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Because, why not? Who doesn't love Dollar General.

2013.07.17 19:01 frawgster Because, why not? Who doesn't love Dollar General.

Dollar General, your not so accurately named home for stuff that normally costs more than it would at a general supermarket or department store!

2020.09.25 20:07 GenerekDerek DollarGeneralWorkers

A place for those that have worked for DG past and present.

2022.01.08 02:32 ChargeActual5097 UnionizeDollarGeneral

A subreddit for the Unionization of Dollar General Stores everywhere!

2023.03.26 01:01 junko_kv626 MHA Random Thoughts

Just learned of MHA about a month ago, and watched the latest episode today. Have not watched the movies - not sure where I can watch them for free. Have not read the manga. Most of my friends don't watch anime, and those that do are skipping this one because they don't like high school animes... So, this is a random brain dump of thoughts since I don't have anyone to talk to about this, but I'm a nerd and write a lot. Warning: Some of it might be philosophical.
In general - I love this friggin show.
First, the darker, real-life stuff:
Being in the US, I feel like I was told early on, anyone can be anything - you just have to work hard at it. But how often does anything really work like that? How many were kept out of their school's advanced classes or the "gifted" program because they were misjudged? Or maybe you didn't fit in with the "right" crowd? Or you are judged because of your demographic? Or you're brilliant and have a "learning disability"? It's not easy to break the mold. What is this like outside the US?
Unless it was buried somewhere, I'm surprised nobody seems to have mentioned imposter syndrome. Per ImposterSyndrome, this is "a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud." This jumped out at me from the first episode. Deku was told to kill himself, and then was continually wondering if he could keep up with his classmates, AND working harder than them. How much really was luck or outside help? And then when he was successful, he still was stuck with Bakugo directly telling him he's a fraud. It hits a bit close to home for me. Was called all kinds of garbage because I learn differently than most. Then I went into a field that was originally dominated by men and was told (indirectly) that I didn't belong there. Oh, that promotion I got, shouldn't it have gone to the charismatic guy who is friends with everyone? Because, of course, I had help, right? Never mind that everyone else was training on the related subjects in childhood and I didn't get started until much later in life. If any of this sounds familiar, the sub I mentioned above has good suggestions. I find it's good to make a list of everything I did well without any help.
Yes, this is anime and not real. Even so, much of what Bakugo says makes me cringe. In the US, if someone bullies a kid into killing themself, the parents can take legal action against the bully. That's already happening in a case where the school did next to nothing to help. In my case, it would be wonderful if the kids who bullied me would even apologize. I cried when Bakugo apologized.
Interesting to see All Might question himself and his own motives when Deku ran in to attach the slime monster attacking Bakugo. Any imposter syndrome aside, a good leader holds themself to the same standards they want to see in the world.
Crappy that the students don't receive credit for taking down so many villains. Funny; in real life other people also want to take credit for your work.
Ok, on to the less serious stuff:
Mina/Pinky is seriously underrated. She has a beautiful personality, is powerful, and is all-around cool.
LOVE that Koji evacuated animals from the city so they wouldn't get hurt. Also watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and though I like most of it, am also feeling disgusted at all the animal cruelty.
We finally got to see Thirteen's face! What about invisible girl?
RIP Aiswa's leg, Midnight, and everyone else who was killed.
This show has it's own version of Sheild Hero. Hmm...
Gigantomachia - reimagining of Armored Titan/Attack Titan?
Maybe I missed it - I thought Rock Lock has his quirk removed? How did he get it back - was that Eri and I missed it?
Overhaul needs to seriously apologize to Eri. She's been through too much and blames herself.
Bakugo was mostly cut from the news broadcast - aside from his cringing, angry face. Ahahahahaha!!!!
Deku, just eat the damn food from All Might!
Now that we're stuck until season 7, what are you all watching?
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2023.03.26 01:01 ultradip New to r/Charity? Read this first!

Welcome to /Charity!

Got a charitable cause you'd like to share! This is the place!


For 501c(3) non-profits (US) or a Non-Governmental Organization (aka NGO outside the US)

Please modmail us so that we can flair your post as a registered certified non-profit!

For Everyone Else

You must have both

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In many of the gifting and fundraising subs, you'll notice that without a certain amount "karma" and an account that's old enough, you'll garner down votes or worse, your posts and comments get automatically removed.
To many Redditors, this place is a community built on activity. The "coin" of the land here is your account, and how much you've contributed to the Reddit community at large reflected in post and comment karma.
As a general rule, Redditors dislike the creation of accounts specifically to fund raise or to make requests. It makes it seem like these people simply treat Reddit as some sort of magical internet wallet, and that doesn't win many friends.
The other reason why new accounts are so disliked is that they're often alternate accounts of established users, in order to hide their activity from people they know. While we do sympathize with those of you who have valid reasons, this privilege is often abused by those who create disposable accounts to scam people for a quick buck.
This trust issue doesn't exist in the same way with certified non-profit groups, as you can look them up online for verification, and at least in the case of 501c(3)s, their spending is transparent due to their required tax filings which are public information.
So if you're new to Reddit, welcome! Spend some time and look around for something that catches your interest and chat it up with others and become part of the community!
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    2. School documentation showing enrollment if you are asking for assistance for school.
    3. Redacted bills showing your situation.
    4. Or other relevant documentation that can help establish credibility.
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As a general rule, Redditors dislike the creation of accounts specifically to fund raise or to make requests. It makes it seem like these people simply treat Reddit as some sort of magical internet wallet, and that doesn't win many friends.
The other reason why new accounts are so disliked is that they're often alternate accounts of established users, in order to hide their activity from people they know. While we do sympathize with those of you who have valid reasons, this privilege is often abused by those who create disposable accounts to scam people for a quick buck.
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Supporting Information Requested
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- Or other relevant documentation that can help establish credibility.
- At minimum, an unobstructed selfie photo of yourself(the submitter) holding a handwritten note of your username is required if none of the above apply.
Low effort posts that simply say to the effect of, "everything is listed in the GoFundMe" (or less!) will be removed.
Advice On Making Your Campaign Go Further
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Please don't hesitate to ask the mods!

... Unless you're trying to ask for an exception to the account requirements.
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2023.03.26 00:56 MissStoryWriter [F4M] Looking for a Protector

Hi, I'm here looking for a partner to do one of these roles! These are roles with my partner playing a male, protecter type role. If you're more interested in playing a role where we are more equals, unfortunately, these are not for you. Perhaps another time, when I'm in the mood for a different type, but for now, these are kind of what I'm interested in. Now, this is lengthy, so please bear with me!
A little about me first, then what I'm looking for, and finally, the roles.
For now, you can call me Shortie and I'm 24. I've been roleplaying for around 10 years off and on, and I consider myself to be semi-literate to literate. Of course, I make mistakes with grammar, spelling, and whatnot like any other person, but I always do my best. Lately, I've found myself writing in third person, past tense, but I'm flexible. I like to write at least one paragraph per response, but it can change from response to response. I'll always try to at least write more than one sentence. I'll always try to respond at least once a day or let you know in advance.
I'm looking for a partner who will play a male character. All partners must be at least 24 years old and preferably no older than 28. I'd like my partner to be at least semi-literate and write at least a paragraph per response, though it can fluctuate over time. I also understand mistakes happen, so I'll try not to be too picky. I, at least, ask that you write similar to how I'm writing here. Proper capitalization and punctuation are a minimum for me. I'd prefer third person, but not required. Lastly, I ask that you respond at least once a day or let me know what's going on. Life comes first for both of us, so I'm just asking for mutual understanding there.
Okay! Now, onto my roles! Feel free to shoot me a direct chat or private message if you find one you want to talk about more. I'll be using my nickname as a placeholder until we come up with characters.
1) The Pyre
Shortie had a hard time making ends meet after college. Her parents passed just after high school, and the insurance policies went to tuition payments. She managed to graduate with her degree, but she's had a hard time finding a well-paying job she could use her English degree for. So, she started waitressing for a club near where she lived so she could walk to and from home. It was named The Pyre. She didn't know, however, that the club was owned by a well-known member of the mafia, you.
2) The Fallen
Every person has a guardian angel. An angel assigned at birth to make sure the soul lives their life until it was to meet its end. Most angels did well, ensuring that the soul did not die before its time. They couldn't interfere with anything else, no matter how traumatic to the soul. You are a guardian angel. You're tasked with watching over Shortie. Her time was coming to an end, when you decided enough was enough. You interfered, and then you fell.
3) The Deadline
Shortie was a young woman in your general education class in college. She was always silent in class, barely made it on time, and left as soon as possible. One day, she didn't show, and you seemed to be the only one to notice. You found out she had committed suicide, and you decided, out of guilt, the goodness of your heart, or perhaps something else, to go to her memorial. And there... you'll meet Death himself.
4) The Falls
Shortie recently moved away from the city and to a small town called Moonlight Falls, named for the beautiful waterfalls near the town that are most striking on the full moon. She finally got away from the big city and back to nature. She was a writer, primarily a copywriter, but she liked to write fiction as well. One night, she decided to go to the waterfalls, and there... she met you.
5) The Prince
Shortie lived in Lythos, a kingdom known for its libraries, its unquenchable desire for knowledge. While knowledge was important, it wasn't enough to protect the kingdom. Shortie was the youngest princess to the king and queen, and she was betrothed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom, Hykar, known for their fierce armies, navies, soldiers, and the warrior prince, the heir. She and the prince hadn't met until now. You have come home from a battle, and she is waiting with his family.
That's them! Let me know. And thanks for reading my long post, I know it's a lot!
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2023.03.26 00:55 CAM075 AMA: Ask Me Anything (Saturday, March 25, 2023)

