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A community built to knowledgeably answer questions related to information security in an enterprise, large organization, or SOHO context.

2023.03.26 01:25 Qigong90 When Natalists Tell me I Am Missing Out by Not Having Children

I Guess I Am Missing out on Not Having Children
  1. I am missing out on waking up between 12 AM and 6 AM because bab(ies) are crying. And tending to them. (Even though society says that job is for the mother or woman, I, as a man, would watch and help to know how to take care of the child in the event my partner gets sick or dies)
  2. I am missing out on changing diapers. (I don’t want to do that one time in a lifetime, much less 20+ times a day).
  3. I am missing out on taking child(ren) to extracurricular activities on Saturday morning instead of sleeping in and gayming.
  4. I am missing out on disciplining child(ren) for undesirable behavior and or undesirable grade performances.
  5. I am missing out on having to be Judge Judy in terms of being a human lie detector, and cross examiner.
  6. I am missing out on fighting with teenagers.
  7. I am missing out on having to buy new clothes every school semester.
  8. I am missing out on spending $100+ a week on groceries.
  9. I am missing out on having to explain that I sired them into a chaotic and undesirable existence in a chaotic hellscape because I was vain, and foolish and walked around with my head up my ass.
  10. I am missing out on paying for senior dues, prom, and college.
  11. I am missing out on sacrificing my music and putting my love for gayming in an 18+ year abeyance in order to be an actual dad and not just a sperm donor.
  12. I am missing out on eventually resenting my no guaranteed compensation, no sick days, no vacation days, no health and dental benefits job as a parent. But, I will gladly miss out.
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2023.03.26 01:24 Senior-Scientist-828 advice for a novice

Hey Reddit! Im P(18f) and I really want to go into audio engineering career-wise. I took a midi class this fall and my god was it incredible I learned so much and just had an overall incredible experience. I know how to use basic software and mix and master reasonably well ( I think ). But im hoping to gain more experience and knowledge. Ive been searching online for any jobs that I could apply for to gain experience and learn more about how to be successful in this field but honestly I dont think Im near qualified for any of the places I've seen hiring online. I just finished applying to colleges ( specifically ones that offer music technology/audio engineering programs) but I want a way to get real hands-on experience and learn how to work in this field not just through lectures and assignments but in a more involved way. Any advice would be deeply appreciated thanks!
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2023.03.26 01:21 jaydandatboi [REQUEST] [STEAM] Pizza Tower! £14.99

I LOVE PIZZA TOWER!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
But in all seriousness, this game is amazing huh? An amazing amount of effort put into graphics, level design and bosses all wrapped in a package of 14.99 great British pounds. Its just too bad that i... uh... can't afford it. AND THATS WHERE YOU COME IN! I'm honestly not proud of it resorting to relying on the internet people for me to get a game, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do i guess. Anyways, this game is obviously amazing, and it's such a shame that I can't support the developers myself. But i hope that we are able to support them together!
You have no idea how much i would really appreciate if some generous soul here could potentially gift me the game. (and i can promise you this: along with a hefty thank you, i can promise you that i will eventually DM the person who gifted me this a picture of me getting a P-rank on a level, just to show them that im enjoying the game to the best of my ability and that their money wasn't (completely) wasted)
My profile:
Pizza Tower:
Thank you! :D
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2023.03.26 01:21 Nervous_Upstairs_358 How do i get better?

