemented the full head of silver hair installed on his scalp and chin. Strong and youthful hands, grown in a vat and transplanted onto this bicentenarian, held the Readiness Assessment Report from the R&D Department.
"The Instant Sassy program has achieved level 4 certainty as of August 16th, 2999 CE. They can now create a maximum of 1 kilogram of mass and replicate drink and bottle in one go. Mass production of the Instant Sassy vending machines awaits your approval, Mr. CEO."
The man sat down. Clapping ensued.
Five more members of The Board provided their tidbits of information, but everyone knew the best was saved until last.
A young man, actually young in contrast to everyone else's purchased youth, rose from his seat at the doorward end of Mr. CEO'S left side. He wasn't more than 30. He was only 160 centimeters in height. His hair and suit were both pitch black and without sheen. Most of the board wondered if the boy even combed. He certainly didn't shave. His delicate fingers held a one page legal summary.
"Mr. CEO," he said in a monotone lawyer-stating-the-facts voice, "it has come to the attention of the legal department that a small firm at Rigel is selling a 1-to-1 clone of Sassy Cola, though under the branding of Flash Cola. As there is no reliable intellectual property enforcement that far out, we suggest Sassy Cola Company perform a cease-and-desist operation."
The clapping that followed was, as planned, subdued to balance The Board's recognition of his work and the dire situation he described.
Mr. CEO stood once more to give the final address.
"Members of The Board, we stand at a precipice. Military action against a small firm is a bold move. Then again, the Sassy Cola Company is no stranger to bold moves. It was a bold move when in 2085 my great great grandmother started this company in order to sell her sassafras-enriched soda. It was a bold move when we spent the 23rd century expanding Earth's launch capabilities so that humanity could colonize the solar system and thereby create new markets for Sassy Cola. And it was a bold move when in 2610 we invented the FTL warp drive so that humanity could settle the stars and buy more Sassy Cola. So let's put this to a vote. All in favor of sending a cease-and-desist?"
Five members raised their right hand.
"All opposed?"
Three other members raised their right hand.
"Five for and three against. And I vote in favor, giving the issue the 2/3 majority it needs. A cease-and-desist will be sent to Rigel as soon as the ship is ready. I declare this, the 3,659th Quarterly Meeting, adjourned."
All nine stood and clapped, excessively, as if their noise could bury the question of ethics.
Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, a kilometer-long ship (built by Sassy Heavy Industries) docked at Port Vesta (technically Sassy Drive Yards) and loaded up with cargo containers (built and owned by Sassy Shipping) to be delivered to Aldebaran (Sassy Cola Aldebaran, subsidiary).
Dr. Megalomanovich
The walls and ceiling and floor of the office never stayed the same color for long. They meandered through the greens, brighter then darker, strolled along the beach with various tans, took a dip in the water with cyan blue and finished by going back to the greens. They were cymolds, cybernetic funguses, and they formed the surface of every room in the administration wing of Sassy Research Installation #544.
It wasn't a very well publicized installation. No research from here had ever appeared on Sassy Science Direct's Top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year. Of course, that meant what they were doing was very, very important. Another reason to locate the place so far from the rest of human civilization.
Far from civilization is a relative term. To be far on the surface of a planet, you got to be, eh, 100 kilometers away. To be far in the context of a star system, make that 100 million kilometers. To be far from humanity in the year 3535 CE, you have to be 100 light years away. And that's just what we were. 100 light years separated us from the nearest human outpost. Not the nearest built-up star system or lone asteroid city. No, I mean 100 light years from the nearest hitch-em-up, one warpship, sorry excuse for an outpost. Nothing lay in-between and no one was coming to rescue you if you broke down halfway.
But that was the price of admission if you wanted to meet Dr. Megalomanovich.
To the layman, his name means nothing. To the educated, resentment. To the dreamers, hope. He is the greatest mind of our time bar none. And, like all great minds, he has created controversy.
The cymold on these walls was invented by him while he was still in secondary school 150 years ago. He designed the meter-thick mycelium fibers which root Installation #544 to its carbonaceous asteroid in an undergraduate mycology class. Since then he has: led a team which developed an all-biological fusion reactor, led another team that made a proof of concept for matter-antimatter annihilation based metabolism and singlehandedly created a cow subspecies that produces Sassy Cola instead of milk.
This last accomplishment most impressed the one and only financial backer of all human science, the Sassy Cola Company.
It didn't matter that Sassy Cola was already made in the most efficient way physically possible, by assembling it, bottle and all, from the fundamental elements themselves via vending machine MDROM-derived replicators, because Sassy from an udder was cool to the average consumer.
And so Dr. Megalomanovich was scooped up and shipped off to Installation #544. Here he has remained for 120 years doing . . . something. I'm here to find out what.
A chubby man with pudge stuffed unsuccessfully into a white lab coat walked in to the office. His eyes had been replaced by cybernetics—not eyes, but an assortment of twitching miniature radar dishes and antennae. His thick white hair is gelled straight back like the racing helmet of a bicyclist. It took me a minute to realize that this man was the good doctor.
"Dr. Megalomanovich?," said I.
"Who else were you expecting in Dr. Megalomanovich's office?"
"No one. I mean you, but, but—"
"You have only seen my younger self. Likely from my exploits in producing that wondrous strain of cow which produces delicious Sassy Cola."
"I know you from more than just that."
"I don't know why, all my other stuff had nothing to do with Sassy Cola."
He ripped some of the cymold off the wall with one of his olive green gloved hands. Beneath it is barren rock, half-digested by the lithovorous cymold.
"I mean, the antimatter-powered life thing was pretty neat," said I.
"Pretty neat? PRETTY NEAT?!?"
I shrank in my seat and whimpered, "Yeah."
"I'll show you neat my boy. Follow me through the teleporter!"
Rubber fingers pressed a sequence on the door's keypad with inhuman speed. The metal door dissolved away and only a teleporter field remained.
For those who've not seen the new 2D intrabrane teleporters—or thresholds as their called—you're in for a treat. Not only are they compact and have ranges up to a light year, but they allow light to pass through so you can see where the hell you're going. Not all light; hard ultraviolet and above get filtered out as do large energy differences. So if you're traveling from a paradise planet to a spaceship and that spaceship's warp drive has an oopsie, the 1 billion kelvin nuclear fireball won't char your burgers.
We weren't traveling to a paradise planet, at least not in the traditional sense. To a neogeneticist like myself it was heavenly.
I noted three things when I first stepped through. 1, the whole environment was bathed in the orange light of a red dwarf star. 2, the environment was divided between land—the cliffside we were standing on—and a bubbling black sea of what turned out to be Sassy Cola stretching toward the horizon. 3, the animals.
I don't know why the animals stood out to me over what I assumed were plants. They weren't actually plants but a form of lichen—but, but, but the prejudice toward the animals was still there. In fairness, they were pretty enigmatic. One of them crawled along the ground with a head that was entirely tongue, licking up the lichen bulbs like pieces of candy. Another one looked like a tree, but on closer inspection was an amphibious anemone, its roots sunk into the shallow sea's floor and its tentacles reaching out of the water to grasp a third creature—a bird of some kind whose flight was aided by gas bags on its underbelly.
"Behold, my masterpiece," said Dr. Megalomanovich.
"It's beautiful beyond words," said I. "How did it come about?"
"By way of 120 years' hard labor. Shortly after my Sassy Cow achieved galactic fame, The Board granted me with a research installation of my own. In return, I was to do the impossible: abiogenesis."
"To create life from nonlife."
"You had gotten close with the antimatter metabolism trial."
"Indeed I had. And that is why I refused to take any hand-me-down help from Earth's biota. From the beginning I wanted my life to run differently. I couldn't find a way to replace carbon as the backbone, but I was able to swap out water for Sassy Cola."
"You're telling me that in every cell of every one of these creatures is Sassy Cola?"
"It is their water."
"Do you have a few years?"
"Unfortunately, I don't. Even this little jaunt is wasting my precious time."
"Speaking of time, how did they grow so fast?"
"Accelerated evolution through computer-aided keystone transcription errors."
"Again, I don't have years to waste teaching you. I waste enough time teaching the installation's staff."
"When do you plan on showing your masterpiece to the wider galaxy?"
"My masterpiece will show itself to the galaxy when it is ready. There is no doubt in my mind that a day will come when a creature on this world will take a rock and bash it against the head of another and say 'eureka!' before pondering the philosophical implications of taking a life."
