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Pointing out Korean Car Astroturfing

2019.12.22 08:02 Silver_Star Pointing out Korean Car Astroturfing

Kia and Hyundai astroturfing on car subreddits is so obvious it's unbearable. Someone needs to point it out.

2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2011.05.31 06:10 yanchovilla HotWheels: Speed in 1:64

Hot Wheels on reddit! Reddit's dedicated Hot Wheels section, welcoming all forms of die-cast, not just Hot Wheels.

2023.03.26 00:51 goodra_1 Tow truck company towed my car and before I picked it up all of my credit cards were stolen (wallet was in car)

Car was towed on 5:15 pm Friday. By Saturday afternoon all cards had fraudulent charges and had to be reported stolen (car wasn’t picked up yet). l haven’t picked the car up, so I don’t know if it gotten broken into in the tow lot or if the driver took it. Looking to get educated on both scenarios and if this is something I can pursue.
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2023.03.26 00:51 EastRamses How do I increase credit score in other to buy a house in 7 months

First, I have made some mistake in the past. I had a bad run in life, made some mistakes and had some account get charged off. I finally got a good job last year and was able to use my bonus and most of my pay to paid off $25,000 in debt within the year.. Most of them I paid in full and one account was settled and I only had to pay 55% of what I owed.
Since then, I have kept to a budget. I have saved $10,000 for emergency fund which I plan on getting up to $15,000. I paused this month so I can fully fund 2022 Roth IRA before the deadline since there is still some time left. After that, I plan get emergency fund up to $15,000 (a number I feel I will be comfortable having), then split my income between saving for a down payment for a house and funding 2023 Roth IRA.
My credit scores range from 651 to 666 in the myFico website. I only have one secured credit card with $1000 limit which I got to build my credit. The other charged off account that I paid off were closed so this is my only one.
I am trying to figure out how to raise my credit score. I don't have any student debt and my car is paid off. My plan is to get my credit above 700 to get a decent interest rate.
I also want to save 5% down payment. I am also a veteran so 0% down payment is also an option. My only option is build my credit I can think of is use my credit card wisely. I want to ask what other options do I have to do I have to increase my score as high as possible. My lease ends in November so depending on how things go, I can but a house when the lease ends or rent for one more year while I build my credit and save for a downpayment.
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2023.03.26 00:50 sonargnarnarwhal Urban forestry

Hello! I might be working in a newly revamped urban area, former warehouses now apartments dotted with parks created by a contracted company I have zero info on yet. There are lots of trees planted probably not much more than 20 years ago.
Couple questions:
Lots of tree tubes, I've always read they're not useful...? Lots of multi-trunk trees, this seems prone to falling apart...?
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2023.03.26 00:50 sungoobs Animated Armor Artificer PC (subclass choices??) [OC]

hello! i’m playing an animated armor in a campaign that’s roughly based off of Ravnica and it’s world. however, my dm actually has changed around a lot of the mama system partially because of my role in the campaign.
my party and i finally were given the go ahead to level up to level 3 and i’ve been really struggling to try and pick my subclass. i’ve been looking at a ton of homebrew and traditional subclasses and none of them really seem to speak to me.
a little background on my artificer, my armor, who am an absolute sweetheart btw, recently has been woken from dormancy only a few months before the campaign begins. they’re very new to the world but are very drawn to tinkering and the arcane. the party, nor does my armor, don’t know that their creator is none other than Niv Mizzet.
They are simply just a suit of armor, no one specific race was in mind when the armor was made. i don’t know why my armor was made, that’s one of the things i’m sure will be revealed in the future.
here is where things get complicated. my armor is very stupid when it comes to most things in the world. essentially they have incredible book smarts and terrible street smarts. they’re the only person in the party who has more than basic knowledge about the arcane and machinery. they’re very drawn to crystals and the machines used to utilize them.
my dm has also told me that the firemind (i’m pretty sure is like some sort of mama rather than a person? i don’t really know) and mizzet are separate entities and my character is actually a conduit of some sort (that’s all i know he’s been super hush hush about the rest of it lol)
a lot of the subclasses seem cool and stuff, but the one thing that hangs me up a bit is that my armor’s ideal and whole identity revolves around freedom and self identity. their background is construct and with their limited knowledge on animated armor they know that regardless where they came from or who their creator was, their purpose was to be controlled and listen to their creator. their whole character arc revolves around them gaining independence and identity. my friend, who is a mousefolk ranger pc, who actually accidentally woke my character up from dormancy and they’ve grown very close. my character cares very much for him and find themselves always copying him and following in his lead. as the campaign plays out my armor will slowly start to become their own independent person.
i also think i have plans to give my armor gauntlets that like shoot arcane energy or utilize it in some way. unsure if it’s going to be like electrical based and if it’s powered by themselves since they’re a conduit for mama or a battery/crystal of some kind. i dig a lot of thundelighting vibes as well but who know what direction my dm wants to take my character.
sorry i know this was super long winded but i’d you have any advice or questions please let me know :))) thank you!!
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2023.03.26 00:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.26 00:49 khuntito Feeling insecure about being… too good?

Hey yogis, i want to ask if anyone else has had similar experiences to me in yoga class. I’ve been practicing for about 12 years now, I’m naturally hyper mobile, and I work out a lot in general. I regularly go to a heated vinyasa class and I absolutely love love love it. I tend to either meet or exceed the most advanced suggestions for each pose, and I often feel like I don’t get enough of a stretch or workout without doing so. I loooove arm balances and have so much fun with them. I tend to be in the front of class by the mirror so I can use the wall for handstands or forearm stands. The problem is… I get insecure that people think I’m a show off. I know people are probably focusing on their own practice and not really looking at me anyways, but I DO notice others in the class pretty regularly, so I assume others notice me at least somewhat. I actually sometimes consider NOT doing variations of poses that I can/want to do for the sake of not looking like an attention-seeker. Has anyone else ever felt like this before? Thanks 🙏🏻
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2023.03.26 00:49 spartenx [Custom Cards] Fixing Spirit of the Pharoah

