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2023.03.25 19:22 Chwf3rd Chwf3rd's Positional Rankings

1 Bryce Young, Alabama, 5'10/204
Grade: Top 10
Wizard in the pocket with a quick release and uncanny ability to extend plays and navigate pressure; throws with anticipation and accuracy going through his read, average arm strength.
2 CJ Stroud, Ohio St, 6'3/218
Grade: Top 10
Pocket passer distributer type with incredible accuracy, layers throws, consistently hits tight window throws, good not great arm, very good touch on deep balls, ability to play with pressure
3 Will Levis, Kentucky, 6'4/229
Grade: Round 1/2
Rocket arm with tons of zip, good deep ball thrower, willing to stay in pocket and make throw with guys in face, very good athlete and can be weapon as runner, power QB, can make crazy tight window throws, inconsistent accuracy and decision making
4 Anthony Richardson, Florida, 6'4/244
Grade: Round 2
Big bodied QB with holy shit arm strngth, power runner with speed to break one long, takes a while in the pocket, lacks touch on short/intermediate balls, accuracy inconsistent, struggles taking the easy throws
1 Bijan Robinson, Texas, 5'11/215
Grade: Top 5
Really quick feet to make guys miss, very good acceleration, awesome patience and vision to find creases, fantastic lateral ability, very good receiver, not a burner but sufficient long speed, size and strength to carry guys
2 Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama, 5'9/199
Grade: Top 20
Crazy acceleration and electric in space, awesome receiver, super quick feet, makes defenders miss in open field with ease, not violent finisher or powerful player
3 Tyjae Spears, Tulane, 5'9/201
Grade: Round 2
Ridiculous quickness and burst, awesome tackle breaking ability both in the hole and in space, consistently makes guys miss 1 on 1, electric playmaker, good patience and vision, great jump cut, not a powerful runner and lacks ideal mass
4 Sean Tucker, Syracuse, 5'9/207
Grade: Round 2
Thick build, very quick, good burst and acceleration, great long speed to break long play, very good receiver, not particularly powerful or elusive and makes some stupid decisions as runner
5 Devon Achane, Texas A&M, 5'8/188
Grade: Round 2
Crazy quickness and burst + speed, big play back, good job navigating traffic, lots of receiving work, really nice vision and wiggle, dont want him getting tough yards inside but not incapable and doesnt go down easily upon contact
6 Zach Charbonnet, UCLA, 6/214
Grade: Round 2
7 Tank Bigsby, Auburn, 5'11/210
Grade: Round 2/3
8 Zach Evans, Ole Miss, 5'11/202
Grade: Round 2/3
9 Kendre Miller, TCU, 5'11/215
Grade: Round 3
10 Roschon Johnson, Texas, 6/219
Grade: Round 3
11 Eric Gray, Oklahoma, 5'9/207
Grade: Round 3
12 Chris Rodriguez Jr, Kentucky, 6/217
Grade: Round 4
13 Mohamed Ibrahim, Minnessota, 5'8/209
Grade: Round 4
14 Deuce Vaughn, Kansas St, 5'5/179
Grade: Round 4
15 Dewayne McBride, UAB, 5'10/209
Grade: Round 4/5
16 Kenny McIntosh, Georgia, 6/204
Grade: Round 4/5
17 Chase Brown, Illinois, 5'9/209
Grade: Round 5
18 Israel Abanikanda, Pitt, 5'11/215
Grade: Round 5
19 Keaton Mitchell, ECU, 5'7/179
Grade: Day 3
1 Jaxon Smith Njigba, Ohio St, 6'1/196
Grade: Round 1
Slot WR with awesome YAC and great quickness to create separation at stem, very reliable hands, ball tracking ability, tough to bring down with ball, good job handling physicality, lacks ideal explosive qualities
2 Zay Flowers, Boston College, 5'9/182
Grade: Round 1/2
Twitched up quick receiver that easily creates separation out of his breaks, adjusts speed during routes very well, playmaker with ball in hands or in the air, good ball tracking, ability to make difficult catches outside frame but can drop some easy ones, great releases off line, doesnt play with great long speed
3 Quentin Johnston, TCU, 6'3/208
Grade: Round 1/2
Long and lean receiver with long strides, uniquely quick out of his breaks for body type, very good speed, easy mover, doesnt have great releases at line, not good at catch point and doesnt attack the ball, needs to work on his stems at top of route
4 Jordan Addison, USC, 5'11/171
Grade: Round 1/2
Very quick and sudden player that can easily separate, good YAC, reliable hands catcher, long speed to separate deep but not a speedster, some issues with phsysicality, very slight build, lacks ideal explosive qualities
5 Josh Downs, UNC, 5'9/171
Grade: Round 2
Small framed WR without big catch radius, incredibly quick, great separation at top of routes, speed to separate downfield but not particularly fast, flashes ability to make difficult catches and go up and get the ball
6 Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee, 6/176
Grade: Round 2
7 Kayshon Boutte, LSU, 5'11/195
Grade: Round 2/3
8 Rashee Rice, SMU, 6'1/204
Grade: Round 2/3
9 Cedrick Tillman, Tennessee, 6'3/213
Grade: Round 3
10 AT Perry, Wake Forrest, 6'3/198
Grade: Round 3
11 Jayden Reed, Michigan St, 5'11/187
Grade: Round 3
12 Parker Washington, Penn St, 5'9/204
Grade: Round 3
13 Jonathan Mingo, Ole Miss, 6'1/220
Grade: Round 4
14 Puka Nacua, BYU, 6'1/201
Grade: Round 4
15 Michael Wilson, Stanford, 6'1/213
Grade: Round 4
16 Rakim Jarrett, Maryland, 5'11/192
Grade: Round 4
17 Nathaniel Dell, Houston, 5'8/165
Grade: Round 5
18 Elijah Higgins, Stanford, 6'3/235
Grade: Round 5
1 Dalton Kincaid, Utah, 6'3/246
Grade: Round 1
Shorter receiving specialist TE with great wiggle and quickness at top of routes to create separation, very quick sudden & fluid player, explosive off line, great YAC ability, physical after the catch, attacks ball in the air with great reliable hands, terrible blocker and lacks ideal speed
2 Sam LaPorta, Iowa, 6'3/245
Grade: Round 1/2
Very fluid and quick out of his breaks to create consistent separation, awesome YAC ability and physical after the catch, can get open using quickness, speed, or physicality, good not great hands, sufficient blocker, not big target type of TE who's going to go up and get it
3 Darnell Washington, Georgia, 6'6/264
Grade: Round 2
Comically big and looks like a gorilla terminator, freaky movement at size, destroys DBs as a blocker in space and will be a huge asset as blocker, can carry defenders, flashes YAC and ability to use size to box out defenders, very raw as receiver
4 Michael Mayer, Notre Dame, 6'4/249
Grade: Round 2
Big thick build, tough and physical as receiver, very reliable receiver, great contested catch receiver, average physical traits and lacks quickness to separate, ok as blocker
5 Luke Schoonmaker, Michigan, 6'5/251
Grade: Round 2
Big bodied TE that moves extremely well, very good athlete with soft hands, stop-start quickness to create separation, great blocker, not much YAC and not many reps of him making contested catches
6 Luke Musgrave, Oregon St, 6'5/253
Grade: Round 2/3
7 Zack Kuntz, Old Dominion, 6'6/255
Grade: Round 3/4
8 Brenton Strange, Penn St, 6'3/253
Grade: Round 4
9 Payne Durham, Purdue, 6'5/253
Grade: Round 5
10 Cameron Latu, Alabama, 6'4/242
Grade: Day 3
11 Davis Allen, Clemson, 6'5/245
Grade: Day 3
1 Paris Johnson, Ohio St, 6'6/313
Grade: Round 1
Hulking figure with crazy long arms, light feet and good mover, good job getting to 2nd level, good feet to mirror in pass pro and good anchor vs power, strong at point of attack, lunges too much and gets off balanced, lets guys into chest too often, some issues giving up the edge vs GA
2 Peter Skoronski, Northwestern, 6'4/313
Grade: Round 1
Very controlled and balanced in pass set, great hand placement, very good quick feet, gets to 2nd level well and moves well in space, generates movement as run blocker, lets guys into his chest too often and gets jolted back
3 Anton Harrison, Oklahoma, 6'4/315
Grade: Round 1/2
Big strong base, can move defenders in run game, very good anchor and plays with good control and balance, very active intentional hands, lacks explosiveness and can look lumbering at times, struggles in space
4 Darnell Wright, Tennessee, 6'5/333
Grade: Round 1/2
Big bodied powerful RT, moves guys in run game and finishes, very balanced and controlled in pass set with great anchor, consistently initiates contact, lacks ideal foot speed but manages to protect his edges
5 Broderick Jones, Georgia, 6'5/311
Grade: Round 2
Lean frame carries weight very well, twitchy explosive mover, plays with an edge and finishes blocks, very good anchor, good athlete moves well, balance can be very off and tendency to lunge and let guys into his chest
6 Dawand Jones, Ohio St, 6'8/374
Grade: Round 2
7 Wanya Morris, Oklahoma, 6'5/307
Grade: Round 2/3
8 Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse, 6'5/318
Grade: Round 3
9 Blake Freeland, BYU, 6'8/302
Grade: Round 3/4
10 Tyler Steen, Alabama, 6'6/321
Grade: Round 4
11 Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland, 6'6/306
Grade: Round 4/5
12 Ryan Hayes, Michigan, 6'6/298
Grade: Round 4/5
13 Asim Richards, North Carolina, 6'4/309
Grade: Day 3
1 John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota, 6'3/301
Grade: Round 2
Quick off the snap, power to redirect in run game, strong base and anchor vs power, ability to reach difficult blocks, ability to sustain blocks, inconsistent at 2nd level and foot quickness less than ideal
2 Cody Mauch, North Dakota St, 6'5/302
Grade: Round 2
Very good athlete, light feet to mirror, fantastic in space with high hit rate, ability to sustain blocks, not powerful run blocker but creates angles, question marks re: anchor and balance in pass pro
3 Joe Tippmann, Wisconsin, 6'6/315
Grade: Round 2
Very strong base and anchor, great on pulls and very quick out of his stance, issues sustaining blocks
4 O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida, 6'5/330
Grade: Round 2/3
Huge square build, very good anchor vs power, people mover in run game, struggles moving his feet vs quickness and struggles getting to 2nd level, can struggle with leverage
5 Andrew Vorhees, USC, 6'6/310
Grade: Round 2/3
Very good anchor vs power, strength to move defenders, strong run blocker, ass kicker who moves guys in run game, some issues with foot speed and tendency to whiff
6 Luke Wypler, Ohio St, 6'3/303
Grade: Round 3
7 Ricky Stromberg, Arkansas, 6'3/306
Grade: Round 3
8 Steve Avila, TCU, 6'3/332
Grade: Round 3
9 Alex Forsyth, Oregon, 6'4/303
Grade: Round 3
10 Olu Oluwatimi, Michigan, 6'2/309
Grade: Round 4
11 Anthony Bradford, LSU, 6'4/332
Grade: Round 4
12 Braeden Daniels, Utah, 6'4/294
Grade: Round 4/5
13 Jon Gaines, UCLA, 6'3/303
Grade: Round 5
14 Warren McClendon, Georgia, 6'4/300
Grade: Round 5
15 Emil Ekiyor, Alabama, 6'2/314
Grade: Day 3
16 Jordan McFadden, Clemson, 6'2/303
Grade: Day 3
17 Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame, 6'5/307
Grade: Day 3
1 Jalen Carter, Georgia, 6'3/314
Grade: Top 5
Great get off, strong hands to shed blocks, stupidly strong player with freakshow power, looks effortless, really quick, effort feels inconsistent and can play high
2 Calijah Kancey, Pitt, 6'1/281
Grade: Round 1/2
Small DT with crazy get off, great hand usage and swim move to immediately discard OL, incredibly disruptive, very active, plays with excellent leverage and can generate good power, gets swallowed by blockers at times
3 Bryan Bresee, Clemson, 6'5/298
Grade: Round 1/2
Very quick with good rip move, flash player that can get in the backfield with ease, strength issues anchoring vs run, inconsistent, energy lacking at times
4 Adetomiwa Adebawore, Northwestern, 6'1/282
Grade: Round 1/2
Awesome get off, plays up to freaky testing numbers, wins with get off and quickness rather than power, very disruptive and active player, good hand usage and leverage, ability to stack and shed vs run, lacks ideal power
5 Mazi Smith, Michigan, 6'3/219
Grade: Round 2
Stocky mucular build, powerful hands to shed blocks, unbelievable movement ability at size, good get off, great bull rush with powerful hands, inconsistent vs run and can get blown off line
6 Siaki Ika, Baylor, 6'3/335
Grade: Round 2
7 Gervon Dexter, Florida, 6'6/310
Grade: Round 2
8 Keeanu Benton, Wisconsin, 6'4/309
Grade: Round 2
9 Karl Brooks, Bowling Green, 6'3/296
Grade: Round 3
10 Jaquelin Roy, LSU, 6'3/305
Grade: Round 3
11 Colby Wooden, Auburn, 6'4/273
Grade: Round 3
12 Zacch Pickens, South Carolina, 6'4/291
Grade: Round 4
13 Byron Young, Alabama, 6'3/294
Grade: Round 4
14 Keondre Coburn, Texas, 6'1/332
Grade: Round 4
15 Cameron Young, Miss St, 6'3/304
Grade: Round 5
16 Jalen Redmond, Oklahoma, 6'2/291
Grade: Day 3
1 Will Anderson, Alabama, 6'3/253
Grade: Top 10
Lean build, very good hand usage to create separation from OL, great job using hands to discard OL, great vs run and as backside defender, great job handling blockers vs run with high IQ, flashes great get off but inconsistent, not a ton of reps where he can just let loose as rusher and a little raw in pass rush
2 Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech, 6'6/271
Grade: Top 20
Big and physical and long, strong vs run, great burst and get off, discards blockers using hands and power, power rusher specialist - shocks OL with hands and walks them back, high energy player with a physical presence to overwhelm blockers, inconsitent holding gaps, one trick pony right now with power rush
3 Myles Murphy, Clemson, 6'5/268
Grade: Round 1
Ideal rocked up bhild, can win with speed to power or straight up speed rush, awesome get off, good long arm move, not loose fluid type of mover, inconsistent power and stalls out too easily, some issues in space
4 Nolan Smith, Georgia, 6'2/238
Grade: Round 1
Twitchy explosive athlete with great get off, fantastic vs the run, high energy player, bend to finish at QB, wins with speed/quickness around edge or gap shooting, creative in rush with high IQ, playmaker, very small frame, doesnt have power element, very few reps where he can just rush the passer
5 Lukas Van Ness, Iowa, 6'5/272
Grade: Round 1/2
Big bodied edge with long arms, high energy, power rusher than can absolutely rock OL with speed/powehands, very good use of length and hands to stack and shed, will test OL's anchor, no pass rush moves and tries to go through everyone
6 Keion White, Georgia Tech, 6'5/285
Grade: Round 2
7 Derick Hall, Auburn, 6'2/254
Grade: Round 2
8 Zach Harrison, Ohio St, 6'5/274
Grade: Round 2
9 BJ Ojulair, LSU, 6'2/248
Grade: Round 2
10 Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame, 6'5/265
Grade: Round 2/3
11 Felix Anudike Uzomah, Kansas St, 6/3/255
Grade: Round 2/3
12 Will McDonald, Iowa St, 6'3/239
Grade: Round 3
13 Byron Young, Tennessee, 6'2/250
Grade: Round 3
14 Andre Carter, Army, 6'6/256
Grade: Round 3
15 DJ Johnson, Oregon, 6'4/260
Grade: Round 3/4
16 Nick Hampton, App St, 6'2/236
Grade: Round 3/4
17 Tuli Tuipulotu, USC, 6'3/266
Grade: Round 3/4
18 Brenton Cox, Florida, 6'3/250
Grade: Round 4
19 Isaiah McGuire, Missouri, 6'4/268
Grade: Round 4
20 Mike Morris, Michigan, 6'5/272
Grade: Round 4/5
21 KJ Henry, Clemson, 6'4/251
Grade: Round 5
22 Dylan Horton, TCU, 6'4/257
Grade: Day 3
23 YaYa Diaby, Louisville, 6'3/263
Grade: Day 3
24 Robert Beal Jr, Georgia, 6'4/247
Grade: Day 3
1 Drew Sanders, Arkansas, 6'4/235
Grade: Round 1/2
Long lean frame, very good speed, can cover or rush passer on 3rd down, twitchy and explosive with great closing burst, sideline to sideline range, generally good taking on blocks and finding ball, hard hitter, plays a little light and shows up on occasion, some tackling issues
2 Trenton Simpson, Clemson, 6'2/235
Grade: Round 1/2
Strong muscular build, fantastic athlete with excellent ability to play in space and in coverage, sideline to sideline range, great closing burst, fluid in space, reactions are slow and takes iffy angles, fails to keep gap integrity vs run
3 Jack Campbell, Iowa, 6'4/249
Grade: Round 2
Ball magnet always around the ball and in the right place, good recognition, intelligent in coverage, good pursuit bility, doesnt play up to his athletic testing and inconsitent taking on blocks
4 Nick Herbig, Wisconsin, 6'2/240
Grade: Round 3
Plays at LOS as 34 backer, sets a good edge, good hand usage to shed blocks, good pass rusher with array of moves, good burst off the line, plays like an average athlete, inexerienced playing standup LB, some issues in space
5 DeMarvion Overshown, Texas, 6'2/229
Grade: Round 3
Lean skinny LB with crazy explosiveness, solid coverage player, covers a ton of ground, struggles in the muck and taking on blocks
6 Noah Sewell, Oregon, 6'1/246
Grade: Round 4
7 Henry To'oTo'o, Alabama, 6'1/227
Grade: Round 4
8 Daiyan Henley, Washington St, 6/225
Grade: Round 4
9 Owen Pappoe, Auburn, 6/225
Grade: Round 4
10 Ivan Pace Jr, Cincinnati, 5'11/230
Grade: Round 4/5
11 Dorian Williams, Tulane, 6'1/229
Grade: Round 5
12 Yasir Abdullah, Louisville, 6'1/237
Grade: Round 5
13 SirVocea Dennis, Pittsburgh, 6/226
Grade: Day 3
14 Anfernee Orji, Vanderbilt, 6'1/230
Grade: Day 3
1 Devon Witherspoon, Illinois, 5'11/181
Grade: Top 20
Super quick small CB, physical but not grabby, very good closing burst, very sticky man coverage, incredibly quick feet, good press at line, sticky as hell in coverage, awesome run defender and tackler, can be overly aggressive jumping routes, not twitched up kind of athlete and doesnt have ideal speed
2 Christian Gonzalez, Oregon, 6'1/197
Grade: Top 20
Easy fluid mover in big frame, speed and movement looks effortless, very good closing burst, iffy tackler and not great vs run, can get lost at stem occasionally and give up separation
3 Joey Porter Jr, Penn St, 6'2/193
Grade: Round 1
Crazy long armed CB, very aggressive attacking ball, press man CB, great vs run, good closing burst and long arms allow him to make up room at catch point, very good ball skills, great defending vertically, can be too grabby at stem, lacks ideal fluidity
4 Deonte Banks, Maryland, 6/197
Grade: Round 1
Twitchy mover with suddness and quick feet, sticky man coverage, very good defending vertically, physical and willing run defender, physical at line, great speed, little herky jerky in movements, reactions can be a little late
5 Kelee Ringo, Georgia, 6'1/207
Grade: Round 1/2
Quick twitchy player with great closing burst, great defending and staying in phase vertically, awesome speed, lacks fluidity and will give up separation out of breaks, some issues at catch point
6 Julius Brents, Kansas St, 6'2/198
Grade: Round 2
7 DJ Turner, Michigan, 5'11/178
Grade: Round 2
8 Darius Rush, South Carolina, 6'2/198
Grade: Round 2/3
9 Eli Ricks, Alabama, 6'2/188
Grade: Round 2/3
10 Kyu Blu Kelly, Stanford, 6/191
Grade: Round 3
1 Brian Branch, Alabama, 6/190
Grade: Round 1/2
Lines up mostly in slot, mixes it up vs run, great job in box defending run, very good man coverage, ball magnet and playmaker, great job timing up blitzes, quick reactions and recognition, awesome tackler, good job playing ball, lacks ideal athletic traits and shows on field
2 Sydney Brown, Illinois, 5'9/211
Grade: Round 2
Twitchy mover with awesome burst and explosion, very aggressive, covers a ton of ground, good dealing with bodies in the box, mostly plays in box and slot but flashes deep coverage ability, top notch run and chase defender, can get grabby in man coverage, some open field tackling issues
3 Jordan Battle, Alabama, 6'1/209
Grade: Round 2
Versatile - plays in box and as high safety, good range as deep safety, ability to play man coverage, solid in box and finds the ball, inconsistent tackler, lacks ideal explosion and athletic traits
4 Ronnie Hickman, Ohio St, 6/203
Grade: Round 2/3
Twitchy mover with very good closing burst, willing to come up and make a hit, very explosive, ok in man coverage, versatile and covers ground in a hurry, angles can be off leading to broken plays, decent tackler but not big hitter, reactions/angles/recognition lacking
5 Christopher Smith, Georgia, 5'10/192
Grade: Round 3
Plays extremely quick and explosively, plays slot underneath and deep safety, aggressive coming up to make tackles, big hitter, jumps routes, very good range as deep safety, tested like a non-NFL level athlete, small stature struggles to take on blocks
6 Jammie Robinson, Florida St, 5'10/191
Grade: Round 3/4
7 Ji'Ayir Brown, Penn St, 5'11/203
Grade: Round 4
8 JL Skinner, Boise St, 6'4/210
Grade: Round 4/5
9 Kaevon Merriweather, Iowa, 6/205
Grade: Round 4/5
10 Jartavius Martin, Illinois, 5'11/194
Grade: Round 5
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2023.03.24 04:04 HulkBuster456 Teams number of 5 Star basketball recruits (2011-2023)