I (20f) have been in a real rough spot for a few months now, my ex broke up with me, most of my friends stopped hanging out with me (the ones who didnt moved away), and im having a rough time at work. I have never been more depressed. any advice on how to help get out of this funk?
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2023.03.26 01:20 drinkcard Stirling Cooper Books (Available)

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2023.03.26 01:20 Vivid_Archer_357 Me (F23) and my friend (F23) planned a trip, and now she's getting cold feet the day I bought the tickets

Me and my friend talked about going to Lollapalooza together in August, and today I paid for both tickets and said she could pay me in payments for it. We are both 23, we've known each other since we were 15, but I work full time and she works part time. I spent 1k on tickets today with insurance, and I was about to start looking for places to stay when she suddenly got cold feet saying she might not be able to afford thousands on the trip. So I said I could pay for gas and food (I'm the one driving there) and that as long as she gave me $850 by the time we needed to go it would be cool and she could pay me back for whatever extra expenses there are after the trip. I've found hotels that will only cost $400 for a 5 night stay. So realistically she'll only need to pay 850 upfront + $200 after the trip while I foot the rest of the bill. I don't trust that she won't get cold feet and bail on me and this is a LOT of money to waste. I already said that if she can't go I can either refund her ticket (that she hasn't given me money for yet) or find someone to take her place, but finding someone to take her place gets a lot harder as time goes by. I'm also not afraid to go by myself if push comes to shove. Should I just tell her to forget about it, or wait to see if she's able to come up with the money? I feel like I have to pay for her a lot when we go out as it is and I don't want to be used here. She's not a very independent person and is attached to her mom's hip, which is fine but I don't want her to agree to something she can't go forward with. She's telling me she's less stressed about the cost of everything now, but I'm seriously thinking about telling her to forget it and just refund both tickets. I don't see how she couldn't realistically save a couple thousand til August considering she still lived at home and doesn't have any bills at all, really. But I also don't want to ruin our friendship or be overly judgemental because I love the hell out of her. Any advice would be great here.
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2023.03.26 01:19 Equivalent_Return954 How do I change my school grades without the school's knowledge?//Is it possible to change your grades?// How can I change my grade fast? //How do I convince my teacher to change my grade?// How do I change my bad grades?

[email protected] ------------------------ Exploiting school grades is a common thing. Changing your grades takes skills and techniques and unique software to accomplish your goals.

Hacker Techniques to Change your Grades on School Website

For security reasons, we can outline the procedures used by hackers. This might perhaps be an approach to stop this assault by many school colleges. To hack college databases online, long years of experience of expert hackers are significant parameters in the hacking local area. Professional hacker administration offers solutions to all hacking requests.
Areas of Application where Ddos can be utilized to get access information without getting detected include:
In fact, Hackers have advanced software to effortlessly get to a security website, college portal online secretly.

Hacking a school website and Changing Your Grades

Hackers can typically change your school grades without the university detecting and it will remain extremely permanent. Most school systems make use of blackboards which can be hacked by ethical hackers who can give you current procedures to hack your grades. To implement this hacking approach, the course/examination officer won’t be aware that his record was compromised and used to modify it.

The most effective method to hack college websites to change grades

When hacking is to be carried out, there is a need to bypass the entire security system of your school database. You would likewise have to get around their firewall workers and the security of the LMS software introduced on your school system, which for this situation is Blackboard.
A professional hacker knows exactly what to get done, unlike novice students who attempt to hack with no experience at all. They tend to carry out hacking that trail behind. Regularly when hacking, if one isn’t knowledgeable with the cycle, they can neglect to hide their IP address and can be followed later utilizing it.

How to Change Your Grades Online Forever

When hacking, one requirement is to utilize VPN and hide their IP address and whatever other pertinent data may be left on the website page.
Employing ethical hackers to hack your university website will save you the difficulty of doing it without anyone’s assistance. There are different sorts of hackers you can discover, yet fundamentally a black hat hacker is what you will be searching for. Different sorts of hackers incorporate a Grey Hat, White hat, Activist, Green Hat, Blue Hat, and more.
When recruiting the assistance of a Hacker to change your school grades, ensure to get some information about their technique and that they are not leaving behind any trails that can link to you. It is likewise significant not to roll out large improvements to your grades. Negligible changes are undeniably more averse to be taken note of. Never attempt to change someone else’s grade when changing yours. Thus, it can raise more doubt and can bring about getting found out or intensely fined, or even imprisoned.