Spirit of the Pharaoh is one of those cards from the old days of yugioh that is infamous for being absolutely terrible in pretty much every respect.
However, I would like to offer up some ways to try and fix the card and it’s “support” (as far as it can be called as such).
First lets outline what the card is for those of you who don’t know. Spirit of the Pharoah is a card that was originally released back in 2004. Visually, it’s themed around ancient Egypt and mechanically it’s themed around swarming the field with low level zombie mosnters. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Well, let’s get into why the card suck’s before we go about trying to fix it.
  1. Terrible Summoning Condition
Sprit of the Pharaoh can only be summoned by the effect of a card called “The First Sarcophagus”, a card that cannot be searched out. This is already a bit of a drag on the card, but it gets much worse when you read the First Sarcophagus. It’s a continuous trap that places the cards The Second Sarcophagus and The Third Sarcophagus (a pair of continuous spells) on your field during your opponetns next two end phases, and only then can you send all three of those cards to the graveyeard to summon out Spirit of the Pharaoh. So not only is it a trap (meaning you have to wait a turn to activate it) but you need to play two other cards in your deck (that are complete bricks who’s only effects are that they can only be played by the effect of the First Sarcophagus) and wait through two of your opponetns turns, and clog up three of your spell and trap zones.
Oh, and I almost forgot, if one of your sarcophagus cards leaves the field, you lose them all. So not only is it convoluted, it’s fragile.
  1. Underwhelming boss monster
Spirit of the Pharoah itself isn’t all that strong either despite having such a terrible summoning condition. Besides the effect that restricts him to only being summoned by The First Sarcophagus, his effect is that on special summon, he can summon up to 4 zombie monsters from your GY. Now that may sound great, until you look a little closer and see that the only monsters he can summon are level 2 or lower Normal Zombie monsters. That’s right, the best thing you can summon off this guy is freaking Clown Zombie. Swarming the field with low level normal monsters isn’t really that terrible an effect, especially now a days when they can be used as synchro, xyz or link material (This is what Agent of Venus uses it’s similar effect to accomplish) but it’s not worth that summoning requirement. Plus, there is another issue…
  1. Difficult to set up
There is no native support in the deck to properly set-up Spirit of the Pharaoh’s effect, and there aren’t many cards that can really help all that consistently. There’s no Snake Rain equivalent for zombies (for good reason) so in order to get your swarm of low level zombie’s into the GY, you have to rely on cards that mill single specific cards (Even though there are probably 100 better cards you could mill with those cards) or mass, random milling through cards like Grass or the Ishizu cards (where you have to worry about milling your sarcophagus cards). So as you can see, there are no really good reliable ways to even set up Spirit of the Pharoah’s effect that don’t also risk screwing over the whole deck.
  1. Lack of support
Finally, this deck has no real support. No cards to speed up the summoning condition, no cards to search out the First Sarcophagus, no cards to further incentivise running this type of deck, there haven’t even been any new monsters that Spirit of the Pharoah can summon since the set that introduced him. The only “support” this deck has is the two monsters that were introduced alongside Spirit to be summoned off his effect, the level 2 normal zombies Pharoah’s Servant and Pharaonic Protector, both of which ended up being weaker than Clown Zombie, who already existed in the OCG and would be imported to the TCG the following year. So yes, the cards you are meant to summon with Spirit, were actually weaker than a card he could summon that already existed. The only other “support” the deck has is Thousand Energy, a normal spell that increases the ATK/DEF of your level 2 normal monsters by 1000 and then destroys all level 2 normal monsters you control in the end phase. It feels less like it’s own card or more like a bad parody of limiter removal.
So as you can see, the deck has quite a lot of major problems, that need a fixing, and I hope to be able to do so with the below custom support.
The Prime Sarcophagus (Continuous spell card)
(This cards name is always treated as “The First Sarcophagus”.)
During the main phase: You can discard 1 card; special summon one “Spirit of the Pharaoh” from your hand or GY. You can only use this effect of “The Prime Sarcophagus” one per turn. “Spirit of the Pharaoh(s)” you control cannot be targeted by card effects.
So, let’s start with building a better Sarcophagus. Since Spirit needs to be summoned by the First Sarcophagus, and the First Sarcophagus sucks, let’s just make a better card that has a clause that has it’s name treated as the First Sarcophagus. While Prime Sarcophagus can’t summon from the deck, the much easier summoning condition I think make’s up for it, especially since a few cards here will also be able to search or foolish him. Plus, if he get’s killed, you can bring him back again next turn (with the discard cost also fueling the GY for his effect. Finally, with how otherwise underwhelming Spirit is as a boss, I figured giving the main Sarcophagus of this new support an effect to protect him would help make him a bit more formidable.
Pharaoh’s Musician (Normal/TuneZombie/DARK//Lv 2/ATK 900/DEF 0)
A spirit that fills the Pharaoh’s tomb with the most wonderous of music that echoes into the afterlife
Another Normal Zombie made in the same vein as Servant and Protector. But, since normal monsters are, well, not particularly strong or threatening or useful on their own, I figured it would make sense to add a little something extra and make the card a tuner. Now, if he gets summoned by Spirits effect, he can make a level 8 synchro with him, or even make a level 10 if another level 2 was summoned by the effect.
Pharaonic Knight (Effect/Zombie/EARTH//Lv 2/ATK 900/DEF 0)
This card is treated as a Normal monster while in the Deck or GY. If this card is summoned by a Zombie Monsters effect: Destroy one card on your opponents field. If this card is sent from the field to the GY or detached from a Zombie Xyz monster and sent to the GY to activate that monster’s effect: draw 1 card. You can only activate each effect of “Pharaonic Knight” once per turn.
You can only do so much with Normal monsters, so thankfully Blue-Eyes gave us a good precedent for monsters that have an effect to be treated as normal monsters in certain areas. Knight here gives you some extra bang for your buck when being summoned by Spirit, thus letting his effect have advantages beyond simply putting bodies on the field to use as material for extra deck summons. I figured giving him the draw effect would also be pretty welcome to help get to some of your other support cards. Speaking of which…
Entombment of the Sarcophagus (Normal Spell Card)
Send up to 4 level 2 or lower Zombie Normal monsters from your deck to the GY, then, If you sent 4 monsters with different names, you can send 1 “Spirit of the Pharaoh” from your deck to the GY. You can only special summon Zombie monsters the turn you activate this card and you can only activate 1 “Entombment of the Sarcophagus” per turn.
Remember how I said there wasn’t a zombie snake rain? Well, there is with this card. I restricted to only the kind of monsters that can be summoned by Spirit so it shouldn’t be too abusable outside this deck (though I guess Skull Servants might play around with it), and I made it a way to get Spirit into the Grave to be summoned off of Prime Sarcophagus.
Creation of the Sarcophagus (Normal Spell Card)
Add 1 “Sarcophagus” card from your deck to your hand other than “Creation of the Sarcophagus” or “Gold Sarcophagus”, then, if you added “The First Sarcophagus” with this effect, you can add either 1 “Spirit of the Pharaoh” or 1 “Thousand Energy” from your deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 “Creation of the Sarcophagus” per turn.