This is a statistical list compiled by me using 247 sports recruit ratings. I have listed each team in order of how many 5 star recruit they signed in this time span. This may help with off-season signing predictions, tell me which teams surprised you.
Kentucky: 49
Duke: 48
Arizona: 16
Kansas: 14
North Carolina: 14
UCLA: 13
Texas: 10
Oregon: 9
Indiana: 8
LSU: 8
Michigan State: 8
Arkansas: 7
Tennessee: 7
Memphis: 7
Florida: 7
USC: 6
Villanova: 6
Syracuse: 5
Baylor: 5
Louisville: 4
Alabama: 4
UConn: 4
Washington: 4
NC State: 3
Auburn: 3
Michigan: 3
Gonzaga: 3
Stanford: 3
Oklahoma State: 3
Miami: 3
California (Cal): 3
Houston: 2
Georgia: 2
Maryland: 2
Vanderbilt: 2
Western Kentucky: 2
Missouri: 2
Providence: 2
Ohio State: 1
Wisconsin: 1
Marquette: 1
Georgetown: 1
Purdue: 1
Seton Hall: 1
Iowa State: 1
Wake Forest: 1
Pittsburgh: 1
Arizona State: 1
Wisconsin: 1
Notre Dame: 1
Virginia Tech: 1
Colorado: 1
Mississippi State: 1
South Carolina: 1
Oklahoma: 1
Howard: 1
Nevada: 1
Manhattan: 1
Wisconsin-Milwaukee: 1
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2023.03.23 18:36 stevooooe Tail it

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2023.03.23 18:26 PSU_Alumnus [247 Sports] Eight SEC rivalries that need to be protected once Texas, Oklahoma join conference

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2023.03.23 13:27 TheRed_Knight Full 7 round post-FA mock draft, no trades, v1.0

1st time doing a full 7 round mock, tried to put together a semi plausible draft imo but I'll be the first to admit the later rounds ended up less than satisfactory due to lack of familiarity with the prospects/lack of in depth team scheme familiarity, looking forward to the feedback! To anyone who does this semi-regularly I salute you.
1st round
  1. CAR- CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State
  2. HOU- Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
  3. AZ- Tyree Wilson, DE/EDGE, Texas Tech
  4. IND- Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
  5. SEA- Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
  6. DET- Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois
  7. LV- Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama
  8. ATL- Jalen Carter, DE/DT, Georgia
  9. CHI- Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas
  10. PHI- Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon State
  11. TENN-Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern
  12. HOU- Nolan Smith, EDGE, Georgia
  13. NYJ- Paris Johnson, OT, OSU
  14. NE- Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn. State
  15. GB- Myles Murphy, DE/EDGE, Clemson
  16. WSH- Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina
  17. PITT- Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
  18. DET-Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
  19. TB- Luke Van Ess, EDGE, Iowa
  20. SEA- O’Cyrus Torrence, OG, Florida
  21. LAC- Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College
  22. BAL- Jaxson Smith-Nigba, WR, Ohio State
  23. MINN- Jordan Addison, WR, USC
  24. JAX- Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland
  25. NYG- Quentin Johnson, WR, TCU
  26. DAL- Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee
  27. BUF- John Micheal Schmitz, C, Minnesota
  28. CIN- Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee
  29. NO- Calijah Kancey, DT, Pitt
  30. PHI- Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama
  31. KC- BJ Olujari, EDGE, LSU
2nd Round
  1. PITT- Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Miss. State
  2. HOU- Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma
  3. AZ- Mazi Smith, DL, Michigan
  4. IND- Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State
  5. LAR- Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia
  6. SEA- Keion White, DE/EDGE, Georgia Tech
  7. LV- Brian Branch, S, Alabama
  8. CAR- AT Perry, WR, Wake Forest
  9. NO- Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, Kansas State
  10. TENN- Will Macdonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State
  11. NYJ- Steve Avila, OT/IOL, TCU
  12. NYJ- Antonio Johnson, S, Texas A&M
  13. ATL- Derick Hall, EDGE, Auburn
  14. GB- Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah
  15. NE- Michael Mayers, TE, Notre Dame
  16. WSH- Cody Mauch, IOL/OT, North Dakota State
  17. DET- Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa
  18. PITT- Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson
  19. TB- Clark Philips III, CB, Utah
  20. MIA- Devon Achane, RB, Texas A&M
  21. SEA- Tuli Tuipulotu, IDL, USC
  22. CHI- Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE/DL, Northwestern,
  23. LAC- Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia
  24. DET- Sydney Brown, S, Illinois
  25. JAX- Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State
  26. NYG- Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas
  27. DAL- Daiyan Hensley, LB, Washington State
  28. BUF- Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA
  29. CIN- Sam Laporta, TE, Iowa
  30. CHI- Matthew Bergeron, OT, Syracuse
  31. PHI- Chris Smith II, S, Georgia
  32. KC- Siaki Iki, IDL, Baylor
3rd Round
  1. CHI- Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee
  2. HOU- Josh Downs, WR, North Carolina
  3. AZ- Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami
  4. DEN- Zach Harrison, EDGE, Ohio State
  5. DEN- Keeanu Benton, IDL, Wisconsin
  6. LAR- Jordan Battle, S, Alabama
  7. LV- Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland
  8. NO- Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati
  9. TENN- Joe Tippmann, IOL, Wisconsin
  10. HOU- Gervon Dexter, DL, Florida
  11. CLE- Colby Wooden, IDL, Auburn
  12. ATL- Eli Ricks, CB Alabama
  13. NE- Jammie Robinson, S, Florida State
  14. LAR- Luke Wypler, IOL, Ohio State,
  15. GB- Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State
  16. IND- Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State
  17. PITT- Nathaniel Dell, WR, Houston
  18. DET- Tanner McKee, QB, Stanford,
  19. TB- Tank Bigsby, RB, Mississippi
  20. SEA- Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU
  21. MIA- Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State
  22. LAC- Julius Brents, CB, Kansas State,
  23. BAL- DJ Turner, CB, Michigan
  24. MINN- Kyu Blu Kelley, CB, Stanford
  25. JAX- JL Skinner, S, Illinois
  26. NYG- Tre’vius Hodge-Tomlinson, CB, TCU
  27. DAL- Zach Evans, RB, Mississippi
  28. BUF- Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse
  29. CIN- Jia’yir Brown, S, Penn State
  30. CAR- Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane
  31. PHI- Andre Carter II, EDGE, Army
  32. KC- Rashee Rice, WR, SMU
  33. AZ- Olusengun Oluwatani, IOL, Michigan
  34. WSH- Henry To’oto’o, LB, Alabama
  35. CLE-Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma
  36. SF-Blake Freeland, OT, BYU
  37. LV- Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina
  38. SF- Jartavius Martin, S, Illinois
  39. SF- Roschon Johnson, RB, Texas
4th Round
  1. CHI- Byron Young, EDGE, Tennessee,
  2. HOU- Andrew Voorheen, IOL, USC
  3. AZ- Kenny McIntosh, RB, Georgia
  4. IND- Michael Wilson, WR, Standford
  5. NE- Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama
  6. DEN- Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon
  7. LV- Riley Moss, CB/S, Iowa
  8. ATL- Wanya Morris, OT, Oklahoma
  9. CLE- Parker Washington, WR, Penn State
  10. NYJ- Demarvion Overshown, LB, Texas
  11. ATL- Jaylon Jones, CB, Texas A&M
  12. CAR- Michael Wilson, WR, Stanford
  13. NO- Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee,
  14. GB- Byron Young, IDL, Alabama
  15. NE- Nick Herbig, LB, Wisconsin
  16. WSH- Jarrett Patterson, IOL, Notre Dame
  17. MINN- Brandon Joseph, S, Notre Dame
  18. PITT- Emil Ekyiyor, IOL, Alabama
  19. JAX- Zach Picchens, IDL, South Carolina
  20. KC-Jaqueline Roy, IDL, LSU
  21. SEA- Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn
  22. BAL- Sean Tucker, RB, Syracuse,
  23. LAC- Kobie Tuner, DL, Wake Forest
  24. CLE- Dorian Williams, LB, Tulane
  25. JAX- Moro Ojomo, IDL, Texas
  26. NYG- Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan
  27. DAL- Mekhi Garner, CB, LSU
  28. BUF- Dontavion Wicks, WR, Virginia
  29. CIN- Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland
  30. CAR- KJ Henry, EDGE, Clemson,
  31. CHI- Mike Morris, IDL, Michigan
  32. KC- Ronnie Bell, WR, Michigan
  33. NE- Andrei Iosivas, WR, Syracuse
5th Round
  1. CHI- Kei’trel Clark, CB, Louisville
  2. BUF- Jaxson Kirkland, OT/IOL, Washington
  3. IND- Isaiah McGuire, EDGE, Missouri,
  4. DEN- Nick Broeker, IOL, Ole Miss
  5. CLE- Jay Ward, S, LSU
  6. LV- Braeden Daniel, IOL, Utah
  7. CLE- Yaya Diaby, EDGE, Louisville
  8. NYJ- Charlier Jones, WR, Purdue
  9. LV- Ryan Hayes, OT, Michigan
  10. CAR- Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama
  11. NO- Kendre Miller, RB, TCU
  12. TENN- Trey Palmer, WR, Nebraska
  13. CHI- Cameron Mitchell, CB, Northwestern
  14. GB- Dylan Horton, EDGE, TCU
  15. WSH- Ivan Pace JR., LB, Cincinnati
  16. SEA- Ventrel Miller, LB, Florida
  17. DET- Habakkuk Baldanado, EDGE, Pitt,
  18. TB- Jake Haener, QB, Fresno State
  19. SEA- Alex Austin, CB, Oregon State
  20. SF- Jon Gaine, IOL, UCLA
  21. LAC- Terrell Smith, CB, Minnesota
  22. BAL- Ali Gaye, EDGE, LSU,
  23. MINN- Jalen Redmond, IDL, Oklahoma
  24. ATL- Puca Nacua, WR, BYU
  25. NYG- Antonio Mafi, IOL, UCLA
  26. HOU- Rakim Jarrett, WR, Maryland
  27. IND- Darrell Luter JR, CB, South Alabam
  28. CIN- Ricky Stromberg, IOL, Arkansas
  29. SF- Zack Kuntz, TE, Old Dominion,
  30. NO- Josh Whyle, TE, Cincinnati
  31. KC- Rashad Torrence II, S, Florida
  32. LAR- McLendon Curtis, IOL, Chattanooga
  33. AZ- Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, West Virginia
  34. DAL- Davis Allen, TE, Clemson
  35. GB- Daniel Scott, S, California
  36. LAR- Chase Brown, RB, Illinois
  37. NYG- Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma
  38. SF- Mekhi Blackmon, CB, USC
  39. LV- Jaren Hall, QB, BYU
  40. TB- Nick Saldiveri, OT, Old Dominion
  41. IND- Henry Bainivalu, IOL, Washington
  42. LAR- Carter Warren, OT, Pitt
6th Round
  1. KC- Dewayne McBride, RB, UAB
  2. TB- Ronnie Hickman, S, Ohio State
  3. AZ- Alex Forsyth, IOL, Oregon
  4. TB- Juice Scruggs, IOL, Penn State
  5. LAR- Tyler Lacy, IDL, Oklahoma State
  6. DET- Keondre Coburn, IDL, Tecas
  7. NE- Rezjohn Wright, CB, Oregon State
  8. JAX- Jose Ramirez, EDGE, Eastern Washington,
  9. TENN- Will Mallory, TE, Miami
  10. NE- Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma
  11. HOU- Brenton Strange, TE, Penn State
  12. LAR- Brenton Cox Jr. EDGE, Florida,
  13. CLE- Deuce Vaughn, RB, Kansas State,
  14. LAR- Yasir Abdullah, LB, Louisville
  15. NE-Asim Richards, IOL, North Carolina
  16. WSH-Max Duggan, QB, TCU
  17. DET- Dontas Demus Jr. WR, Maryland
  18. DEN- Demarco Hellams, S, Alabama
  19. TB- Anfernee Orji, LB, Vanderbilt
  20. MIA- Dee Winters, LB, TCU
  21. SEA- Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pitt
  22. BAL- Brandon Hill, S, Pitt
  23. LAC- Warren McLendon, OT, Georgia
  24. HOU- Mohammed Ibrahim, RB, Minnesota
  25. JAX- Richard Gouraige, OT, Florida
  26. HOU- Mahamoud Diabate, LB, Utah
  27. LV- DJ Johnson, EDGE, Oregon,
  28. BUF- Mike Jones Jr., LB, LSU
  29. CIN- Keaton Mitchel, RB, Eastern Carolina
  30. NYJ-Jerrod Clark, IDL, Coastal Carolina
  31. JAX- Jonathan Mingo, WR, Mississippi
  32. NYG- Ochaun Mathis, EDGE, Nebraska
  33. NE- Jadon Hasselwood, WR, Arkansas
  34. MINN- MJ Anderson, EDGE, Iowa State
  35. DAL- Drake Thomas, LB, NC State
  36. AZ- Raiqwon O'neal, OT, UCLA
  37. LV- Evan Hull, RB, Northwestern
  38. WSH- Chris Rodriguez, RB, Kentucky
  39. SF-Dorian Thompson-Robinson, QB, UCLA
  40. KC- Jake Andrews, IOL, Troy
7th round
  1. CHI- SirVoccea Dennis, LB, Pitt
  2. PHI- Lonnie Phelps, EDGE, Kansas
  3. LV- Isaiah Land, LB, Florida A&M
  4. IND- Cameron Young, IDL, Miss. State
  5. SF- Dante Still, IDL, West Virginia
  6. LAR- Camerun Peoples, RB, Appalachian State
  7. ATL- Hunter Luepke, RB, North Dakota State
  8. ATL- Stetson Bennett, QB, Georgia
  9. JAX- Earl Bostick Jr., IOL, Kansas
  10. NO- Chandler Zavala, IOL NC State
  11. TENN- Elijah Higgins, WR, Standford
  12. CLE- DJ Dale, IDL, Alabama
  13. HOU- Nesta Jade Silvera, IDL, AZ State
  14. LV- Jalen Cropper, WR, Fresno State
  15. GB- Carrington Valentine, CB, Kentucky
  16. WSH- Anthony Johnson, CB, Virginia
  17. PITT- Jarrick Bernard-Converse, CB, LSU
  18. GB- Cory Trice, CB, Purdue
  19. IND- Jason Taylor II, S, Oklahoma State
  20. SEA- Chamarri Conner, S, Virginia Tech
  21. MIA- Sidy Sow, OT, Eastern Michigan
  22. LAC- Tiyon Evans, RB, Louisville
  23. NYG- Clayton Tune, QB, Houston
  24. PITT- Caleb Murphy, EDGE, Ferris State
  25. GB- PJ Mustipher, IDL, Penn State
  26. NYG- Jacob Copeland, WR, Maryland
  27. DAL- Malik Cunningham, QB, Louisville
  28. NE- Brodric Martin, IDL, Western Kentucky
  29. CIN- Robert Beal Jr, EDGE, Georgia,
  30. SF- BJ Thompson, EDGE, Stephen F Austin
  31. PHI- Mikel Jones, LB, Syracuse
  32. KC- Myles Brooks, CB, Lousiana Tech
  33. KC- Nic Jones, CB, Ball State
  34. LAR- Aiden O'connell, QB, Purdue
  35. TB- Latavious Brini, CB, Arkansas
  36. SF- Jeremy Banks, LB, Tennessee
  37. NYG- Kaevon Merriweather, S, Iowa
  38. SF- Deneric Prince, RB, Tulsa
  39. GB- Cam Jones, LB, Indiana
  40. NO- Jordan Howden, S, Minnesota
  41. CHI- Travis Dye, RB, USC
  42. HOU- Noah Gindorff, TE, North Dakota State
submitted by TheRed_Knight to NFL_Draft [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 01:42 BryanOnAPC QUICK CODES CollegeBBallCoach2