Hacking sometimes turns into a need, and through temporary changes should be possible with having a change of grade that remains forever ultimately would require an experienced and trained professional. [email protected] makes it simple to change grades forever and saves you the difficulty of falling flat or retaking the course.
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2023.03.26 01:19 the-dude-version-576 Cut keeper Armor mod

I’ve just installed the cut keeper armour restoration mod and can’t get the actual armour. I’m still stuck with the original design, and so are some of the keepers. Thing is the helmet for the original design also makes ur face disappear now.
Wondering if anyone had run in to the problem, or if anyone knows how to fix it.
Link to nexus
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2023.03.26 01:16 6969muffin6969 Anyone else just jumping between bad coping mechanisms?

Mostly just a vent post. I've been struggling on and off with self harm since I was 12 (currently 24). I was raised in an extremely religious household where the only way I was taught to cope with anything was to pray (like, don't even talk to mom or dad about any problems just go directly to god) and I feel like because of that my whole life I've just been bouncing from one unhealthy coping skill to the next. From cutting to an eating disorder to burning to drinking, back to cutting, drug abuse, back to an eating disorder, back to cutting. When I finally became an adult and could find my own therapist, I couldn't find anybody willing to help me much because I was abusing substances. I went to weekly sessions but was basically just told every time that there's no way we can work on anything until I'm sober. When I finally got sober I was moved across the country and now can't find a job that offers insurance and can't afford therapy or meds on my own, even while working two jobs. I'm back to restricting food and frequent cutting sessions and honestly just want to die. It feels like there's no hope for anything to get better. I've been trying to be better and do healthy things for myself but none of it touches my mental health. Cutting is the only thing that makes me feel even a little bit okay right now. I don't know how else to manage being alive.
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2023.03.26 01:16 ahmedokada NBA Games LIVE or On Demand [H] NBA League Pass 1 YEAR WARRANTY (3$) - S1ing Orange and Blue (5$) - S1ing Total TV Deal (10$) - DIRECTV (5$) - Paramount Plus (3$) - STARZ (5$) - MLB TV 2023 (5$) - NFL 23/24 (3$) - AEW Fite TV (5$) - ROH HonorClub (5$) and more [W] Crypto/PayPal

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2023.03.26 01:16 Kcguy98 My (24M) girlfriend (23F) said I'm racist and doesn't know if she wants to continue the relationship.

Me and my girlfriend of 5 months were watching SCREAM 4. In the movie Hayden Panettiere had a short hairstyle. I said I preferred it longer, my girlfriend asked why and I said "I don't know. I just think it looks better longer." The next day she starts texting me saying how it was problematic for me to have that preference, because it was rooted in racism, sexism, and homophobia. I disagreed and said that I don't feel like it is and preferences are complicated especially sexual preferences. She then said that it's not complicated and it would be like if someone had a preference for a certain race when dating. I said that someone having a preference for a certain race in dating isn't necessarily racist. She said that it's always racist and that I'm really fucked up for claiming it wasn't. I asked if it was a deal breaker and she said "I don't know what you said was really fucked up." I'm just unsure of what to do. I love her and don't want to lose her but it seems like she might not be able to get over this.
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2023.03.26 01:16 Mysterious_Set_8868 Girls called me handsome and say hi after no fap 2 weeks BUT

After no fap, I was actually taking really good care of my appearance and grooming and I’m a tall pretty boy , so it was somewhat “easy “ to get these compliments after doing basic taking care of self and grooming but I am here to enquire about magical IRL situations where really hot girls want you or say hot to you (the girls in question weren’t that good ) , can nofap for along time entice a difference in energy/presence/looks that will make hotties say hi to me or call me pretty or whatever? I find this to not make sense tho don’t it? Let’s say there is a fictional character of 5’2 facially recessed dude who started nofap, how the hell would he get girls in 2023 to say hi to him or call. Him attractive after nofap? I am enquired to know this
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2023.03.26 01:15 roby-gaming Hi, first post here. Chicken breast are expensive, so here's some ideas for potential fitness beginners that I found from experience of eating healthy&high in protein.