Saturday, March 25, 2023
Ask Me Anything with u/Effective-Junket9824
Welcome to this non-real time meeting of Overeaters Anonymous!
I’m u/CAM075. I’m pleased to introduce today’s OA Fellow u/Effective-Junket9824 who will be qualifying today:
Suggested guidelines for sharing:
As you share your experience and strength in OA, please also share your hope. Please confine your sharing to your experience with the disease of compulsive eating, the solution offered by OA, and your own recovery from the disease, rather than just the events of the day or week. If you are having difficulties, share how you use the program to deal with them. If you need to talk more about your difficulties and seek solutions, we suggest you speak to your sponsor and other members after the meeting.
Feedback, crosstalk, and advice giving are discouraged here. Cross talk during an OA meeting is giving advice to others who have already shared or speaking directly to another person rather than to the group. Feel free to reply to posts in this thread with questions for our AMA Speaker, and they will answer.
Coming into OA, you could not have told me I was being selfish in the way I was living.
I thought my chronic food behaviours were my own secret, and had no impact on the world around me. Looking back now, from a place of recovery, I can see how wrong I was. I wanted to talk about selfishness in this post, because it is sometimes the hardest part of the program for me. To stop and say I am being selfish, and recognize that when I am obsessing about food and my body, I am not being useful to those around me.
I came into OA because during the pandemic my eating got out of control. I was ordering hundreds of dollars of food every night, and eating myself sick. Then, I would starve myself all day to try to compensate for the calories. I was home-schooling my twin boys during the pandemic, and my life certainly became (as the big book says) unmanageable! When I came into the program, I was willing to do whatever it takes, at a real place of desperation, and I am grateful for that. I followed the steps as they are written, and listened to what my sponsor told me, even when my mind was fighting it.
As I unpacked the emotions and past, I started to see how I would isolate myself with my eating. How I was never present to the people in my life. I was always planning my next binge/escape, or self-conscious of my body and focused on my reflection. Worst of all, I would be starving myself and had so little energy and patience for my children. Just waiting for them to go to bed, fast-forwarding through my life, so I could order food and binge myself to sleep.
This program taught me I am powerless over this food behaviour. That my ego/human solutions will not help me with my chronic problem. I have learned to connect to a higher power, daily, hourly on most days! And to reach out when I am feeling the emotions that lead to the food behaviours. I've learned that "selfishness" is actually not evil, but just sad. I am sad for myself, for being stuck in myself for so many years. And I see now that I have to not stay in my worry and self-pity, but take action to be outside of myself. To be of service.
I am present to my life. I am not waiting for tonight to binge, or tomorrow to start another doomed-to-fail-diet. I am neutral (most days!), and wake up looking for ways to be useful to others. When I act useful, I feel useful. I wouldn't change my past, because it allows me to help others in this program. To write stories like this, and show the shadow and the light at the other side. My selfishness brought me to a new way of living, and I am grateful for it.
Closing: By following the Twelve Steps, attending meetings regularly, and using the OA Tools, we are changing our lives. You will find hope and encouragement in Overeaters Anonymous. To the newcomer, we suggest attending at least six different meetings to learn the many ways OA can help you. The opinions expressed here today are those of individual OA members and do not represent OA as a whole. Let us all reach out by private message to newcomers, returning members, and each other. Together we get better.
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2023.03.26 00:51 turkeysyriaearth 26 Million People Affected By Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

26 Million People Affected By Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Powerful earthquakes and aftershocks struck southern Turkey and northern Syria on the 6th and 20th of February, 2023. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 26 million people need humanitarian assistance. The death toll is climbing above 50,000 and is expected to rise as many victims remain missing.Furthermore, the WHO calls the Turkey-Syria earthquakes the “worst natural disaster” in the region in 100 years.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake: What Happened?

On February 6th 2023, the first earthquake hit southeastern Turkey and the northern Syrian border, measuring a magnitude of 7.7. Within minutes entire cities turned into rubble. Following this, a second earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.6 hit the same region a little later.Two weeks later, on February 20th, another earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes struck the same border area previously hit. Moreover, there have been more than 9,000 aftershocks recorded since.caption: This aerial photograph was taken on February 20th, 2023, showing diggers removing the rubble of collapsed buildings in Antakya. Photo credited by Sameer Al-Doumy/AFP via Getty Images.

The Aftermath of the Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

These earthquakes caused immeasurable devastation for an estimated 26 million people damaging and destroying homes and infrastructure, including approximately 214,000 buildings across both countries.An estimated 240,000 rescue workers continued working in quake-hit provinces in Turkey. They persevered for weeks to find survivors trapped under rubble despite no survivors found for long periods of time. An estimated 1.9 million people are in temporary shelters, hotels, and public facilities.As of February 25th 2023, in Turkey alone, 44,218 people died due to the earthquakes, while the announced death toll in Syria was 5,914 people.Caption: Image obtained by the BBC, by Ekrem Imamoglu. The picture shows a 10-day-old baby being taken to an ambulance after being saved from a collapsed building where trapped for four days under the rubble following the Turkey-Syria earthquake.The international response to the Turkey-Syria earthquake has disproportionately overlooked the Syrian people’s suffering. Syria has faced 12 years of civil war, and with international borders blocked, many Syrians received no help in the first few days after the earthquakes.It took over a week after the earthquakes for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to issue a three-month authorization for United Nations (UN) aid deliveries to pass through two more border crossings. These significant aid delays resulted from the regime’s influence over affected regions.These unacceptable delays entirely defy the principles of humanitarian law. As a result, Syrians have limited access to search-and-rescue reinforcements and lifesaving aid, unnecessarily costing many precious lives. The UN has failed the people of northwest Syria, highlighting inadequacies within the current system.
The slow humanitarian response to the earthquakes severely affecting northwest Syria illustrates the inadequacy of the UN Security Council-mandated cross-border aid mechanism in Syria. Thus, this crisis highlights the urgent need for alternatives to be put in place.

The UN Pledges a $1 Billion Appeal For Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

The UN launched a $1 billion fundraising appeal to support the humanitarian needs of those affected. This appeal fund will support Turkey’s “once in a generation disaster” for three months and a $397 million appeal to help 4.9 million people in Syria.So far, the UN Central Emergency Response Fund has donated $11.7 million. The UN held that so far, Denmark is the only country recorded to donate aid worth $1.5 million.

Human Rights Concerns Following Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

Health infrastructure was destroyed in many places, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid. In Gaziantep, a major city in south-central Turkey, hundreds of people are sleeping in tents in different parts of town, and trash has begun to pile up in public parks where some of these tents are located.Therefore, hygiene problems, as well as inadequate housing, are some of the biggest problems in the region. In addition, the inadequacy of public toilets and the lack of infrastructure to use these toilets increases the risk of epidemics in the region.Caption: A Syrian woman sits in Aleppo, Syria, on a pile of rubble that was once her house. Photograph by Muhammed Said/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

Children’s Rights in the Aftermath of the Earthquakes

According to UNICEF, the recent earthquakes have affected an estimated 5 million children. Natural disasters such as earthquakes have severe consequences for vulnerable groups in society, such as children.As the recovery efforts in Syria and Turkey continue, children’s rights must be a priority. All children must have access to fundamental rights such as food, clean water, and housing. Furthermore, children’s access to education and protection from exploitation and abuse is imperative. Many children in the region are unidentifiable as they are too young to know their full names, while hundreds of children’s parents remain missing.Implementing the general principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is of fundamental importance, especially in times of crisis.An estimated 1.7 million Syrian refugees lived in the ten southern Turkish provinces devastated by the earthquakes. Unfortunately, these refugees rely on temporary or international protection status. Without prior authorization, these refugees cannot travel to other provinces.However, following the earthquakes, Turkish authorities issued a directive allowing refugees in these ten provinces to travel to other regions, except Istanbul, for up to 90 days if they could secure their accommodation.However, in the first few days following the disaster, many fled to Istanbul, resulting in the Directorate General of Migration Management revising its decision to a case-by-case basis due to Turkey’s economic difficulties. There has been a growing anti-Syrian sentiment in Turkey which has become the host of the world’s largest refugee population.
Following this, a second directive provided refugees with a 60-day exemption to travel to other provinces without prior authorization. The question remains as to where these Syrian refugees will return to following the expiration of the directive.

A Committed and Sustained Global Humanitarian Response is Needed

The aftermath of these devastating earthquakes requires a committed and sustained international humanitarian response. Thousands are missing, and 1.5 million are homeless without shelter, food, clean water, and access to healthcare.
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2023.03.26 00:50 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
Get the course here:
[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 In Just 6 Weeks, We’ll Show You How To Grow And Scale Your Pay Per Lead Agency

What You Get in The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0:

Week 1 – Lay The Foundations and Get Started

First and foremost, we’ll go over your goals for The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint as well as some general housekeeping.
Please don’t skip the housekeeping! It includes important information about the Mastermind community as well as the weekly Q&A calls.
We’ll also go over some “ground rules” for course participation. If you follow these guidelines, you should have no problems.

Week 2 – Landing a Client and Know Thy Customer

This week is all about selling and understanding your niche/offer.
It’s time to get to know your niche and its target audience inside and out. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Building your agency website
  • LinkedIn and Facebook organic outreach
  • Direct mail outreach
  • Paid advertising
  • Cold email
  • Closing the deal and how to get paid
  • Knowing your offer
  • Customer Avatars and Empathy Maps
  • How to gather and assess the market

Week 3 – Building Your Lead Generation Funnels

This week will focus on three major topics:

  • Hooks
  • Funnels
  • Lead delivery
Week three also delves into copywriting. As previously stated, this includes writing hooks and longer-form content such as advertorials. Here’s a complete list of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Lead gen versus 1-2-1 selling
  • Different ways to generate leads with Unbounce
  • Spitballing and figuring out your hooks
  • Building a quiz
  • GTM basics and HotJar
  • Our different funnels – dummy car finance campaign
  • How to embed a LeadsHook quiz and pull through data to a results page
  • Writing an advertorial
  • Lead capture and lead distribution
  • Privacy Policies, cookies and GDPR
  • Unbounce tips and tricks
  • Data validation

Week 4 – Paid Advertising and Getting Started

It’s now time to start running ads, generating leads, and making money.
In this module, we’ll cover:

  • Where to start
  • Tracking
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Twitter ads

Week 5 – Advanced Lead Generation

This week will be more difficult. We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can follow along easily.