Now then, here is how you’ll be able to make The First or Prime Sarcophagus searchable and fix that issue. In addition, I’ve used this as an opportunity to create a “Sarcophagus” archetype for the spell/traps that support Spirit and it’s playstyle. I will note, however, that pretty much every card that mentions Sarcophagus has to exclude Gold Sarcophagus because from what I can tell, it’s name in Japanese doesn’t actually contain the word “Sarcophagus”, so making a sarcophagus archetype kind of creates a “Harpiei’s Brother” situation. Anyways, I also made it a way to search out Spirit so it will be easier to summon off Prime Sarcophagus without needing to worry about getting it into the GY, and I included a way to search Thousand Energy since that was pretty much the only support for the deck. I don’t expect that anyone would actually search it if given the option, but I thought it was a nice addition.
Eternal Sarcophagus (Quick-Play Spell Card)
Target 1 Level 2 or lower Zombie Monster in your GY: Special summon, then, if you summoned a normal monster with this effect, special summon 1 level 2 of lower Zombie monster from your Deck or GY with a different name. You can banish this card from your GY; Add 1 “Sarcophagus” card other than “Gold Sarcophagus” from your GY to your hand. You can only activate 1 effect of “Eternal Sarcophagus” per turn.
With some of the other cards that are going to be coming up here, I figured it would be good to give players a way to bring back some of the zombie’s that might already be in the GY if you can’t just summon out a Spirit of the Pharoah at the moment. And since it was already a recursion effect, I figured giving it a way to help add back a Sarcophagus made sense.
Arisen Spirit of the Pharoah (Effect/Synchro/Zombie/LIGHT/Lv 8/ATK 2950/DEF 2000)
1 Zombie Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner Zombie Monsters
This card’s name is “Spirit of the Pharaoh” while on the field or in the GY. This card gains 100 ATK for each Zombie Monster on your field and in your GY. When a spell/trap card, or monster effect is activated by your opponent: Tribute 1 Zombie Monster; negate that activation, and if you do and this card was summoned using “Spirit of the Pharoah” as Synchro material, banish that card. You can only use this effect of “Arisen Spirit of the Pharaoh” once per turn. If this card is destroyed and sent to the GY: Special Summon 1 “Spirit of the Pharaoh” from your deck, ignoring the summoning conditions.
I imagine a lot of you saw something like this coming when you saw that Musician was a Tuner.
While a few things have been done to buff up Spirit, the fact remains that he’s still basically a vanilla after his effect is used. Making an upgrade to him simply made sense, and making it a synchro actually worked with him summoning out low level monsters. He is still treated as the original Spirit so that it can take advantage of several effects on these cards (such as Prime Sarcophagus’s targeting protection). I gave him an attack boosting effect to take advantage of the amount of monsters you should have in the GY by the point you bring this guy out, and gave him an Omni-Negate with an extra bonus if used in his native deck, so there’s more reason to run it in said deck than just stuffing it into an existing zombie deck and calling it a day. He also replaces himself with a copy of the original Spirit so you can make some follow up plays and put up defenses even if your opponent gets him off the field.
Pharaonic Guardian (Effect/Xyz/Zombie/EARTH/Rank 2/ATK 1800/DEF 0)
2 Level 2 Zombie Monsters
“Spirit of the Pharoah(s)” you control cannot be destroyed by card effects. Once per turn: You can detach 1 material from this card; Special Summon 1 level 2 or lower Normal Zombie Monster from your GY, or, if you control a “Sarcophagus” card, you can instead Special Summon “Spirit of the Pharoah” from your Deck instead. You can only activate this effect of “Pharaonic Guardian” once per turn. If “Spirit of the Pharoah(s)” you control would be destroyed by your opponent’s card, you can banish this card from your GY instead.
With the entire point of the deck being to summon a bunch of monsters of the same level, giving the deck an Xyz monster is an obvious idea. Taking on the idea of these level two monsters being servants of the Pharoah, I thought giving it a couple of effects to help provide extra protection to Spirit would be a good idea, and then it can act as a further extender for the deck by either grabbing a level 2 zombie that you want (such as musician for synchro plays or knight for removal) or even just grab spirit himself to swarm (Spirit of the Pharoah is not a hard once per turn, so you can summon him off prime sarcophagus, make guardian, and then summon a second Spirit from deck to revive more monsters).
The Living Sarcophagus (Effect/Link/Zombie/DARK/Link 2/ATK 2000/Bottom, Bottom Left)
2 Zombie Monsters, including a level 2 Normal Monster
Cannot be targeted for attacks or by your opponent’s card effect. You can only activate each effect of “The Living Sarcophagus” once per turn. If this card is link summoned: Add 1 “Sarcophagus” card other than “Gold Sarcophagus” from your deck to your hand. (Quick Effect): Banish 1 “Sarcophagus” Spell/Trap card, other than “Gold Sarcophagus”, from your hand or deck; special summon 1 Level 2 or lower Zombie Normal Monster from your Deck or GY. If “The First Sarcophagus”, “The Second Sarcophagus,” and “The Third Sarcophagus” are all face up in your banish zone, the ATK of all Zombie Monsters you control is doubled.
The final monster for this set of cards is a link Monster who essentially acts more like an Extra Sarcophagus spell then a monster. It adds some further consistency and a way to get out further level 2 monsters (and with it being a quick effect, it can offer disruption by summoning knight). I also took the opportunity to make the First, Second and Third Sarcophagus’s relevant, but I’m not sure how good that effect really is for this deck, but I thought it might be nice to add some advantage to using those three cards.
Sacrificial Sarcophagus (Normal Trap)
This card’s name is treated as “The First Sarcophagus” while in the GY. When your opponent Summons a monster: Tribute that monster, then add 1 “Spirit of the Pharoah” or “Sarcophagus” card other than “Gold Sarcophagus” from your deck to your hand. You can banish this card from your GY: Special Summon 1 “Spirit of the Pharoah” from your GY. You can only activate 1 effect of “Sacrificial Sarcophagus” once per turn.
This next card doesn’t really exist to fix a problem with the deck as much as it exists to provide another form of interruption to the deck, with a little consistency boost as well. I then decided to add an extra GY effect to help summon Spirit again just cause it seemed like a good idea (Can’t have Prime Sarcophagus be the only way that you can consistently summon him or else the deck’s strategy would end up being way too fragile)
Renewal of the Sarcophagus (Normal Spell)
Shuffle 3 “Sarcophagus” cards other than “Gold Sarcophagus” from your GY into your deck: Draw 2 cards. If you control “Spirit of the Pharoah” or “The Frist Sarcophagus,” you can shuffle 3 “Sarcophagus” cards from your GY or Banished Zone to activate this card.
[Side note, I really had no idea what the existing template for this, "alternate cost" type of effect would be]
The final card here is essentially a way to fix a problem caused by the Living Sarcophagus’s effect rather than a problem with the original set of cards. This allows you to recycle the Sarcophagus cards that you’ve used but also any that you have banished for Living’s effect. While the intention of the effect was to banish the original 3 sarcophagus, I’m not sure running them would be worth it for the ATK doubling effect of Living, and so you’d only be left with the option to banish the cards you actually want to use. This card helps to keep you from being punished for using Living’s effect without running the original three Sarcophagi in your deck to pay the cost.
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this attempt to fix the Spirit of the Pharoah/Sarcophagus cards. If you guys have your own idea about how to fix the deck, leave a comment below.
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2023.03.26 00:49 lux--__--888 Why owning at least 2.1 bitcoins is a good idea