I used my own incomplete Team Quick Code and used u/LAZYTOWWWWWN list to correct the teams I hadn't named. This works with CollegeBBallCoach2

1NORTH CAROLINA4158193255255255255NCALC
11AMERICAN U12061141255255255DCPTR
13ARIZONA4122283255255255AZPAC 12
14ARIZONA STATE2150326125420139AZPAC 12
20AUSTN PEAY ST11421111255255255TNOHIO VAL
21BALL STATE121800255255255INMDA
22BAYLOR201347325519439TXBIG 12
23BELLMOUNT12323869255255255TNOHIO VAL
26BOISE STATE23148130204204204IDMNT WEST
27BOSTON COLLEGE21303030238232183MAALC
28BOSTON U11935666255255255MAPTR
29BOWLING GREEN17836024512163OHMDA
31BROWN1138304255255255RIIVY LEAGUE
35BUTLER3131997255255255INBIG EAST
36BRIGHAM YOUNG304598255255255UTWCC
37CAL POLY1186049255255255CABIG WEST
40CSUN12051665255255255CABIG WEST
42CAL BERKELEY205510425522248CAPAC 12
52CHICAGO STATE101030255255255ILWAC
59COLORADO200019817199COPAC 12
61COLUMBIA1075133124194241NYIVY LEAGUE
63COPPIN STATE146491462552450MDMDE
64CORNELL1214039255255255NYIVY LEAGUE
65CREIGHTON2254517024218059NEBIG EAST
68DAYTON2231882126102OHATLANTC 10
70DELEWA STATE124126451169239DEMDE
72DEPAUL230551582077779ILBIG EAST
77DUQUENSE2519217604598PAATLANTC 10
89FLORIDA A&M101818224815140FLMDE
91FGCU20149105255255255FLATLATC SUN
93FLORIDA STATE3144040168147107FLALC
94FORDHAM2131050255255255NYATLANTC 10
97GARDNER WEBB11914455255255255NCBIG SOUTH
98GEORGE MASON101015725119743VAATLANTC 10
103GEORGIA STATE1093170255255255GASUN BELT
104GEORGIA TECH22531841922106GAALC
107GREEN BAY1011181255255255WIHORIZON
111HAWAII106649255255255HIBIG WEST
112HIGH POINT15243136170179184NCBIG SOUTH
114HOLY CROSS1273384255255255MAPTR
119IDAHO116713336000IDBIG SKY
120ILLINOIS3245135602765120ILBIG 10
124INDIANA41684361255255255INBIG 10
125INDIANA STATE10102154255255255INMZV
127IOWA32552150000IABIG 10
128IOWA STATE2132104425420156IABIG 12
129PURDUE FT WAYNE12763149146148151INSUMMIT
133JACKSONVILLE A&M12296364255255255ALOHIO VAL
134JAMES MADISON1385715121316114VACL
135KANSAS40106181255255255KSBIG 12
136KANSAS STATE39949148255255255KSBIG 12
138KENT STATE119177324718910OHMDA
140LA SALLE2015762552420PAATLANTC 10
144LIBERTY2241138255255255VABIG SOUTH
145LIPSCOMB11842101255255255TNATLATC SUN
147LONG BEACH STATE22552040255255255CABIG WEST
148LONGWOOD1073144255255255VABIG SOUTH
149LOUISIANA TECH20106181255255255LACONF USA
155LOYOLA MARYLAND1110164255255255MDPTR
160MARQUETTE304712025318438WIBIG EAST
161MARSHALL218947255255255WVCONF USA
162MARYLAND3213043255255255MDBIG 10
163MARYLAND E. SHORE 1152146255255255MDMDE
164UMASS2159126255255255MAATLANTC 10
169MICHIGAN439356525019623MIBIG 10
170MICHIGAN STATE4286958255255255MIBIG 10
173MINNESOTA312712725524662MNBIG 10
174OLE MISS3255044044145MSSEC
175MISSISSIPPI STATE31183335255255255MSSEC
178MISSOURI STATE19500255255255MOMZV
180MONTANA11172974255255255MTBIG SKY
181MONTANA STATE1211175126056117MTBIG SKY
183MORGAN STATE117113424412155MDMDE
184MT ST MARYS1085150255255255MDNTE
188NEBRASKA2242023255255255NEBIG 10
190NEVADA2216295255255255NVMNT WEST
191NEW HAMPSHIRE2073144255255255NHAME
194NEW ORLEANS14357134255255255LASOUTHLAND
197GRAND CANYON11680255255255255AZWAC
199NORTH CAROLINA A&T15517025525599NCMDE
200NORTH CAROLINA CEN1136035255255255NCMDE
201NORTH DAKOTA1112457255255255NDBIG SKY
204NORTH TEXAS2013361255255255TXCONF USA
205NORTH EASTERN120401255255255MACL
209NORTHERN IOWA1715013022817447IAMZV
211NORTHWESTERN25757150255255255ILBIG 10
213NOTRE DAME3186160801843INALC
216OHIO STATE42224933255255255OHBIG 10
217OKLAHOMA3186052255255255OKBIG 12
218OKLAHOMA STATE30002551010OKBIG 12
219OLD DOMINION2080125255255255VACONF USA
221OREGAN3469322442300ORPAC 12
222OREGAN STATE2174560023ORPAC 12
224PENN STATE203893255255255PABIG 10
225PENN1842116172224PAIVY LEAGUE
234PURDUE200018415741INBIG 10
236RADFORD11882121255255255VABIG SOUTH
237RHODE ISLAND20538954145198RIATLANTC 10
238RICE2061125255255255TXCONF USA
239RICHMOND205086255255255VAATLANTC 10
242RUTGERS22385461255255255NJBIG 10
243SACRED HEART12061664255255255CTNTE
244ST LOUIS3083156255255255MOATLANTC 10
247SAN DIEGO24715321203993CAWCC
249SAN FRANCISCO234826325522558CAWCC
250SAN JOSE STATE208814725519233CAMNT WEST
251UC SANTA CLARA21051111255255255CAWCC
254SEATON HALL2887177255255255NJBIG EAST
256SIUE1188155106004ILOHIO VAL
258SOUTH ALABAMA1062126255255255ALSUN BELT
269ST BONAVENTURE21123829254232171NYATLANTC 10
270ST FRANCIS-BROOKLYN11754130255255255NYNTE
271ST FRANCIS12442280255255255PANTE
272ST JOHNS32111769255255255NYBIG EAST
273ST JOSEPHS202000255255255CAWCC
275SAINT PETERS1076194482008NJMDAT
276STANFORD3168550255255255CAPAC 12
278STETSON1248828255255255FLATLATC SUN
279STONEY BOOK21795878255255255NYAME
281TCU26055125235235235TXBIG 12
287TEXAS323811736255255255TXBIG 12
288TEXAS A&M292037255255255TXSEC
291TEXAS STATE11166567255255255TXSUN BELT
292TEXAS TECH2200037000TXBIG 12
293RIO GRANDE VALLEY1220960255255255TXWAC
296TROY1174216255255255ALSUN BELT
301UC DAVIS124539920315343CABIG WEST
302UC IRVINE10439225119445CABIG WEST
303UC RIVERSIDE120357920416631CABIG WEST
306UCLA409214225517937CAPAC 12
308KANSAS CITY10841342552104MOWAC
309UNC ASHEVILLE12197153255255255NCBIG SOUTH
312UNLV3213038353031NVMNT WEST
313USC3174374925517251CAPAC 12
314USC UPSTATE1011260255255255CAATLATC SUN
315SOUH FLORIDA20745416013977FLAAC
318UTAH32051665255255255UTPAC 12
319UTAH STATE205099255255255UTMNT WEST
320UTAH VALLEY107218232215102UTWAC
321UTEP20406724912059TXCONF USA
324VCU3000125125122VAATLANTC 10
326VILLANOVA31861124255255255PABIG EAST
329VIRGINIA TECH31163545251176136VAALC
331WAKE FORREST300019614968NCALC
332WASHINGTON34347100232212163WAPAC 12
333WASHINGTON STATE2151047255255255WAPAC 12
334WEBER STATE1418107255255255UTBIG SKY
335WEST VIRGINIA22551980000WVBIG 12
339WESTERN MICHIGAN1126629255255255MIMDA
340WICHITA STATE22482124116168KSMZV
341WILLIAM & MARY116502325324728VACL
342WINTHROP1158111425517530SCBIG SOUTH
343WISCONSIN316000255255255WIBIG 10
345WRIGHT STATE1011183255255255OHHORIZON
346WYOMING2835934255255255WYMNT WEST
347XAVIER203368255255255OHBIG EAST
348YALE2074129255255255CTIVY LEAGUE
submitted by BryanOnAPC to CollegeBBallCoach [link] [comments]

2023.03.19 03:07 Sweetascoffee237 Ncaa regionals seedings

Ncaa regionals seedings submitted by Sweetascoffee237 to Gymnastics [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 05:58 LAZYTOWWWWWN Quick Codes College BBall Coach 2

