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Advice for UG students still missing a grade from Fall 2022 quarter

2023.02.08 21:36 Weekly-Appointment14 Advice for UG students still missing a grade from Fall 2022 quarter

As of today, 2/08/2023, per the UCSD Office of the Registrar
Step 1: Contact the department that offered the class and let them know your situation, including the name of the professor for follow-up. You can do this through the VAC.
Step 2: Contact the Office of the Registrar, and do the same, and they will then follow up with the professor on your behalf. (858) 534-3150,
Hope this helps. :)
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2022.12.05 01:28 killeraries First quarter as a transfer student and I might be placed on academic probation. What do I do?

This is my first quarter here at UCSD. I've had to drop one of my classes due to the fact that I simply didn't get the material, and because I was too caught up in my other classes. I'm having a really hard time adjusting to the quarter system, and I hadn't been to school since May of this year before the quarter started.
I don't know if I got a D or an F in my MCWP50 class, so this might result in me getting put on academic probation. This is the first time I've ever come close to being put on academic probation, like, I've never even gone through this in community college. It's giving me massive anxiety. I have no clue if I'm going to be kicked out, or even get a chance to enroll for winter quarter because of this. I passed my other class with a B+, but I'm not sure about this writing course.
I'm so nervous, does anybody know how to get out of academic probation, or have tips to get out of it? Does anybody know how it works? I've been stressing about it for so long, and I really tried my best in this class, but it was so hard. I don't know what to do. I sent a message to the VAC regarding academic probation, but they're going to take a while. Sorry if I sound dramatic, I really haven't gone through anything like this before.
Update: I ended up passing my writing class with a C! So, I don't think I'll be put on academic probation. I'll take the damn C over a D or an F any day. 😅
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2022.09.09 10:31 WaddupImSadInside Rant: are they fucking serious?!?!!

I just got dropped from Bimm 121 today, which is a lab class that I needed to GRADUATE this fall quarter. Since it’s so last minute and a lab class, all the other labs are already full and I’m not gonna FUCKING GRADUATE!!! They decide to tell us this not when they were having trouble replacing the instructor but TWO FUCKING WEEKS before classes start!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!
I already waitlisted for Bimm 101 instead (so if you’re in the E01 section and don’t need it yet pls drop and help a girl out, pretty please) and emailed the VAC, but if I don’t graduate this quarter and have to pay for tuition next quarter for ONE fucking class, I will SCREAM! I am so mad at ucsd for pulling this horseshit this late into summer. Fuck UCSD
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2022.07.11 22:29 Kavhow Incoming Student Enrollment Megathread

Hello everyone! This thread is to help incoming students select classes, professors, etc, so if you are an incoming student planning your schedule please post your questions here. Incoming student enrollment begins on August 17th, with incoming transfers first then incoming first year students after. Enrollment times are randomized your first quarter at UCSD and you will enroll using the two pass system. Effectively, this means you'll have two enrollment times listed, the first one which allows you to have a total of 11.5 units (two 4 unit classes, usually) and the second which allows up to a total of 19.5 units (so that you'll normally be enrolled in four 4 unit classes in total). This will allow you to select two classes you're really needing and prioritize them above your second two classes.
Things to keep in mind:
Some helpful tools and info:
Posts made outside of this thread that belong in this thread are subject to removal by the mods. Enrollment/new student posts made outside of this megathread are subject to removal at moderator discretion. Please take a look at our rules page. If you believe we have made an error, please message us via modmail. We will try and get back to you asap, but we are students or alumni with jobs.
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2022.06.18 02:46 ProjectCereal DAE know where to post or request features from various UCSD departments?

One of the main features I want to be implemented is allowing attachments in VAC so I can send forms for approval easily. But I don't know where to do that. I have some suggestions or think things that could be useful for other departments/websites as well at UCSD but there doesn't seem to be an option for feedback
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2022.04.02 03:04 Sunchipjr urgently need advice!!!!