There can only be 21 million bitcoins, ever. By owning 2.1 bitcoins you are now in the top 1 million bitcoin rich list. If we translate this to US population (let's be conservative and not use world population), you are now firmly in the 0.3 percent. The same logic applies to all multiples of 21. If 2.1 btc is too much for you, get 0.21 btc. Congratulations, you are now at the top 10 million bitcoin rich list.
All of this is already underpredicted since there are individuals that own a lot of bitcoins and there are bitcoins lost in circulation already. Invest in a little day - no reason not to.
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2023.03.26 00:48 Grace_Spencer65 INSTAGRAM HACKER FOR HIRE

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2023.03.26 00:47 AdhamJr What makes an engine with a lot of “personality” or “character?

We’ve all heard it before, a reviewer is discussing the power plant of a car and talks about how “it has a lot of character.” The Voodoo from the GT350 comes to mind often.
On the other hand, I’ve recently read this write-up (which was a fantastic read) the part that caught my attention was their reference to how the engine was “boring”. What, in your opinion, makes an engine with personality? What are some of the first examples that pop in your head?
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2023.03.26 00:47 DysfunctionalReddit Den Mother fight really highlights the flaws with D4's combat

This fight in "Light's Watch" is impossible on my otherwise decent character without a significant respec, and it's due to the same dodging issues I noticed since the start of the game, but they weren't drawn out enough to interrupt progression until now. Unavoidable attacks are extremely not fun.
This is primarily for characters with more of a melee focus, but regardless of build, this crops up in many places.
• I needed to be in melee range to generate resources for distant attacks, because there's virtually zero adds in the Den Mother fight. → Boss's attacks are 100% unavoidable in melee range even with Evade + Legendary MS boots. On experimental attempts where you just try circling a boss as fast as you can, you will still get hit every single time, because the attacks happen too fast, their hitboxes are too big, characters are too slow, and the boss basically has no downtime where you can sneak in a couple safe hits. I'm pretty sure Den Mother is also immune to Knockback, Slow, and Immobility, so that's nice. You shouldn't be forced to spec a build focusing distant attacks + MS just to have a fighting chance with core combat mechanics used throughout the whole game.
• Evade distance is very short, can only be used once every 5 seconds, and has no i-frames, so even if you time it right, and aim for the right spot, you're probably still going to take a hit, especially thanks to shitboxes + latency thrown in on top.
• Even if this boss had adds, or if I had an extra skill to regen lots of health outside of potions to "outlast" the boss, they're just shitty workarounds to the core issue at hand: Dodging SUCKS in D4.
This design issue was prevalent enough where I will not touch D4 again after experiencing that—I don't care if it's a "beta" or it's heavily mitigated with certain builds. Regardless of how this is criticism is received, there's nothing to improve here as a player, there is no "git gud", it's just bad design that pigeonholes you into certain builds, further limiting the already-low build diversity, so why the hell would I bother playing? Den Mother's fight is a great example of what not to do when designing combat interactions.
Also, D4 has serious performance (GPU utilization) issues even with the latest drivers & properly tweaked settings. It's horrendous at managing VRAM at least, and when VRAM maxes out (which happens with ease), the game slows to a crawl for no good reason, and of course it'll cook your GPU the whole time regardless of how it's performing. Many settings don't even apply properly until you close & relaunch the game. Lastly, why is 4x AA a forced minimum? It's much less necessary at higher resolutions, it's demanding, and in some cases it arguably looks worse as it may just create a "blurred" effect to an otherwise clean render. I digress as I'm done regardless—Peace!
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2023.03.26 00:46 Ghost0fThomas 39 [M4F] #Bloomington - Trying to practice emotional conservation to make something long term