Protein sources
  1. Extra lean ground pork
A lot of people can't eat pork, but if you can eat it then that shit is fricking cheap, high in protein, and reasonably healthy. Ground pork is hard to find extra lean but if you search for long enough you can find it and it's usually very cheap. I live in Montreal, Canada and I often bought DuBreton bio extra lean groud pork at my local cosco. I find it crazy that it's cheap and bio.
  1. Pork tenderloin (idk how to align that text but atleast it's readable, btw how do you align it?)
Another pork product, almost the same properties as extra lean ground pork except it's a piece of meat and not ground meat. It all comes down to personal preferences. It's easier to find in any grocery store than extra lean ground pork and it's also cheap as hell. I found some for cheap at costo (never bought this one) and I found some for even cheaper at maxi, a cheap grocery store near me (bought those yesterday, gonna cook it tomorrow!) and also those look fatty but dw pork tenderloin is very lean.
  1. Extra lean ground turkey
This one is really interesting, specifically for those who can't eat pork. It's easier to find than extra lean ground pork, but it's also hard to find for cheap. The one I saw at my costco was expensive, but yesterday I saw some for REALLY cheap at maxi, the same grocery store I was talking about (5.5 cad a kg, which is 3.98 USD a kg that's an incredible deal) It's a bit less concetrated in protein than pork but it's no big deal (it's still high protein), and also I heard a lot of people don't like the taste of ground poultry but if you do then it's a solid choice. So who knows maybe you'll be able to find a deal like mine in your grocery store.
  1. Liver
A lot of people don't like the taste, but if you do then it's a good source of protein and healthy micronutrients. Beef, chicken and pork liver are all cheap, pork being the cheapest and chicken being the best in taste. Just don't eat too much of it because even if vitamin A and copper are both very good for you, too much of it can be bad. And liver has ridiculous amount of these nutrients. It's actually one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. So just consume 1-2 per week and you should be fine.
  1. Chicken breast
Yes, a lot of them are expensive, but just know that it's possible to find bags of frozen chicken breast somewhere, it's just hart af.
  1. Chicken thighs
They're less concentrated in protein and a bit more fatty than chicken breast, but they're still mostly protein and they're way cheaper. If you can find some of these for very cheap go for it.
  1. Lupin beans
Idk a lot of stuff about them, and never tried them, but I've been fascinated by these since I watched a video by the youtuber Talon Fitness who says they're really good. They're high in protein and it is a complete protein, but I did some research and apparently they contain poison. Can someone who eat these inform me a bit on them? I wanna know if they're safe to eat regularely.
  1. Eggs&Egg whites
4 eggs a day to keep the doctor away. And some more egg whites if you can't hit your daily protein goal.
  1. Whey protein
This is not amazing for health, but it's not bad either and it's cheap.
Now a good carb source
  1. Potatoes
These get a bad rap but it's only because they're frequently cooked with a lot of butter and oil. But if you cook them in only water and a bit of salt they might not have the best taste but you got one of the healthiest types of carbs: starch. You can also eat a lot of mashed potatoes at once so it's good for bulk, and healthier than rice.
  1. Black beans
These are high in antioxydants, fibers, starch and even contain a bit of protein. It's fulfilling which is good to help you on a weight loss diet. I recommend buying them dry rather than canned. Yes it takes a lot of prep, but cans contains bpa although idk if it's a dangerous amount or a low amount (can someone inform me on this?)
  1. Corn
This is expensive rn, but during corn season it's gonna be cheap. You can also find frozen corn for cheap and also canned corn but the same goes for what I said on cans.
  1. Amaranth
Never tried this, but the nutrition facts are fucking amazing and it's not processed at all. It also contains a bit of complete protein. You gotta cook them properly to reduce the antinutrients tho.
  1. Chia seeds
These are amazing. They contain a shit ton of fiber which will make you very full (good for weight loss) and is good for health. They're also one of the only plant based food to contain a good omega 3-6 ratio (by good I mean more omega 3) which is also very good for your health and anti-inflammatory.
  1. Lentils
Eat these if you want fibers. As I already said, fibers are good for health and weight loss.
About omega 3s
Some good fishes are herring, salmon, mackerel, haddock, yellowtail, cod, herring and carp. I found no cheap fishes but some are cheaper than others. Also be careful when buying whole fishes: The price per kg could seem good but remember that only a part of the fish is actually meat. I also heard that farmed salmon contains less omega 3s and more omega 6s but idk if that's true. Also, I found basa to be pretty cheap but I never found anything on the mercury concentration (If you have some info send!).
Some more tips
  1. Find a grocery store that is known to be cheap (do your research) then look for discounts of meats and fish.
  2. Processed food, specifically processed meat, is a guilty pleasure. Only eat it in moderation.
  3. Don't eat too much seed oils (yellow oils) best move you can do is to reduce the fried food, processed and pre cooked food. Maybe trying to cook with more olive oils, lard or tallow but the biggest move to do is really to reduce the things who already got a lot of seed oils in them.
  4. Reduce added sugars, choose things that are naturally sweet instead
  5. Eat fruits and vegetables, remember what mom told you
  6. Eat for nutrition, not for taste
  7. Believe in your goals
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2023.03.26 01:14 Marinevillager17 The correct way to eat Pringles