"Anything is possible when your body is 70 % Sassy Cola."
The Bimillennial Celebration
Upon receiving the invitation, I couldn't wait to go to the Bimillennial Celebration at Sol, though I did worry how I'd be received in turn. Few humans outside my corner of space had ever met a nonhuman sapient before. It didn't help that I lacked so much as a species name to give them.
If it were up to me, I'd name us astrographically, by the planet we live on. In that case we would be called the Sasserines after Planet Sasser. It's not a good moniker; too nationalistic when our distinguishing characteristic is first and foremost biological. So I dropped the case and made it sasserine. Yes, much better. It's less proper, more grounded, more biological. It is this species name that I used in my travels.
The first stop on my journey was at the derelict Research Installation #544. Humans abandoned it long ago when the Sassy Cola Company's fortunes took a turn for the worse. Now it was kept up by us sasserines as a heritage site. I left a bouquet on The Good Doctor's shrine, shed a few sticky tears and moved on. The tiny warpship I had chartered had an impatient pilot.
That pilot turned into quite an annoyance during our two weeks together, for he asked questions that became more and more inappropriate with time. I'm not one to disparage curiosity—I'm a scientist after all—but I fail to see the scientific necessity of revealing which variety of Sassy Cola I urinate.
My next stop was Rigel, a blue giant star that shined 1 million times brighter than Sasser's red dwarf. Since Sassy Cola's monopoly of both power and soda had waned, I found many other brands on offering, including one called Flash Cola. Flash's slogan summarized its claim to fame: "Resist the Sass and Drink a Flash!" I briefly wondered what Sasser's biosphere would look like if it were based on Flash Cola instead of Sassy Cola. I purged this thought experiment from my mind upon realizing that the planet would likely be named Flasher and we the flasherines.
Onward to Sol by way of Aldebaran. This leg was much more pleasant than the last as I had booked a room aboard one of the last functioning warpships of Sassy Cruise Lines. Luxury abounded and even my rational mind almost succumbed to the temptation of using the rest of my money to stay aboard til death. But such an act would break the terms of the invitation.
Sol, the most ancient and most populous star in settled space, was the venue for the greatest party ever thrown by humanity. Derelict Sassy Cola freighters had each been converted into a single light bulb and arranged by the hundreds to create a sign at Neptune's distance from the sun reading, "2,000 SASSY YEARS!"
I'm not normally a party person. Secluded reading is my pastime of choice. Yet I couldn't help but crack a Sassy with every human who asked me to join them. Why not?, I thought. After all, without the Sassy Cola Company, I wouldn't be alive.
The solar system felt like it held the totality of settled space within its borders. Port Vesta alone held hundreds of distinct cultural groups from just as many star systems. I met 35 of them on my 5 kilometer walk from Sassy Cruise Lines' designated dock to the hotel where I was to be staying. Sassy Cola's monolithic corporate culture was no longer humanity's culture. People were being themselves again.
And that included being suspicious of outsiders, especially ones from a different tree of life.
I felt eyes all around me. I had drunk too much Sassy Cola, besting even the worst human junkies. I sweat the drink. I urinated the drink. Boys and girls inspected me like a zoo animal every time I went to one of Port Vesta's many street markets. It overwhelmed me and I left early for my meeting on Earth.
Orbital space around humanity's homeworld is so congested with infrastructure that teleporter range around Earth is limited, by law, to a mere 1,000 kilometers, 1 billionth of what it is everywhere else. To get to the planet's surface I had to leapfrog from orbital plate to orbital plate, often having to cross a single plate by way of a couple teleports. Yes, they are that large. Most contain surface areas and populations similar to Earth's 21st century nations-states. After visiting 57 nation-state-orbital-plates against my will, I arrived at Earth's surface.
At least I had reached the top surface. Earth is a shellworld with 15 surfaces, each named after a variety of Sassy Cola. I was on Sassy Orange and needed to get down to Sassy Cola Classic, 7 surfaces below. Teleportation law was even stricter here than in orbit. The technology was used exclusively to ferry people between surface levels and teleporters only existed in the atlas towers which held the next surface.
I was awestruck upon first seeing an atlas tower as they occur nowhere but Earth. From green pasture it rose into the cloud cover above. Through those clouds, ten kilometers up, lay gigatons of diamond hard plating topped with teratons of granite, soil, lakes, rivers and cities. I was under a planet-encapsulating house held up by countless pylons, themselves kept rigid only as long as the power flowed. Luckily, it always did.
The atlas towers also serve as propagandistic monuments, each shaped like a bottle of Sassy, though of the variety which matches the name of the surface level they exist on. The Sassy Cola Company had its detractors, but the fact that the corporate superpower had built Earth into what it is today went unquestioned.
I eventually arrived at surface level 7, or Sassy Cola Classic. The 7 surfaces above had replaced Earth's original troposphere and stratosphere. The 7 surfaces below existed where the planet's crust once did. Together, the 15 shells supported 20 trillion humans living in spacious luxury—though no one had more spacious luxury than The Board.
Their 1 billion hectare estate is a combination art piece, capital, pilgrimage site and tomb. No teleporters exist within its borders. The atlas towers there are disguised as steep mountains on their bottom halves and cumulonimbus clouds columns on their tops.
Dwarfed by these gigantic illusions are the many castles of the estate. One of these castles serves as the estate's north entrance and holds the Sassy Parliament Building. In here convene two houses, a lower house elected by the Sassy Cola Company's 100 trillion shareholders across settled space and an upper house chosen by The Board.
The lower house had drawn up the invitation program and voted 67,306 to 32,694 to pass it. The upper house hesitated, unsure whether they wanted "billions of yokels trampling through the estate." They passed it with the exact bare minimum of votes, 600 to 300.
The addition of a clause limiting it to 10,000 "yokels" that came in tour groups of 50 per hour was the deciding factor in passing the invitation program. Now I was part of one of those groups, an ordinary ambassador for the world of Sasser, though I doubted that cultural and economic exchange, two bullet point motives of the program, were occuring.
Oh well, I thought as I boarded the maglev train to the next destination.
The nine members of The Board lived in nine penthouses atop nine towers near the center of the estate. I'd remark on the penthouses' reported opulence if 200 stories of height and the estate's no-cameras policy hadn't isolated us from them. I imagine they like it up there, otherwise I can't fathom why they'd live so secluded from the rest of their species. I wondered what such recluses thought of Planet Sasser and the sasserines or the invitation sent to me by their personally selected managers. But I'd little time to ponder as the maglev neared my stop.
At the very center of the estate sits a diamondoid hemisphere 10 kilometers in diameter. Inside exists a full recreation of one late 21st century American small town. The maglev line terminated at the entrance to the dome where a bright green sign reading "Tupelo" hung.
The rest of the tour group was just as in awe as I when we walked inside and found ourselves surrounded by single family homes along four lane roads with no sidewalks. From the artificial blue sky above came laser beams which generated holograms of moving vehicles. They veered around our group even though the lasers would cause nothing worse than a slight tingle on the skin. A human dressed in a law enforcement uniform of the time led us to the predetermined sacred sites.
First we stopped at the hospital where The Founder was born, then the double wide trailer where The Founder grew up and, finally, the soda shop where The Founder introduced the world to Sassy Cola in 2085.
I obsessed over this last stop. Burned into my psyche is the memory of the artificial sun rays shining through the shop's stained glass windows and onto the stainless steel counter. I took in every scent and sound and touch; the bittersweet sassafras laying in sacks in the corner, the scratching of our shoes on the artificially cracked and yellowed linoleum floor and the coolness of the counter on my cheek when I laid my head down in defiance of the guide's orders.
At the end we all had a thimble full of Sassy Cola made from the recreated soda jerk. It was inferior to every drop of Sassy that I'd drunk since birth. Even my blood, filled with the wastes of cellular respiration, likely tasted better.
But taste alone didn't determine the value of this thimble. The drink represented conception, its serving the initialization of the two millennia of change that followed. Just as water was a prerequisite for all Earth life, so Sassy Cola was a prerequisite for all life on Sasser.
This soda was the origin of everything I am. I believe that's cause for celebration.
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2023.03.25 22:30 CindyBanksTeam West Chicago Gem!