My therapist and I were talking about the give and take of relationships lately. He has exposed his kinky side to me, so we had an incredible conversation about just how much more a relationship in kink uses our emotional resources. Often times we see our actions being cathartic to the trauma of lives, but rarely do we see the tax it takes upon us in the current space. It made me think about how many times that as a Dom, I may have been fulfilling my role, and not realizing what I harvest I'm not doing a good job replenishing.
I know that must sound like I don't offer aftercare or possibly avoid dealing with sub drop, but I can tell you that as a Pleasure Dom and a Daddy Dom, that's the farthest from the truth. I enjoy the aspect of healing as much as hurting, and often use the art of Kintsugi as what I strive to do with my submissives. While I see that as healing their submissive needs, I now wonder if I was truly replanting seeds that would help foster regrowth and renewal, keeping the passion and desire alive.
I want to change that. I want to be intentional. I want a sub that is not scared to tell me what exciting buys they got from target. A sub that describes to me the intricates of their day and all the pitfalls they have to navigate to get to me. A sub that is not here to just get release, but knows that can keep part of themselves safe in me...not because I will lock it away, but because I want to tend to it and help it grow.
That means I need to be honest with who I am. I need to share with you the kind of person I am without trying to hide the bits you might not be fond of later. I need to tell you I'm a Dom that comes in many flavors. I enjoy creating the height of feeling as a pleasure Dom. I love to give the structure of a Master. I love to unconditional care of a Daddy Dom. I love to deliver the expression as a Sadist. These are things I've put into posts before, but here is the new one. I love being a boyfriend. I love being someone who wants to exists parrel to you. I want as many kinky nights as I do movies on the couch nights. I want to go on roadtrips that exhaust us and let you feel so comfortable in the car you can just rest in silence as we travel back together. I want to know what place I can pick up fries to surprise you the most. I want to show you my favorite TV show, and have you fall asleep on my chest because we are different people. I want you to wake up in bed knowing I must have carried you there.
Do I want to make you scream so loud in (and out) of the bedroom that makes you have to explain friends and almost brag about your experience? Yes. Do I want to talk you to little shops across new cities that you can pick up little things to remember our adventures? Just as much.
I want to give a full experience. You'll notice I'm not writing a lot about me, or what I expect you to be. I'm doing that because I want you to know my intentions, not my checklist. I want you to discover who I am because you're curious, not just reach out because I meet a minimum requirement.
So if you want to try to be a part of my steps towards emotional conservation, and be replenished more than you're used, I hope you'll take a chance and reach out.
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2023.03.26 00:45 Few_Department_9382 Why do I cry often throughout the day?

i am walking with God daily but I dont know why everytime I feel the holy spirit even in the slightest I feel like crying out of joy. For example earlier today I was in my room doing chores while watching the discoveries of Ron Wyatt and how he found the blood of Jesus and I had to pause everything cause I got very teary eyed and I felt the need to thank God for his sacrifice. Later I was in the car listening to music hearing the lyrics "God is fighting for us pushing back the Pushing back the darkness Lighting up the Kingdom That cannot be shaken In the Name of Jesus wnemy's defeated" and I also felt like crying but I didnt because I was with my mom. Then right now I was looking up "short beautiful bible verses" because I'm making some shirts for our church's youth ministry (I am also a teen) and quickly reading the simple short verses also made me teary eyed. I am not all the way there in my relationship with God so I don't have much discernment to know if i'm wronguflly falling into an emotionalist way of being or if this is a normal thing people do when feeling the holy spirit. I am also not depressed in the slightest I am actually at my happiest because I came a long way from who I used to be.
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2023.03.26 00:45 CommercialCat933 Laptop randomly restarts

Just recently got a great deal on an older HP laptop with an Intel i7-4710HQ. I’ve been using in for a few days and it works great aside from a few dings, a slow hard drive, and battery that is due for a replacement, all livable things. Well today I was trying to play some light games (Roblox car games) and i noticed it was having trouble running it even though the cpu was only at about 20% when Roblox was reporting 30-40 ms for it to process. I tried closing it out and when I was loading back in it randomly restarted as if I took out the battery (yes it was plugged in) and then before I could do anything it was already booting back into windows. Any ideas on why this is happening, and should I be worried?
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2023.03.26 00:45 rstar547 Friend was being annoying by trying to gaslight me over something stupid

