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2014.08.02 01:54 Waddles77 Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Welcome to the Star VS the Forces of Evil subreddit. The show ended in May 2019, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! You might be a brand-new fan looking for a show that's a little weird and wild, or maybe you're an old fan still lurking around because you aren't ready to say goodbye to our beloved show. Either way, you're welcome here!

2008.05.27 08:43 Star Wars - A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous 1977 movie.

2023.03.26 00:40 hno479 Why do so many cars sound tinny?

I’ve been playing AC, coming from GT7, and I love the game but can’t get over how fake some of the cars’ engines sound (I mostly play in interior view). Granted I’ve never sat in most of these cars but one that stands out as sounding terrible (and one I’ve actually sat in) is the 2015 Mustang—it sounds like a 4-cylinder inside a tin can.
One car that sounds reasonably close is the 488 GTB—I drove one in Vegas and have video of myself driving it, so I can compare directly. The sound from my drive is very guttural and deep, but the sound it makes in AC sounds shallow and linear, almost like a motorcycle.
Is there some setting I can play with to adjust or fix this?
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2023.03.26 00:40 raw_boof_connoisseur Ein intimer Einblick in das geniale Mind des Street Kaisers

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2023.03.26 00:40 oomershroomer March 23rd vs March 25th. Is this a reasonable amount of growth or should there be more?

I have also been misting around once a day and fanning 2-4 times for 30 to 60 seconds. Is that alright with the pins in their current state?
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2023.03.26 00:40 slizzaero U of A Student Strike Fall 2023

Hi everyone,
My name is Taylor. I have started a page on Change.org. I have been a student for 7 years here. I have 4 years in Sociology. And another 3 in Sociology. As someone who is acquainted with K. Marx, I’m very pleased to see that we’re arriving at class consciousness. That being said, I have started this petition and I’m working on a Facebook group because in order for us to stay as a collective. We need to have action. My goal is to have a Student Strike. If we have enough people, we can spark change.
We can arrive at this by creating meetings, spreading awareness and having discussions
But in my perspective, this needs to happen to else the University will not care.
Here is the link to the petition,
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2023.03.26 00:39 BBQGiraffe_ I follow a Twitter account that tweets 5 frames from breaking bad every half hour and we've finally reached the part where Hank takes a shit

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2023.03.26 00:39 NFCAAOfficialRefBot [POST GAME THREAD] South Carolina defeats Vanderbilt, 20-19

South Carolina South Carolina @ Vanderbilt Vanderbilt
Game Start Time: 7:00 PM ET
Location: Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN
Watch: ABC
South Carolina South Carolina
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
290 yards -3 yards 287 yards 1 0 2/2 9:17 3
Vanderbilt Vanderbilt
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 324 yards 324 yards 0 2 1/2 18:30 0
Drive Summary
away for 0 yards in 15 seconds ending in turnover
away for 9 yards in 57 seconds ending in field_goal
home for 21 yards in 108 seconds ending in punt
away for 6 yards in 26 seconds ending in punt
home for 70 yards in 130 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 75 yards in 43 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 22 yards in 47 seconds ending in punt
away for 18 yards in 25 seconds ending in turnover_touchdown
away for 11 yards in 48 seconds ending in punt
home for 52 yards in 159 seconds ending in punt
away for -4 yards in 8 seconds ending in safety
home for 26 yards in 26 seconds ending in end_half
away for 24 yards in 49 seconds ending in turnover
home for 22 yards in 122 seconds ending in field_goal
away for 90 yards in 61 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 56 yards in 74 seconds ending in turnover
away for 22 yards in 59 seconds ending in punt
home for 50 yards in 252 seconds ending in miss
away for 54 yards in 102 seconds ending in field_goal
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Vanderbilt 7 9 3 0 19
South Carolina 10 0 7 3 20
Game thread

Game complete, South Carolina wins!

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2023.03.26 00:39 nomiromi Mid week rent but how or where ?