Unexpected gem in the heart of West Chicago at 3N104 Crest Ct. Call for details!
📧[email protected]
#luxuryinthesuburbs #singlefamilyhome #homedecor #westchicagorealestate #realtor #brokerowner #shopping #tour #fourseasonsroom #cindybanksteam
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2023.03.25 22:28 TeamINSTINCT37 Wizards Draft Outlook


With the season coming to a close soon it's about time to start looking at our draft pick situation and where we are likely to end up as well as who is likely to be on the board for our pick.
First off, what spot are we ending up at? Currently we are tied with the Pacers for the 7th spot. 2 games ahead of the Magic (with a game left against them) and less than 4 games separate us from half a dozen more teams. We are far enough out that we could be anywhere from 5th to 15th and it wouldn't be that crazy. One thing to note, if we do make the playoffs, we are losing our first to the Knicks that we traded away long ago to the Rockets in the original Westbrook deal.
With 8 games to go, here are how things stack up in terms of standings currently (I am including all teams within 4 games ahead or behind)
Pos. Team Record GD Rem. SOS Proj. Wins
5 Magic 31-43 -2 11 34
6 Blazers 32-41 -0.5 14 36
7 Pacers 33-41 - 13 36
8 Wizards 33-41 - 12 37
9 Jazz 35-38 2.5 7 38
10 Bulls 35-28 2.5 18 40
11 Mavs 36-38 3 24 40
12 Thunder 36-38 3 28 40
13 Raptors 36-38 3 4 40
14 Pelicans 36-37 3.5 3 40
15 Hawks 36-37 3.5 2 41
16 Wolves 37-37 4 21 42
17 Lakers 37-37 4 26 42
I hope that gives a decent look into where we are currently at. For the teams better than us none seem to be outright tanking AFAIK, but the Jazz are a team that could overtake us. Neither Chicago nor Dallas have any incentive to tank as they don't have their pick. It's somewhat of a crapshoot as to whether any of those teams will fall into our range so I won't dive that deep into it right now, but I will take a look at the teams that are ahead of us in the draft order.
Pacers: Haliburton is coming back from an injury and they are playing him. Myles Turner on the other hand is questionable with "soreness". Winning tonight against the Hawks would be huge for us (tie game 10 minutes in but Turner is out), but they only have one other easier game against Detroit the rest of the way.
Blazers: Dame, Grant, and Simons are all sitting for dubious reasons and with only one gimme left on the schedule I don't see us catching them without some shenanigans of our own.
Magic: They are a young team and don't seem to be tanking egregiously, but to pass them in the order we most likely have to lose to them at home.
With all this information, it's hard to see us moving up any higher than 7th in the draft order. We have a similar remaining strength of schedule but we have some easier opponents and games that I think we can win if someone like KP is playing.