EDIT!!! IT WORKED!!!! MY HOUSING DEAN CALLED ME TODAY (4/2) AND TOLD ME THAT MY ROOMMATE WILL BE MOVED OUT BY THE END OF THE WEEK!!! I really can't thank people enough for dming me and offering help and advice - everyone's been really supportive and it has just made me feel less alone during my situation. I'm so happy to finally feel safe in my dorm after this week 😭😭 really thank you to everyone, i appreciate you all
So im currently a first year general bio major at ucsd. I'm currently living with a dirty, unbearable, and aggressive roommate. I have text evidence of her jokingly saying she'd kill me in my sleep, bragging about breaking some kid's nose, and admitting to intimidating me, etc. It's put me in such a terrible mental state that I truly don't know how to go on. I've contacted everyone from RAs, supervisors, CAPS, career counselors, VAC, professors, and even had a wellness check done and explained everything to the police. Nothing has happened or changed and this has been going on since January... At this point I'm considering dropping out and going to CC to finish off my GEs and getting my associates degree in nursing or radiology technician because those are careers that I'm really interested in. I'm just not sure what to do anymore because I'm currently taking CHEM 7L, CHEM 6C, BILD 2, and DOC 3 and I'm wondering if I should just drop out now or finish off the year. Downside to dropping out now is probably having to redo CHEM and maybe bio? Not sure - pro is that I'm certain I would be much happier at CC... This school hasn't done anything to help the situation and the dean of housing for my college just said that they can't kick out my roommate because she has an active housing contract... Which sucks because I have one too... I should matter just as much... I'm just not sure what to do anymore I'm stressed beyond repair and have had constant break down after breakdown... Any advice on this situation would help, thank you for reading :(
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2021.08.11 20:28 TheJustOKCompany Where can I ask questions or review my 4-year plan with someone?

I'm an incoming student at UCSD for CSE, and I have a few questions about some of the courses, prerequisites, and course combinations.
I haven't found anyone to talk to (since advising outside of a webinar is not open? I sent them an email and they said VAC is not open to new students).. I am a bit worried since course enrollment is soon.
Does anyone know who I can speak with or review my plans with? Any quarterly course combinations I should avoid?
Thank you!
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2021.07.16 21:52 leokek Transferring Majors

Hello everyone! I’m an incoming sophomore and was wondering if I could get some advice, thanks! Yesterday I got a notification from my VAC that I was not given a spot in the Aerospace Major (I tried to transfer from Chemical Engineering to Aerospace engineering). I don’t exactly want to do chemical engineering, I’m pretty positive on that (slightly late, wish I realized that a year earlier :/), but I was wondering what options you all think are available/feasible. I am really sorry if these posts are super common, I’m just not exactly sure where to look. So far I have these:
1) stick with chem e
2) transfer again next year to aero
2a) keep aero classes for the gamble
2b) don’t keep aero classes for the gamble
3) transferring colleges
3a) change to aero
3b) change to cs
4) transfer unis
4a) change to aero
4b) change to cs
This is what I thought of SO far. Yes CS is on there. I know all about UCSD’s lotto system, so if I decided to stay at SD I like having more control and I’d like to stick with Aerospace Engineering. However, if I transferred Universities or something along those lines, I would not be opposed to picking CS or AeroE. Thank you all so much :)!
Edit: Thank you for all of the advice :)!
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2021.06.15 23:31 atomicpineapples Are Bioengineering department advisors especially bad at VAC? Or are all departments like this?

I have countless VAC questions that have been unanswered for months---one time I didn't get a response back for 61 days. I've sent in VAC questions to ERC advising and they're typically pretty good, but the Bioeng department? They don't respond to VAC or email questions, like at all.
Anyone else have problems with the BENG department advisors at UCSD? (I'm looking at you Elizabeth Soos)
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2021.06.03 01:52 doconut Can't change grading option because of hold?