Week 6 – Growing Your Agency

This is the course’s final module, and it teaches you how to scale your agency.
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2023.03.26 00:47 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Could Gain This Next-Gen Intelligent NPC Technology From Rockstar

A newly discovered patent by Take-Two Interactive hints that Grand Theft Auto VI will have smarter non-playable characters (NPCs), which has our minds swirling with possibilities. Rather than following programmed directives, NPCs that leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities could potentially feel like more life-like, in the decisions they make in the game.
We might be getting ahead of ourselves a bit—we have no idea what exactly Take-Two and its Rockstar Games subsidiary have planned for the next GTA installment, and to be clear, GTA VI has not been announced—but we would certainly welcome smarter NPCs. Not just for the GTA series, but for gaming in general.
The patent (listed as 16/393365) was filed in October of last year, by inventors David Hynd and Simon Parr. According to their LinkedIn profiles, both work for Rockstar Games—Hynd is the associate director of technology and technical director of AI and gameplay, while Parr is the lead AI and gameplay programmer. So even though Take-Two Interactive owns the patent, it seems the technology is destined for a Rocktar Games title.
"Computer games often provide 3D worlds in which the game unfolds. Such games often include non-player characters (NPCs) that exist in the game's 3D world and who interact with the human players, the 3D environment and other NPCs. These NPCs can be programmed in an artificial intelligence manor such that their actions in the game are driven, at least in part, by real-time decisions made by the NPC algorithm regarding the current state of the game and the environment," the patent explains.
It goes on to state that this type of interaction is driven by a collection of nodes and edges (vehicles and links), and that "conventional systems only provide limited resources" for developers. As it applies to the GTA franchises, this is likely why NPCs all seem to drive and navigate the world in the same manner, with only visual cues distinguishing them from one another.
"Since currently-available multiplayer gaming systems are deficient because they cannot provide realistic movements for non-player objects in a virtual world without increasing computational resources and/or restricting game development/design, a system for managing nodes and node graphs relating to non-player characters that provides virtual navigation and management can prove desirable and provide a basis for a wide range of network applications, such as creating a realistic virtual world that is not limited by hardware and software limitations," the patent states.
Part of the patent involves tapping into the cloud to overcome local hardware capabilities, for advanced AI processing. And from our reading, it sounds like the patent would result in NPCs have more individualized personalities, at least with regards to traveling about.
We'll have to wait and see what develops, and hopefully Rockstar Games sees fit to announce a new GTA game soon.
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2023.03.26 00:42 ovidiucs [Istorie contemporană] Homoistorii - Ieșirea din invizibilitate - Florin Buhuceanu - 2011