First, let me address the lottery odds. If we do indeed land at 7 we will have a 31.9% chance of a top 4 pick and a 7.5% chance of #1 which really isn't that bad. Our lottery luck hasn't been great so maybe we finally will move up and get that franchise changing type of guy. In this case, on average, our draft position will be 6.2.
Fun Fact: In every draft since 2017 the 7th team pre lottery has moved up to the top 4!
For the sake of the post, I'll ignore the possibility of moving up and talk about our realistic options.
So, I'm no draft expert, but I've followed this class for a bit and here are the prospects I simply don't see falling to 7:
Victory Wembanyama
Scoot Henderson
Brandon Miller
Amen Thompson
That is pretty much the list. I could maybe maybe see Amen falling as there are concerns with his level of competition and shooting, but as a PG with that size athleticism combo, it's hard to see it happening.
This leaves me with a pretty decent sized pool of 7 guys that I think we could draft barring any shake ups and stock risers.
  1. Ausar Thompson: The twin brother of Amen is similar physically but with a different skillset. More of a wing than a point, Ausar can shoot the ball better and has tons of upside. At the moment he seems likely to go a couple picks ahead of us, but he definitely could be on the board.
  2. Cam Whitmore: A local wing out of Maryland that has shown great promise, but has some flaws. He is really young (only 18), a great athlete, and can score well, but at the same time may be a bit small height-wise, and his playmaking at Villanova was dreadful with a sub .5 AST:TO ratio. May go a bit higher, but his stock isn't cemented.
  3. Jarace Walker: Big bodied freshman that played for Houston. Great size, awesome defense, and lots of things to like on the offensive side. Not super polished but there's a lot to like. This is the last guy on my list I think has a decent chance of being taken before we pick.
That rounds out the relatively consensus top 7 players at the moment (I have seen any of one of those first 3 at 7 in at least one big board or mock draft) and brings us to the guys that we can start getting excited about without being super scared of them getting stolen away.
  1. Anthony Black: Freshman G for Arkansas, Black is a prospect I'm a big fan of and someone that I think we might take. Lots of playmaking potential, great size at 6'7", great airtime, and a plus defender. Not the best shooter yet, but he reminds me of Josh Giddey in the way he plays.
  2. Keyonte George: Freshman from Baylor that gets a lot of Bradley Beal comps. Not super efficient in college and positionally pretty redundant as a score first guard. Not super high on him and don't think we pick him but he is a very exciting player that I could see excel in the right situation.
  3. Gradey Dick: The freshman sniper from Kansas will remind us a lot of Corey Kispert so I don't see fans being enthused at picking another player in his mold just 2 years later, but he has his upsides. A lot younger than Corey and with a bit more length to him he could be a bit more versatile.
  4. Cason Wallace: This Kentucky freshman is what we wanted last year, but unfortunately he's a year late. I still remember all the debates about what point guard we should take, but with no good PGs at our pick range last year we ended up with Johnny Davis. Cason is a great defender and just has a great feel for the game. Not particularly flashy but does his job well.
Some other guys that could eke their way into the conversation are Taylor Hendricks or Nick Smith Jr.
Personally I'm a big fan of Anthony Black, and he is probably the #1 guy I'm hoping we land in the draft. The future of this franchise is very unclear, but if we do intend on keeping Brad, KP, and Kuz around I think he could complement them really well.
If anyone liked this I might do another one as the season draws near a close and I can go into individual game outcomes more closely.
TLDR: I think the Wizards are likely to land as 7th or 8th in the draft order. This gives us a decent chance to move up to the top 4, but if we don't there are some solid prospects to choose from that you can read about above. This definitely feels like a deeper top 10 than last year and even if we fail at tanking I like our choices.
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2023.03.25 22:28 Noy2222 Larger Than Life

Title: "Larger Than Life"
Genre: Sci-Fi Dramedy
Logline: When quirky yet determined scientist Dr. Ellie Warren's latest experiment goes awry, she finds herself transformed into a 50-foot-tall giant. As she navigates her new reality, Ellie must grapple with the challenges of living "larger than life" while seeking a cure and discovering her own hidden strengths.
Plot: Meet Dr. Ellie Warren, a brilliant but underappreciated researcher working in a cutting-edge biotech lab. In her pursuit of scientific breakthroughs, Ellie is conducting a high-stakes experiment involving DNA manipulation and growth hormones. But things take an unexpected turn when a lab accident exposes Ellie to her experimental concoction. The result: Ellie grows to a staggering height of 50 feet!
The transformation leaves Ellie in a state of shock. She's now a literal giant, towering over the world around her. The military swoops in, hoping to use Ellie's unique abilities for their own gain, but Ellie refuses to be their pawn. Escaping their grasp, she sets out on an extraordinary journey to find a cure.
As a giant, Ellie faces a host of challenges: navigating city streets without crushing cars, communicating with tiny humans, and fending off pesky helicopters. But amidst the chaos, Ellie finds unexpected moments of joy. She makes new friends, including a group of fellow "misfits" who support her in her quest for normalcy. She also gains a new perspective on life, seeing the world from a vantage point few have ever experienced.
As Ellie searches for a cure, she encounters Dr. Max Henderson, a charming and ambitious scientist who claims to have the solution. But Ellie quickly realizes that Max's motivations aren't entirely altruistic—he has his own plans for her extraordinary abilities.
In a race against time, Ellie must confront Max and his nefarious schemes. Along the way, she discovers that her size doesn't define her worth, and that she's capable of achieving greatness—no matter her height.
Self-acceptance and self-discovery Embracing one's uniqueness and individuality The struggle for autonomy and agency in a world that seeks to control you The importance of friendship and solidarity in overcoming adversity
Tone: "Larger Than Life" is a blend of sci-fi, drama, and comedy. While exploring thought-provoking themes, the show maintains a lighthearted and whimsical tone, infused with moments of humor and levity.
The show's visual style plays with perspective, capturing the world from Ellie's point of view as a giant. It explores the juxtaposition of the mundane and the fantastical, inviting viewers to see the world through a new lens.
"Larger Than Life" ultimately delivers an uplifting and empowering message, celebrating the idea that anyone, regardless of size, can make a big impact on the world.
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2023.03.25 22:04 wefrwer3 David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live Stream @Reddit

BoxingStreams/Reddit!! Check all options to listen or Watch David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live streaming for free on Reddit, Crackstreams One of the biggest bouts Boxing history took place on Saturday, March 25, 2023.Lets see below between Boxing streams Benavidez vs Plant live where and how to watch free from any location.