Looking for advice from those who do mid week rent in London. I am considering because my 3 nights hotel could easy be a a month mid week only room rent.
It should be cheaper than hotel as I can travel off peak the night before using off peak plus rather than paying by nights.
I have tried spare room but some of the live-in landlord are very creepy... so not much progress yet
I want to know what do you look out for when viewing mid week rental and what do I need to pay extra attention?
Do you live further out so the monthly / weekly cost is cheaper but spending more on tube to commute in London ?
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2023.03.26 00:39 SuperAlloyBerserker What things in Fo4 do you wish were in Fo76?

There's too many specific things to individually mention, but base building in 4 is better with how it allows to you build certain things in certain places and positions (the variety of items and building parts is still better in 76 though)
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2023.03.26 00:39 WvAirsoft0 Aster Issues

I’m currently at Op Stonebreaker, was a rainy day but I played through it, game was going great until gun died. Dudes in the booth plugged the usb link into the aster and it kept saying overvolt. I’m using a 7.4 so the battery physically isn’t capable of overvolting. The dude at the booth said it was a wet ETU and air dry it for a few minutes. I’ve had it on my trucks A/C for over an hour and it still won’t shoot. It’s a 9 hour drive home so I’m not trying to call it quits if it’s something simple.
When plugging the battery in it gives its 2 vibrations for a 2 cell. The trigger light is green so the self check is good. But when trying to shoot, it buzzes and the trigger light is red.
Anything I can do to try and make it work is appreciated. Other then completely wiping the ETU because without active brake it over spins and I can’t get it back without my pc.
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2023.03.26 00:39 Radiationiscoool H: Q5025 EPR W: Offers

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2023.03.26 00:38 AFreshlySkinnedEgg Help with student finance.

I’m starting an undergraduate course with the Open university in October and have to apply for a part time loan. But when I go onto the student finance website I can only apply for 2022/23 which doesn’t include my course as it starts in October so surely I’d need the 2023/4 start but it’s not visible. It is for the full time ones but not the part time. Do I have to wait for a certain date before it opens?
(I was born in the Uk and have always lived here if that makes any difference)
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2023.03.26 00:38 bobbyjfs If Ritalin IR wore off after 2hrs, would the ER version be the same?

Started off on Ritalin IR for 3 months but wasn't staying in my system for as long as it should (4-6hrs) so psych changed me to Dex IR to trial and compare.
Idk, I feel like the Ritalin felt better but now I can barely remember. If I have the ER version of Ritalin, do you think it's likely to wear off quicker than it should, same as the IR?
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2023.03.26 00:38 RestaurantOwn8245 Why do people refuse to believe in CICO?

Okay so I just wanted to vent and tell my little story… so A coworker and I have been trying to loose weight and always talk about the things we do, she got Ozempic because she is diabetic, I was put on phentermine (this is the only way I would stop over eating, even with the phentermine is hard to not go over my calorie limit, it’s not the easy way out). I’ve always seen her bring high calorie meals to work, I asked her what’s her plan to loose weight now that she got ozempic, she said she’s gonna do keto. After a while I did loose around 50lbs, for me it’s noticeable, she says she’s been loosing around 20, I recently had this exchange with her that I can’t get over with, I say “So are you counting your calories?” She said “no, I’m counting carbs”…… THIS WOMAN HAD ONLY BEEN CARING ABOUT CARBS AND HAS NOT BOTHERED TO COUNT CALORIES…. I try to explain cico to her in a very normal way…. She immediately changes her tone and attitude.. like if she was upset and annoyed? I sent her one article explaining cico… she ignored it and just said “ah okay” and we didn’t talk for the day… after that everything was normal the next day and has been since, I have not brought up cico to her at all again, I just agree with her on whatever she tells me. It’s been 4 months she’s been on ozempic and she looks exactly the same. The things I noticed she eats tuna with lots of mayo, lots of peanuts she snacks thru the day, coffee with lots of butter,entire bags of pork rinds, guacamole with “low carb” home made chips and whatever she eats at home….. I just don’t understand why people just don’t believe calories matter but will believe keto will burn the fat they have in their bodies regardless of what they eat as long as they stay low in carbs, this person has a bachelors in health science btw
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2023.03.26 00:38 Swimming-Accident-75 42 [M4F] - Kansas - Voice Chat/Phone Call Tonight/Weekend?