The situation isn't very serious, but it might get complicated to read, so just bare with me.
Just this past Thursday I got into a car accident while trying to get home from school. It happened in the student parking lot, and involved one of my close friends. We were parked next to each other, her car on the left and mine on the right. I was opening my driver-side door to get in, when she took off in drive to leave. The fender to her Jeep caught my door as she drove forward, and dragged my door until it was forcibly bent backwards, denting her back door and misaligning my door which no longer allowed it to close all the way.
I wasn't harmed at all, as my hand was on the inside of my door when it happened—every time I enter my car, I use the inside handle once I can get my hand in there in an effort to ensure I can open my door wide enough while also being careful not to hit her car. I was trying to be careful, but I was paying attention to my door and didn't notice her break lights, so I didn't know she was going to take off. She would've seen me, but she hadn't checked for me as she usually does, and didn't know I was getting in my car.
She hit her breaks almost as soon as her car had shaken from the impact, and she slowly reversed back to where she was. She was visibly shaken, as I could see her face through her tinted passenger window. She got out of her car, walked out around the front of it, saw my door, and asked me what happened. I was already choking back tears of stress, as it had been a long day and I wasn't looking forward to work in the afternoon, and all I could manage to do was mumble "I opened my door. I didn't know you were gonna drive."
She told me she had to go now, because she had work soon—which was half an hour away. I told her to go and that I'd figure it out. She drove off, and I got in my car to try and drive, and that's when I discovered my door could no longer close. I was alone to deal with it, and I didn't know what else to do, so I took it upon myself—stupidly and clearly not thinking straight—to try driving while holding my door shut to make it home. However, when merely turning out of the school at only 10mph, my door swung almost all the way open, so when I got down to where I'd have to turn onto a main road, I realized there was no way in fuck I could make it home without causing another—possibly worse—accident.
I pulled into a nearby parking lot, where I got out and tried violently kicking my door to force it shut. A cop was parked across the main road and saw the wild scene unfolding, so he came over to see what was going on. From that point on, the report for the accident was filed, my car got towed, and my dad came to drive me home so I could get ready for work. My friend texted me after to make sure everything was okay, and when I gave her an update, she told me she still felt bad about it. I told her it was fine—shit happens—and I went to work like normal.
The next day, I had to take the bus to get to school. Around the middle of the day, our school resource officer called me down to get more info on the accident. I told him my understanding of how the accident happened, and he rolled back the tapes to check, and he confirmed I was telling the truth. He told me her insurance would likely have to pay for it, being she was the one driving and hadn't paid attention while I was simply getting in my car, but that he'd still need my insurance info so both companies could work it out and come to a conclusion.
Throughout the day, my friend saw me a few different times, but she didn't talk to me, or even acknowledge me at all. I figured she was still feeling guilty about it, so at the end of the day, I sat next to her at the assembly we were having to make sure we were cool. I approached her, make a joke about her not talking to me all day, and we laughed about it. I reassured her that I wasn't mad at her about it, cause again, shit happens, and that we can just forget about it. I said that neither of us pay for our own cars anyway, so it's not like it's going to effect us, let alone her since she still had a car to drive, so I told her we can drop it and that she doesn't have to feel bad.
At first, she was fine with that, but when we went on to converse about it, at some point we came into disagreement about what had happened. I had mentioned that my door was open before she took off, but I was confused when she claimed that she was already driving. We went on to argue about it, and it started getting heated as she continuously asserted that she'd already been driving. She was making a serious effort to convince me she was right, claiming I had opened my door too much and swung my door into her back door, but even if she did believe herself, what she was saying confused me. She obviously wasn't even paying attention when she'd hit my door—given the context, it probably wouldn't have happened to begin with if she was. So how would she even know what actually happened if she wasn't looking to begin with?
Eventually I got angry with her efforts to make the same claim time after time, and told her I wasn't arguing about it with her if she wasn't going to listen. She kept arguing with me, saying she is listening and that she knows what she observed. I snapped back, saying I knew what I saw because it happened, in fact, right before my eyes, while she was still in her car and not even looking. I even told her about the tapes, and how the school officer confirmed that my door, in fact, was already opened. She grew furious, and her arguments eventually turned into her claiming the whole thing was my fault for opening my door too wide and parking too close to her to begin with—for the record, I am infamous for my poor parking skills, and the gap was a tight three-to-four feet, which probably didn't help.
I didn't know how to respond to her at that point. I was too busy trying to figure out what her problem even was, and why she was making such a big deal out of it. I finally told her to just forget about it, because it's not like we're paying for it so there's no point in arguing about it. We sat in awkward silence for the rest of the assembly, and I took the bus again to get home, shocked at the entire exchange. My friend is known to complain/argue about something, usually about drama, but we've known each other since we were six and never fought over anything before, so the whole thing came as a bit of a shock, especially since the argument revolved around something as petty as an accident that neither of us were gonna have to pay for or have even been yelled at over.
The more I thought about it, it really annoyed me. I still don't know why she felt the need to be so defensive about it, but the fact that she ignored me all day suggests that she maybe just didn't want to accept responsibility over it, despite how trivial it is. Even if it is just her feeling guilty nonetheless, she has no room to treat me like that. In the grand scheme of things, I was the one getting the short end of the stick:
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2023.03.26 00:44 burneralderson Divorce After 20 Years—Husband Wants to Take Everything

Kentucky location. 50 year old woman. Divorcing her husband after 20 years of marriage. Sparing details, the marriage was just one-sided for a long time. The pair haven’t slept in the same room, let alone bed, for 3 years. With the support of her kids and therapist, woman secretly applied for an apartment and accepted it, telling the husband that he would be moving with her. She signed the lease without telling him and told him she wants a divorce. He immediately became verbally violent, cursing and berating woman. Claimed that she would get nothing because everything is in his name. In fact, most of everything is both of their names.
What the woman worries about most is the house, vehicles, and taxes. They have 3, all in husband’s name. Only one of the vehicles the woman can drive. The other two are standard transmission and she can’t drive them. The husband can.
Would the woman be able to argue for the car she can drive if she willingly gives husband the other two?
With the house, the woman wants to sell and the husband agrees, but not after the divorce was brought up. What are the options there? The woman wants to split the profit made from selling the house.
And with taxes, a chunk of them were used to pay the deposit on the apartment. Can the husband sue for that? Or cause an uproar? Both names were on the taxes.
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2023.03.26 00:44 Brief_Objective_7880 Asking for a friend

I transitioned from being a rapper to a producer about a month ago. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts in my head lately. I’ve downloaded and purchased a lot of 100% royalty free packs and whatnot. I also have me an AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 to start it off with MPC Beats (later upgraded to MPC Software.) There’s been a lot of debates on sampling. In my head, I can think about chopping and flipping. But beside the point. What if I don’t wanna go mainstream? What if I don’t wanna make music in hope of getting a major placement? What if I only wanna make music for those who would love to use it as background music? What if I only wanna make music for 🌶️ content creators? Or maybe kick a flow to it? What if I wanna make music by using the 100% royalty free packs and put it only on select music platforms of choice (Audius Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud) I wanna make things simple for myself too. Don’t wanna do too much
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2023.03.26 00:44 Patient_Ad_2357 Anyone else feel stuck in life?

I feel like i’m so unsure of what direction to take my life in. I relocated states right before the pandemic hit and lost my job shortly after. Ive been doing serving and gig work since. I’ve tried searching for regular jobs but all of them sound so terrible and the pay is abysmal. I just can’t seem to pick a direction to go in. I dont want to be trapped to a desk for the rest of my life but i’m unsure what i can even get into that won’t involve thousands in debt from college again. (I have a bachelors in science that i’ve yet to be able to use from 2017!)
I’ve read a few posts on this sub surrounding careers but a lot of people commented tech related, first responders, and freelance. I just don’t feel like i fit in any of these boxes but with rising housing costs, i can’t not pick some kind of career that pays enough to not worry about ending up homeless.
Any suggestions are appreciated!
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2023.03.26 00:44 Geogator My take on M in Emesis Blue

This is a wall of text about the "Emesis Blue" SFM. This wall of text should be a spoiler warning of its own.

So I watched the film, and yes it did screw with my head, as it probably did with everyone else's. At first, I was divided on whether M is Fritz Ludwig or not, but upon rewatching it, I think he is. More specifically, M is future Ludwig. Please bear with me.