WATCH NOW 🔴🔰📺►👉David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live Stream
LIVE FREE 🔴🔰📺►👉David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live Stream

awrence Benavidez makes another defense of his WBO world cruiserweight title on Saturday night when he takes on New Zealand’s David Plant.
It has been over a year since Benavidez last fought and he will be hoping this can be the start of a busy 2023 where he will look to unify all the world title belts at 200lbs.
This fight against Plant will also mark the start of a new stage in Benavidez’s career with new trainer Sugar Hill Steward in his corner instead of Shane McGuigan.
Here’s everything you need to know about Benavidez vs Plant
When is Benavidez vs Plant? Date, Start Time
Date: Saturday, March 25
Start time: 7 p.m. GMT / 3 p.m. ET
Main event ring walks (approx): 10 p.m. GMT / 6 p.m. ET
The event is set to get underway at 7 p.m. GMT / 3 p.m. ET with the main event ring walks scheduled for 10 p.m. GMT / 6 p.m. ET. These timings could change due to the length of the undercard fights
What Channel is Benavidez vs Plant Stream
U.S.: ProBox TV
UK: Sky Sports
Sky Sports will broadcast the fight in the UK, the U.S. broadcaster will be ProBox TV
Where is The Benavidez vs Plant Fight
The fight takes place at the AO Arena in Manchester, England
Lawrence Benavidez Record And Bio
Nationality: British
Age: 30
Height: 6′ 5″
Reach: 82.5″
Total fights: 18
Record: 18-0 (14 KOs)
David Plant Record And Bio
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 31
Height: 6′ 1.5″
Reach: N/A
Total fights: 20
Record: 20-0 (12 KOs)
Benavidez vs Plant undercard
Lawrence Benavidez vs. David Plant; For Benavidez’s WBO world cruiserweight title
Michael Gomez Jr vs. Levi Giles; Super featherweight
Frazer Clarke vs. Rydell Booker; Heavyweight
Callum Simpson vs. Celso Neves; Super middleweight
Aaron McKenna vs. Lukas Ndafoluma; Middleweight
Samuel Antwi vs. Omir Rodriguez; Plant middleweight
Shakiel Thompson vs. Robert Talarek; Middleweight
Karriss Artingstall vs. Linzi Buczynskyj; Featherweight
Rhys Edwards vs. Brian Phillips; Featherweight
Frankie Stringer vs. TBA; Plantweight
Harvey Lambert vs. Casey Brown; Plant middleweight
Benavidez vs Plant Live Stream in the US
You’re going to need ESPN+ to watch the David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant fight in the U.S.. ESPN Plus costs $9.99 per month and $99 per ’re gonna need ESPN Plus for Jean Pascal vs Michael Eifert
Benavidez vs Plant Live Stream in the UK
David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live Stream, unlike the Boxing PPVs, are at a decent time of day no matter if you’re across the pond or down the U.K., you’ll likely see David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant ring walks at around 10 p.m. GMT, an even earlier time of day than American fans usually get it. It’s live on BT Sport Box Office where it costs £19.95.
Benavidez vs Plant Live Stream in the AUS
In Australia, David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant is live on Sunday at 5 a.m. AEDT on Kayo where it costs AUS $29.95 — but you don’t need a Kayo subscription to stream the event.
How to Watch Benavidez vs Plant Live Stream
David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live on in over 200 countries across the globe (excluding Mexico and Latin America). You can sign up for a subscription here. However if you are in Argentina, Chile and Colombia you must download the Showtime app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store and then sign up from there, rather than via web browser.
Espn+ That’s great news for Boxing and the expansion of the sport of Boxing, but bad news for consumer choice. Especially if you’re one of the Boxing fans who want to watch Boxing in the US.
Fight fans in the U.S. and Canada can watch the fight on DAZN, more information can be found here.
Boxing fans in the UK can watch David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant exclusively through Sky Sports. There are more options if you live in Australia. You can Watch David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant through the Main Event on Foxtel PPV. You can also watch on the Boxing website or using its app. You can even order using your PlayStation or using the Boxing app on your Xbox
the available options for live streaming Boxing include:
Foxtel PPV.
Hulu + Live TV.
Sling TV.
YouTube TV.
Sony LIV.
ESPN Channel
Fans in the US can watch the David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Fight on ESPN+. It is the main telecast rights holder. The Boxing Fight can also be live-streamed on the website of ESPN+. You can watch the match via a PPV basis.
The price for the Pay Per View is about $6.99 but you will have to create a PPV account in order to access the match.
Direct TV:
Direct TV is another channel to watch the David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant match. The users can watch over 65 channels to watch on your preferred device. But for that, you will be required to have an internet connection which should be fast. Users of the Direct TV cable services can subscribe directly to the services and there are a lot of channels along with ESPN+
Sling TV:
Sling TV is another platform to watch the David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Fight. The online streaming platform provides its users with several TV channels to watch. Sling TV has many packages and has all the channels in all the packages. But when you sign for a particular package make sure it has all the channels that you
need. ESPN+ is also included in the package and fans should make sure that they are able to access it.
PS Vue:
PlayStation Vue is the channel for live streaming that is aided by the gaming company PlayStation. For a monthly price of $45, users will get all their favorite TV channels to watch on their favorite devices. The channel offers a 5-day free trial where Boxing fans gain benefits to getting access to the ESPN+ channel. Fans have to pay to access PS Vue as it is available on PPV.
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2023.03.25 21:43 travellinman09 SOME OLD GEMS!