So the deadline to change grading option to P/NP for the math department is on Friday, 6/4. I was going to change my option today though Webreg, but it is greyed out. Upon looking on the policy for grade changing on the Math department's website, I saw that we must submit an easy request to change our grade.
The thing is, I can't submit an easy request because this is my last quarter at UCSD, which means I have a hold on my account currently. I considered submitting a petition to remove the quarter limit hold (which I don't actually need), but I am not sure if they will get back to me in time before Friday or accept the petition for a reason like this. Does anybody have any experience with this and knows how long the hold petition will take? Is there a numbeemail I can contact to get this sorted out quickly? Do you think VAC can just change the grading option for me? Thank you.
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2021.03.04 09:31 mrpinkymen What to do when advising center ignores your inquiry?

I understand not everyone would agree with my experience and I know things are in a very slow pace since the pandemic period; though there are strict and nonnegotiable deadlines for every administrative processes and students often need smooth assistance from their advisers. I think communications between faculties and students are important especially in this period.
I left several messages via VAC (2 weeks ago) but I did not get anything from them. I can totally wait if they ask me, but as of now I am not even sure if they read my requests, which I sent three times.
Is this a typical situation in the middle of Covid19 ? I wonder if this is a typical issue at this time. Currently I am far away from SD, so I cannot visit in person. In this case, if my messages continue to be ignored, do I have any options other than waiting?
I started to feel a few UCSD advisors no longer care about students' situations, but what is more unfortunate is that we really don't have much choices to respond.
Your suggestions will be appreciated.
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2020.11.19 17:02 Chadwick_O Could I take a pre-rec course in the same quarter as the course that requires the pre-rec?

Hey guys!
I am a new transfer to UCSD this quarter and I feel kinda left behind :/. I am a Management Science major so to take any of the core classes I need to take MATH20C. I came into the school with just calc 1 under my belt. This quarter I have taken MATH20B and MATH18 and some electives, but there seems that there is nothing I can take for the winter quarter. Ive meet with counselors, gone to VAC, and ran a degree audit but I haven't gotten anywhere.
The major question is: can I take a pre-rec course in tandem with the course that requires the pre-rec?
Or, can I take ECON100A and ECON120A with MATH20C at the same time? Everyone I talked to never told me it was strictly impossible, but never really commented on this outcome, does anyone have any experience or with this?
My next gameplan was to email possible ECON100A and ECON120A professors to see if I can take all three classes together. This is the last chance I have, as I will already have a late start to my core classes. With me beginning my core classes in the spring quarter and delaying my graduation time.
But for now, I will only have one class planned for winter being MATH20C.
Also, Webreg seems to be down :(
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2020.11.11 17:59 Oceanenthusiast Just to Vent

Honestly the schedule of classes is ridiculous every single quarter. I have never had a quarter without at least one scheduling conflict. Being a graduating senior, I thought that my last quarter here could be an effortless enrollment, but UCSD never ceases to disappoint. I literally only need one class and a lab class to graduate. There are only two available labs that I can actually take this quarter, and one of them creates a commuting scheduling conflict. The other lab is completely online & has 0 seats available?? I've emailed the VAC asking about it but its frustrating regardless. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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2020.10.24 11:24 SoulsBloodSausage Maximum Time limit exceed

I got an email earlier today that my Maximum Time Limit would be exceeded at the end of the quarter and I won’t be eligible for financial aid.
I don’t even know how I could have exceeded the time limit. I came in to UCSD with a whole bunch of AP/college credits but I enrolled as a first yea freshman. Early freshman year I asked on VAC and they said my unit limit was 360 units because of this (!!!). I’m currently sitting at 299 units and I’m barely on my 10th quarter.
Has anyone ever had this problem??? Did you get it resolved 😭?? I’m so freaking out right now
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2020.09.13 10:52 LAGD1994 Is there a time limit for completing undergrad degree?