Tocmai ce am citit cartea Homositorii de Florin Buhuceanu. Pe scurt, o recomand oricui este interesat de istoria și evoluția relațiilor între persoanele de același sex în România și de modul în care acestea au fost percepute și tratate de-a lungul timpului.De asemenea, cartea este utilă pentru cei care doresc să înțeleagă mai bine lupta pentru drepturile LGBT și pentru recunoașterea lor în societatea românească. O parte din istoria noastră contemporană se regăsește și în cartea lui Louis-Georges Tin - The Dictionary of Homophobia: A Global History of Gay & Lesbian Experience dar aceasta carte e mai detaliata în acest sens.
Link EMag:
Despre autor:
FLORIN BUHUCEANU este activist pentru drepturile omului și fondator al Muzeului Istoriei și Culturii Queer din România, inițiativă privată susținută de Cultural Management Academy al Institutului Goethe și rețeaua EUNIC în perioada 2019–2020. Se alătură din 1997 eforturilor Asociației ACCEPT de eliminare a legislației penale ce pedepsea cu închisoarea relațiile dintre persoane de același sex. S-a implicat în coordonarea primului Festival al Diversității (2004) şi a primului marș Pride la București (2005). A editat raportul Traditional Values: Religion and LGBT Rights in Eastern Europe (2015). A colaborat, de asemenea, la volumele colective Iubirea din oglindă: Despre sex și identitate, Editura Humanitas (2017), respectiv Sexualitate și religie: Tensiuni și controverse în România și Republica Moldova, Editura Cartier (2019).
Cartea ilustrează printr-o serie de interviuri și căutări în arhivele securității din vremea comunismului și încearcă să construiască un tablou al relațiilor între persoanele de același sex din acea eră.
Cartea este împărțită în mai multe capitole, plecând de la preistorii și cum priveau anticii relațiile între persoane de același sex, despre cum era percepută și notată de-a lungul istoriei României și de biserică în era medievală, perioada interbelică, apoi în comunism și cazurile care s-au documentat în acea perioadă de miliția de moravuri, la urmăriri, supraveghere și urmăriri, la discriminarea post-decembristă care a continuat până în anul 2000 când România dorea să adere la Consiliul Europei. Pentru mulți, deja prea târziu, dar pentru alții, un alt început.
Cartea se încheie cu o scurtă cronologie LGBT precum și începuturile asociației ACCEPT.
Cred că este prima carte de acest fel care încearcă un astfel de demers important și aduce la lumină atitudinile de la vremea respectivă, rolul statului în viața privată a indivizilor și încercarea sa de a controla aspecte care țin de dezvoltarea socio-sexuală a propriilor cetățeni, împiedicând prin orice mijloace acest fel de relații, precum și de lipsa educației văzute sau justificate cel mai des prin prisma lezării moralei publice.
Cartea abordează și modul în care aceste atitudini au fost perpetuate în cultura și societate, precum și impactul asupra vieții și drepturilor celor luați în vizor de autorități. Analiza se întinde pe diverse perioade istorice și politice, evidențiind schimbările și constantele în percepția și tratamentul relațiilor între persoane de același sex. De asemenea, cartea examinează rolul bisericii și al instituțiilor religioase în construirea și menținerea și susținerea acestor atitudini, precum și în promovarea unor politici crude,discriminatorii și violente.
Pe lângă studiul istoric, cartea include și testimonii personale ale celor care au trăit în acele vremuri, prezentând impactul real al acestor politici asupra vieții și relațiilor lor. Aceste povești personale oferă o perspectivă umană asupra unui subiect adesea tratat doar din punct de vedere teoretic sau politic.
Autorul își propune să sporească înțelegerea acestui subiect sensibil și să contribuie la dialogul și dezbaterile în curs despre drepturile LGBT și evoluția lor în societatea românească. Prin demersul lor, se așteaptă să genereze o schimbare de mentalitate și să promoveze acceptarea și respectarea diversității, în speranța unui viitor mai tolerant și echitabil pentru toți cetățenii.
De luat în considerare că acestea sunt documentări preliminare, un punct de plecare și nicidecum o istorie completă. Istorie care e dificil de pus cap la cap din pricina accesării informațiilor. Homoistorii face trimitere către mărturii, povești, anecdote și relatări personale sau culese din arhive și din documentele statului român. Și dat fiind că nicio instituție a statului nu și-a asumat sarcina de a colecta, conserva și expune și cum nicio universitate nu alocă spațiu și resurse studierii concrete și academice, aceste informații care ar face parte dintr-un patrimoniu identitar împărtășit de fiecare persoană din această comunitate, atunci acestea rămân insuficient cercetate.
Mulți, notează autorul, sunt încă în situația de a-și justifica și a-și explica identitatea. Interviurile bărbaților gay și femeilor lesbiene se întrepătrund în documentele informative produse de Miliție și Securitate. Acolo unde este cazul, se citează de asemenea sursele primare de unde sunt obținute informațiile.
Capacitatea de asumare, exprimare și afirmare a identității individuale LGBT ține seama de evoluțiile economice, culturale, sociale, de apropierea sau distanțarea față de familie, de relațiile dezvoltate în societate, locul, vârsta și statutul social. Acest context complex influențează în mod semnificativ experiența persoanelor LGBT și modul în care își trăiesc și își afirmă identitatea într-o societate în continuă schimbare.
Cartea își propune să ofere o perspectivă cât mai amplă și diversă asupra vieții și istoriei comunității LGBT din România, evidențiind importanța păstrării și valorificării acestui patrimoniu cultural și identitar. Prin aducerea în prim plan a acestor povești și mărturii, autorul speră să contribuie la creșterea vizibilității și acceptării comunității LGBT în societatea românească, precum și la promovarea dialogului și înțelegerii între diferite grupuri sociale.
Cartea începe cu perioada medievală unde se pot regăsi nume precum Alexandru Iliaș fiul lui Alexandru Lăpușneanul, care a avut amanți, Radu cel Frumos, fratele lui Vlad Țepeș, Petru Cercel, Iliaș Rareș, nepot al lui Ștefan Cel Mare, domnitorul Mihnea al III-lea, Voievod Ștefăniță Lupu, fiul domnitorului Vasile Lupu, care a introdus la rândul său pedepse dure pentru relațiile între același sex.
În ceea ce privește cazurile judecate în rândul bisericii, sunt notate cazul arhidiaconului Ștefan de la mănăstirea Mihai Vodă din București (1739), care "ca un porc de câine a sărutat pe un cafegiu al nostru". Egumenul Teofil de la Căldărușani (Dec. 1742), cu rezultatul fiind expedierea monahului la o altă mănăstire cu scopul de a "se recupera". Un alt caz, Episcopul Gheorghe al Romanului – ars pe rug în timpul lui Ioan Vodă cel Cumplit.
Pedeapsa ce era canonică în Cartea românească de învățătură, alături de tăierea capului. Precum și un caz de căsătorie între două femei oficiată în biserică (Oct. 1801) care trezește stupefacție. Neavând o situație comparabilă în trecut prin care să judece asta, mitropolitul improvizează: bătaie, urmată de exilare la mănăstire atât pentru fata care s-a dat drept bărbat, cât și pentru nașa care a cununat-o.
Aceste tipuri de raporturi erau considerate foarte grave de biserică deoarece puneau în pericol scopul primar al actului sexual: procreația. Bărbații își ascundeau cu greu inclinațiile homosexuale, ieșind la iveală abia în patul conjugal.
Spre finele secolului al XVII-lea, Cronica orașului Sibiu relatează executarea unui servitor acuzat de sodomie, iar în Transilvania, în 1712, o femeie este executată pe baza unei hotărâri a Curții Judecătorești din Cluj. Femeia sfârșește arsă în piața publică a orașului.
Termenul "homosexual", inventat de Karl Maria (Benkert), începe să fie folosit în comunitatea medicală. Societatea începe să învețe despre homosexuali ca o categorie aparte de oameni. În 1869, a publicat două pamflete anonime. A argumentat că legea prusacă privind sodomia, Paragraful 143, care ulterior a devenit Paragraful 175 din codul penal al Imperiului German, încălca "drepturile omului". A susținut argumentul liberal clasic conform căruia actele sexuale consensuale în privat nu ar trebui să fie supuse legii penale. A susținut că legea prusacă permitea șantajiștilor să extorcheze bani de la homosexuali și adesea îi determina să se sinucidă.O serie de lupte de lungă durată pentru dezincriminare și câștigarea de drepturi au loc, iar aproximativ în aceeași perioadă, Oscar Wilde (1895), Friedrich Krupp (1902), generalul Kuno von Moltke (1902) și Prințul Phillip de Eulenburg-Hertenfeld (1907) care aduc homosexualitatea în prim-plan.
Caracterul androcratic-agrar al vremii respective face ca ecourile acestor inițiative de peste hotare să fie mai degrabă palide, fragmentate, reduse la scurte mențiuni. Nefiind vorba de un "noi" colectiv la vremea respectivă, aceștia trăiau camuflați, invizibili în ochii majorității populației. Chiar dacă urbanizarea României la începutul secolului XX aduce oportunități bărbaților, care caută relații cu alte femei, sau partenere de viață, același lucru nu poate fi spus despre homosexualitate. Aceasta, neavând o identitate publică, coezivă, relativ invizibilă care atrăgea stigmatizarea și excluderea socială.
Deși comportamentul în sine era universal în mai multe societăți și prezent în mai multe epoci, modul în care cei ce practicau sau aspirau să practice relațiile homosexuale ținea de contextul de mediu, social, personalitatea individului și atitudinile la vremea respectivă în acest spațiu geografic. Trăsături identitare precum auto-identificarea, acceptarea individuală, asumarea responsabilității și afirmarea publică nu făceau parte din tiparul de la vremea respectivă.
Printre personalitățile cunoscute la vremea respectivă se pot enumera criticul de film și teatru Mihail (Mișu) Văcărescu, autorul și directorul Teatrului Național, Alexandru Davila (1862 – 1929), care a supraviețuit tentativei de asasinat descrisă drept o crimă pasională, caz care va aduce în atenția publică viața sa privată, Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești (1870-1922), fondator al Tinerimii Artistice și a primei reviste de artă de la noi, baronul Franz Napocea, Emanuel Bibescu (1877-1917), care, deși a activat în Parlamentul României din partea liberalilor, se simțea în libertate deplină doar în mediile artistice de la Paris.
Maiorul Scarlat Urlățeanu demisionează în 1927, după ce este confruntat cu acuzația de homosexualitate, evitând astfel să fie dezonorat sau să se sinucidă, pentru a înăbuși scandalul ce risca să devină public.
E.D., o femeie lesbiană de 90 de ani în anul 1998, nu putea ignora mediul căruia îi aparținea și presiunile societății. Totul, spune aceasta, era centrat pe familie, procreare și pe relațiile de tip heterosexual, astfel încât în perioada respectivă nu putem vorbi despre formarea unei identități non-heterosexuale a individului.
"Doar despre bărbați se mai știe câte ceva, despre noi mai nimica. Cu atât mai bine pentru noi, nu atrăgeam atenția". De asemenea, nu știa de ce cineva și-ar asuma public condiția de homosexual. Estomparea propriei identități a fost o constantă pe toată durata secolului XX, cu câteva excepții și între bărbați.
  • Trixy Checais (1914) - strămoș al dansului contemporan, creator gay. Cariera sa a fost zdruncinată prin condamnarea primită pentru "inversiune sexuală" și detenția la Canalul Dunăre-Marea Neagră în 1950. După detenție de 10 ani, acesta nu și-a revenit. Ca urmare, dansul modern a fost interzis, fiind permis doar baletul clasic de tradiție rusă și elemente folclorice.
Narațiunea dominantă în majoritatea secolului XX este în principal legată de "moralitatea publică", considerată a fi definitorie în apărarea ordinii de drept în societate.
Acești oameni erau considerați a fi violențatori ai firescului, ai naturii, a societății în ansamblul ei. Dat fiind acest context social, homosexualitatea nu putea fi decât tăcută și invizibilă. Iar cu riscul de a se încețoșa liniile între genuri cu rolurile asociate și cu intervențiile poliției (amenzi, arest, demascare publică), acest lucru doar creștea miza unor astfel de relații.
Presa la vremea respectiva nu ezita sa aloce și spațiu pentru asta prin știri senzaționale cu scopul de a atrage atenția dar și de a incita publicul la stigmatizare și condamnare. Nume și adrese erau publicate de asemeni în astfel de publicații.
  • 10.01.1935 “Așadar astăzi e procesul. Peste câteva ore vom ști totul. Stricătorii moravurilor sănătoase vor fi puși la zidul oprobriului public. Lumea ii va putea vedea, ii va putea scuipa și le va putea striga: HOMOSEXUALILOR!. Și nu va fi nici un păcat. Din contra magistratura noastră care a dat dovada întotdeauna de o superioritate de judecată și de o capacitate morală atât de superioară….”
R.M - 81 de ani. A trăit ascuns, a ajuns să cunoască pe sine prin lectura nesățioasă. "Libertatea a venit pentru mine prea târziu", declara într-un interviu.
R.I. - (n. 1930): "Eu nu îmi amintesc să fi auzit cuvântul homosexual în casă, pe stradă sau la școală. Cu mentalitatea de atunci, știam teribil de puțin despre ce este aia sexualitate, darămite despre homosexualitate (...) nici nu aveam cu cine să vorbesc despre asta. (...) era nevoie de totală discreție".
Puține persoane din comunitate la începutul secolului XX citeau vreodată o carte care să menționeze homosexualitatea. Tema era în esență obscurată.
"Anormalitatea socială asociată homosexualității poate fi stăpânită prin supraveghere și control" era dealtfel și gândirea predominantă la acea vreme.
În Rusia comunistă a anilor '30, homosexualul nu mai era demult interpretat ca fiind doar "împotriva naturii", ci era direct catalogat ca "dușman al poporului".
România, la acea vreme urmărea cu atenție modelul german de "curățare a societății" ce a debutat în februarie 1933, cu interzicerea și devastarea Institutului de Studii Sexologice al lui Magnus Hirschfeld. Institutul a efectuat o cantitate enormă de cercetare, a întâlnit mii de clienți transsexuali și homosexuali la consultații și a promovat o gamă largă de reforme sexuale, inclusiv educația sexuală, contracepția și drepturile femeilor. Cu toate acestea, câștigurile realizate în Germania au fost curând inversate drastic odată cu ascensiunea nazismului, iar institutul și biblioteca sa au fost distruse în 1933. Uciderea lui Ernst Rohm și înființarea în 1936 a Centralei Naționale de Combatere a Homosexualității și Avortului sub coordonarea șefului S.S. Heinrich Himmler au inspirat și legiuitorii autohtoni ai vremii prin reforma Codurilor.
Rusia sovietică și Germania nazistă adoptaseră sau înăsprise legislația anti-gay: revoluția în moravuri și obiceiuri era menită să nască “omul nou” și nu era loc de compromisuri. Tot în acea perioadă România se pregătește de restricția libertăților și restrângerea democrației și homosexualitatea este codificată ca infracțiune, homofobia devenind astfel instituțională, legitimată prin religie și asociată cu ultranaționalismul. Pedepsele, de la 6 luni la 2 ani cuprindeau orice act amoros între persoane de același sex dar și manifestarea publică a identității atrăgând după sine “scandalul public” definit succint la vremea respectivă (1936) ca: “lezarea sentimentului moral, când aceștia nu mai fac secret din relația lor afișându-și năravul, sentimentul moral fiind lovit și opinia publică alarmată”.
Astfel, prin aceste demersuri, homosexualii erau catalogați ca “degenerați, cosmopoliți, damnați, suspecți în ochii comunității credincioase prin refuzul normalității, corupători de moravuri și tradiții, respingători prin diferențele lor, indivizi pe care nu puteai să contezi ca pe niște români adevărați.” (…) Identificarea, denunțarea și întemnițarea homosexualului nu mai erau o simplă și trivială treabă polițienească, ci deveneau o îndatorire patriotică de interes național, în acord cu ritmul impus de fascizarea societății românești.
Comuniștii de asemenea respingeau “viciul” și pe purtătorul său, pe aceleași considerente folosite de totalitarismul de tip fascist. Cazul lui Șmil Marcovici este ilustrativ. Membru la PCdR, arestat de poliție în vara anului 1935.
“Instalarea comunismului în România face din homosexualitate o bună pradă ideologică. Anii ‘50-’60 cunosc raziile și procesele antigay ca parte din campaniile politice ale timpului contra capitalismului și a culturii occidentale decadente, contra intimismului și individualismului, împotriva intelectualilor și a vechii elite politice. Ca și comparație, erau antiteza idealurilor de mame eroine și tați angajați în realizarea planurilor cincinale. Tăcerea, negarea prin lege, supravegherea polițienească și patologizarea homosexualității erau consecințele ideologiei comuniste.”
În perioada comunistă, a avut loc un proces notoriu în 1954-1955 în care un grup de oameni a fost arestat și umilit public prin plimbarea lor prin oraș cu pancarte pe care scria "homosexual". Acest eveniment a fost menit să servească drept exemplu și a fost folosit pentru a stigmatiza și a descuraja homosexualitatea în societatea românească.
Anul 1959 - Proces de moravuri Mihai Rădulescu, denunțat de unul dintre partenerii săi, Dinu Manoil, sub tortura în urma căreia a și murit. Ulterior, a fost declarat oficial ca sinucidere.
M.D. 80 de ani – judecător, primește un dosar în 1965: “Era o situație mizerabilă. Inginer tânăr care lucra în provincie dar avea o cameră în București. Restul chiriașilor din acel apartament voiau să pună mâna pe camera asta și supravegheau toate activitățile. Au pus mâna pe scrisorile de iubire și a fost trimis în judecată. A predat dosarul unei colege. A primit 6 luni cu suspendare. A avut noroc.”
H.L. (…) Ce m-a înspăimântat însă e că existau homosexuali care erau șantajați și deveneau prin asta informatori ai Securității.
“Odată ce știai cine ești, deprindeai resocializarea, învățai codurile comunicării între egali și tacticile de relaționare. Mai devreme sau mai târziu însă, toți, fără excepție, știau că sunt “diferiți”.”
George Bălan (n.1929)