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2023.03.25 21:43 arca650 Best Sandwiches

Just want to make an appreciation post for Andrea Sulemeria. This is a family owned business in the heights on central that make authentic Italian sandwiches at the same price of any subway chain. The bread and cuts are always fresh and the staff there are super nice and welcoming. Unfortunately they are opening a subway right next door. Let’s keep supporting this family owned shop and keep what makes Jersey City great!
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2023.03.25 21:25 ComfortablyImperfect 2023 32 Teams/32 Days: Minnesota Vikings

2022 Offseason (Free Agency, Draft) - Link to 2022 offseason review courtesy of uggsandstarbux .

Season review

Weeks 1-7: the good start

With the coaching changes in the offseason and the lost of some big name defensive players it felt like going into week one this might be the start of a rebuild season. A unexpected surprisingly good start with only the week 2 loss breaking up a fast start.
Week 1: 9/11 versus Green Bay Packers W 23 - 7 About as good as a starter as Viking fandom can ask for. GB seemed unwilling or unable to cover Justin Jefferson who had a outstanding 9 receptions, 184 yards 2 TD
Week 2: 9/19 at Philadelphia Eagles L 7 - 24 What GB was unable to do week 1 had Philadelphia ready for week 2 pairing Darius Slay squarely on Jeffersons hip holding his 6 receptions to a mere 48 yards
Week 3: 9/25 versus Detroit Lions W 28 - 24 In hindsight this game was closer than it should have been, though after the loss in Philly this was reassurance at the time.
Week 4: 10/2 versus New Orleans Saints in England W 28-25 Sneaking a lead in the last 30 seconds by a FB was unexpected, the Saints failing to make theres to tie it soon after even more unexpected.
Week 5: 10/9 versus Chicago W 29-22 This writer has no memories of this game outside noting this makes the third straight win by one score to that wont be more substantial to later in the season.
Week 6: 10/16 at Miami W 24-16 Like week 5 this was another one score win though more memorable was this was Dalvin Cooks first game in Miami where he was born and that made it a bit more sentimental a win. Also learned in this game that Miami's stadium is built such that the visiting sideline is never in shade and is often much hotter than the home team.
Week 7: Bye week

Weeks 8-13: the streak

what started as a good start to the season started to build momentum mid season as Minneosota would win 8 straight. None of these games would be as easy and were often determined by a TD or less, with Minnesota often putting points up early and surviving 2-3 quarters to win in dramatic fashion the fourth quarter. This is also when it starts to become clear to many that the defensive scheme was good on paper and making things difficult on the field.
Week 8: 10/30 versus Arizona W 34-26 Much like week 5 nothing comes to mind looking at this week off hand. Another closer then it should have been win to keep the streak alive.
On November 1, 2022, the Lions traded Hockenson along with a 2023 fourth-round draft pick and a conditional 2024 fourth-round draft pick to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a 2023 second-round pick and a 2024 third-round draft pick.
Week 9: 11/6 at Washington W 20-17 Apparently, a tradition started after the week 4 win on the plane ride home the team celebrated by having Kirk wear chains. Why this is significant now week 9 is a video of a shirtless Kirko Chainz went viral after this win.
Week 10: 11/13 at Buffalo in OT W 33-30 Two big takeaways this week: Buffalo effectively gave the game or in the very least kept Minnesota's chances alive through some bad moments though this is very much over shadowed by the catch of the year
Week 11: 11/20 versus Dallas L 3-40 All good things must come to an end, and so does the Vikings winning streak starting season 3. One glaring, obvious thing to note is a problem that has been lurking just under the surface all season: Ed Donatells infamous bend-dont-break defensive scheme was just delicious to Dallas.
Week 12: 11/24 versus New England W 33-26 Thankfully a quick bounce back and win after the loss earlier in the week, what is most memorable about this Thanksgiving Day game is afterward Adam saying the turkey is dry
Week 13: 12/4 versus NY Jets W 27-22 After the win week 12 this started to look like the start of another series of wins by one score, alas it was not meant to be.

Weeks 14-Playoffs

Starting with the week 14 loss the end of the season ended sourly. The long win streak was over, Minnesota will lose to teams they had won against earlier in the season. Even after clinching the NFC north and a playoff spot there was not much hope of a deep playoff drive.
Week 14: 12/11 at Detroit L 23-34 While this loss was not memorable at the time of the writing here, Detroit and Dan Campbell were on a hot streak and as close as the game was week 3 this outcome was not a surprise.
Week 15: 12/17 versus Indianapolis W 39-36 This was the game of two halves. First half the Vikings could not get anything going while Indianapolis took advantage of some big opportunities to run the score up 33 - 0 at halftime. Second half the Vikings mounted the greatest comeback in NFL history managing to tie the game up and surviving to overtime before sealing the win.
Week 16: 12/24 versus NY Giants W 27-24
Week 17: 01/01 at GB L 17-41
Week 18: 01/08 at Chicago W 29 - 13
Wildcard: 1/15 versus NY Giants L 24 -31
#Quick Stats
672 Pass attempts (3rd most in NFL)
66.7 Completion percentage (4th most in NFL)
7.2 Yards Per Attempt (10th most in NFL)
30 Passing Touch Downs (4th most in NFL)
15 Interceptions (7th most in NFL)
47 Sacks (8th most in NFL)
404 Rush Attempts (5th fewest in NFL)
4.1 Yards per Carry (7th fewest in NFL)
18 Rushing TD (7th most in NFL)
617 Passing Plays (4th most in NFL)
66.1 Completion percentage allowed (9th most in NFL)
7.3 Yards per Reception (3rd most in NFL)
23 Receiving Touchdowns (16th most in NFL)
15 Interceptions (10th most in NFL)
38 Sacks (12th fewest in NFL)
463 Rushing attempts (15th most in the NFL)
4.5 Yard Per Carry (13th most in NFL)
18 Rushing TD (10th most in NFL)