QCIDNameReputationMainColorRMainColorGMainColorBSecColorRSecColorGSecColorBStateConference 1North Carolina4123175212255255255NCACC 2Miami32441153308048FLACC 3Abilene Christian17838131255255255TXSouthland 4Air Force1051160143143140COMWC 5Akron143066168153104OHMAC 6Alabama21661249255255255ALSEC 7Alabama A&M110200255255255ALSWAC 8Alabama State10002011510ALSWAC 9Albany1702210723817817NYAEC 10Alcorn State1702210623316719MSSWAC 11American11961846080153DCPatriot 12Appalachian State13434342552040NCSun Belt 13Arizona417153203371AZPAC-12 14Arizona State3142125825519944AZPAC-12 15Arkansas21573453255255255ARSEC 16Arkansas State1204947000ARSun Belt 17Arkansas-Pine Bluff100023817916ARSWAC 18Army1000212191145NYPatriot 19Auburn324210134123564ALSEC 20Austin Peay11861247255255255TNOVC 21Ball State11861247255255255INMAC 22Baylor328605225518425TXBig 12 23Belmont20361052013845TNOVC 24Bethune-Cookman111138612421690FLMEAC 25Binghamton109067000NYAEC 26Boise State2051160214679IDMWC 27Boston College21403450219204164MAACC 28Boston120400255255255MAPatriot 29Bowling Green1254800794429OHMAC 30Bradley116500255255255ILMVC 31Brown156280228043RIIvy League 32Bryant135313217615299RINortheast 33Bucknell12399112056101PAPatriot 34Buffalo2091187255255255NYMAC 35Butler3194175255255255INBig East 36BYU304693255255255UTWCC 37Cal Poly10564917914379CABig West 38CSU Bakersfield1498416325318519CAWAC 39Cal State-Fullerton1039762551210CABig West 40Cal State-Northridge12061738000CABig West 41Sacramento State145739196181129CABig Sky 42California24306625519944CAPAC-12 43Campbell123211934000NCBig South 44Canisius11439862551860NYMAAC 45Central Arkansas17945127129138143ARSouthland 46Central Connecticut State12671132255255255CTNortheast 47Central Michigan110605025520046MIMAC 48Charleston11183547255255255SCColonial 49Charleston Southern104085168153104SCBig South 50Charlotte1010564255255255NCC-USA 51Chattanooga105610722417015TNSoCon 52Chicago State10102102000ILWAC 53Cincinnati2224134000OHAmerican 54The Citadel157117183255255255SCSoCon 55Clemson224510208245128SCACC 56Cleveland State1010677255255255OHHorizon 57Coastal Carolina1011111316211982SCBig South 58Colgate11343851200199199NYPatriot 59Colorado2000207184124COPAC-12 60Colorado State1010677179163105COMWC 61Columbia1056101155203235NYIvy League 62Connecticut301447255255255CTAmerican 63Coppin State10488625520121MDMEAC 64Cornell11792727255255255NYIvy League 65Creighton2092169255255255NEBig East 66Dartmouth109547255255255NHIvy League 67Davidson20001911238NCA-10 68Dayton12061765255255255OHA-10 69Delaware10831592552100DEColonial 70Delaware State123849360153204DEMEAC 71Denver1139355013911175COSummit 72DePaul2570150228043ILBig East 73Detroit Mercy1045114166961MIHorizon 74Drake1059115255255255IAMVC 75Drexel1747772551980PAColonial 76Duke4754164255255255NCACC 77Duquesne1931642111869PAA-10 78East Carolina1884413125519944NCAmerican 79East Tennessee State14306625519944TNSoCon 80Eastern Illinois1051153178178178ILOVC 81Eastern Kentucky1762130255255255KYOVC 82Eastern Michigan1410656255255255MIMAC 83Eastern Washington1161034255255255WABig Sky 84Elon111501018115487NCColonial 85Evansville1823512724311133INMVC 86Fairfield12242062255255255CTMAAC 87Fairleigh Dickinson11633856063135NJNortheast 88Florida42507022048135FLSEC 89Florida A&M124412931013168FLMEAC 90Florida Atlantic105110220400FLC-USA 91Florida Gulf Coast2071133012176FLASUN 92Florida International18306318213444FLC-USA 93Florida State31204764206184136FLACC 94Fordham1149058255255255NYA-10 95Fresno State120405103593CAMWC 96Furman18844131255255255SCSoCon 97Gardner-Webb11662546255255255NCBig South 98George Mason101025125520451VAA-10 99George Washington103874229209157DCA-10 100Georgetown303292198188182DCBig East 101Georgia21861247000GASEC 102Georgia Southern113065163170174GASun Belt 103Georgia State1057166255255255GASun Belt 104Georgia Tech217916310504887GAACC 105Gonzaga4430662001646WAWCC 106Grambling State10002361700LASWAC 107Green Bay1010251255255255WIHorizon 108Hampton13881152255255255VAMEAC 109Hartford11923639255255255CTAEC 110Harvard11652848255255255MAIvy League 111Hawai’i127149178178178HIBig West 112High Point1510114255255255NCBig South 113Hofstra105314525320047NYColonial 114Holy Cross19645137255255255MAPatriot 115Houston22014257255255255TXAmerican 116Houston Baptist10821562488518TXSouthland 117Howard105899255255255DCMEAC 118Idaho State124412132000IDBig Sky 119Idaho1179163105000IDBig Sky 120Illinois31941752327439ILBig Ten 121Illinois State12061738255255255ILMVC 122Illinois-Chicago1931611723045ILHorizon 123Incarnate Word12035159000TXSouthland 124Indiana415300237235235INBig Ten 125Indiana State1166188255255255INMVC 126Iona1102304323417515NYMAAC 127Iowa300025220922IABig Ten 128Iowa State3130365125320047IABig 12 129IPFW100019414214INSummit 130IUPUI11530024119072INSummit 131Jackson State103371255255255MSSWAC 132Jacksonville187868255255255FLASUN 133Jacksonville State120400255255255ALOVC 134James Madison1690132203182119VAColonial 135Kansas4081186232013KSBig 12 136Kansas State38140136255255255KSBig 12 137Kennesaw State111192125318748GAASUN 138Kent State10381002391710OHMAC 139Kentucky4051160255255255KYSEC 140La Salle1048872411960PAA-10 141Lafayette1145041255255255PAPatriot 142Lamar12272555255255255TXSouthland 143Lehigh1754119255255255PAPatriot 144Liberty110377815300VAASUN 145Lipscomb15130842441700TNASUN 146LIU Brooklyn1353132138141143NYNortheast 147Long Beach State125519830000CABig West 148Longwood143066255255255VABig South 149Louisiana Tech12035159048135LAC-USA 150Louisiana-Lafayette12062430255255255LASun Belt 151Louisiana-Monroe112804118914990LASun Belt 152Louisville4201031000KYACC 153Loyola Chicago188414925318519ILMVC 154Loyola Marymount112503004384CAWCC 155Loyola Maryland1010578202202200MDPatriot 156LSU3702912425320835LASEC 157Maine105099176215255MEAEC 158Manhattan1011260255255255NYMAAC 159Marist12001646255255255NYMAAC 160Marquette20511022552040WIBig East 161Marshall1017764255255255WVC-USA 162Maryland30002071645MDBig Ten 163UMES11303651139141142MDMEAC 164UMass11512747255255255MAA-10 165McNeese State10821552552104LASouthland 166Memphis31349130136140143TNAmerican 167Mercer1203837000GASoCon 168Miami OH11823046255255255OHMAC 169Michigan4039762552035MIBig Ten 170Michigan State4246959255255255MIBig Ten 171Middle Tennessee State10121194255255255TNC-USA 172Milwaukee10002551890WIHorizon 173Minnesota3251185601343552MNBig Ten 174Ole Miss22061738203361MSSEC 175Mississippi State310200255255255MSSEC 176Mississippi Valley State1410656255255255MSSWAC 177Missouri219814620444241MOSEC 178Missouri State19409255255255MOMVC 179Monmouth143066255255255NJMAAC 180Montana1102051153153153MTBig Sky 181Montana State10329119115391MTBig Sky 182Morehead State10941842552070KYOVC 183Morgan State1045116255780MDMEAC 184Mount Saint Mary’s1047108255255255MDNortheast 185Murray State2033682361720KYOVC 186North Carolina State320400255255255NCACC 187Navy10072180168126MDPatriot 188Nebraska22282856253242217NEBig Ten 189Omaha10002152532NESummit 190Nevada1153153153051102NVMWC 191New Hampshire143066187188188NHAEC 192New Mexico11861247167168170NMMWC 193New Mexico State21371822000NMWAC 194New Orleans1092166163169173LASouthland 195Niagra18844131255255255NYMAAC 196Nicholls State11961848178178178LASouthland 197Grand Canyon18235152255255255AZWAC 198Norfolk State10122832421690VAMEAC 199North Carolina A&T107013225318539NCMEAC 200North Carolina Central11343851137141141NCMEAC 201North Dakota1015468255255255NDBig Sky 202North Dakota State10866725520046NDSummit 203North Florida1036107217217217FLASUN 204North Texas1013362255255255TXC-USA 205Northeastern122900000MAColonial 206Northern Arizona10521022552100AZBig Sky 207Northern Colorado11601012461760COBig Sky 208Northern Illinois11861247393731ILMAC 209Northern Iowa275171112552040IAMVC 210Northern Kentucky100025519944KYASUN 211Northwestern27842132255255255ILBig Ten 212Northwestern State1734714624713238LASouthland 213Notre Dame31235642011510INACC 214Oakland100018115487MIHorizon 215Ohio1010578255255255OHMAC 216Ohio State32061561176183188OHBig Ten 217Oklahoma31322223221203164OKBig 12 218Oklahoma State32551150000OKBig 12 219Old Dominion105091161209241VAC-USA 220Oral Roberts104796207182124OKSummit 221Oregon30795725122433ORPAC-12 222Oregon State2220685000ORPAC-12 223Pacific124412132000CAWCC 224Penn State204598255255255PABig Ten 225Pennsylvania11530013191PAIvy League 226Pepperdine10329223811836CAWCC 227Pittsburgh2123564179163105PAACC 228Portland1302286255255255ORWCC 229Portland State1217152165172175ORBig Sky 230Prairie View A&M151010225520451TXSWAC 231Presbyterian10961691573453SCBig South 232Princeton1255960000NJIvy League 233Providence2000138141143RIBig East 234Purdue2000206184136INBig Ten 235Quinnipiac110346425518425CTMAAC 236Radford1194127255255255VABig South 237Rhode Island103371117178221RIA-10 238Rice103291193198200TXC-USA 239Richmond104394255255255VAA-10 240Rider11533050108111112NJMAAC 241Robert Morris12035751662546PANortheast 242Rutgers2204051255255255NJBig Ten 243Sacred Heart12051665255255255CTNortheast 244Saint Louis2061165255255255MOA-10 245Sam Houston State124714230255255255TXSouthland 246Samford1038731962239ALSoCon 247San Diego1117190233059112CAWCC 248San Diego State21961848000CAMWC 249San Francisco10846025318748CAWCC 250San Jose State125319192082152CAMWC 251Santa Clara11343851255255255CAWCC 252Savannah State12427723034148GAMEAC 253Seattle117000255255255WAWAC 254Seton Hall2068136255255255NJBig East 255Siena101037125519415NYMAAC 256SIU-Edwardsville120400255255255ILOVC 257SMU15376161204053TXAmerican 258South Alabama1032911911362ALSun Belt 259South Carolina2115010000SCSEC 260South Carolina State113226433070146SCMEAC 261South Dakota100017300SDSummit 262South Dakota State10501602552090SDSummit 263Southeast Missouri State12001646000MOOVC 264Southeastern Louisiana1099652341700LASouthland 265Southern Illinois111400255255255ILMVC 266Southern Miss125520870000MSC-USA 267Southern110517923125519944LASWAC 268Southern Utah12094171567UTBig Sky 269St. Bonaventure2843826255255255NYA-10 270Saint Francis Brooklyn10561682061738NYNortheast 271Saint Francis11893137255255255PANortheast 272Saint John’s21582750000NYBig East 273Saint Joseph’s21947271198PAA-10 274Saint Mary’s264991216036CAWCC 275Saint Peter’s1114206255255255NJMAAC 276Stanford31402121255255255CAPAC-12 277Stephen F. Austin1634285255255255TXSouthland 278Stetson1010371255255255FLASUN 279Stony Brook122366215300NYAEC 280Syracuse4212690255255255NYACC 281TCU37725121255255255TXBig 12 282Temple1153051255255255PAAmerican 283Tennessee32551300255255255TNSEC 284Tennessee State1083159255255255TNOVC 285Tennessee Tech179411322552210TNOVC 286Tennessee-Martin1038732471270TNOVC 287Texas3191870255255255TXBig 12 288Texas A&M28000255255255TXSEC 289Texas A&M-Corpus Christi10103197012762TXSouthland 290Texas Southern11113861162170173TXSWAC 291Texas State180182014111574TXSun Belt 292Texas Tech320400000TXBig 12 293Texas-Rio Grande Valley12551630013261TXWAC 294Toledo121571272552180OHMAC 295Towson10002552040MDColonial 296Troy1109023178179181ALSun Belt 297Tulane1088550164215LAAmerican 298Tulsa1051102245046OKAmerican 299UAB13010782207197128ALC-USA 300Arkansas-Little Rock11103857167169172ARSun Belt 301UC-Davis104085179163105CABig West 302UC-Irvine112356425519944CABig West 303UC-Riverside1451081922411710CABig West 304UC-Santa Barbara107715925518420CABig West 305UCF1000183163105FLAmerican 306UCLA4451041962421690CAPAC-12 307UMBC100025519414MDAEC 308UMKC10821472542030MOWAC 309UNC-Asheville1061165255255255NCBig South 310UNC-Greensboro115326825518327NCSoCon 311UNC-Wilmington10511020102102NCColonial 312UNLV32071044202200200NVMWC 313USC3157345325519944CAPAC-12 314South Carolina Upstate1410656255255255SCBig South 315USF1010371207196147FLAmerican 316UT Arlington1010017724512837TXSun Belt 317UTSA1034682217220TXC-USA 318Utah320400255255255UTPAC-12 319Utah State2153657157150141UTMWC 320Utah Valley1399356255255255UTWAC 321UTEP1430662551300TXC-USA 322Valparaiso15630142552040INHorizon 323Vanderbilt2000168153110TNSEC 324VCU20002551860VAA-10 325Vermont10871625519414VTAEC 326Villanova3038100255255255PABig East 327Virginia32487630354575VAACC 328VMI1255214251741842VASoCon 329Virginia Tech310644622076932VAACC 330Wagner106749255255255NYNortheast 331Wake Forest200015812656NCACC 332Washington35460116232211162WAPAC-12 333Washington State21523050255255255WAPAC-12 334Weber State17538130255255255UTBig Sky 335West Virginia3234170004085WVBig 12 336Western Carolina18944136255255255NCSoCon 337Western Illinois1102511532552040ILSummit 338Western Kentucky11763036255255255KYC-USA 339Western Michigan11086435181161103MIMAC 340Wichita State22552100000KSMVC 341William & Mary117876424017935VAColonial 342Winthrop1135365225520046SCBig South 343Wisconsin3196147255255255WIBig Ten 344Wofford200013611076SCSoCon 345Wright State121055520616082OHHorizon 346Wyoming173473625519637WYMWC 347Xavier2334878165167168OHBig East 348Yale1053107255255255CTIvy League 349Youngstown State12001646255255255OHHorizon
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2023.03.16 23:24 ExperienceLow7946 Need a loyal user we have 31 active users PS5 fantasy week 4 Comp league 24 hour sim‼️ https://discord.gg/Q7euTWrQ

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2023.03.15 15:07 cbbBot Game Thread Index - March 15, 2023

Ranked Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL truTV 312 #16 Fairleigh Dickinson #16 Texas Southern 286 Thread Thread
FINAL truTV 44 #11 Nevada #11 Arizona State 70 Thread Thread

Nationally Televised Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN2 64 UCF Florida 61 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 81 Virginia Tech Cincinnati 56 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 97 UC Irvine Oregon 47 Thread Thread

Other Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN+ 38 Oklahoma State Youngstown State 129 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 247 Morehead State Clemson 63 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 242 Alcorn State North Texas 41 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 68 Sam Houston Santa Clara 82 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 80 Utah Valley New Mexico 52 Thread Thread
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2023.03.15 05:57 RamseyTheGoat Building out a financial model for GME's annual #'s in prep for Earnings, so I will continue going through the filing and fleshing this out. Here some store data so for FY2020 & FY 2021. FY 2022 data coming next week!