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2023.03.26 01:11 LinsaFTW Why you should switch to FlameCord for your Minecraft network

If you run a Minecraft network, you know how important it is to have a reliable and secure proxy that can handle bot attacks and exploits. That’s why you should switch to FlameCord, a fork of BungeeCord and Waterfall that adds advanced security features and performance improvements to your network.
Here are some of the benefits of using FlameCord:
If you want to learn more about FlameCord, get support and feedback, or connect with other FlameCord users, join our official Discord server at 2LStudios - Minecraft ( . You can also check out our subreddit at FlameCord for more discussions and updates.
Don’t settle for less. Switch to FlameCord today and enjoy the ultimate solution for a secure and fast Minecraft network!
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2023.03.26 01:11 ItzAlphaWolf [Discussion] Furry Worries - Week 318

Hey furries, u/The-Woop hasn't made one of these in a little bit. I've always liked these posts so I thought that I'd help him out again by taking over until he gets back.
Users have sometimes stated that it is difficult to express their sorrows or misfortunes on this sub because they do not want to feel burdensome or unwelcome in what is normally a very happy-go-lucky environment. And so, this thread is to encourage furs to open up with their issues, not only on here but on the sub as a whole. If grief has been on your mind or something has been bothering you as of late, big or small, please leave a comment for myself and others to see if we can be of any help, or at least lend a sympathetic ear.
Alternatively, if you feel pretty nice about yourself today, don't be afraid to browse any existing comments and see if you can make somebody's day a little better. Maybe you have experience with what that person might be dealing with. Or perhaps you just want to let them know that they have a person to talk to. However, there are the principles that should be considered:
1:If you are responding to a comment do your best to be as thorough and insightful as possible. Do not just comment and forget about the other person afterward. While little pick-me-ups can help, do your best to be there for the other person. Encourage discussion and do not be afraid to have more in depth conversations. The comment section is always fine, but if either of you feel that you must talk in a more private setting, do not be afraid to use something such as PM, or a different instant messaging service.
2: I am aware that unfortunately, misfortune does not have a curfew. This thread is not in any way meant to contain negative emotion on the sub, but is meant to be a convenient place for others to open up and find somebody to talk to. If you experience strife at any other time during the week, do not feel like you must wait until Saturday to state it. Please feel free to make your own post.
3:This thread is not meant to replace professional help. If you feel that you could have depression or any other similar psychological condition, you are still invited to post, but it is highly recommended that you seek a form of professional help as well as look into the resources below.
4: Suffering is not a competition. Do not feel like your issues are too slight, or insignificant to post. You are invited to express your problems no matter their scale. Your sadness is just as valid as any others.