“A fost o adolescență tristă și cred că așa am descoperit singurătatea și destinul meu solitar. În același timp simțeam în mine un impuls care mă neliniștea și care avea să se afirme mai precis între 16 și 17 ani(...). Singura informație am căpătat-o printr-o carte care era foarte răspândită(..) Educația sexelor. Capitolul despre homosexualitate îmi dădea fiori. Capitolul despre masturbatie dădea niște imagini infernale a ceea ce îi așteaptă pe respectivii.(...) era un conflict între ceea ce aflam pe cale livrescă și ceea ce simțeam.”
În primii ani de comunism apăruseră anunțuri de felul acesta – doctorul Lupolover acorda consultații cutare, cutare, cutare și homosexualitate. (...) Mi-a spus pe șleau de la bun început. <> Nu mi-a dat iluzia unei vindecări. Nu m-a inițiat nimeni, absolut nimeni. A trebuit să descopăr totul prin proprie sondare și suferință și căutare.
„Pentru majoritatea celor intervievați,lipsa de informație, resurse și de contacte sociale au reprezentat norma. Lipsesc relațiile interpersonale și grupurile de prieteni exact în momentele cele mai importante ale dezvoltării identitare.
  • (…) „Mă simțeam ca o ciudățenie a naturii, unicul pe lume.”
  • „Crezi că a fost ușor? O văd și acum pe mama mea în fața ochilor, turbată când i-am zis”(...)
  • (…) „Simțeam că sunt diferit, că ceva nu este în regulă cu mine. Dar nu știam să existe în acel moment un cuvânt pentru starea asta. Știam că sunt ceva de disprețuit (…).
  • (…) „Pe vremea aceea, nici nu puteai să vorbești cu nimeni despre nimic sexual. Mai primeau unii pachete cu prezervative din străinătate. (...) Era nevoie de două declarații de la două persoane care să spună că ești homosexual. Când se întâmpla asta, erai dat afară din școală, din serviciu. Aveau grijă tovarășii să afle. Erai un om terminat. (...) Mințeai ca să te aperi. Încercai să fii altcineva. (...) E foarte greu să construiești ceva când tot timpul trebuie să te ferești și să te ascunzi.”
  • (...) „Te tratau cu un fel de milă. Nu-i zic creștinească că nu prea era cazul. Oi fi eu prea sensibil, ca evreu și homosexual, mai ști. Parcă eram niște infirmi, nițeluș respingători, cu care te mai gândești dacă vrei să ai de-a face. (...) Parcă nu voiau să se murdărească cu unul ca mine, unde pui că nu eram jidan-jidan, eram jidan homosexual. (...) Ma tolerau în felul lor mai răutăcios.”
  • (…) Între timp s-a mai aflat că există femei care iubesc doar femei. S-a mai auzit de una de sau alta, se știe de <> și la noi. Dacă nici cuvântul ăsta nu-l pot pronunța corect, cum aș putea spera să înțeleagă plăvanul mioritic cine-s eu?
  • (…) M-am căsătorit la 20 de ani. Mi-am dat seama că nu e ok ce mi se întâmplă(...) Nu există o cultură de genul ăsta și toată lumea a zis: băi, tu ești nebună, ești mai extravagantă, poate e o toană, așa poate îți trece, și le-am zis – mai, știu despre ce vorbesc.
Codul penal Carol al II-lea a fost definit ca un pas înainte în lupta cu aceste rele moravuri. Periculozitatea și capacitatea de contagiozitate socială a acestor moravuri reclamă măsuri penale de siguranță publică în scop preventiv. Devine evident că acest tip de “cultura a pericolului” va conduce gradual la sacrificarea protecției individuale. “Invertirea” trebuie supravegheată pentru un presupus potențial de infracționalitate. Comunismul avea de la ce pleca în reprimarea acestei subspecii a celor “periculoși”.
Ce informații erau disponibile pentru persoanele trans? Lidia – 71 de ani – a fost singurul interviu din în carte. Copil, Lică știa dintotdeauna că este Lidia, deși nu cunoștea nici măcar cuvântul care să-i descrie realitatea personală.
Informația era zero, chiar și homosexualitatea era considerată o boală în perioada Gheorghiu-Dej. Acasă nu m-au forțat să fiu băiat. La școala primară eram, totuși, o țintă, deși eram un elev foarte bun. Tot timpul sub presiunea de a-mi îngădui personalitatea. Nu se putea altfel. Cei din jur îmi ziceau “fetelea”. Mă loveau, mă alergau, îmi era frică și să ies din casă. (…) Puteam să-mi exprim partea feminină doar prin teatru, când puteam să apar machiat pe scenă. Nu aveam informații, nu știam ce să fac. (…) Nu am avut o zână bună care să-mi îndeplinească unica dorință a vieții mele. Doar asta era ceea ce îmi doream, să fiu fată. (…) Odată ajuns la liceu, s-a deschis poarta jignirilor și agresiunilor corporale când și când, cele verbale mai tot timpul. M-am născut unde nu trebuia. Mă întrebau ce am în pantaloni. Prin clasa a VII-a sau a VIII-a, copiii din vecini mă agresau. În noaptea de Înviere, au vrut cu forța să se convingă ce sex am, în apropierea bisericii. (…) Am vrut să exclud acel trecut, pe cât se poate (…) Mă simt oricum femeie, dintotdeauna am fost femeie. Dar ce puteam face în România acelor ani? Să mă duc la un spital de psihiatrie în care să fiu pompat cu medicamente psihofarmaco cu barbiturice, dopamină, minuni de genul ăsta?”
15.11.1973 – Dosar de urmărire – Strict Secret – Neculai Constantin Munteanu trădează interesul Securității pentru detalii de viață privată cu potențial penal-incriminatoriu “Are anturaj foarte limitat din care exclude femeile (…) având reticență față de ele (sic!) și le privește cu dispreț. De circa 5 ani de zile nu a mai fost văzut cu o individă la domiciliu.
1980 – Ziaristul Ion Stanica - scenariu folosit de autoritățile polițienești pentru a te obliga să vorbești.
(…) L-au adus pe student din beciurile unde îl anchetau de mai multe luni pentru o confruntare. Era vădit chinuit, slăbit, bătut, epuizat, resemnat. (…) Anchetatorii contau pe efectul psihologic produs asupra mea de starea deplorabilă în care se afla bietul student. Era un fel de <> (…) << Vom anunța la serviciu, vor afla familia și vecinii, există și alte metode care să te facă să mărturisești adevărul >>
Despre cum erau tratați de către conducerea penitenciarului cei condamnați pe baza articolului 200 Cod penal:
  • (…) “Nenorociții care m-au vrăjit acolo au avut grijă să se cunoască, cu detalii din belșug, pentru ce eram închis. Înțelegi? Voiau să se asigure că eram tratat ca ultimul om. (...) Criminalii erau mai respectați decât noi. Ei inspirau frică, noi repulsie.”
Stigmatul condamnării te urmărea, iremediabil.
  • (…) D.B. (…) Era un job foarte interesant la biblioteca universitară, am trecut de un fel de concurs (…) m-au chemat și mi-au spus că nu pot lucra cu publicul. M-au refuzat de la început “Cum, o să lucrați cu studenții?” (…) Aveam un fel de control care te compromitea (..) Veneau la jobul tău sau la școala ta și întrebau conducerea ce părere aveți despre cutare? Dar de ce? Pentru că, uitați acum ceva timp, a fost condamnat.
  • (…) Anonim: Trebuia să o iei de la zero absolut. Familiile nu mai voiau să știe de ei. Iar cu un cazier ca asta nu aveai nicio șansă să ai carieră. Am cunoscut specialiști care au devenit vânzători la aprozar.
Gabriel Popescu – 1965 – În închisoare am fost maltratat, bătut, bătut la tălpi, înjosit în permanență; după 20 de zile de grevă foamei am fost băgat în lanțuri timp de 7 zile, în care timp eram obligat, cu lanțurile la picioare, să mă învârt în celula de la 5 dimineața până la 10 seara când coborau paturile din perete. Am fost bătut la tălpi, în stomac – mi se dădeau lovituri cu saci de nisip – saci de legați de cizma inumanului anchetator Radu Marin – încă și astăzi în serviciu la D.M.C. secția moravuri. (…) spre a spune cu cine am avut raporturi de inversiune sexuală, ca până la urmă să caute să mă oblige a spune că am avut raporturi sexuale cu cele mai înalte personalități din conducere. Lt. Major Radu Marin îmi spunea în timp ce ancheta și bătea că are nevoie de această declarație pentru a câștiga grade.
Mircea Zaciu, profesor universitar clujean, istoric și critic literar (…) comenta un marș din Germania al comunității gay de tip Pride unde e “lume buluc, culori țipătoare, muzică, bere în valuri. Fac fotografii. Comenta ce diverse sunt fizionomiile și topologia. Comportamentul de asemenea. Inși și o anumită solidaritate, fraternitate, o duioșie, chiar.
George Balan: “Trebuia să am comportamentul sexual al celorlalți. Era și obligație și incertitudine din partea mea (…) Mai mult mă deranja ecoul social al condiției gay, (…) societatea nu permitea să evoluezi.
După 1989, memoria traumelor și excluderilor sociale îndurate în comunism nu include bărbații și femeile gay; aceștia nu pot fi luați în mod serios în considerare ca victime ale regimului comunist. Cel mai adesea au rămas în sistem, caracterizați de aceleași obsesii, metehne și practici discriminatorii, beneficiind operativ de aceleași “dosare de homosexuali”.
Continuarea practicilor comuniste opresive în România a continuat și după Revoluție. “Prin vocea autorităților, precum cea a președintelui Iliescu ori a ministrului de externe Meleșcanu, li se explică comunității internaționale, în contextul pregătirilor de aderare a României la Consiliul Europei, de ce nu este nevoie de o revizuire a Codului penal în acest domeniu. Se merge pe varianta excepționalismului românesc: sunt invocați termeni culturali și religioși pentru a dovedi că noi românii suntem “altfel”. Consiliul Europei cere imperativ eliminarea legislației represive antigay, ca una dintre condițiile acceptării României ca stat membru. (…) Codul penal, comentează autoritățile, ar ofensa sentimentele morale și religioase ale majorității populației românești.”
“Un tribunal internațional demască represiunea la care este supus acest grup minoritar este organizat în New York la 17.10.1995 și include cazuri documentate de persoane gay întemnițate în România.
Lipseau însă grupurile gay locale, structurate, care să funcționeze ca voce publică a acestei comunități în încercarea de a forța un dialog cu autoritățile publice pe tema spinoasă a dezincriminării homosexualității.
Nu numai că isteria homofobă devenea publică și avea permis de liberă trecere în toate mediile sociale și profesionale, dar se inventa în termeni naționaliști o diferență ireductibilă de civilizație dintre noi și Occident. “Redeveneam” ortodocși și români, opunându-ne vocal viciilor Apusului. Învățăm și importăm mimetic forme și instituții ale democrației, ne-reușind însă să camuflăm frustrările și resentimentele de fond anti-minorități care mocneau de decenii.
“Guvernul din 1994 nu considera că legislația penală antigay contravine articolul 26 al Constituției (…) considerând discriminarea ca una îndreptățită pentru apărarea ordinii publice și a “bunelor moravuri”; “nu se poate trage concluzia după care viața intimă a unei persoane este ocrotită și atunci când lezează regulile de conduită ale celorlalți membri ai societății, precum și sentimentul moral general
“Sugestia că minoritățile sexuale au drepturi a inflamat curiozitatea presei.”
31.05.1995 – Conferința Homosexuality a human right – Poziția guvernului:
Homosexualii se bucură deja de drepturi în România, legislația penală nu este bine înțeleasă în Occident; instituțiile statului, Biserica Ortodoxă și majoritatea românilor privesc cu îngrijorare presiunile internaționale vizând abrogarea articolului 200 CP. Sunt adăugate de reprezentantul Ministerului Justiției și alte argumente precum frumusețea româncelor, tradițiile morale, argumentele biblice.
Pentru delegatul BOR homosexualitatea este o “plagă” nicidecum un “drept; biserica se va opune “violației naturii umane” reprezentantul Comisiei Juridice a Camerei Deputaților are îndoieli cu privire la “adevăr” însă admite presiunile exercitate de Biserica Ortodoxă, instituția care are avea un cuvânt greu de spus în chestiuni de morală; în plus, societatea nu e încă pregătită pentru acceptarea homosexualității.
1996 - Articolul 200 CP suferă o nouă modificare ca răspuns la presiunile internaționale. România încearcă să trișeze din nou: este introdusă sintagma “în public” și se reintroduce sintagma “scandal public” din perioada Codului penal al lui Carol al II-lea, ca temei legal pentru a trimite în continuare persoanele de orientare homosexuală la închisoare pentru o perioadă între 1 și 5 ani. (…) Ultimul alineat interzicea “propaganda, asocierea sau orice act de prozelitism” vizând relațiile între persoane de același sex, afectând în mod brutal drepturi fundamentale precum libertatea de asociere și libertatea de exprimare. În orice moment, homosexualitatea asumată putea fi considerată “scandal public”.
“Ele nu pot fi uitate, după cum nu pot fi uitați actorii instituționali care, în regim de permanentă și foarte activă complicitate, au menținut cu forța în viață un articol de lege care făcuse victime preț de două decenii: Parlamentul României și Sinodul Bisericii Ortodoxe Române”
“Miza campaniilor publice duse pentru perpetuarea legislației represive antigay era una strategică. Se încerca controlul legislativului și al executivului prin folosirea la scenă publică a unora dintre cele mai agresive forme de naționalism.”
26.09.2000 - Sorin Alexandrescu
“(…) De-aia vrem noi să intrăm în Europa ca să <> Gradul de absurditate și vulgaritate al unor asemenea remarci crește cu cât se ignoră mai mult chestiunea fundamentală: nu poate fi liber un individ care nu este liber în viața personală și aceasta nu poate fi liberă dacă nu include libertatea sexuală și dreptul fiecăruia de a face ce vrea cu trupul său.”
Observatorul cultural: “(…) Știm că lumea e condusă, în bună măsură de o mafie homosexuală, dar asta nu trebuie să ne impresioneze prea tare (…)”
“Pe la jumătatea anilor ‘90 condamnarea stilului de viață homosexual în România era de-a dreptul sinistră. Poliția din orașele mici scutea de pedeapsă cele mai flagrante cazuri, în schimbul ajutorului celor în cauză la prinderea unor homosexuali mai discreți. Alteori, informația venea chiar de la un membru al familiei. (…) Mai auzeam din când în când povești de genul în lumea gay. Niște homosexuali americani fuseseră victime ale șantajului din partea unor foști membri ai poliției secrete comuniste. (…) Societatea este în așa fel structurată, încât să prevină efectul toxic al oricărui contact cu acești oameni.”
Ce n-am înțeles este coabitarea medicilor, psihologilor, psihiatrilor cu homofobia asta mistică, rar auzi pe cineva care se opune curentului. Puțini s-au opus. (…)“
În 1998 era eliberat unul dintre ultimii deținuți închiși pe baza articolului 200 CP pe baza unor denunțuri (…) Cazul ei arată o față rușinoasă a României: o femeie putea fi arestată, judecată și condamnată pe baza unui presupus flirt amoros cu alta femeie, denunțată autorităților ca imorală”
“Logica instituțională era simplă: homosexualii sunt infractori, ca atare infracțiunile acestora trebuiau raportate, investigate, pedepsite. (…)”
  • ”Obținerea de denunțuri false pentru ca o persoană să fie identificată ca “homosexual practicant” era o practică folosită de decenii (…)”
  • (…) “Am fost distrus. Eram deprimat. Toată lumea vorbea, scriau ziarele, știau vecinii, știau familia. Copiii mei au fost marginalizați la școală. Învățătoarea tăia litere din ziare și mi punea mesaje în cutie. Mesajele ținteau clar intimidarea, sugerau părăsirea locuinței de către “ infractor” “Te distrugem homosexual senzual”
  • (…) “Gheorghe I. Santajat direct de colonelul Ivan: “ Dacă vrei să mai mergi înapoi acasă, trebuie să ne spui cu cine, cum și când ai întreținut relații sexuale și, dacă ascunzi materiale pornografice, unde le ții” G.I. cedează și colaborează denunțând câteva persoane din comunitatea gay locală cu care interacționase. Ajuns acasă, a înghițit o supradoză de somnifere. Mama sa l-a dus la spital unde a stat câteva zile. După ce a venit din spital, G.I. s-a închis în baie și și-a tăiat venele de la mâini. Mama lui l-a găsit într-o baltă de sânge și i-a salvat din nou viața.”
30.05.2001 – Cornel Badoiu – PSD – Comisia juridică - “Nu este un lucru rău dacă cineva nu este angajat pe motiv că este homosexual.”
Dezincriminarea – Rolul ACCEPT:
dispariția legislației nu s-a produs “de la sine”. Zecile de întâlniri cu politicienii și diplomați, presiunea pusă pe autoritățile române în contextul europenizării, documentarea abuzurilor pe criteriul orientării sexuale, creșterea vizibilității comunității prin mass-media, oferirea de servicii comunitare (buletine informative, acces la singura bibliotecă specializată în domeniul orientării sexuale și a identității de gen, întâlniri tematice, consiliere HIV/SIDA, sprijin psihologic etc.).
Ce s-a schimbat? “(…) la câțiva ani după abrogare, mi-am schimbat locul de muncă și am putut <> eu însumi glumițele homofobe (remarci, comentarii, bancuri, bârfe) care se făceau în noul colectiv de muncă cu o cruzime și lipsă de considerație și de empatie <>.”
M – 21 ani “Știi ce e cel mai frustrant? Părerea (…) <> îți spun <>, << Ba nu, ba nu, e straight >>Trec peste aceste păreri amicale și mă duc puțin mai departe, la un alt tip de păreri. Păreri care – ce surpriză – se aud pe stradă! Când o țin de mână sau o sărut în public. Păreri din privirile oamenilor, crucile pe care și le fac. Le place ceea ce văd și vociferează. Sau nu – și vociferează
I-33 de ani – Nu am voie să intru în salonul de spital, după ce s-a operat copilul de amigdalită. Nu am voie să îmi manifest afecțiunea în public în niciun fel. Nu am voie să vorbesc despre relația noastră nici măcar după ce s-a terminat.
Nu am voie să îmi asum orientarea sexuală, nici măcar față de cei mai buni prieteni ai mei. Când ești hărțuită, amenințată, urmărită acasă, defăimată, intimidată, dată în judecată; când se spune despre tine că nu știi să îți crești copilul când te temi, că dacă se află, s-ar putea să îți pierzi jobul; când trebuie să mă ascund în casă de taică-tu; când trebuie să-i mint pe ai mei că n-am plecat în vacanță cu tine; când trebuie să tac; de fiecare dată, simt că într-o zi o să explodez. Strâng în mine furie și plâns, resentiment, toată tăcerea aia. Când se adună prea multă, ies pe ușă.
În concluzie, cred ca este o carte foarte buna ca un punct de plecare după cum a spus si autorul, și dealtfel importanta pentru înțelegerea acelei perioade care în opinia mea nu trebuie niciodată uitată dar și un îndemn spre a descoperi și documenta cat mai multe.
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2023.03.26 00:38 Amproto Feedback from a random schmuck.