A year being separated and divorce close to being finalized, the loneliness has hit me hard this weekend.
Looking for someone to talk to for a little bit this evening and maybe over the weekend. Not looking for anything explicit or dirty. Can be a one time thing unless we vibe...
About me - just turned 42. Work in IT. Also a flight instructor and doctoral student. Not much flying these days as things are a bit hectic. I enjoy all things Star Wars and being outside when the weather is nice.
Hoping to move away from rural KS this summefall.
Look forward to hearing from you and maybe chatting with you..
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2023.03.26 00:38 Jazzlike_Mongoose733 Melodies of the Heart: A Tale of Love, Loss, and the Unbreakable Bond between a Girl and Her Dog

In the heart of a small town, there was a girl named Emily. She had a soulful voice and a passion for music. Every evening, she would sit by the window and sing her heart out, dreaming of the day when her songs would be heard by the world.
One day, while walking in the park, Emily came across a stray dog. The dog was skinny and had a sad look in its eyes. Emily felt sorry for the dog and decided to take it home with her. She named the dog Lucky and gave it a warm and loving home.
Lucky quickly became Emily's faithful companion. He would follow her everywhere she went, wagging his tail happily. Emily loved spending time with Lucky, and she often wrote songs about him. She would sing to him, and he would listen intently, his head resting on her lap.
One night, Emily was sitting by the window, playing her guitar, and Lucky was lying at her feet. As she strummed the chords, a new song began to take shape. It was a song about love, loss, and hope. Emily's voice soared, pouring out all the emotions she had been holding inside.
As she sang, she felt a deep connection with the world around her. The stars twinkled in the sky, and the wind rustled through the trees. Lucky looked up at her with his soulful eyes, and Emily knew that she had found her muse.
From that day on, Emily and Lucky were inseparable. They would walk together in the park, play together in the yard, and make music together in the house. Emily's songs became more beautiful and more soulful, and Lucky became more loving and more loyal.
Years passed, and Emily and Lucky grew old together. They had shared many happy moments and some sad ones too. But through it all, they had each other, and that was all that mattered.
One day, Emily sat by the window, playing her guitar. Lucky lay by her side, his head on her lap. She sang a song that she had written many years ago, a song about love, loss, and hope. As she sang, tears rolled down her cheeks, for she knew that this was the last song that she would ever sing.
When she finished the song, she looked down at Lucky, who had fallen asleep. She stroked his fur and whispered, "Thank you for being my friend and my inspiration. I love you, Lucky."
With that, Emily closed her eyes, and her soulful voice was heard no more. But her songs lived on, touching the hearts of those who heard them. And Lucky, the faithful dog, lay by her side, his tail wagging gently, as if to say, "I love you too, Emily. Rest in peace.
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2023.03.26 00:38 Witty-Ad8190 Jordan 4 UNC

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2023.03.26 00:38 IllustratorNormal560 [FOR HIRE] UI/UX designer, Web Designer, and WordPress/webflow expert

Hello, I am a freelance UI/UX designer. I create stunning websites or apps that are optimized for conversion. A website/app is crucial for any business today, having a pretty website/app is no longer enough. From Start-Ups to Charity Organisations, I have helped many to achieve their goals through a well-designed website/app
My process includes -
  1. Understanding your business goals and your users' goals
  2. Obtain any content including images needed for the design (if you don't have them, I can provide free stock images)
  3. Target user research and competitor analysis
  4. Building the user persona, user flow, and user journey
  5. Strategic layout of the content
  6. Finalize the design
  7. Starting the development phase
  8. Prelaunch checklist and test
  9. Go live
Simple isn't it? Send a message with your idea and we can start right away.
My rates usually start at $25/hr or a fixed price of 590 Dollars for a website with 1-3 pages or
For designing 6 screens it would be 350USD.
Here is my portfolio. Thanks and have a nice day.
https://dribbble.com/hasanrins - Design shots
https://www.behance.net/hasanrins - In-depth case studies
DM me for live links.
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2023.03.26 00:38 Champ_690_ Let's play cucks so many lost their girls earlier.