Some assumptions I made in order to reach this conclusion:
1) Not all time loops are resolved in the film. We know that an unexplained anomaly causes characters (mainly Soldier and Ludwig to experience a time loop). These time loops cause characters to interact with the past/future. When I use the term "resolved time loop", I mean that we see the time loop anomaly from the perspective of a character, and afterward, we explicitly see the character that is time-traveling (for instance the soldier watching himself speak with demoman, and then soldier speaking with demoman watching the observer (40:00-45:00). An unresolved time loop, therefore, is a character traveling into the past, but the film not explicitly stating it.
Why? Because despite the time loops, we follow the character's story in a linear progression, so if the time loop happens, but a character chronologically time-travels after the ending of the film, then we haven't experienced the resolution.
2) The fact that Ludwig heals fatal injuries is not necessarily an effect of the Respawn Machine. I might get a lot of backlash for this, but I think mainly Ludwig displays this ability. The dead Heavy is seen to be brought back to life by the RED Medic, the Conaghers don't reappear (based on my memory) except for their presence in the afterlife (the Demoman dying in the laBorAtoRy, and the Medic dying in the car crash at the end). The Pyro literally keeps being on fire after his resurection. literally literallyThe Sniper appears to be suffering from his fatal injuries. when he comes back. Only the Heavy makes a return, but this might be an effect of RED Medic's injection into him (plus the burn damage remains as we see when the building collapses on him).
Speculation: Ludwig might be able to heal fatal injuries either due to his in-game ability to heal, or due to the Emesis Diazepam (disguised as Valium) that he is seen taking. Other characters that have it in their possession are: Jerma (11:42) and Archibald (1:16:13). We do not know how long the effects of Diazepam need to fully wear off in the movie nor can I remember when exactly the characters are seen taking it. This is just speculation and I might be wrong.
3) The 1% malfunction of the Respawn machine is bringing the mercs back to life, but without fixing any of the fatal injuries. This means that the mercs are alive, and still carry the injuries that killed them in the first place. The respawn machine might therefore always revive them in this state, because otherwise, one could kill themselves to come out ok afterward (speculation).This can be seen when Sniper is revived because his leg is still missing (seen clearly in 1:19:30) from the rocket soldier fired at him (36:50). Pyro is on fire when he is brought back by the respawn machine (1:10:45) because Corporal's Intelligence modifier is apparently -4 (1:07:30). Possibly even RED Demoman can be placed in this scenario as he appears to be having a severed arm but displays no symptoms of blood loss, shock or even pain, though this information is not explicitly conveyed. Even Jerma can be placed in this category, because he was discharged due to brain damage after exiting the respawn machine (18:23), which can also be seen as an injury on his head (1:09:41). This might not be the case for Jerma as the injury's source is not explicitly stated and might be from Ludwig's examination or unrelated.

With the assumptions out of the way, here is how I believe that Fritz Ludwig is the same as M: M is the result of Dr. Ludwig encountering the 1% error of the Respawn Machine.
First of all, why:
- Jerma successfully identifies Ludwig as his kidnapper, even though he came to save him. We know that Jerma has been suffering from brain damage, hence why his contract is terminated, but from what we can see, he is not hallucinating and is a reliable narrator (meaning that everything he experiences can be trusted). This includes him identifying Ludwig as his kidnapper, even though Ludwig has no recollection of it.
- The Corporal finds a hacksaw at the crime scene, which might be by far the weakest piece of evidence, since anyone could have planted it.
- Ludwig literally encounters a mutilated version of himself when experiencing a time loop anomaly that brings him to Jerma's house.
- When Pyro is seen kidnapping Jerma, there HAS to be someone else holding his mom's severed head at the other side of the room.
- The way M is holding head of Jerma's mom (12:25) is similar to how Ludwig holds Pyro's head when he wants to distract Sniper from killing Soldier (1:20:00)
- Soldier has premonitions (e.g. seeing the Corporal catch on fire), and one of them illustrates RED Demoman stating that "a true enemy has yet to reveal himself"
- Ludwig is known to be mentally unstable as he frequently hallucinates, and interacts with himself in the mirror (16:00 and 58:45). So my opinion is that M is a secondary personality of Ludwig.
I know that one can argue that there are places where Ludwig himself is not seen as M, or that Ludwig had no motivation to commit M's acts of violence. So here is how:
- We see that Ludwig is killed at the end of the film by crashing his vehicle. His fatal injuries (1:46:29) are very similar to how M appears to be (1:10:36). The eyes of both appear as bullet wounds, and M is missing some teeth, which can be due to the fact that Ludwig is seen smiling when killed which might be due to the fact that he smacked his mouth on the steering wheel).
- Ludwig then respawns on respawn machine (I believe that it's him because the silhouette shows the features of a Medic when it fades to black). However, Ludwig experiences the 1% effect, which causes the respawn machine to respawn him as is: with his fatal injuries. Although not explicitly stated, I believe that the machine can also transfer the patient's mental state at the 1%, and since Ludwig is hallucinating when he crashes, then this might indicate that the M personality fragment is taking over, thus causing Ludwig to respawn ONLY with the personality that is M.
- Speculation: After the film ends, since only M has transferred to the respawned Ludwig, he dons the plague doctor mask, and goes through unresolved time loops to cause events in the film such as killing Jerma's mom and holding her head, and holding the Corporal at gunpoint to steal the briefcase and Heavy's body

Things that I still can't put my finger on:
- Who the Conaghers are speaking to on the phone, and why has that person kidnapped Jerma? I speculate that it might be M, because he knows Jerma is there and has escaped, meaning that he might have already experienced the opening of the coffin as Ludwig.
- Who shoots Soldier, causing him to fall (1:28:30). I genuinely don't know; at first we see a silhoutte swearing a soldier hat, then we see that the shooter might be wearing attire similar to how Ludwig appears to be when he pops out of the coffin
- Why does Jerma appear to be a monster? He is implied to be killed when Ludwig finds his hat (34:10) Even if he experienced another 1%, Jerma should still come out more normal, unless the Conagher that dragged him mutated him with the sheer power of a drill, which I think is bollocks. Speculation: a time loop might cause Jerma to be experimented on by M, OR the RED Medic could have gotten to him.
- Why are there zombified versions of the RED team in the weapon locker? Speculation this might be related to "Spy's disguise", where RED Engineer smacked the Respawn machine to kill the BLU Spy, but this is a rabbit hole I don't feel like exploring right now. Btw here is the link to the vid:
- Why is Pyro acting as an antagonist? Again, I am not sure.
- Why is the Corporal an idiot that blames others for his own catastrophic mistakes? I was so glad when Ludwig opened his mind (1:38:45).