Building out a financial model for GME's annual #'s in prep for Earnings, so I will continue going through the filing and fleshing this out. Here some store data so for FY2020 & FY 2021. FY 2022 data coming next week! submitted by RamseyTheGoat to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 06:31 40AcresFarm The Old Blue Bloods of College Football: The Best Teams 1901-1935

College football has a group of 8 consensus blue bloods based on success in the AP poll era. Since we don't have the AP poll for the early 20th century, determining which teams were best in this era is tougher.
www.tiptop25.com is a website run by a football obsessive who created postseason rankings for every season between 1901-1935. Giving 25 points to the team that finished first, 24 to the second place team, and on down to 1 point for a 25th place finish, we get the following results.
Michigan 495
Yale 466
Princeton 458
Harvard 451
Minnesota 451
Army 439
Notre Dame 409
Dartmouth 380
Pitt 377
Penn 298
Wisconsin 289
Chicago 269
Illinois 260
Cornell 254
Nebraska 247
Navy 245
USC 228
California 220
Stanford 205
Ohio State 195
Colgate 194
Carlisle 190
Washington and Jefferson 186
Penn State 183
Lafayette 182​
The big gap between Pitt and Penn is where I would say the border of old blue blood is, which gives 9 schools.
Of those 9 teams only Michigan and Notre Dame have remained top-tier football programs. Pitt and Minnesota are P5 teams, but they've been average in the poll era. Navy is a G5 team whose era of greatness is long past, and the 4 Ivy League schools on here (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth), are all down in FCS now.
The 8 Ivy League schools stood at 2nd, 3rd, T-4th, 8th, 10th, 14th, 26th (Brown), and 34th (Columbia). The average Ivy team finished with 323 points, better than any other current conference.
The best team in the Big 10 was Michigan. In the PAC-12 it was USC. In the ACC, it was Pitt. In the Big 12, it was West Virginia (41st place, with 76 points). In the SEC, it was Vanderbilt (28th place, with 146 points).
The current blue bloods ranked as follows:
Michigan 495 1st
Notre Dame 409 8th
Nebraska 247 15th
USC 228 17th
Ohio State 195 20th
Alabama 146 29th
Texas 22 T-63rd
Oklahoma 11 T-78th
Clearly a lot has changed in the past nine decades.
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2023.03.10 05:09 hackzubbard 2024 Alabama Recruiting Big Board - Defense

Here is the Offensive Big Board if you missed it
Same as Offense, we'll look at the Defensive side of the ball:
DL - 3-4 Needed, 0 Commited
Overview: Despite a 4-man group in 2023, Alabama wants another large group to refill its DL coffers
Goal: Alabama needs someone who can consistently sack the QB and/or demand double teams (severely lacking over the past few seasons)
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* DT Dominick McKinley Acadiana in Lafayette, LA (Cent LA) 247: #96, On3: #54, Comp2: #75 Hugh fram with growth potential; there's some Raekwon Davis here to be crafted. As a Louisiana native, LSU is the perceived early favorite but there's a long way to go here and Bama has made it very clear where McKinley stands on the DL board.
2. 4* DE Jeremiah Beamon Parker in Birmingham, AL 247: #93, On3: #99, Comp2: #96 This dude HITS! Love his intensity and fire - Bama's in a good position early for what should be an in-state battle and there's some fan-favorite dawg mentality here.
3. 3* DE Malik Blocton Pike Road in Pike Road, AL (Montgomery Area) 247: #740, On3: #830, Comp2: #785 More of your standard DL prospect - a little raw but a guy you can work with - should be another fun in-state battle.
4. 4* DE Kamron Beavers Lake Cormorant in Lake Cormorant, MS (Memphis Area) 247: #171, On3: #141, Comp2: #156 One of the best block-shedders in the class - as with all Mississippi recruits, I'd assume he stays in-state until proven otherwise but Bama is making their interest known.
5. 4* DE Kamarion Franklin Bay Springs in Bay Springs, MS (SE MS) 247: #37, On3: #37, Comp2: #37 More of a DE/big Edge guy currently but plenty of room to grow - as with all Mississippi recruits, I'd assume he stays in-state until proven otherwise.
6. 5* DT David Stone IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL (Originally from Oklahoma City, OK) 247: #13, On3: #12, Comp2: #12 A dump truck of internal pass-rush, Stone has early interest in Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Michigan State, though a staff departure may have the Spartans fading.
Other Names 1. 5* DE Williams Nwaneri 2. 4* DE Texas A&M Commit Dealyn Evans 3. 4* DE Jerod Smith
4. 4* DE Ernest Willor 5. 4* DE Nigel Smith II 6. 5* DT Justin Scott
EDGE - 1-2 Needed, 0 Commited
Overview: Alabama has had no problem recruiting Edge players (6/8 on 2023 roster are Comp2 5*s) so not a big need but you'd always like talent.
Goal: Sign someone good lol
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* Dylan Stewart Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington DC 247: #28, On3: #23, Comp2: #25 Long arms, elte first step, and a mean streak; it's easy to see the similarities to last year's Keon Keeley. An early March visit has Bama in very good position for this DC defender, battling South Carolina and UGA for his signature.
2. 4* Jordan Ross Vestavia Hills in Birmingham, AL 247: #78, On3: #60, Comp2: #69 Much more of a long-term, high-upside guy currently; a late offer by the Tide have Tennessee and UGA in the mix but an early March visit has the Tide squarely in the hunt.
3. 4* KingJoseph Edwards Mill Creek in Hoschton, GA (N GA) 247: #62, On3: #57, Comp2: #59 A monster on the edge with a DB's flair, Edwards is a big personality. His recruitment is kinda all over the place so not sure how Bama fits in the mix yet but he's a fun one.
4. 5* Eddrick Houston Buford in Buford, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #8, On3: #9, Comp2: #8 One of the more "toolsy", souped-up guys in the class, Eddrick is a little more reserved for a guy of his caliber. UGA will obviously be a factor but Buford alumni on the Tide roster will make their case.
Other Names 1. 5* Colin Simmons 2. 4* EDGE Jacob Smith 3. 4* Zina Umeozulu
ILB - 2-3 Needed, 1 Commited
Overview: With the likelihood of Qua Russaw beginning on the Edge, off-ball LB is a huge priority in 2024, both in terms of numbers and talent.
Goal: Get me someone who can plays in coverage AND shed blocks (get me a 5*, essentially)
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* Alabama Commit Sterling Dixon Mobile Christian Academy in Mobile, AL 247: #236, On3: #205, Comp2: #220 After playing mostly on the edge, Dixon will try his hand @ off ball LB this fall, which he'll continue at Alabama. Dixon has stayed strong in his commitment, despite 3 different positions coaches in as many months.
1. 5* UGA Commit DeMarcus Riddick Chilton County in Clanton, AL (Cent AL) 247: #26, On3: #35, Comp2: #30 A fluid LB with high level straight-line speed, there's a growing sentiment that Riddick will open up his recruitment and likely stay in-state. Where he commits to from there is anyone's guess.
2. 5* Justin Williams Oak Ridge in Conroe, TX (Houston Area) 247: #25, On3: #30, Comp2: #27 A former DB who's growing into an LB, there's a ton of solid basis here to grow into an elite Will LB. An early Oregon lean, an early March visit to Tuscaloosa has put the Tide basically neck-&-neck with the West Coast Ducks.
3. 4* Bradley Shaw Hoover in Hoover, AL (Birmingham Area) 247: #223, On3: #201, Comp2: #212 A little on the shorter, stocky side, Shaw is more of your traditional see-ball-get-ball middle linebacker that older fans will remember. Shaw represents another likely in-state battle, with Bama holding the early advantage.
4. 3* Jordan Lockhart St. John Bosco in Bellflower, CA (SoCal) 247: #344, On3: #398, Comp2: #371 A very good athlete with plus range and a headhunter's streak. A recent Ole Miss decommit, Alabama and USC will battle it out for this under-ranked defender.
5. 4* Jamonta Waller Picayune Memorial in Picayune, MS (SW MS) 247: #288, On3: #303, Comp2: #295 Another edge-to-off-ball LB guy, expect a similar metric for another Mississippi guy (In-state until proven otherwise).
Other Names 1. 3* D'Angelo Barber 2. 4* Florida Commit Myles Graham 3. 4* Cayden Jones
4. 3* Tyanthony Smith
DB - 4-6 Needed, 1 Commited
Overview: With the positional uncertainty of Jahlil Hurley, cornerback (amongst the DB positions) is a huge priority in 2024, both in terms of numbers and talent.
Goal: Need multiple cover corners (another 5* would be fun)
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* CB Alabama Commit Jaylen Mbakwe Clay-Chalkville in Pinson, AL (Birmingham Area) 247: #16, On3: #10, Comp2: #13 Another rare two-way guy (would love him @ WR), Mbakwe prefers the rigors of defensive back. Thus far, he's been a big leader in the class, especially in-state.
1. 5* CB UGA Commit Ellis Robinson IV IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL (Originally from New Haven, CT) 247: #7, On3: #4, Comp2: #5 Probably the highest ceiling CB in the class, Bama will look to pull out all the stops to get the flip here.
2. 5* CB Charles Lester III Riverview in Sarasota, FL (Tampa Area) 247: #17, On3: #21, Comp2: #19 Charles has the best build amongst the 5* CBs, as a true 6'2" prototype. FSU has the early lead, as Bama wants him to camp before making any push.
3. 5* CB Kobe Black Connally in Waco, TX 247: #15, On3: #11, Comp2: #13 In contention for fastest player in the class with 4.25 speed, Black has early familiarity with the local schools but Bama has him intrigued.
4. 5* S KJ Bolden Buford in Buford, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #3, On3: #3, Comp2: #3 One of the few legit two-way guys, Bolden would be top 5 @ WR or S and schools are appropriately recruiting him at both. UGA, Clemson, and Ohio State have established a firm top 3. I think he'll be very good for the Bulldogs.
5. 4* S Travaris Banks Northridge in Tuscaloosa, AL 247: #126, On3: #121, Comp2: #123 Really really like this guy as a star or money - flows well through traffic @ LOS. Alabama and Tennessee battling this one out early.
6. 3* S/LB Cameron Pruitt Theodore in Theodore, AL (Mobile Area) 247: #442, On3: #351, Comp2: #396 Already growing, there is significant potential for growth in to a LB or a really fun Money - this dude can fly for his size. I believe he's kin or good friends with Sterling Dixon so there's a lot of interest in playing together in college.
Other Names 1. 4* CB Jaden Allen 2. 4* CB Zabien Brown 3. 4* CB Corian Gipson
4. 4* S FSU Commit Jordan Pride 5. 4* S/LB Zaquan Patterson 6. 4* S Jordan Johnson-Rubell 7. 4* CB Omillio Agard
8. 4* CB Xavier Filsaime 9. 4* S Fred Gaskin III
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2023.03.09 16:07 cbbBot Game Thread Index - March 09, 2023

Ranked Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL/OT Fox Sports 1 87 St. John's #6 Marquette 13 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 90 Wake Forest #16 Miami 38 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 21 Iowa State #10 Baylor 14 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox Sports 1 45 Providence #11 UConn 4 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 66 Pittsburgh #22 Duke 31 Thread Thread
FINAL Pac-12 Network 58 Colorado #2 UCLA 2 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 16 West Virginia #3 Kansas 9 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 113 Ole Miss #15 Tennessee 5 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 108 Colorado State #18 San Diego State 15 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 177 Western Kentucky #24 Florida Atlantic 28 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 36 Oklahoma State #7 Texas 8 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 42 North Carolina #17 Virginia 37 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox Sports 1 147 DePaul #13 Xavier 17 Thread Thread
FINAL Pac-12 Network 84 Stanford #9 Arizona 10 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 25 #23 TCU #12 Kansas State 18 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox Sports 1 54 Villanova #21 Creighton 12 Thread Thread

Nationally Televised Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL USA Net 134 Davidson VCU 76 Thread Thread
FINAL Big Ten Network 43 Rutgers Michigan 39 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 199 East Carolina South Florida 143 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT SEC Network 46 Mississippi State Florida 60 Thread Thread
FINAL USA Net 138 George Mason Saint Louis 103 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 187 SMU UCF 62 Thread Thread
FINAL Big Ten Network 55 Ohio State Iowa 35 Thread Thread
FINAL USA Net 193 Saint Joseph's Dayton 72 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT CBS Sports Network 93 San José State Nevada 40 Thread Thread
FINAL Pac-12 Network 53 Washington State Oregon 41 Thread Thread
FINAL Big Ten Network 51 Penn State Illinois 32 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 19 Arkansas Auburn 26 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 313 Tulsa Wichita State 104 Thread Thread
FINAL USA Net 223 La Salle Fordham 139 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 148 LSU Vanderbilt 80 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT CBS Sports Network 88 UNLV Boise State 29 Thread Thread
FINAL Big Ten Network 216 Minnesota Maryland 20 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 47 NC State Clemson 68 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 49 New Mexico Utah State 23 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 65 Arizona State USC 34 Thread Thread

Other Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN+ 265 Miami (OH) Toledo 85 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 140 Ohio Ball State 157 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 268 Prairie View A&M Jackson State 300 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 153 California Baptist Sam Houston 67 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 284 Cal State Bakersfield UC Irvine 98 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 240 Northern Illinois Kent State 79 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 120 Grand Canyon Seattle U 141 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 125 Hawai'i Cal State Fullerton 117 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 310 Morgan State Maryland-Eastern Shore 247 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 197 Buffalo Akron 109
FINAL ESPN+ 116 Charlotte Middle Tennessee 126 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 299 Marist Quinnipiac 174 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 336 Coppin State Norfolk State 202 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 164 Louisiana Tech North Texas 50 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 159 Tarleton Utah Valley 78 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 290 Cal Poly UC Santa Barbara 107 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 306 Alabama A&M Southern 260 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 208 Rice UAB 61 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 261 Niagara Siena 203 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 152 Utah Tech Southern Utah 102 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 145 UC Davis UC Riverside 144 Thread Thread
Last Updated: 2023-03-10 10:06:03 EST
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2023.03.07 02:12 blad-e We Talkin' About Practice: A pointless analysis of the vast and not-so-vast-my-friend distances between college football stadiums and their practice fields

Hello CFB,
I often like to waste time with Google Maps/Earth by looking at stadiums. I'm fascinated by any given stadium's location in a city or college campus. For football stadiums the massive amount space they take up make them easy to spot from the air. This feature leads to football facilities being shaped by the space constraints around them and determine the positioning of auxiliary facilities (ex. practice fields, weight rooms, locker rooms, coaches offices, etc.). Every major college football team and every NFL franchise will use outdoor practice fields to, well, practice on non-gamedays.
I decided to waste even more time today by examining each Power 5 school's distance between their stadium playing field and their practice facilities. Some schools have their playing field and practice fields literally a stone's throw away from one another. Some are many miles apart. I've complied a list of each Power 5 school (+Notre Dame, BYU, Army) estimated distances. Is this information useful? Probably not. However with so much discourse surrounding the ongoing facility-arms-race between major programs, this might be a semi-relevant metric useful for that discussion.


This analysis is a haphazard, eye-balling-it, on-the-fly type of research unfit for rigorous peer review. However any feedback on how to better conduct, measure, and display this study is very welcomed. That being said...
  1. Distances between stadium and practice fields were determined by measuring the estimated shortest distance between them. Using the ruler tool in Google Earth, I measured the shortest distance from the inbounds of the stadium playing surface to the inbounds of the practice field surface. Determining where the field begins and ends for wide open practice fields is difficult so for the sake of simplicity I used the inbound areas where practice activities certainly occur.
  2. I did not consider indoor facilities for this study. While it's easy to determine where a building starts and ends, not every school has indoor practice buildings.
  3. The distances are as-the-crow-flies measurement. Elevation between the playing surface and practice fields were not considered for the sake of simplicity.
  4. Some schools are able to use their stadium home-team locker rooms for their practice time as well. For some schools, the facilities are separated and have an additional locker room. However, some schools have separate facilities, but only one locker room. Some practices require player walking a relatively long distance from the locker room to the practice field or they have to take a shuttle (Ok, cool. Hook'em). The distance these players have to transverse nearly every day aren't considered for this study.
  5. The schools listed are sorted from closest to furthest. However, don't consider the order for the list of schools a definitive ranking. Each distance was crudely measured by me and could result in small discrepancies if you go back and measure them yourself. To distinguish the vast differences between schools I have grouped every program into tiers. The tiers are determined by the following labels and parameters:

The List

Tier 1

42 yds: Duke
53 yds: Washington State
67 yds: Washington
88 yds: Virginia Tech
92 yds: Kansas
92 yds: Oregon State
93 yds: Oklahoma
93 yds: Army
103 yds: TCU
104 yds: Illinois
117 yds: Wisconsin

Tier 2

128 yds: Ole Miss
132 yds: Colorado
133 yds: Florida State
137 yds: Rutgers
140 yds: California
145 yds: Vanderbilt
150 yds: Texas Tech
153 yds: Indiana
153 yds: Maryland
170 yds: Kentucky
173 yds: Iowa State
180 yds: Oklahoma State
183 yds: Boston College
188 yds: Nebraska
201 yds: Purdue
213 yds: Louisville
243 yds: Arizona
247 yds: Colorado (Main Outdoor Practice Fields)
257 yds: Oregon
260 yds: Texas A&M
267 yds: Michigan State
307 yds: Arkansas
327 yds: West Virginia
343 yds: NC State
359 yds: North Carolina

Tier 3

375 yds: Missouri
387 yds: Stanford
406 yds: Clemson
410 yds: Utah
425 yds: Iowa
427 yds: Kansas State
437 yds: Florida
463 yds: Notre Dame
493 yds: Texas
507 yds: Michigan
520 yds: Auburn
530 yds: LSU
580 yds: Tennessee
627 yds: Baylor
643 yds: South Carolina
665 yds: Georgia Tech
667 yds: Arizona State
683 yds: Penn State
833 yds: Minnesota
847 yds: Alabama
905 yds: BYU
927 yds: Georgia
973 yds: USC
997 yds: Mississippi State
1073 yds: Ohio State
1610 yds: Virginia
1737 yds: Syracuse

Tier 4

1848 yds: Wake Forest (1.05 Miles)
2024 yds: Northwestern (1.15 Miles)
6267 yds: Pittsburgh (3.56 Miles)
29920 yds: Miami (17 Miles)
30149 yds: UCLA (17.1 Miles)