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2023.03.26 00:38 stalin-so-sweet need help finding a manga

looking for this manga were the mc finds this artifact thing that sends him to pre colonized america the only details are i remember are that 1. he has a phone that he uses to look up midevil weaponry 2. he becomes the cheiften of the wolves a tribe 3. he has a girlfreind in the future 4. he has 'sisters' witch are a preaistist and a cheiften of another tribe witch he conqoured 5. and finally he gets sent back to the present by a spellcaster from a tribe called panther does anyone know the name of this manga i also know it has a anime adaptation that was horible
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2023.03.26 00:38 Beneficial-Wasabi-27 Wondering how likely

I’ve been completely confused by my results from ancestry and 23 and me. I was raised as NA, my mom was literally born and raised on a reservation in the same house her mom was born and raised in and her mom was raised in. I’ve been in the house on the reservation, and second cousins were living in it at that time. She is on the rolls, I was never put on. My dna started as 4% NA, and with the updates dropped to 2% and now 0. I am definitely her biological child. The only thing I can come up with, is in perusing my moms family tree, it seems we had quite a few preachers in the 1700s, and a few in the early 1800s… I had the thought the other day that I bet my family were on the reservation trying to convert them to Christianity….. does that seem reasonable?
(I don’t do genealogy, my mom does but we barely speak and she’s not known for telling the truth about a lot of things)
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2023.03.26 00:38 validboulahh Dental Program

Hey guys,
im thinking about applying to Temple's 3+4 dental program. im in highschool right now, but I just wanted to get an idea of how it is. What SAT score, GPA would I need? And should I get some shadowing hours? thanks
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2023.03.26 00:38 Bosoxmole (Offer) Black Adam, Dune, & tons more (Request) List

All of them are from 4k or Blu-ray unless noted. And I'm looking for trades only for everything. No Paypal.
101 Dalmatians (MA) (no DMI)
Alita Battle Angel (MA) (from 4k)
Anchorman 2 (UV)
Avengers Infinity War (MA) (from 4k, no DMI)
Bad Grandpa (UV)
Black Adam (MA) (from 4k)
Bullet to the Head (UV) (Not sure if from DVD or Blu)
Deadpool (UV)
Dirty Grandpa (UV)
Dredd (UV) (SD)
Dune (MA) (from 4k)
Final Destination 5 (UV)
GI Joe Retaliation (UV)
Hocus Pocus (MA) (from 4k)
How to Train a Dragon: The Hidden World (MA) (4k)
Hunger Games (UV)
Hunger Games Catching Fire (UV)
Inside Out (MA) (from 4k)
Jungle Book (2016) (MA/DMI)
Kingsman: the Secret Service (MA)
Maleficent (MA) (from 4k)
Mary Poppins Returns (GP)
Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (UV) (from 4K)
Monsters Inc (MA) (from 4k, not sure about DMI)
Mulan 1998 (MA) (from 4k, not sure about DMI)
Neighbors (UV)
Onward (MA) (from 4k, not sure about DMR)
Sleeping Beauty (MA) (no DMI)
Star Trek: Into Darkness(UV)
Star Wars: Force Awakens (MA) (from 4k, not sure about DMI)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) (UV)
Trolls (UV)

\\\*\\\*Looking for:\\\*\\\*
8 Mile (4k)
Animal House (4k)
Bad Guys (4k)
Beetlejuice (4k)
DC League Super Pets (4k)
Devotion (4k)
Elf (4k)
Elvis (4k)
Fabelmans (4k)
The Green Knight (4k)
Groundhog Day (4k)
Indiana Jones Collection (4k)
Nope (4k)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (4k)
Rocky 1-5 (4k)
Scream (4k)
The Shawshank Redemption (4k)
Silence of the Lambs (4k)
Strange World (4k)
Super 8 (4k)
Training Day (4k)
Unbreakable (4k)
Wargames (4k)
Wayne's World (4k)

Will always take offers for any movies I don't have.
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