5:If you are not looking for advice and would just like to receive emotional support or simply get something off of your chest, you are more than welcome to state so. After all, a shoulder to lean can be a great remedy.
Last but certainly not least, here are a list of resources that anyone can contact. Please do not hesitate to use them if you feel the need. It is better to call and it not be worth it, than to not call and forgo the help you deserve.
International Suicide Prevention Hotlines
National Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA): 1800 273 8255
Distress Centre (Canada): 416 408 4357
UK The Samaritans or 08457 90 90 90
Samaritans (Ireland): 1850 60 90 90
Lifeline (Australia): 13 11 14
Lifeline (New Zealand): 0800 543 354
Greece KLIMAKA Center for Suicide Prevention or 101
Japan TELL Tokyo Lifeline in English/Japanese or 03-5774-099
Spain Teléfono de la Esperanza or 902500002 2
Chile Teléfono de la Esperanza or (00 56 42) 22 12 00
Germany Telefonseelsorge or 0800 111 0 111 (or 222)
Brazil CVV or 141 France S.O.S Amitié International Association for Suicide Prevention
More numbers - hotlines.html
Trans Lifeline
Trans Lifeline -
UK Support -
LGBT Resources
The Trevor Project 24 hour hotline - 866-488-7386
Website -
Twitter - u/
Addiction Resources
Alcoholic Anonymous -
Narcotics Anonymous - National
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Association's toll-free hotline (Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST) - 1-800-931-2237
Crisis Chat
In the United States Chat anonymously with an Active Listener:
Self Harm
Alternatives for Stopping Self Abuse or 1–800-DONT-CUT (366–8288)
Rape and Sexual Abuse
Rape Abuse & Incest National Network or 800-656-HOPE (4673)
Finding a Professional
Unfortunatly, while there seems to be no globe wide way to find food banks for those in need of food, Google Maps should give a good starting point to find your local ones.
And as always, if anyone has any ideas on how this thread could be improved upon or if the concept is in any way flawed, please do not hesitate to send u/The-Woop a PM.
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2023.03.26 01:09 Low-Wall-9521 Can she cut him out if the will?

So my sons father’s grandmother passed away in 2021. At the funeral his aunt told him she was “legally required” to tell him that he was in her will. She is the executor. She told him that they were going to sell her house and when it was sold the money would be divided evenly among grandma’s children but since my sons dads mother passed away he would get her share.
He’s not close with his family and has t really been in touch with them, he has tried to reach out to ask his aunt about it a few times but she just blows him off. The house was just listed for sale a month ago and is now pending sale the asking price was $1.5 million. We looked into it and there is no will registered with the county. The house is currently owned by a family trust.
I don’t know anything about how any of this works. If the will isn’t registered is there anything stopping her from just keeping his share? He never actually saw the will so he doesn’t know exactly what’s it says or if he’s actually named. What should he do? We haven’t had any luck finding a lawyer
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2023.03.26 01:09 tpwkpls AITA for telling my grandma I’m a lesbian?