Anyway, this is just speculation on my end. I could be slightly wrong, or totally off. Idk.
Thank you for reading my TED talk. I put the discussion tag for a reason. Now discuss.
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2023.03.26 00:43 Praise_AI_Overlords Categorization and search of big data: which model is the best?

I want to build a system that could receive natural language input and produce output based on a large dataset. For example, in field of medical regulations, or civili engineering, or anything else, where there is a lot of complicated regulations.
Building a system that can process natural language input and produce output based on a large dataset, such as in the fields of medical regulations or civil engineering, can be accomplished through a combination of natural language processing (NLP) techniques and a well-structured database. Here's a high-level overview of the steps you can follow to create such a system:
  1. Gather and preprocess the data: a. Collect data from relevant sources, such as regulatory documents, legal texts, research papers, or expert-authored content. b. Preprocess the data by cleaning, normalizing, and transforming it into a suitable format for your NLP model and database.
  2. Design a database: a. Structure your data into a database (e.g., relational or graph-based) that allows for efficient querying and organization. b. Define the schema, indexing, and relationships between different data entities to enable efficient retrieval and analysis.
  3. Develop an NLP model: a. Choose an appropriate NLP model for your task, such as BERT, GPT, or LSTM-based models. You may need to fine-tune a pre-trained model on your specific domain data. b. Train your model on a suitable dataset or use a pre-trained model and adapt it for your specific domain.
  4. Build a query interface: a. Develop a user interface that allows users to input natural language queries. b. Parse the user input and convert it into a structured query that can be executed against your database. c. Use your NLP model to understand the intent and extract relevant entities from the user's input.
  5. Retrieve and process data: a. Execute the structured query against your database to retrieve relevant data. b. Use your NLP model to analyze and synthesize the data into a human-readable summary or response.
  6. Generate output: a. Present the summarized or processed data to the user in an easily understandable format. b. Provide additional context or links to more detailed information if necessary.
  7. Evaluate and iterate: a. Gather user feedback to assess the accuracy and usefulness of the system's output. b. Use this feedback to improve your NLP model, database, and query interface.
Building such a system can be complex, but leveraging existing NLP models, database management systems, and software libraries can significantly reduce the time and effort required. It's important to continuously evaluate and improve your system to maintain its effectiveness and relevance in the rapidly evolving fields of medical regulations, civil engineering, or any other domain.
>recommend me a GPT-based model
As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, GPT-3, developed by OpenAI, is one of the most powerful and versatile GPT-based models available. GPT-3 (short for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3") is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text. It has been pre-trained on a diverse range of internet text, which allows it to perform well on a wide array of tasks, including natural language understanding, text summarization, and question-answering.
To use GPT-3, you can access it through the OpenAI API. This API provides a simple way to integrate GPT-3 into your project or application. However, please note that the API is not free, and you'll need to sign up for an account and review the pricing details on the OpenAI website.
To fine-tune GPT-3 for your specific domain (e.g., medical regulations or civil engineering), you can provide it with additional training data that contains examples from your area of interest. Fine-tuning the model helps it better understand the specific terminology, concepts, and context of your domain, which can lead to improved performance on your task.
Keep in mind that new GPT-based models and advances in NLP might have been introduced since September 2021. It's important to check for updates and explore recent advancements to ensure you're using the most suitable model for your project.
> can I use curie?
Yes, you can use Curie, which is one of the GPT-3 model variants offered by OpenAI. Curie is a smaller model compared to the largest GPT-3 model, having 6.7 billion parameters. Despite being smaller, Curie is still a powerful model and can perform a wide range of NLP tasks effectively, such as natural language understanding, summarization, and question-answering.
Using Curie can be a more cost-effective choice compared to the largest GPT-3 model, as it requires fewer resources to run, and the API usage costs may be lower. It's important to evaluate your specific use case and requirements to decide whether Curie offers a suitable balance between performance and cost.
To use Curie, you can access it through the OpenAI API, the same way as you would access other GPT-3 model variants. You'll need to sign up for an API key and follow the API documentation provided by OpenAI to integrate Curie into your project or application. Remember to review the pricing details and any usage limitations on the OpenAI website.
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2023.03.26 00:43 sausage2001 I'm fairly new and have been playing this game casually, but i would like to get more serious.

I still don't understand all of the dynamics of the game. I've played swgoh a lot and have been trying to use that knowledge in this, but it seems to be the wrong way. Could you please answer some questions?
What level gear is the minimum, in terms of stars, would you equip? Or is that the wrong way to long at it?
Are there any legendary champions you would use for ascension, or would you keep them all?
Is there anything i should know about team building? Such as using teams with different or similar affinities, using champions in the fraction, etc.?
Are there any specific champions i should keep and work on?
Is there anything else that I'm missing from the game that would improve my experience that you wish you knew when you started playing?
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2023.03.26 00:43 SGXR_Devs Feeling Out of Place on VRchat: Navigating the Challenge of Meeting New People

Hello, VRchat community,
As an older user of VRchat, I've been feeling increasingly out of place on this platform. While I've enjoyed the immersive experiences and opportunities for creative expression that VRchat offers, I've noticed that my references and interests don't always resonate with the younger crowd. I know that a very older person thing to say.
One of my biggest frustrations with VRchat is how difficult it can be to meet new people. I often find myself having to leave the game or go somewhere else like discords or hunting on reddits in order to find more groups of people who share my interests, everyone seems to be more in their bubble than ever. This can be discouraging and make it hard to feel positive about the future of VRchat being more integrated and useful for everyone.
So, I'm wondering, are other users experiencing this same challenge when it comes to meeting new people on VRchat? What are some strategies that you've found helpful for connecting with like-minded users? I see these posts on this reddit quite a lot, but I never really see a good solution. Is there something VRchat the company can do?
Moreover, I believe that VRchat has the potential to be a transformative platform, offering life-changing experiences to people of all ages. However, VRchat can be intimidating and exclusive to newcomers, especially those who may not have experience with virtual reality. So, I'm wondering, how can we as a community make VRchat more welcoming and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds?
Ultimately, I think that VRchat has a lot to offer, but we need to work together to make it a more inclusive and supportive platform for everyone. I'm even thinking about what I can do to my own VRchat worlds and content to make it more accessible for everyone. Let's start a discussion and work towards creating a more connected and welcoming VRchat community. What are some ideas you might have?
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