Notes and Oddities

  1. Duke, Wazzu, and UW have distances less than the unofficial longest throw (thru the air) in the NFL of 70 yds. Thanks Baker Mayfield!
  2. Colorado is an oddity to me since there is an outdoor practice space east next to the stadium and indoor practice facility, but have larger practice fields north of the stadium much further away. That is why I listed Colorado twice. Do any CU fans here know which practice fields they use more often?
  3. Beating Miami by a tenth of a mile, UCLA has the longest distance from their stadium to their practice fields. With LA traffic, it might feel more than twice as long.
  4. AFAIK Kansas State is currently building new practice facilities that will put new outdoor practice fields much closer to the stadium.
  5. Pitt shares the stadium AND their practice facilities with the Steelers.
  6. By my estimation after doing this, Florida might have the longest walk from their locker rooms in The Swamp out to the practice field. That just might mean they wear down their cleats more than anyone else. I guess throwing out old shoes is just a habit to them. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
submitted by blad-e to CFB [link] [comments]

2023.03.06 05:42 hackzubbard 2024 Alabama Recruiting Big Board - Offense

A little delayed but here all the same - it's the annual initial big board. While it's always the least accurate version of a recruiting class, it also represents the turning of the page.
QB - 1-2 Needed, 1 Commited
Overview: The goal for Alabama in the modern era is to land one elite QB per cycle. They already have one but with the volatility of the position and the baseball question with new freshman Dylan Lonergan, there's a significant push to sign two QBs if it's the right two - also need to keep Julian Sayin happy.
Goal: Sign a top 50 QB, which they already have commited
Name H.S. Rank Info
1. 5* Alabama Commit Julian Sayin Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA (San Diego Area) 247: #10, On3: #17, Comp2: #13 One of Alabama's early commits, Sayin will push for status as a top 2 QB in his class this year. A Cali QB through and through, there's some Bryce in his game; creativity, effortless throwing, mobility. A must-keep for Alabama, even if it means only taking one.
1. 4* Air Noland Langston Hughes in Faiburn, GA (Atlanta Area) 247: #99, On3: #147, Comp2: #123 One of the more intriguing prospects due to the extremely high upside, a recent visit has Bama firmly in the top 3 alongside Miami and Ohio State. I'd expect an Ohio State offer after a March visit and things could get hairy from there.
Other Names 1. 4* Elijah Brown 2. 4* Josh Flowers
RB - 1-2 Needed, 0 Commited
Overview: With the prospect of one or both of Jase McClellan/Roydell Williams leaving after this season, there is significant interest again in getting a tandem @ RB
Goal: Sign a 4* tandem - preferably Hill and Riley, which is likely.
Name H.S. Rank Info
1. 4* Daniel Hill Meridian in Meridian MS (E MS) 247: #155, On3: #164, Comp2: #159 Alabama looks to try its luck in Mississippi again in recruiting a very interesting ATH prospect: built with a LB's frame, Hill not only runs the football but plays WR and TE for his high school, suggesting a Najee Harris usage role that's very intriguing. Alabama is the likely early favorite but Hill is pretty adament on taking his time. In terms of his own state, he's a Miss St legacy.
2. 4* Kevin Riley Tuscaloosa County in Northport, AL (Tuscaloosa Area) 247: #174, On3: #173, Comp2: #173 Alabama loves its local kids and there's an underrated one just miles from campus: very shifty, can cut and fly up the field with top end speed, has been compared to TJ Yeldon. As a late offer from Bama, Riley will take his time but you have to feel good if they push.
3. 4* J'Marion Burnette Andalusia in Andalusia, AL (S AL) 247: #157, On3: #205, Comp2: #181 Another in-state prospect, Burnette is a bit of an inside bruiser type. Alabama is involved but I think Auburn may have more of the inside track, as they seek to reclaim an in-state presence
Other Names 1. 4* Jason Brown 2. 4* James People 3. 5* Jerrick Gibson
4. 4* Stacy Gage 5. 4* RB Caden Durham
WR - 2-3 Needed, 1 Commited
Overview: Alabama has signed 10 WRs in the past two classes so likely only 2-3 - this surplus, along with the saturation of WRs in the portal market, will make Alabama very selective in 2024, with just two receivers taken as a distinct possibility.
Goal: In an ideal world, Alabama would receive a commitment from any top 50 WR, between 5'10" and 6'1", who runs 4.41 or faster, though there are exceptions.
Name H.S. Rank Info
1. 4* Alabama Commit Perry Thompson Foley in Foley, AL 247: #45, On3: #43, Comp3: #44 After a junior day camp where Thompson consistently won against 5* 2023 kids, Perry quickly was offered and commited to the Tide. A rare big-bodied guy who is fleet-footed, Perry could be the deep-ball and high-point threat Alabama has not had in a while. Despite his commitment, Perry is open to other schools pursuing him so this will be a fight until the end.
1. 4* Aeryn Hampton Carthage in Carthage, TX (E TX) 247: #92, On3: #94, Comp2: #93 A two-way player out of Texas, Alabama is recruiting him as a wideout: compact body who knows how to stay upright and capitalizes on finding space in defenses and vertical running, he plays like an outside receiver despite his size. After a Texas decommitment, Alabama surged to the top of his list, thanks to some peer recruiting by Jalen Hale, but Hampton does not yet have the green light. He'll likely take his time and the Longhorns, alongside Nebraska, will factor in here.
2. 4* Cam Coleman Central in Phenix City, AL (E AL) 247: #153, On3: #89, Comp2: #121 A recent riser, both nationally and on Bama's board, Coleman is a plus plus athlete, being a smooth operator and quick twitch guy despite his size. His HS has been more beneficial to Auburn and Clemson in recent years but there's a feeling Bama could surge quickly if/when they choose to.
3. 5* Ryan Wingo St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO 247: #23, On3: #30, Comp2: #26 One of the smoothest guys on the field with great top-end speed, a recent Bama offer leading to a March visit has Wingo very intrigued. Tennessee and Notre Dame have been the names here but a Tuscaloosa visit has Bama very much in the race now.
4. 4* Ryan Pellum Milikan in Long Beach, CA (SoCal) 247: #51, On3: #55, Comp2: #53 One of the quickest guys in the class, Pellum is behind the defense on nearly every highlight, a true home-run hitter. Oregon and USC are already staking claims here but Bama looks to be heavily involved, as they hope to regain a foothold on the West Coast. Think a campus visit will be key for Pellum and Alabama to feel each other out.
Other Names 1. 3* WR Koby Young 2. 5* Mike Matthews 3. 5* Mylan Graham
4. 5* Micah Hudson 5. 4* Bredell Richardson 6. 4* Mario Craver 7. 5* Ohio State Commit Jeremiah Smith
TE - 1-2 Needed, 0 Commited
Overview: In light of conference opponants finding guys like Kyle Pitts, Darnell Washington, and Brock Bowers, Alabama has been pretty actively searching for their own big-timer, throwing bodies at the problem every cycle. Expect the same again in 2024
Goal: Get some dudes who can block and catch.
Name H.S. Rank Info
1. 3* TE JaCorey Whitted McAdory in McCalla, AL (Central AL) 247: #397, On3: #390, Comp2: #393 The closest thing to a top target currently, JaCorey Whitted is a jumbo athlete type; a rare body who needs some polish and will likely need to camp. Auburn and Tennessee were earlier to this fight but I'd expect Bama to be a factor if they choose to be.
Other Names 1. 4* Kylan Fox 2. 4* Trey'Dez Green 3. 4* Jaden Reddell
4. 4* Caleb Odom 5. 3* Colton Heinrich 6. 4* Carter Nelson 7. 4* Brady Prieskorn
OL - 4-5 Needed, 0 Commited
Overview: Despite a 5-man haul in 2023, attrition will make OL a priority again in '24, with Alabama needing another 4-5 man group
Goal: No specific goal, other than signing multiple top tier guys again.
Name H.S. Rank Info
1. 4* OT Daniel Calhoun Walton in Marietta, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #60, On3: #73, Comp2: #66 One of the top OL in the Southeast, Alabama will be in a serious barfight with UGA for this OL.
2. 4* IOL Casey Poe Lindale in Lindale, TX (E TX) 247: #154, On3: #145, Comp2: #149 Alabama will battle Oklahoma and LSU for this high-motor Texan.
3. 4* IOL Isendre Ahfua O'Dea in Seattle, WA 247: #65, On3: #75, Comp2: #70 The departure of Oregon's OL coach puts Bama in an advantageous position, as they push for this road grader
4. 4* OT Weston Davis Beaumont United in Beaumont, TX (E TX) 247; #NR, On3: #114, Comp2: #119 A shorter tackle, Davis offers positional versitility and a strong athletic floor to his skill level. Davis has been upfront about his desire to commit to Alabama; it's up to the staff to give him the green light.
5. 4* OT Marques Easley Kankakee in Kankakee, IL (E IL) 247: #265, On3: #229, Comp2: #247 Winter Evals have led to SEC powers like Alabama, UGA and Tennessee to jump in on this kid.
Other Names 1. 4* OT Michael Uini 2. 4* OT Guerby Lambert 3. 4* IOL DeAndre Carter
4. 4* IOL Eddy Pierre-Louis 5. 4* IOL Jordan Seaton 6. 4* OT Josiah Thompson

Expect Defense later this week
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2023.03.02 23:18 yousmelllikebiscuits Football Recruiting Update: 3/2/2023

With two commitments in the last two weeks, the 2024 class has skyrocketed up the Team Rankings. Four of the five commitments in the 2024 class are 4* players and UT still holds a lead on a duo of athletes committed to Tennessee to play baseball. Coming out of the February dead period, Tennessee is sitting inside the Top 10 for the 2024 class and the more news that comes out, the better this class continues to look.

2024 Commitments

Team Ranks: Nat'l #9 SEC #4

Name Position Height Weight Class Star 247Comp Rank POS Rank Rating Commit Date
Jonathan Echols ATH 6-4 230 2024 4 51 4 0.9693 7/4/22
JJ Harrell ATH 6-2 185 2024 4 99 17 0.9486 2/27/23
Kaleb Beasley CB 6-0 179 2024 4 137 14 0.9374 10/21/22
BJ Gibson ATH 6-0 170 2024 4 291 36 0.9075 UT Baseball Commit
Marcus Goree Jr. ATH 6-0.5 177 2024 4 397 50 0.8912 2/18/23
Amari Jefferson ATH 6-1 190 2024 4 400 51 0.8908 UT Baseball Commit
Carson Gentle DL 6-3 241 2024 3 620 57 0.8562 7/23/22​