No I don't have 12K hours on D2, nor 15K on D3.
Played D2 when I was 12 or so, got slapped on the wrist many times cause played that shit instead of homework.
Played D3 in 2016 or so, was amazing, forgot why though.
I don't know how to theorycraft, have a shit 2016 system (that manages to run D4 nonethless).

"Why would we read your feedback then?"
Cause I am the target audience, fool. It is people like me that matter not some neckbeard that spent playing 60 hours out of 72, got to max level in a week and crybabies that he has nothing else to do.
WE are feeding the devs, WE make these games you can waste your life on happen.
So let's get down:
- Art is cool and general vibes are diggable. Shit tries to be evil and demonic.
- The slow paced combat is what we need. It feels impactful, with each skill feeling crucial. Never understood idiots that spend 2K hours to craft a build to 1-2 button clear whole screen of mob. This travesty should disappear from gaming industry.
- The open world as focus with dungeon crawling is NEAT. We want to explore worlds, dig ourselves into stumbled dugeons and fight monsters. Not sit in a stupid city and click master-run "endgame content".
- Char progression seems promising rich (beyond the tree/twig).
- The story breaks are actually cool. Dunno why so many bitch&moan because it supposedly "breaks the pacing of the game". I mean, killing&looting is cool but having a story break here and there proves to be enjoyable and much, much more immersive.
- Mmo aspects so we feel motivated to buy stupid battles passes/cosmetics to feel more swaggy than others? Sign me up!