I entered UCSD at fall 2012 and was planning on graduating in 2016, but my degree audit contained errors and I was in short of 6 elective units to graduate. Since I already found a job in LA I decided to just go to work first and finish my degree whenever I get a chance. Well, I just have been too lazy to take care of it. I asked in vac few years ago if there's a graduation time limit and my adviser told me no and I could finish my degree any time. Now as I was checking on UCSD website it says newly admitted students only get 12 quarters to finish their degrees. I am concerned. Does that apply to me? I am hoping to register for some classes this quarter and apply for DDA.
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2020.07.03 23:41 inttctt How do credit transfers work from non-CCC's?

I am not a transfer student but I took some classes at a college not listed on and am thinking of petitioning to have the credits transfer over. If they can be transferred over, I expect most of them will be empty credits since the classes don't have exact equivalences at UCSD. Does anyone know how those classes might look on my transcript? Will they be similar to AP/IB and recorded as P/NP, or will the exact grades carry over? I'm not yet able to access VAC so in the meantime I'm hoping someone over here might know, thanks for reading!
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2020.01.17 21:09 eggward1014 VAC and Medical School

Can Ad Coms from UCSD or other medical schools (UCs and out of state) see your VAC contact record?
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2019.09.18 00:22 Throwaway253423 Can't remember where, but I heard we do not need to maintain the 36 units a year requirement anymore?

I actually remember receiving an email saying UCSD no longer has the 36 units a year requirement, but can't find it. Does anyone else remember this? Does this also mean we don't have to formally apply for part-time status? I want to only take 6 units for Fall 2019 quarter because I am living far from school and cannot drive, and also have to work 13 or more hours a week. I must take several buses just to get to school, which is a 6 hour commute every day (~3 hours one way). I have contacted UCSD VAC, but still waiting on response.
Would this be okay? What would happen if I only took 6 units this Fall but did not apply for part-time status?
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2019.07.18 22:02 UCSD_ResNet PSA: Two-Factor Authentication is available now! (MANDATORY October 16)

Hi Students!
UC San Diego ResNet here with an important announcement! In case you didn't receive the e-mail from the school, UC San Diego will be rolling out Two-Factor Authentication for all Single Sign On services. This is following a successful rollout for all UC San Diego staff that has helped secure our accounts. This service is provided by Duo Security. Here's what you need to know:
  1. Starting NOW, you can go and sign up for 2-Factor Authentication. This process is as simple as downloading an app on your phone and scanning a bar code. When logging in to any 2FA-protected service, you will be given 3 options : to receive a push notification to your phone (Easiest!), receive a phone call, or enter a 6-digit authentication code from SMS text message or from a Duo Token (More on that below!). There is also an option to remember your device for 7 days, cutting down on how often you need to authenticate.
  2. Starting October 16th (date may be tentative) Duo 2-step will be required for ALL logins that require Single Sign On. This includes WebReg, TritonLink, VAC, Canvas, VPN, and more!
  3. If you do not have a phone or would rather not use your phone for 2-step, you can instead come to our front desk and pick up a Duo Token! This token is a small, keychain-sized device that dispenses 6-digit authentication codes and does not require any cellular or data connection. Our front desk is on the first floor of AP&M in Muir College and we are open from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday to Friday.
For more information, check this link out:
Questions? Want assistance setting up Duo? Give us a call or send us an email! We can be contacted at [email protected] or called from 7:00AM to 7:00PM Monday to Friday, or 12:00PM to 3:00PM on weekends. Our phone number is: (858) 246-4357
Thank you for reading, and we hope we have encouraged you to secure your accounts today!
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2019.06.24 00:22 j259awesome U-Z 10k-50k

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2019.02.20 07:03 aUCSDStudent123 Full Classes for CSE 100 and 105

I'm a Math-CS major. I couldn't first pass into neither CSE 100 nor 105 since both were full. I'm aware half of the seats have yet to be released for both classes (source), but even then those will be prioritized for CSE majors. I have 102 units (a bit above junior standing), and I'm wondering if there's a reasonable chance I can get into these classes directly or through the waitlist during second pass.
If I don't, is there anyway I can petition?
Apologies if this is a repetitive type of question. I'm awaiting an answer on the VAC but can also use some student input as well. Thanks!
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