Position Groups: writeup courtesy of ehhhhhhhhhhmacarena

Offense I'd say the Vikings offense overall played well, but failed to break the barrier to being a great offense.
Quarterback This is probably the start of my above claim. While Kirk Cousins certainly isn't a bad quarterback by any means, time and time again it. More often than not, the team posting the Lombardi also carries a top 5 QB. Sometimes those borderline top 10 QBs manage with a strong supporting cast. Once you start getting to the those middle teams your chances off getting a super bowl seem nigh impossible. That's where Kirk Cousins currently sits. He's hit his ceiling, and I'm afraid that he's a weight on the Vikings cap at this point.
Receivers The Vikings receivers are likely their most shining group. Leading with the young Justin Jefferson, who broke into the short group of four wide receivers to ever win the AP Offensive player of the year. At 1809 yards, 8TD, and 128 receptions, Jefferson is an absolute thread that I fully expect should continue for years. Beyond that, the immemorial Adam Thielen continued to trudge on admirably. While I think it's clear that he's not his younger self, his continues to play a central part both on the field and in the locker room. K.J. Osborn is the the third notable receiver. While I don't quite see him reaching the heights of Jefferson or a younger Thielen, he's a quality third option to fill out the group. On a personal note, I'm a Colts fan who is helping out an this write-up and I hate K.J. Osborn for what he did to us.
Running Backs Dalvin Cook spent the last year acting like he's got no miles on his legs. He just continues being a constant runner, while being versatile enough as a receiver. While Alexander Mattison may pop in to give Cook some rest, I think it's clear the Cook is still the guy at this position.
Tight Ends After the mid-year trade, Hockenson became an incredibly important part in the receiving game, while being being an surprisingly adequate blocker. While he certainly isn't a master of the skill, something about the change of teams has rounded him out a bit. I'm interested to see if he continues to grow after another year with the team.
Offensive Line As mentioned earlier, I'm a Colts fan who is helping out with this write-up and we find one of my greatest regrets with Chris Ballard. No, it's not that we could have had Jefferson, but rather that we passed up Christian Darrisaw. This kid was absolutely great this year. I'll just quickly note that Ezra Cleveland, Garrett Bradberry, and Brian O'Neill were all quite good as well with only the rookie Ed Ingram having some struggled. Just one good offseason of growth could be all he needs to help out whoever likely replaces Bradberry next year.
Defense I'll be honest, as a Colts fan filling in, I'm not really sure what's wrong here. There's clearly a couple of holes, but a feel like the sun of the parts doesn't quite live up to the quality of some of these players. Given that the season ended with the firing of Ed Donatell, I think the players the survive this offseason might be capable of bouncing back.
Defensive Line Jonathan Bullard and Ross Blacklock both joined the team this year off free agency and spent much of the season trying to decided which is worse. Harrison Phillips was the bright side of DL free agency, having been fairly solid. Danielle Hunter and Za'Darius Smith continued to be fantastic OLBs.
Inside Linebackers While Eric Kendricks has started to age, he's still played fairly well for his play style. Jordan Hicks similarly played adequately. That said, This is probably the group that needs the strongest reset.
Defensive Backs Finally, the DBs were probably the most solid group on defense. Patrick Peterson came back from the dead to have one of his statistically best seasons. While Cameron Dantzler hasn't quite taken the next step like I hoped, he's still a pretty solid DB. Harrison Smith has basically looked the same every year for a decade. Absolute solid safety. Camryn Bynum had a decent second year, but again didn't quite live up to his expectations.

Coaching staff review

Might have been too obvious far too late, a lot of those one score games were due to Ed Donatels defensive scheme. Now I'm not a coach myself, it just seems easier to keep your opponent from scoring if you play defense all 100 yards and not just the red zone. The lost against Dallas week 11 wasnt even the start of the riot mob asking for Ed to be fired and it took far too long to happen for many Vikings fans.
KOC's first year as head coach brought much welcome change over all to the team. Whether true or not, many rumors have been said that the team culture the last few years of Zimmers reign have gone between sour and toxic and KOC brought fresh life with many stars on the offense side shining to new heights.

Upcoming free agents from your team

Eric Kendricks: Though not unexpected given the dire cap situation, the release of this 2015 draft pick was rough for many Vikings fans.
Adam Thielen: another victim of the dire cap situation plus some frustration with usage under the surface, best of luck in Carolina. A personal favorite, Thielens use and stardom with Minnesota was first overshadowed by Stefon Diggs and then Justin Jefferson. Next seasons game versus Carolina will be interesting.
Scheduled to become free agents:
Kris Boyd
Garrett Bradbury
Jonathan Bullard
Andrew DePaola
Ben Ellefson
Bisi Johnson
Greg Joseph
Alexander Mattison
Nick Mullens
Patrick Peterson
Irv Smith, Jr.
Austin Schlottmann
Duke Shelley
Chandon Sullivan
Dalvin Tomlinson
Olisaemeka Udoh
Kenny Willekes

Team needs

With the upcoming draft Minnesota has four, potentially five with a compensatory pick. Worth noting is additional picks could come through trades this offseason.
per the Athletic The Vikings need cornerbacks; only 2022 rookies Andrew Booth Jr. and Akayleb Evans are locks to return in 2023.
Minnesota also could benefit from additional youth at linebacker. Beyond 2022 third-rounder Brian Asamoah, the team does not have potential impact players at the position.

Why root for the Vikings

While at times not playing as well as expected, Minnesota consistently places toward the top of the division with over 20 division championships. Field goals are never guaranteed, Kirk Cousins and many of the teams stars are genuinely likeable people, and US Bank Stadium is legitimately beautiful.
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2023.03.25 21:15 SomaticSamantha Any "must-go" FP places in my handful of USA stops this summer?

Having (a) checked out all the replies about flying with FPs (yay!), and (b) got a friend to order some Ink Institute and Kobe inks for me to collect in Iowa (really!), I'm just wondering if there's anywhere I MUST go in any of the places I'll be spending a bit of time, with amazing FP and/or ink selections to ogle? (The least time available will be in SF, sadly):
Iowa City (& prolly also Des Moines: long shot, perhaps - but there's an *excellent* tea shop there, so who knows?!)
San Francisco - Oakland and then Burlingame area
TIA for any suggestions! 🤩
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2023.03.25 21:08 CobblerOk7027 30[M4F]Canada/Alberta - Moved here from the UK. Looking to meet someone and see how things go

Born and bred in Leeds, England and moved to Calgary, AB in July 2022. Liking it here so far, looking to meet someone from around the US/Canada and settle in NA. Got a great career, feel like I have reached my goal Career wise, just missing someone to share experiences with either that be as a cat dad or have someone to explore the Canadian rockies with.
Currently travelling around the states, Currently in San diego, but I also want to go to Scotsdale and Chicago. I work from home so it is very easy for me to travel around.
I will start off by saying I am a huge cat person, when I lived in Rhodes, Greece for a month I pretty much said hello to all the stray cats I met along the way. A few times I went out of my way to go to the shop and feed some stray cats I met. I have a huge soft spot for them. I will say I am not huge on dogs and I do not see myself having one. I have been considering using my home here to foster cats and will look into getting my own.
I am quite the homebody but I have been trying to be more social as I moved here, attending board game events which is something ive been doing for a while, wanted to get into astrophotography and explore the canadian rockies eventually and just get more involved in nature.
I would say I have done very well in my career. I would say I am where I want to be right now with my job. It took me a long time to get there and I worked hard to get it done. I do find someone who is career ambitious quite attractive. I would happily support you to help you get to where you want to be.
Hobby wise I am quite nerdy, While I do not play nearly as many video games as I used too I still watch alot of twitch and generally enjoy working out at the gym. As a person I am quite the confident introverted person, no issues speaking to groups of strangers but at the same time I like my friend circle small and keeping myself to myself for the most part. I also enjoy cooking meal preps.
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2023.03.25 21:01 queenschmecca Introducing my mom to Era 2 first