2024 Targets

Name Position Height Weight Class Star 247Comp Rank Rating Notes
KJ Bolden S 6-1 185 2024 5 3 0.9976 Visited 3x (June '21, June '22, Florida '22 game) after receiving offer in June 2021 and listed UT as top contender in Jan 2023
Mike Matthews ATH 6-2 180 2024 5 5 0.9965 Visited for 1/14/23 Jr. Day after Alabama 2022 game, visiting again was "really good"
Micah Hudson WR 6-0 186 2024 5 6 0.9964 Offered in April 2022, Visited after Mizzou game (missed flight), “I talk to them (UT) a lot, and I’m big on them.”
Eddrick Houston Edge 6-3 255 2024 5 8 0.9957 Multiple visits in 2022, UT makes Top 10 on 11/8
Williams Nwaneri DL 6-5 245 2024 5 9 0.9954 "Really impressed" by 1/14/23 Jr. Day visit, Heupel visited Nwaneri at school on 1/17
Joshisa Trader WR 6-1.5 170 2024 5 11 0.9926 UT makes Top 5 on 12/25/22
Sammy Brown LB 6-2.5 225 2024 5 12 0.9922 Offered in March 2021, visited 4x (June '21, October '21, March '22, September '22)
David Stone DL 6-4 270 2024 5 13 0.9920 UT in Top 10 on 12/23/22
Justin Scott DL 6-5 310 2024 5 14 0.9909 Offered in January 2022, only visited Notre Dame
Kobe Black CB 6-0 190 2024 5 15 0.9909
Elijah Rushing Edge 6-6 235 2024 5 18 0.9900 Offered in June 2022 coming after unofficial visit
Jerrick Gibson RB 5-10 200 2024 5 19 0.9896 Visited 2x in 2022 (Florida, Alabama), "I had to make it (for Alabama). I drove all the way up there, so that should tell you how bad I wanted to make that game."
Ryan Wingo WR 6-2 198 2024 5 23 0.9879 Visited 3x since June 2022, "for sure" expects to be back again after 1/14 Jr. Day, UT Crystal Ball Prediction from Steve Wiltfong
Jadyn Davis QB 6-0.5 190 2024 5 24 0.9862 Nearing commitment, UT finalist along with Michigan, Clemson, and Penn State
Mylan Graham WR 6-0 170 2024 4 31 0.9820 Visited for Alabama game
Kamarion Franklin DL 6-4.5 260 2024 5 37 0.9787 Visited 3x in last 12 months. Vols in Top 10 on 12/24, Planning 1/28/23 Jr. Day visit
Perry Thompson WR 6-3 202 2024 4 45 0.9743 Alabama commit, offered in September 2022, planning visit to UT on 1/28 for Junior Day
Ryan Pellum WR 5-11 170 2024 4 49 0.9702 UT makes Top 10 on 12/31
TA Cunningham DL 6-6 265 2024 4 50 0.9700 Offered in July 2021, visited 3x since
Ny Carr WR 6-0 170 2024 4 56 0.9669 UGA Commit, Planning to visit UT again on 1/28 for Junior Day
Jake Merklinger QB 6-2.5 195 2024 4 58 0.9665 Visited 3x in 2022 (spring, camp, Kentucky game)
Daniel Calhoun OT 6-6 350 2024 4 60 0.9664 Visited 2x in 2022, "They're up there. Tennessee is really up there."
Aaron Butler ATH 6'1 170 2024 4 61 0.9640 USCal Deommit, wants to play WR not DB, Looking to visit UT for Spring Official visit
KingJoseph Edwards ATH 6-5 242 2024 4 62 0.9636 Offered in January 2022, Visited 2x in 2022 (June '22, Florida '22 game)
Josiah Thompson OT 6-6 280 2024 4 63 0.9633 Planning to visit UT on 1/14, (UT makes Top 6 on 1/11/23](https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/Josiah-Thompson-Tennessee-Georgia-Miami-Alabama-Clemson-South-Carolina-top-six-football-recruiting-202674659/), Visited for '22 Alabama game
Zaquan Patterson LB 6-0 185 2024 4 71 0.9613 Offered 9/7/22, received visit on 12/5/22
Jordan Ross Edge 6-5 212 2024 4 78 0.9590 Offered in September 2022, Visited 2x in 2022 (Akron and aLabama games), UT "one of my top teams" following 1/14/23 Jr. Day visit
DeAndre Carter OT 6-4 340 2024 4 81 0.9574 Visited UT in July 22 after May 22 offer
Jordan Marshall RB 5-10.5 195 2024 4 83 0.9557 Visited 3x in 2022 (camps in June&July and Florida game), Names UT in Top 4 on 2/2/23
Hevin Brown-Shuler DL 6-4 290 2024 4 90 0.9535 Visited 2x in 2022 (Florida and Alabama games)
Jeremiah Beaman DL 6-4 265 2024 4 93 0.9524
Brauntae Johnson WR 6-3 170 2024 4 97 0.9496 Offered in June 2022
Donovan Harbour OT 6-5 310 2024 4 104 0.9467 UT makes Top 7 on 12/31, Visited 2x in 2022 (camp and Alabama game)
Chance Robinson WR 6-1.5 190 2024 4 106 0.9464 Offered in January 2023, "really happy" about UT offer, immediate plans to visit
Jalyn Crawford CB 6-0 170 2024 4 111 0.9446 UT "one of my top schools" after 1/14/23 Jr. Day visit, visited for Alabama 2022 game
Jaden Reddell TE 6-5 225 2024 4 114 0.9439
Aaron Scott CB 6-1 170 2024 4 122 0.9411
Travaris Banks S 6-1 190 2024 4 123 0.9407 Visiting UT on 1/14 and committing on 6/18/23, Visited for '22 Florida game
Danny Okoye Edge 6-5 233 2024 NA 139 0.9366 Will "definitely be back" after 1/14/23 Jr. Day visit
Ify Obidegwu CB 6-1 185 2024 4 145 0.9358 Visited for 1/14/23 Jr. Day, "Tennessee is at the top" after visit
Daniel Hill LB 6-1 220 2024 4 154 0.9344 Visited 3x in 2022 (February, June camp, Ole Miss game), UT makes Top 10 on 11/18, "I’m loving what Coach Heupel is doing for Tennessee'"
Kevin Riley RB 5-11 195 2024 4 171 0.9297 Planning to attend 1/28 UT Junior Day
Jeremiah McClellan WR 6-1 185 2024 4 177 0.9284 On 1/14/23 Jr. Day Visit: "highlights are the coaching staff and the vibe of the whole coaching staff"
Mario Craver WR 5-9 152 2024 4 179 0.9284 UT Crystal Ball Prediction
Fletcher Westphal OT 6-7.5 305 2024 4 187 0.9265 UT makes Top 10 on 11/30/22, Visited 2x in 2022 (June and Florida game)
Preston Taumua IOL 6-4 315 2024 4 200 0.9240
Caleb Odom TE 6-5 205 2024 4 201 0.9238
Kylan Fox ATH 6-4 208 2024 4 204 0.9234
Edwin Spillman LB 6-1 216 2024 4 205 0.9232 Multiple visits in 2022, In-state recruit, older brother committed to UT, UT makes Top 4 on 11/6/22
Ethan Calloway OT 6-7 300 2024 4 212 0.9222 Planning to attend 1/28 UT Junior Day
Bradley Shaw LB 6-1 216 2024 4 220 0.9203 Visited UT in October 22 after September 22 offer
Elias Rudolph Edge 6-4 220 2024 4 224 0.9197 Planning to visit on 1/28 for UT Junior Day
Jadan Baugh ATH 6-0.5 214 2024 4 225 0.9195
Fred Gaskin III S 5-10 180 2024 4 227 0.9192 Offered in September 2022, 1/14 Jr. Day will be 1st visit, UT makes Top 8 on 1/11
Jeremiah Beasley LB 6-1 210 2024 4 245 0.9156 Offered in June 2021, Visited in June 2022, UT makes Top 5 on 12/27
Kevin Heywood OT 6-7 280 2024 4 247 0.9151 Offered 11/9/22, visited for Mizzou game, "I can't wait to get back down and see the whole place"
Jaylen McClain S 6-0 185 2024 4 258 0.9134 Offered in October 2022, visited for 1/14/23 Jr. Day, "Heupel told me to keep coming back"
Troy Stevenson ATH 5-10 160 2024 4 275 0.9103 Offered 11/21/22, received visit on 12/5/22
Boo Carter ATH 5-10 184 2024 4 283 0.9089 "Feels special" after another visit, UT makes Top 5 on 12/27/22, UT Crystal Ball Prediction after Alabama visit, in-state recruit
Omilio Agard CB 5-10 165 2024 4 292 0.9073 UT makes Top 5 on 12/12/22, Visited 2x in 2022 {June and Alabama game)
Jayden Lewis CB 6-0 170 2024 4 297 0.9058 UT makes Top 6 on 1/16/23, Offered in Fall 2021 and visited 4x since including Alabama game
Alex Taylor WR 6-2 175 2024 4 315 0.9206 Offered in January 2023, UT named to Top 7 on 2/1/23
JacQawn McRoy OT 6-8 365 2024 4 324 0.9016 Offered in April 2022, visited for Alabama '22 game, UT in Top 10 on 2/5/23
Bryce Young DL 6-4 225 2024 4 342 0.8991 Visited for Alabama game, "UT one of my top options"
Terrell Anderson WR 6-3 184 2024 4 363 0.8960 Offered in October 2022, Visited 10 days lafter for Alabama game, UT in Top 10 on 2/4/23
Jarvis Boatwright S 6-1 170 2024 4 390 0.8921
Bryan Jackson RB 6-0 240 2024 4 394 0.8918
Micah Welch RB 5-9 195 2024 4 396 0.8915 Offered in January 2022, Visited 2x in 2022 (March and June)
Kari Jackson LB 6-1 215 2024 4 400 0.8910 Visited for Alabama game and in June 2021
TJ Lindsey Edge 6-6 260 2024 3 406 0.8900 Offered in December 2022, visited on 1/29/23 - "Tennessee is definitely towards the top of my list"
Koby Young WR 5-11 175 2024 3 406 0.8900 Not offered, Unranked prospect, Recent offers include LSU, FSU, Alabama
John Wayne Oliver OT 6-5 275 2024 3 406 0.8900 Not offered, unranked prospect, Recent Offers include Michigan, Miami, TCU, In-State Recruit planning for 1/28 Jr. Day visit
Markeis Barrett ATH 5-10 160 2024 3 421 0.8893 In-state recruit
Andrew Hines LB 6-0.5 214 2024 3 432 0.8874
Brandon Heyward WR 5-10.5 162 2024 3 435 0.8867 UT makes Top 8 on 10/26/22, in-state recruit
Ronan O'Connell OT 6-4 273 2024 3 464 0.8833 Planning to visut UT for a Junior Day in January, In-state recruit
Will Hammond QB 6-2 195 2024 3 464 0.8833 TTU Commit, Offered in January 2023 referring to it as "big time offer"
Kumaro Brown CB 6-1 164 2024 3 471 0.8826 Visited 2x ('21 Georgia and June '22 Camp), Ranked UT at #1 after June visit, Teammate of Cameron Miller
Mekhai White WR 6-3 185 2024 3 471 0.8826
Jameson Riggs OT 6-4.5 285 2024 3 471 0.8826 Visited for Kentucky game
Nicholas Rodriguez LB 6-1 190 2024 3 497 0.8793 Offered 10/6/21, visited 6/10/22, received visit on 12/5/22
Herb Gray Edge 6-5 245 2024 3 509 0.8789 Offered in December 2022, 1/14 Jr. Day will be 1st visit
Eagan Boyer OT 6-8 265 2024 3 520 0.8759 Offered in January 2023, 1/14 Jr. Day will be 1st visit
Brandon Winton WR 6-0 175 2024 3 568 0.8719 UT makes Top 8 on 10/23/22
Edrees Farooq S 6-0 185 2024 3 592 0.8689 Offered in May 2022, Visited for UT-Martin game, Names Tennessee as #1 after attending 1/14 Jr. Day
Malik Blocton DL 6-2.5 268 2024 3 680 0.8600 UT makes Top 12 on 11/12/22, Teammate of 2023 UT early enrollee Vysen Lang, visited 2x since June including Alabama game
Ondre Evans ATH 6-0 183 2024 3 705 0.8585 “I’d say Tennessee is number one” after visit for Kentucky game, in-state recruit
Simeon Coleman LB 6-0 210 2024 3 705 0.8585 Not offered, 1/14 Jr. Day will be 1st visit
Kyle Altuner OL 6-2 290 2024 3 712 0.8578 Offered in August 2022, 1/14 Jr. Day will be 1st visit
Kison Shepard OT 6-5 315 2024 3 737 0.8552 Planning to visit on 1/14 for UT Junior Day, In-state recruit
Brandon Nicholson CB 5-11 175 2024 3 737 0.8552 Offered 8/18/22, visited for Kentucky game, in-state recruit
DJ Moore QB 6-1 165 2024 3 814 0.8485
Dre Kirkpatrick Jr. DB 6-0 192 2024 NA NA NA Not offered, 1/14 Jr. Day will be 1st visit, Son of NFL DB Dre Kirkpatrick
Jeremias Heard DL 6-9 280 2024 NA NA NA Offered in December 2022, Visited 2x in 2022 (Kentucky and Missouri games)
Jordan Burns LB 6-1.5 215 2024 NA NA NA Offered in October 2022, Visited for 1/14/23 Jr. Day, UT expected to "be a top choice"
Jayden Jackson DL 6-2 300 2024 NA NA NA Offered in January 2023, unranked highly rising prospect, Recent Offers include Ohio State, Colorado, Penn State
Kameryn Fountain Edge 6-5.5 237 2024 NA NA NA Offered in October 2021, visited 2x (Nov '21, Oct '22), scheduled official for June 2023
Amaris Williams DL 6-3 268 2024 NA NA NA
Bennett Warren OT 6-6 305 2024 NA NA NA​
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2023.03.01 19:57 HogsMod 2024 Recruiting Megathread: March


2024 Football Commits (#24 by 247, #22 by Rivals)
Player Position Location Composite Rating Rating at Commit
Kavion Henderson DL Leeds, AL ****(.9336) ****(.9245)
Dion Stutts DT Memphis, TN ***(.8759) ***(.8759)
Noreel White CB Ocean Springs, MS ****(.9002) ****(.9002)
247 Crystal Ball Prediction Link
Top Football Targets
Player Location Rating Crystal Ball/Committed
Michael Hawkins Allen,TX ****(.9161) NONE
Adrian Posse Hialeah, FL ****(.9249) Auburn (3) 100%
Riley Trujillo Jacksonville, FL ***(.8693) NONE
Air Noland Fairbun, GA ****(.9404) Auburn (2) 100%
Josh Flowers Mobile, AL ****(.9188) NONE
Braylen Russell Benton, AR ****(.9315) Arkansas (1) 100%
Nate Palmer Decatur, TX ****(.8947) NONE
Traevon Dunbar Aiken, SC ***(.8900) NONE
David Eziomume Kennesaw, GA NR NONE
Jordan Lyle Fort Lauderdale, FL ****(.9009) NONE
Kewan Lacy Lancaster, TX ****(.8693) NONE
J'Marion Burnette Andalusia, AL ****(.9418) NONE
Jadan BaughDecatur, GA ****(.9270 NONE
Taylor Tatum Longview, TX ****(.9606) NONE
Courtney Cruthfield Pine Bluff, AR NR NONE
CJ Brown Bentonville, AR NR NONE
Ryan Wingo St Louis, MO *****(.9923) Tennessee (1) 100%
Parker Livingstone Lovejoy, TX ***(.8896) Arkansas (1) 100%
Dae'von Hall Bellevue, NE ****(.9109) Nebraska (1) 100%
Jeremiah McClellan St Louis, MO ****(.9271) NONE
Delon Miller Silsbee, TX ****(.9659) NONE
David Prince Brunswick, GA NR NONE
Aiden Black Milford, PA ***(.8550) NONE
JacQawn McRoy Pinson, AL ****(.8940) NONE
Max Anderson Frisco, TX ****(.9336) NONE
Jonah Logan Saint Louis, MO NR NONE
Daniel Akinkunmi NFL Academy (London) NR NONE
Vinny Winters Malvern, AR NR Arkansas (1) 100%
Fletcher Westphal Leesburg, VA ****(.9349) NONE
Makai Saina Arlington, TX ***(.8867) NONE
Daniel Calhoun Roswell, GA ****(.9689) NONE
Barry Walker Cordele, GA ***(.8867) NONE
Web Davidson Macon, GA NR NONE
Jason Zandamela Clearwater, FL ****(.9143) NONE
Waltclaire Flynn Jr. Loganville, GA ****(.9458) NONE
Andrew Sprague Kansas City, MO ****(.9220) NONE
Charleston Collins Little Rock, AR ****(.9153) Arkansas (2) 50% - LSU (2) 50%
TJ LIndsey Bryant, AR ***(.8826) NONE
Anthony reddick Hampton, VA ***(.8726) NONE
Kellen Lindstrom Springfield, MO ****(.9204) NONE
Jeffery Rush Pascagoula, MS ****(.9263) NONE
Kameryn Fountain Atlanta, GA NONE
Tycoohill Luman Miami, FL ***(.8626) NONE
Tyclean Luman Miami, FL ***(.8639) NONE
Solomon Williams Tampa, FL ***(.8859) NONE
Danny Okoye Tulsa, OK ****(.9294) NONE
Zina Umeozulu Allen, TX ****(.9791) NONE
Williams Nwaneri Lees Summit, MO *****(.9896) NONE
Collin Simmons Duncanville, TX *****(.9962) LSU (1) 100%
Dion Stutts Memphis, TN ***(.8689) Committed to Arkansas
Marcus Downs Greer, SC NR NONE
Kamarion Franklin Lake Cormorant, MS *****(.9885) NONE
Nigel Smith II Melissa, TX ****(.9796) Oklahoma (2) 100%
Jayden Jackson Bradenton, FL NR NONE
Alex January Duncanville, TX ***(.8685) NONE
Terrance Hibbler Lexington, MS NR NONE
Malik Blocton Pike Road, AL ***(.8526) NONE
Terrell Spruill Rockledge, FL NR NONE
Brian Huff Jonesboro, AR NR Arkansas (2) 100%
Melvin Laster Liberty, MO ****(.8986) NONE
D'Angelo Barber Pinson, AL ***(.8850) NONE
Xavier Atkins Humble, TX ****(.9159) Committed to LSU
Brandon Booker DeSoto, TX NR NONE
Justin Logan Marietta, GA NR NONE
Davhon Keys Aledo, TX ***(.8896) Oklahoma State (1) 100%
Qua Birdsong Lagrange, GA ****(.9378) NONE
Braylon Conley Humble, TX ***(.8867) NONE
Tevis Metcalf Pinson, AL NR NONE
Tony-Louis Nkuba Lewisville, TX ****(.8936) NONE
Chris Johnson Jr Aledo, TX NR NONE
Noreel White Ocean Springs, MS ****(.9067) Committed to Arkansas
Xavier Filsaime McKinney, TX ****(.9682) NONE
Kobe Black Waco, TX *****(.9891) NONE
PJ Woodland Hattiesburg, MS ****(.9029) Miss State 100%
Elijah Hall Tuskegee, AL NR NONE
Josh Philostin West Palm Beach, FL ****(.9021) NONE
Ka'Davion Dotson Duncanville, TX ****(.9268) Arkansas (1) 50% - LSU (1) 50%
Tyler Singleton Many, LA ****(.9741) NONE
Zahir Rainer Richmond, VA ***(.8652) Virginia Tech (1) 100%
KJ Bolden Buford, GA *****(.9976) NONE
Tomauri Johnson Miami, FL ***(.8652) NONE
Mekhai White King George, VA ***(.8826) NONE
Marqavious Saboor Marietta, GA NR NONE
Corian Gipson ****(.9540) Lancaster, TX NONE


2023 Basketball Signees (#27 by 247, #13 by Rivals)
Player Pos. Location Composite
Layden Blocker PG Maumell, AR *****(.9902)
Baye Fall C Denver, CO *****(.9945)
2023 Offers
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2023.03.01 16:07 cbbBot Game Thread Index - March 01, 2023

Ranked Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL Fox Sports 1 18 #18 Xavier #23 Providence 28 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN2 29 Auburn #3 Alabama 3 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 145 DePaul #12 UConn 5 Thread Thread
FINAL Big Ten Network 16 #22 Maryland Ohio State 65 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 84 Vanderbilt #25 Kentucky 21 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 52 Oklahoma #11 Kansas State 20 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox Sports 1 214 Georgetown #21 Creighton 14 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 9 #8 Texas #20 TCU 22 Thread Thread
FINAL 278 Chicago State #9 Gonzaga 10 Thread Thread

Nationally Televised Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPNU 55 Pittsburgh Notre Dame 169 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 88 Tulane East Carolina 212 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT Big Ten Network 50 Penn State Northwestern 48 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 53 Missouri LSU 150 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 238 Rhode Island Loyola Chicago 257 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 35 Utah State UNLV 86 Thread Thread

Other Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN+ 304 Charleston Southern High Point 299 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN3 363 Long Island University Merrimack 316 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN3 359 St. Francis Brooklyn Fairleigh Dickinson 320 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN3 341 Central Connecticut St. Francis (PA) 343 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN3 315 Wagner Sacred Heart 331 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 310 Tulsa South Florida 138 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 159 Richmond Saint Joseph's 213
FINAL ESPN+ 198 UMass Duquesne 105 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 217 George Washington Davidson 136
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 147 Fordham George Mason 140 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 339 Lindenwood Southeast Missouri State 271 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 72 Sam Houston Stephen F. Austin 118 Thread Thread
FORFEIT ESPN+ 187 New Mexico State Abilene Christian 183
FINAL ESPN+ 349 Presbyterian Campbell 237 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 358 Lamar Nicholls 252
FINAL ESPN+ 256 SE Louisiana Houston Christian 348
FINAL ESPN+ 239 UT Arlington Utah Valley 85 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 338 New Orleans McNeese 336 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT 182 Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Texas A&M-Commerce 300
FINAL ESPN+ 335 Incarnate Word Northwestern State 211
FINAL ESPN+ 130 Grand Canyon Southern Utah 101 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 132 Seattle U Utah Tech 181
FINAL ESPN+ 264 Southern Indiana SIU Edwardsville 247 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 245 UT Rio Grande Valley California Baptist 162
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2023.02.27 16:07 cbbBot Game Thread Index - February 27, 2023

Ranked Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN 13 #7 Baylor Oklahoma State 42 Thread Thread

Nationally Televised Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN 45 North Carolina Florida State 204 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 20 West Virginia Iowa State 24 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 33 Nevada Wyoming 166 Thread Thread

Other Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ESPN+ 181 Florida Gulf Coast Queens University 215 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 266 Bellarmine North Florida 226 Thread Thread
FINAL 247 Howard South Carolina State 337
FINAL 259 Southern Florida A&M 357
FINAL 305 Morgan State Maryland-Eastern Shore 237
FINAL 194 Grambling Bethune-Cookman 351
FINAL 348 Coppin State Delaware State 353 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT 178 Norfolk State North Carolina Central 191
FINAL 306 Texas Southern Alcorn State 251 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 202 Weber State Northern Arizona 220 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 238 Idaho State Northern Colorado 218 Thread Thread
FINAL 265 Prairie View A&M Jackson State 308 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 163 Montana Idaho 291 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 113 Montana State Eastern Washington 118 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 224 Sacramento State Portland State 232 Thread Thread
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2023.02.25 23:10 Magneto57 [ NFL EDITION] Which QB are you drafting with the 1st pick?