TLDR at the end.
I (23F) am a lesbian. I only came out about four months ago, but I had previously come out as bisexual in 2020. My family were accepting both times, as I knew they would be, and one of my sisters and my uncle both said that they knew anyway. The only issue was my grandma. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness. Id like to preface the next part by saying that my grandma is one of my most favourite people in the world. She’s the type of person who doesn’t care about anyone else’s sexuality until it comes to her children and grandchildren. My childhood best friend is gay, and she’ll regularly ask how he is, and if he’s dating anyone, etc. It’s never been an issue before, because I’m the only grandkid that isn’t straight.
She struggled a lot when I came out as bi, but it sort of turned into a “don’t ask don’t tell” situation. I think that because there was still that possibility of me dating and ending up with a man, she kind of denied the other part. When I came out as gay, I made the decision not to tell her, and my family agreed that was best. It wasn’t an issue at the time because I wasn’t dating at that point, because I had other things going on that required almost all of my attention. However, I’ve started dating someone, and it’s going well. We’ve been dating for about a month now. I was sick of having to hide it. There’d be times where I’d be with my girlfriend and my grandma would ring and I’d have to leave the room in case she heard a woman’s voice and asked questions. It was getting ridiculous, and as much as my gf said she understood, it wasn’t fair on her. So tonight I told my grandma I was gay. She freaked out as I expected, but then she started calling my mum and freaking out at her. She also called my uncle, who basically just kept saying “so?” until she hung up. My mum told me I shouldn’t have told her, and that it’s caused unnecessary drama, but I said that who I am shouldn’t be dramatic.
I understand that my grandma is religious, but I hated having to hide a big part of me. I’m not ashamed of being gay, and I never have been. But my mum and my oldest sister are getting a lot of flack from her for it. My sisters are on my side, and as much as my mum thinks my grandma is being ridiculous and has told her that, she’s saying that I shouldn’t have told her. A few of my (straight) friends and a couple of my cousins are also saying I just shouldn’t have told her to keep the peace. I was happy with my decision in telling her, but now I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have. My grandma still hasn’t spoken to me.
TLDR: Came out as gay and didn’t tell my religious grandma. Got a girlfriend so decided to tell her, she freaked out, and now my mum and one of my sisters are getting a lot of shit from her about it. Some family and friends are saying I shouldn’t have told her, but I didn’t want to hide it anymore. AITA?
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2023.03.26 01:08 TonySoprano_NJ Does this girl want to be friends? Or is she interested in me, (I’m interested in her..)

Basically to sum it up in a fairly short paragraph, I’m 17 she’s 17. We started talking unofficially, she was just at this band enrichment thingy at school and we hit it off. Didn’t feel like sparks were going off for her but for me I thought she was girlfriend material lmaoo. Anyways we talk on snapchat a lot afterwards (I asked her for it that day) and we just talk about music and guitar. Nothing seemed like she was interested and as a matter of fact I grew distant and stopped talking to her. I’m a needy person I guess, if I’m not getting anything from her than shifty snaps then idgaf. Anyways I stopped talking to her willingly just leaving her on opened/read. Recently she just sent me a snap of herself again at school and we started talking about music again. She still uses words like “dude” and “bro” but now I feel invested. She sends me her and her playing music, really enjoys showing me things she likes. Feels really comfortable with me to. She also recently was saying have I been sick because she hasn’t seen me in school for a while. Meanwhile I have not one class with her and I never see her LMAO. She walks by me with friends and giggles, she also just said how she remembers the first time she saw me skating with my friends. Does she seem to be interested too? I don’t want to ask incase she wants to be friends but I do want to know your opinions.
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2023.03.26 01:07 VikingDad86 Riders on the storm! How to get easy team wipes! #mw2 #modernwarfare2 #shorts #short #tiktok #viral

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2023.03.26 01:06 DreamSphinx What happens to the survivors you rescue in Dead Rising 1 [spoilers]

So something that has always bothered me, is I go through all the effort to save all the survivors in the game...and then Otis says that all get kidnapped by the military.
Now seeing how the military is doing a cleanup operation to keep the outbreak unknown to the outside world, I'm assuming that means the survivors actually get executed and that I rescued them for no reason.
Is there any lore that states that the survivors I rescued from the mall go on to live happy and fulfilling lives so it makes me feel like rescuing them was worthwhile? lol
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