- Although slower combat is cool, a bit of more challenge would be much better cause clearing mobs can feel dragging (sometimes). Just add a bit of difficulty and punishment for retarded decision the player made (such as this sub).
- Add more variety when character creating. My sorceress looks like my very first irl hooker I went to whatever my efforts to make her look different.
- What's up with locals talking like retards? I got eastern european neighbours they do not sound like that.
- Although story breaks are cool as a concept, the cinematic direction and line delivery reminds me of last season of GoT. I think there is a timing of line delivery issue which can kill credibility sometimes.

Can't say anything about balance, don't care/not smart enough to get into that.
Overall: great game, will definetly get into that. Need to find a way to hide from wife tho when it comes out.
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2023.03.26 00:38 Efficient-Tennis9900 What are the odds this monkey branch snaps?

Ok so before I start this I just want to preface this by saying yes I know there is no way of really knowing and I shouldn't care and it's none of my business now. But damnit I am human and do care.
So I was with this girl for 5 years. I am 24M and she is 27F. We were each others first EVERYTHING. Noticed she was getting a little distant in December but she assured me that it was just because of her new job as a physical therapy assistant. She was always talking about this "hot guy" at work. Dude looks like a gigachad, is 30 years old, and is a fully licensed physical therapist. I trusted her so I would always just laugh it off. Anyways. 2 days before Christmas she tells me she no longer loves me and broke up. Was majorly blindsided as the day before everything was great. I begged her back and got really emotional and she just blocked me on everything. She's extremely avoidant when it comes to dealing with negative emotions.
Fast forward to a month later our mutual friend tells me that she has been seeing this guy. I obviously assume it was the gigachad. Nope. Turns out it was a PATIENT. He is 42 years old and got crushed by an elevator so he can't even go up the stairs on his own. I'm assuming he's rich from the lawsuit. He is battling over custody of his house with his ex fiance. Within one month he was already asking her to move in (im assuming because hes old and wants to settle down fast/wants someone to take care of his crippled ass). My ex was apparently talking about how much "man money" he had. And that she was sick of always paying for my stuff (im on my last year of college. Every dollar that I ever had went right to this girl even though it wasnt much). Apparently she's been super overly self confident, is smoking weed all day every day, spending a ton of money, and is "happier than ever" now, also hasn't taken an ounce of responsibility. The girl I knew for 5 years was extremely insecure, frugal, and reserved so this is really strange to me. Someone crunch me some baseless numbers on the % chance of this being a long term healthy relationship.... It's been 3 months and I haven't heard a word from her directly.
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2023.03.26 00:28 0aprobar BANGBROS - Rico Strong Slings BBC In Alabama Babe Sara Monroe's General Direction

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2023.03.26 00:26 Imaginary_Insect5850 Dollar General Porsche

Hey guys! First time doing one of these mail in's, I saw they have an option to pay with a card when you fill out the order form, but then still says to send check or M/O to them.
Anybody know what's up? If I can pay by card, I don't have to drive somewhere for that M/O.
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2023.03.26 00:21 HeyAbbotts Sweep Programs

Hello, after all the recent news around FDIC, I started looking into Fidelity' Cash Management Accounts (CMA). My CMA appears similar to a checking account with additional benefits. My understanding is Fidelity moves (sweep) my cash to a "program bank" which is interest bearing and provides the standard $250,000 FDIC insurance. Reading further, I started thinking about protection and couldn't get a clear answer in the agreements. My first question, is this a shared account with multiple customers pooled into 1 account or is it bank account linked directly to my CMA? Second question comes from reading the disclosure and it notes other federal banking regulations as a general term. Fidelity has a Protection Garentee but isnt a catch all. My question is do all banking regulations apply, such as regulation E for debit and efts, which normally wouldn't apply to Fidelity, giving additional protection in events of unauthorized transactions or other events that dont meet the Fidelity Protection Garentee?
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2023.03.26 00:17 Nik-Yura Lord Byron, "New Bushido" and Sacred Blessing

Lord Byron,
...we are in a fiery hell,
Our way from hell to hell,
And halos don't bloom
Above the helmets of soldiers…
On the best of the planets
We pray to the moon,
There is no sun in the sky,
We are brothers in war… [1]

"When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then a gentleman?"
"...the whole people should be freed from the yoke of the present serfdom, and no man should serve another, except by good will and mutual consent; ...everyone is given the right to freely buy, sell and trade in any part of England; ...all participants in the uprising are granted a full Amnesty for any actions they may have committed in the course of the uprising... and they should not be subjected to any kind of persecution."
Wat Tyler's Rebellion

"Rustics you were and rustics you are still. You will remain in bondage, not as before, but incomparably harsher."
"Insignificant people, rejected both by sea and land, you, who think yourself equal to the masters, are not worthy to live... From now on, your servile dependence will be incomparably more severe. For as long as we live and by God's grace rule this land, we will spare no mind, strength, or health to make the horror of your servile condition an example for posterity."
The mercies of Richard II

"You call these men a mob... Are we aware of our obligations to a mob! It is the mob that labour in your fields, and serve in your houses — that man your navy, and recruit your army — that have enabled you to defy all the world, — and can also defy you, when neglect and calamity have driven them to despair. You may call the people a mob, but do not forget that a mob too often speaks the sentiments of the people."
Lord Gordon Byron, speech in Parliament in defense of the "rabble"

Colonel Vasin has come to the frontline
And brought his young wife along
Colonel Vasin has rallied his corps
And told them: "Let's go home"
We fought this war for seventy years
We were taught that life is a fight
But the intelligence has just reported
We fought ourselves all this time.
And I have seen generals
They drink and eat our death
Their children are going crazy
Cause there's nothing left that they don't have
And our land lies in rust
Our churches are burnt.
If we want to have a home to return to
Now is the time to return
Our train is on fire, there are no buttons to push
Our train is on fire, there is no place to run to
Long ago this land was ours before we got trapped in this war
And it will die if it is nobody's, it's time for it to be returned
And the torches are burning around us
It's the rallying of all perished troops
And people who shot our fathers
Are now making plans for our youths.
We were born by the sound of marches
We were threatened by jail
I say it's about time we stopped crawling.
We have returned to our land. [2]

"The day of the armored man-at-arms, the knight, the embodiment of chivalry, was over—hammered into history’s coffin by a few thousand ragtag peasant archers carrying longbows. The ultimate insult to the noble-born French dead—if the dead indeed could be further insulted—lay in the fact that the English archers were not only common men, common in the lowest, most flea-infested sense of the word, but that they were draftees. Doughboys. GIs. Grunts. AIPs. Spezzes. K-techs. Jump Rats.
All that was in the lesson Kassad was supposed to have learned during that OCS:HTN exercise."
Dan Simmons, "Hyperion Cantos"

"Watching metal monsters make their way through helpless fields and sow death from the astonished skies, we decided that without such armor, human courage is an unreliable weapon in the battle of machines. However, as the confrontation drags on, it becomes obvious that people can endure and suffer more than armored vehicles and airplanes. From the clash of steel eagles and giants, a figure of a man appears — still more robust and adapted than the instruments of destruction created by him. It's amazing to see him toughen up under fire."
"The New York Times", Anne O'hare McCormick: "The Battle on the Hills Before Stalingrad", September 7, 1942

Great video:

Do you think they remember? THEY REMEMBER!

Use English subtitles.
But the most interesting thing about this is hidden at the crypto level - that is, "between the lines". And this is done not verbally, but visually. The words that they REMEMBER, the hope and faith contained in them are confirmed by the most obvious fact: a prosperous peaceful city.
And this is the main point of this short video: we live well only because we REMEMBER.

"Review, friends - troops long past review,
All to fate a weight of pains and dollars.
Their spirits wear our silver collars.
Review, friends - troops long past review:
Each a dot of time without pretense or guile.
With them passes the lure of fortune.
Review, friends - troops long past review.
When our time ends on its rictus smile,
We'll pass the lure of fortune.

We cannot move forward without the past. We carry it with us, not as baggage but as a sacred blessing."
Frank Herbert, "Dune"

[1] - Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms in reverse translation from Russian
[2] - Akvarium - This train on the fire
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2023.03.26 00:17 inmyroomdoingnothing A thing people need to note…

I see a lot of discourse about Melanie’s new appearance and how they should and shouldn’t feel. I see people saying, “It’s Melanie she’s known for weird and alternative things you shouldn’t be hating on her new look”, and also see others saying ,”It’s too weird, it’s just not what I was expecting,” or other general statements expressing their dislike; while both of these opinions are COMPLETELY VALID, people have to note that before this, Mel was known for her “creepy baby” aesthetic, and doing a complete revamp of that (going into a more dark faye aesthetic), it is reasonable that people are thinking it’s “not what they signed up for”.
While I was taken aback by the amount of uncertainty/disapproval from Crybaby’s it’s understandable. What I don’t understand is just going online and spouting hate just because you don’t like the direction Mel went in, it is clear that this project is personal to Mel and coincides with her beliefs of death and rebirth, i’m not saying that you shouldn’t state your opinion but I do see way too many people saying that her new phase is terrible without giving it a second thought.
And then there’s also the other side of the argument saying that if you don’t like Portals or Mel’s new look you were never a true fan, or that people who dislike her new look are close-minded and aren’t open to new things, but as stated before it’s understandable people might be wary because it’s just so different from what Mel is known for.
Her old music is still there for you to enjoy, and if you want more give Portals a chance; if people don’t like Portals and just stick to Mel’s older works that’s okay too and doesn’t make them any less of a fan.
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2023.03.26 00:04 Wonderful-Relief-512 What do you do when a horse kicks in your direction?