We listen to audiobooks when I come work with her in her donut shop. We just finished White Sand (Graphic Audio). We only have two hours to listen per week so this saga will go long into the future. I have been curious how this would go for while and I have seen others asking this question 'round these parts, so here we go.
Today we started Alloy of Law and only made it through half of the first chapter, so there's not much to report. Notable things include:
She recognized Harmony as a deity immediately just by the way Michael Kramer said "Oh Harmony."
When Lessie was shot she said, "oh that's going to be some PTSD. I hope they don't have any kids"
When Wax leaves the party she said, "Is he escaping?"
When Wax is thinking about his lack of fear of heights we had a mini debate about how likely it is for a coinshot to fall to their death because they "spent their last coin." I countered with the button on my jeans and the fact that you'd have to be pretty stupid to not have an emergency piece of metal in your pocket when you have the power to push on metal with your mind. I'm not very good at not spoiling things because I get so excited, but I'm trying.
All in all, she understands Wax's powers and hasn't seemed to miss anything despite having "missed" the whole first 3 books.
Tune in next week for more.
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2023.03.25 20:37 _yourbeloved_ Questions [13f]

Hello! I [13f] have some questions I would like an answer to! I would ask someone irl, but most of my teachers are male, my mom is kind of absent, and my dad doesn't know the answer to most of them [He does his best, though! He even researched about periods and stuff for me! But I don't want to bother him too much since he's really busy with work]. Also; I'm really sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes! English is not my first language! Please tell me if I've written a word wrong or if my grammar is wrong!
Question 1. Is it normal that my period is really irregular? I can get it for a month straight and then it'll just disappear for 3 months before it comes back for like 2 days and disappears again. It doesn't really hurt though, so I'm not too worried. It's just annoying because I don't know when to use pads and my clothing or bed is bloody.
Question 2. I really enjoy maths, science and chemistry, but I know that it is a male dominated field. There is a possibility that if I choose a more science orientated class at school, I will get in a class with all boys. Which doesn't really matter, I've never been one to talk with friends during class because I'm really just there for education. But, some of the boys are really scary and mean. They poke fun of my accent and the way I look, but when I tell a teacher they will just tell me to ignore them. Another reason I'm doubting this decision is because I've heard a lot of people don't take women seriously in science. But I do really enjoy it, so I think I'll just suck it up and continue doing what I love.
Question 3. This is kind of a weird question, but why are my legs so weird? I have this friend whose knees don't even touch when her feet are together. But when I put my feet together, my knees and my thighs touch. I know that I'm a bit chubby, but I'm not that far above average. Like 2kg/4 pounds more than average at most. And there's not really a lot of fat on my knees, so how come they touch and her's don't? Like, I'm not unhealthy. I run for about 20 minutes everyday [which I really enjoy!] and I eat healthy, atleast 3 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit a day. I also love doing at home work outs and go to HIIT lessons, so I'm pretty fit. So is there something wrong with me?
Question 4. How do I fit in? Most of the girls in my school have blonde hair and blue eyes, are really tall and skinny, are rich/upperclass and look great in skirts and dresses. I'm a brunette and have green eyes, am below average height and slightly chubby, am way to muscular for a teenage girl, am middleclass and look horrible in any skirts or dresses. [Puberty hit pretty early with me, so I have wide hips and thighs. Plus I have a pretty large chest for my age which I hate.] I'm also not from around there [I'm belgium while they are dutch], so they poke fun of my accent a lot. I can't even say a full sentence before the jokes come with 'aller' or 'amai', or they'll make fun of my height. I don't understand the jokes about things from their childhood [series, music, tv, etc] either, so I just akwardly laugh. How do I find friends? Highschool is already hard enough and I think it's going to be even worse if I don't make any friends. It's already my second year and I only made 2 acquaintances.
Question 5. How do I know what sizes bras I need? I'm usually really embarrassed when I go shopping for them, so I try them on for like three seconds, pay for them and run. So now I have 3 bras that don't even fit right.
Question 6. Do guys really only like tall skinny blonds? The only girls in my school that get attention from boys are those kind of girls. Don't get me wrong, they deserve it, they are really pretty! But how come they get so much attention when I can't even make one friend? I always try to be nice, I think I'm pretty funny but that's mostly because I'm a bit blunt sometimes, I'm not really pretty but I'm not extremely ugly either, I always try my best at school even though I'm not naturally smart, I'm respectful and I like to think I'm openminded and realistic. So how come it's so easy for them while I'm over here struggling to get someone to even look at me?
Question 7. What movies or songs do you watch/listen to when you're sad and just want to drown in that for a few hours? Sometimes when I'm sad I don't want to feel better, and I just want to feel it, you know? I'm looking for some songs and movies that'll help me with that!
Question 8. I have really bad moodswings, and sometimes I redirect my anger, sadness, or annoyance on family members who really don't deserve it. How do I stop doing that? I always feel really bad after and hate it when I lash out.
Question 9 [last one!]. How do I get a better bond with my mom? I only see her once every few months due to her traveling a lot. She hasn't really been there for me, ever. I was kind of an accident [Don't worry, my father loves me very much and never forgets to tell me!] so she wasn't really prepared when she had me. My father has been raising me on my own, so my bond with him is much better. But I'd like to get to know my mother more to, I don't really know why. I try to call hemail her every week, but I'd like to see her more. How do I bond with her from such a distance?
EDIT: Dear creepy men of reddit. Please stop dm'ing me. No, I do not want to be your friend. You are 40. I am not stupid. I know that you're not looking for a 'friend' but just for a young girl you can use. Also, stop asking me to see my legs. It makes me uncomfortable. 7 people have dm'ed me. 4 to be my 'friend' and 'get to know me'. 3 to 'see my legs'. I posted this 10 minutes ago. I am 13. that is pedophelia.
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