●Jimmy Michaels 6'2 228 Ohio State 4.76 40 Time
•247/327 75.5% 3671yrds 38tds 3ints
•217att 581yrds 2.6ypc 19tds
•Todd McShay:
•Based on Todd McShay's analysis, Jimmy Michaels has a very strong arm but not necessarily elite arm strength. He has shown great accuracy on all three levels of the field and has an uncanny ability to find the open receiver even when on the run or being chased down. His mental alertness is natural, and he is capable of making all the mental adjustments needed to play in the NFL. Michaels has Houdini-like escapability and improvisational ability in the pocket, as well as peripheral, wide-eyed running vision and a very good feel for spacing.
•However, during his workouts, Michaels did not show that he had the kind of accuracy that could make him an elite starting quarterback in the NFL, and his footwork is inconsistent. His speed is also lower than expected, and he has small hands. Despite these weaknesses, Michaels has an outstanding body of growth, leadership, and production, and generally takes good care of the football. McShay suggests that Michaels could develop into a Ben Roethlisberger-type quarterback with his scrambling ability, power, and balance outside the pocket, but he will need to work on his accuracy if he wants to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL.
•Mel Kiper:
•It seems that there are conflicting reports about Jimmy Michaels, with some concerns about his arm strength and throwing motion, as well as his small hands and marginal height. There are also reports of alleged attitude problems. However, on the other hand, Michaels is praised for his accuracy, mobility, and ability to make all the necessary NFL throws. He is also said to have excellent touch and the ability to float the ball into his receiver when needed. Michaels has a good record as a starter, with tremendous leadership qualities and toughness. He is a confident passer attacking between the hashes and is patient in allowing routes to develop. Michaels is considered a solid dual-threat quarterback, with good pocket awareness and the ability to make big plays on the move. Overall, it seems that Michaels is a talented quarterback, but there are concerns about his consistency and whether he can maintain his high level of play at the NFL level.
● Leon Tyler 6'4 235 Michigan 4.52 40 Time
•244/421 57.9% 2893yrds 15tds 13ints
•98at 321yrds 3.2ypc 5tds
•Todd McShay:
•According to Todd McShay, Leon Tyler is one of the most intriguing quarterback prospects in the draft. While his college production is not impressive, his physical tools and intangibles are off the charts. McShay notes that Tyler has a rocket arm and exceptional accuracy, which he demonstrated at the combine and his pro day. Additionally, Tyler has a near-perfect Wonderlic score and a long list of academic achievements, indicating that he is intelligent and able to process complex information quickly.
•However, McShay also notes that Tyler's lack of experience in a pro-style offense and his struggles under pressure are concerns. He also suggests that Tyler needs to work on his mechanics, particularly his footwork, to improve his accuracy and ball placement. Despite these issues, McShay believes that Tyler's potential is too great to pass up, and he could be a steal for a team willing to take a chance on him.
•Mel Kiper:
•Mel Kiper's analysis on Leon Tyler is a mix of strengths and weaknesses. He acknowledges Tyler's decent arm strength, athletic ability, and quick release, which make him a Top 5 talent. However, Tyler's slow trigger and tendency to hold the ball too long are areas of concern. He can get heavy feet and become paralyzed in the pocket when pressured, and he is too conservative at times. Additionally, he has limited experience and played in a one-read offense. Kiper notes that Tyler is not very accurate and misses open receivers. He struggles with his decision-making and reading defenses, resulting in him throwing too many interceptions. Tyler also has poor throwing mechanics and fades and throws off his back foot when the pocket is muddled. Kiper concludes that Tyler is a boom-bust prospect with generational physical gifts but lacks nuance in his game.
● Zack Wallace 6'1 207 Oklahoma 4.34 40 time
•353/484 72.9% 4982 yards 52 tds 7 ints
•168 att 990 yards 5.8ypc 14 tds
•Todd McShay:
•Todd McShay's evaluation of Zack Wallace, a 6'0 205-pound quarterback from Oklahoma, highlights his strengths and weaknesses as a prospect for the NFL draft.
•According to McShay, Wallace has an impressive arm that allows him to make difficult throws, especially deep downfield. He also has the ability to make "wow" throws that leave observers amazed. Wallace's running ability is also notable, as he is explosive and can beat defenders in the open field. His production in college was impressive, with over 4,900 passing yards and 52 touchdowns.
•However, McShay notes several weaknesses in Wallace's game. He is not a naturally accurate passer and struggles with ball placement, even on easy throws. His footwork could also use improvement, and he tends to leave the pocket too frequently. McShay also questions whether Wallace's success in college was due to the Oklahoma system, as he rarely went through progressions and rarely threw to secondary and tertiary targets.
•Wallace's low Wonderlic score is also a concern, as it may indicate a lack of football intelligence. Finally, McShay notes that Wallace may need to change positions at the next level, as he is unproven as a wide receiver and still needs work on his mechanics, technique, and fundamentals.
•Overall, McShay sees Wallace as a long-term project, regardless of which position he plays. While he has impressive physical tools, he will need significant development to succeed in the NFL.
•Mel Kiper:
•It seems that Zack Wallace is a quarterback prospect with impressive physical talent, according to Mel Kiper. He has a huge arm and great athleticism, which has drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes. Wallace is also a dual-threat quarterback with good mobility, toughness, and vision as a runner. He has shown the ability to make tight spirals from a variety of arm slots, and he can deliver the ball to all points on the field.
•However, there are also some weaknesses that Kiper notes. Wallace needs to improve his accuracy and touch at all levels, as he can be inconsistent with his ball placement downfield. He has struggled with his decision-making and pre-snap recognition skills, and he can be quick to drop his eyes when pressure mounts. Additionally, he has a tendency to void viable pockets instead of climbing, scanning, and throwing from them. He will need to develop a more regimented style of footwork in the NFL.
•Kiper also mentions that Wallace's limited experience against top-flight defensive opposition is a concern, as his stats drop significantly against quality opponents. Despite these weaknesses, Kiper sees potential in Wallace and believes he needs time to develop and learn the intricacies of the pro game. Overall, Wallace is a quarterback prospect with impressive physical tools, but he will need to work on his weaknesses and continue to develop his skills to succeed at the next level.
● David Todd 6'5 237 Stanford 4.92 40 Time
•208/359 57.9% 2248 yards 14 tds 9 ints
•46 att -110yds td
•Todd McShay:
•Based on the pre- and post-combine analysis provided for David Todd, it seems that he is a highly intelligent and skilled quarterback with excellent leadership abilities and intangibles. His accuracy and precision passing are notable, and he has a strong understanding of reading defenses and making pre-snap reads.
•However, his arm strength and ability to throw the deep ball are seen as potential weaknesses, which may limit his ability to execute certain play calls. He is also not known for his running ability, and may be prone to taking sacks.
•Overall, it seems that Todd has a lot of potential as a quarterback, but there are some limitations to his game that may need to be addressed in order for him to succeed at the next level. His exceptional football knowledge and leadership skills, combined with his accuracy and poise, could make him an attractive prospect for teams in need of a reliable, intelligent quarterback.
•Mel Kiper:
•Overall, David Todd is a highly intelligent and efficient quarterback with excellent leadership skills and the ability to read defenses and make adjustments on the fly. He is extremely accurate and has good touch on his deep ball, as well as the ability to lead receivers to daylight. Todd is a pocket passer with great pocket presence and the ability to stand tall under pressure. However, his lack of elite arm strength and athletic ability may limit his potential in certain schemes. Despite this, Todd's intelligence and preparation make him a valuable asset to any team, and he has the potential to elevate the talent around him.
View Poll
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2023.02.25 16:07 cbbBot Game Thread Index - February 25, 2023

Ranked Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL CBS 5 #19 UConn St. John's 87 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox 12 #17 Creighton Villanova 67 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 56 Oklahoma #21 Iowa State 20 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 22 #24 TCU Texas Tech 51 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 15 Arkansas #2 Alabama 3 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS 64 Arizona State #6 Arizona 10 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 9 #7 Texas #9 Baylor 14 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 19 #15 Kansas State Oklahoma State 41 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 25 #25 Texas A&M Mississippi State 43 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 21 West Virginia #3 Kansas 7 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 214 Florida State #14 Miami 28 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 33 #8 Virginia North Carolina 48 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 220 South Carolina #12 Tennessee 6 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox 24 #18 Indiana #5 Purdue 4 Thread Thread
FINAL Fox Sports 1 151 DePaul #10 Marquette 11 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 1 #1 Houston East Carolina 213 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 8 #13 Saint Mary's #11 Gonzaga 13 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 16 #20 San Diego State New Mexico 49 Thread Thread

Nationally Televised Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL/OT ESPN 29 Michigan State Iowa 47 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 331 Stony Brook Charleston 68 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 62 Missouri Georgia 132 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 92 Furman Samford 124 Thread Thread
FINAL USA Net 240 Rhode Island Fordham 140 Thread Thread
FINAL Big Ten Network 222 Minnesota Nebraska 90 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 115 Colgate Navy 172 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS 23 Auburn Kentucky 31 Thread Thread
FINAL Pac-12 Network 55 Washington State California 263 Thread Thread
FINAL ACC Network 107 Syracuse Pittsburgh 59 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 53 Florida Vanderbilt 88 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 257 Loyola Chicago Saint Louis 103
FINAL ESPNU 152 George Mason Dayton 60 Thread Thread
FINAL ACC Network 173 Notre Dame Wake Forest 81 Thread Thread
FINAL CBS Sports Network 61 UAB Western Kentucky 168 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 39 USC Utah 52 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN 73 Virginia Tech Duke 36 Thread Thread
FINAL SEC Network 145 LSU Ole Miss 119
FINAL Pac-12 Network 46 Oregon Oregon State 204 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPNU 101 San Francisco BYU 82 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN2 99 UC Irvine Hawai'i 126 Thread Thread

Other Games

Time TV KP Away Home KP GT PGT
FINAL ACC Network Extra 79 Clemson NC State 40 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 277 Lehigh Boston University 273
FINAL ESPN3 131 Ohio Miami (OH) 293
FINAL 318 Merrimack Long Island University 363 Thread Thread
FINAL 333 Sacred Heart Central Connecticut 337 Thread Thread
FINAL 358 St. Francis Brooklyn Fairleigh Dickinson 324
FINAL ESPN+ 195 Wright State Detroit Mercy 196
FINAL ESPN+ 269 Lafayette Bucknell 305 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 255 Army Holy Cross 338
FINAL ACC Network Extra 272 Louisville Georgia Tech 202 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN3 287 Maine Binghamton 303 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 122 Princeton Harvard 158
FINAL ESPN+ 278 Dartmouth Pennsylvania 133 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 186 Brown Columbia 348 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 188 UTEP Florida Atlantic 37
FINAL ESPN+ 295 High Point Winthrop 241
FINAL ESPN+ 199 Gardner-Webb South Carolina Upstate 266
FINAL ESPN+ 235 Campbell Radford 180
FINAL ESPN+ 313 The Citadel Mercer 245
FINAL ESPN3 192 Buffalo Toledo 91
FINAL ESPN3 239 Northern Illinois Central Michigan 325
FINAL ESPN+ 264 Western Illinois North Dakota State 208 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN3 197 St. Thomas - Minnesota North Dakota 282 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT 345 Hampton North Carolina A&T 306
FINAL 353 Monmouth William & Mary 322
FINAL 301 Northeastern Hofstra 94 Thread Thread
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 177 Utah Tech UT Arlington 238
FINAL 57 Oral Roberts South Dakota State 155 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 262 UT Martin Morehead State 253
FINAL ESPN+ 182 Northern Kentucky Oakland 268
FINAL ESPN+ 224 Northern Arizona Northern Colorado 218
FINAL ESPN3 143 Ball State Eastern Michigan 310
FINAL 242 Howard North Carolina Central 193
FINAL 206 Grambling Florida A&M 356
FINAL 251 Southern Bethune-Cookman 352
FINAL 355 Delaware State Morgan State 300
FINAL 249 Maryland-Eastern Shore Coppin State 343
FINAL 159 Louisiana Tech Middle Tennessee 123
FINAL ESPN3 125 Vermont Bryant 203 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 179 Rice Charlotte 113
FINAL 181 Norfolk State South Carolina State 336
FINAL ESPN+ 350 Houston Christian Nicholls 244
FINAL ESPN+ 340 Presbyterian Charleston Southern 314 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 354 VMI Western Carolina 254
FINAL ESPN+ 110 UNC Greensboro East Tennessee State 236
FINAL 317 Wagner St. Francis (PA) 335
FINAL/OT 120 Cal State Fullerton Cal State Bakersfield 291
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 342 McNeese SE Louisiana 259
FINAL ESPN3 156 UNC Asheville Longwood 150
FINAL ESPN+ 265 Southeast Missouri State SIU Edwardsville 258
FINAL ESPN+ 271 Southern Indiana Tennessee State 281
FINAL ESPN+ 298 Tennessee Tech Eastern Illinois 346
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 327 Little Rock Lindenwood 341
FINAL 270 Prairie View A&M Alcorn State 243
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 285 American University Loyola Maryland 330 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN3 276 New Hampshire UMass Lowell 154 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 297 Texas A&M-Commerce Incarnate Word 339
FINAL ESPN3 75 Kent State Bowling Green 283 Thread Thread
FINAL 320 Omaha Denver 290
FINAL ESPN+ 237 Purdue Fort Wayne Green Bay 361
FINAL ESPN+ 212 Northwestern State Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 187 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 102 Southern Utah Sam Houston 70 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 225 La Salle George Washington 217
FINAL ESPN+ 142 UC Davis Cal Poly 311
FINAL ESPN+ 232 Portland State Montana State 112
FINAL 304 Texas Southern Jackson State 307
FINAL 315 Alabama A&M Alabama State 347
FINAL 319 Arkansas-Pine Bluff Mississippi Valley State 357
FINAL ESPN+ 174 SMU South Florida 139
FINAL ESPN3 329 NJIT Albany 351
FINAL ESPN+ 137 Cornell Yale 72
FINAL ESPN+ 308 UTSA Florida International 216
FINAL ESPN+ 344 New Orleans Lamar 359
FINAL/OT 26 Boise State San José State 104 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 86 Utah Valley Abilene Christian 184 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 191 Chattanooga Wofford 231
FINAL 316 Western Michigan Akron 105
FINAL 162 Portland Pacific 198
FINAL ESPN+ 117 Youngstown State IUPUI 360
FINAL 141 Towson UNC Wilmington 169
FINAL 230 Delaware Elon 326
FINAL ESPN+ 321 Cal State Northridge Long Beach State 148
FINAL/OT ESPN+ 160 Tarleton UT Rio Grande Valley 250
FINAL ESPN3 284 Kansas City South Dakota 312 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 178 Cleveland State Milwaukee 233
FINAL ESPN+ 111 Eastern Washington Idaho State 247 Thread Thread
FINAL ESPN+ 226 Sacramento State Montana 161
FINAL ESPN+ 289 Idaho Weber State 211
FINAL 84 Santa Clara San Diego 207
FINAL ESPN+ 121 UC Santa Barbara UC San Diego 261
FINAL 106 Loyola Marymount Pepperdine 170
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