How do you correct a kick in your direction on the lunge line? Anecdote below:
I had a lease horse with terrible lunging manners and when asked to trot would get spicy, maybe canter or buck but generally got to it after that. Once though she kicked out at me and I freaked and started started waving the whip like crazy to work her hard for it but bc Idk what I was doing lol. I don't lease her anymore so I'm not actually looking for training advice I was just struck by how panicked I suddenly felt in that situation with no idea how to not let her "get away with" poor manners that could've actually killed me. It wasn't like she was being "dangerous" in the sense she was trying to hurt me she was just always spicy at the start of work so I was like uh, how do I tell her that that kind of spicy is unacceptable? So just curious what y'all would have done in that situation :)
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2023.03.26 00:00 AutoModerator Non Perth or WA and General Discussion Thread – March 26, 2023

A weekly thread to cover general discussion. If you have anything that is not directly related to Perth or WA (national politics, international goings on, music, whatever) but just want to chat about it, post it here. Non WA or Perth related posts outside of this thread will be deleted.
This post renews every Sunday morning.
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2023.03.26 00:00 Lymilark Potential Descendant Concepts-Natasha and Benjamin

As the title suggests this post is about a writing prompt I'm doing where I make up an entirely new Descendant for the game. This might be the only post I do for that as I will shift onto doing some potentially new enemy types for the next bit for my writing prompts.
A lot of playstyles are already represented in the game, and to be entirely honest I did not have a clear image in mind at first. This went through many changes, so much so that in the process of making this character they were instead split into two separate characters due to some ideas not fully merging together. I hope you enjoy what came out of both.

General appearance of the first character, that I will thus name Natasha, will be a heavily armored woman in the same vein as Ajax with a few distinctions. Her armor has specific segments around the joints that pulse a green energy. Those joints will signify points where her limbs can disconnect and act independently of the main body, and when they do, new arms or legs formed of poisonous slime will take their place.
Basic inspiration for the design concept is a slime girl in heavy armor.
Passive(Wasteful Spillage)-When Natasha casts an ability she will leave behind a trail of slime that will slow the movement speed of enemies by 30% while applying 1 stack of poison every 2s they remain in the pit. Similarly allies, including Natasha, will gain a movement speed buff of 30% while in the slime. Each trail will remain for 16s before disappearing. The farther an ability travels the more slime that will cover the ground.
Notes: The passive was initially going to be something completely different, but due to input from a friend they had this wonderful idea. This encourages trying to use abilities from as far away as possible then closing the distance with the increased movement speed, or by smartly throwing abilities out to create lines in the sand that enemies must struggle to cross. Sometimes missing on purpose can be valuable.
First Ability(Need a Hand?)-Upon activation she shoots out an arm that will seek out a target to latch onto. She will grow a new arm in place of the one she shoots out. Whatever enemy has been grabbed onto will receive small amounts of damage and become stunned. The CC applied will last for 4s while the ability itself has a 12s cooldown. If this ability is recast within the first 4s of the ability she will trigger a “Knockback” effect on them to pull them towards her. How strong the knockback will be similarly be based on the size of the enemy.
Notes: This could combo rather easily into pulling enemies into the “Wasteful Spillage” to proc poison effects or to pull an enemy into a trap set up by a teammate. More importantly however, this combos rather well with the next ability.
Second Ability(Time to Kick it Off)-When activated she kicks off her leg and sends the detached limb flying, similar to "Need a Hand?” to pierce targets in a straight line to knock each one back while applying one stack of poison. Similarly all hit targets will be linked together and if any of them grow too far apart the link will snap to stun them for 2s while applying 2 more stacks of poison on them. This ability will have a 15s cooldown.
Notes: This is the main crowd control tool for Natasha as “Need a Hand?” only targets one person. You’ll notice a trend how a majority of her CC doesn’t affect mobs of enemies like how Lepic can just toss a traction grenade and effectively affect everything. This is mainly since every ability she has possesses some form of CC, similar to Viessa and how her passive works.
Third Ability(Tag out)-Once triggered Natasha will leap backwards a short distance leaving behind a clone with 35% of her health that will taunt nearby enemies into attacking it. Any enemies that hit it will have a stack of poison applied to them each time. Once the clone’s health is reduced to zero, or the ability is recast, it will self-destruct which will deal large amounts of damage. This ability will have a 40s cooldown.
Note: This is her emergency button if she’s ever in true danger. With all the stuns and movement buffs/debuffs she has I’ve heavily defined Natasha as an Evasion Tank where she wants to keep people just out of range and pinned down to stop them from doing anything. If they ever get too close, this is how she deals with it.
Ultimate(Reactor Meltdown)-Upon activation all enemies that are standing within “Wasteful Spillage” will gain double their current stacks of poison as well as a new debuff called “Meltdown” that triggers upon death. When they die they will explode, applying poison to all nearby enemies while also creating a pool of “Wasteful Spillage” at the point of death. The cooldown for this ability will be 60s.
Note: This will be her main execution tool that she wants to build up to. Over the course of constantly stunning, slowing, displacing various enemies, and applying new coats of poison this will become her trump card.

Next up would be the character that was made after the split. A friend of mine gave feedback that the kit and appearance of the character didn’t match for some of the abilities I had come up with. Hence instead of scraping those abilities entirely I made a new character from the ground up to fit around them.

Appearance wise they’re a small slovenly character with droopy dark purple hair. They wear a heavy trench coat with a missing belt, so they often hold it closed around their chest with one arm. Whenever they cast certain abilities various aspects of them will change, as will soon be mentioned below. This character will be named Benjamin.
Basic inspiration would be old Noir Detective with supernatural powers, think Dresden Files.
Passive(Hidden Arsenal)-Whenever Benjamin swaps weapons the gun he swapped into will be instantly reloaded if it has 50% or less of its magazine filled. This ability will have a 20s cooldown and will be lowered by 1s for each enemy that they inflicted damage upon 3s before their death. AKA he lowers the cooldown based on kills/assists. Additionally he has one more passive that increases his Weapon Swap Speed based on how many bullets are in his current gun’s magazine scaling from 10/20/40% increase based on 80/40/0% of the magazine. If he swaps out a weapon while it's empty the animation for the weapon swap will be changed to the gun disappearing in a puff of smoke only to be replaced with a different gun.
Notes: This was the original passive for Natasha, albeit with a few things different such as the ability to lower the cooldown was added. I really wanted a character that could weapon swap like this, and some Runes in game if I recall actually did this already which is what gave me the idea for this. Additionally some of my favorite games like Sanctum 2 did this as well where weapons would reload while unequipped.
First Ability(Disposing Evidence)-When activated Benjamin will reach into his trench coat to pull out a strangle clock to chuck it into the air. From there it will begin floating and taunt enemies to move towards it. The clock will explode after 6s. Alternatively, if he shoots it out of the air the bullet will split into 12 other bullets that each do 30% of the original bullets damage that will randomly target nearby enemies. This ability will have a 12s cooldown.
Notes: I love the idea of abilities creating objects the player can interact with, and since his passive is all about constantly shooting why not have the main mode of interaction be by shooting it. The explosion would be a better AOE tool while shooting the clock would be better for single target elimination since it would massively increase the damage of just one bullet.
Second Ability(Open Doors)-Once activated Benjamin will fold in on himself and collapse into the trench coat's hidden portal so he will teleport a short distance away. Upon coming out of the Rift it will knock back all nearby enemies while doing moderate damage to them. He will specifically teleport in the direction he is looking at, but if the ability is held down he will instead teleport a short distance directly behind him. However, if he chooses to teleport behind him there will be no AOE upon landing and instead leave behind an explosion from where he first casted the ability. This ability will have a 20s cooldown.
Notes: This would be his engagement and escape tool, it’s rather simple for a mobility option, yet shockingly enough no other character has something similar to this. The flexibility this provides could benefit any possible playstyles for this guy going from classic unga-bunga with a shotgun to a cool and collected sharpshooter that won’t ever let them get close.
Third Ability(Locked Doors)-Upon activation he will throw out a key straight into the air where it will begin to descend back into the ground. It will take around 6s for it to touch ground and when it does it will trigger a stasis explosion that will create a dead zone that lasts for 8s, any enemies that are in that zone or enter it will be stunned. Alternatively, if Benjamin shoots the key out of the sky it will fire off chains that seek out nearby enemies to bind them together that will slow their Attack Speed by 40%. Additionally, damage is shared between all targets, so if one target gets headshot that damage will be split amongst all of them. This ability will have a 30s cooldown
Notes: This may have a long CC but I believe it's counter balanced by how long it takes to actually proc the CC. The alternative effect is more for effective AOE rather than CC due to the ability to damage multiple targets by just focusing on one which is likely infinitely more powerful. Letting the key fall all the way is situational, but potentially life saving.
Ultimate(My Friends from the Other Side)-When this is activated Benjamin will release two ghost-like creatures from the portal within his trench coat. These creatures will use copies of his current weapon and deal 60% of his current damage. Additionally if he is aiming down sights they will shoot exactly where he is shooting to set up a firing squad, otherwise if he is hip-firing they will shoot at a different target instead. Then if he is sprinting the ghosts will break off from him to collect pick-ups for him like additional ammo. Finally, if Benjamin attempts a melee attack while the ghosts are out he will instead command the ghosts to have one drag an enemy to him while the other shanks them while Benjamin is free to pop their head off afterwards if they survive the shiv. This ability will last for 20s with a 60s cooldown.
Notes: This is a refashioned version of Natasha’s old ultimate. A lot of details about it have been changed and I’m quite happy with how this has turned out at the moment. I have heard mention that the command for the melee attack may be clunky, but was mostly fine so I'm curious if anyone else would prefer a different command tied to that.
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2023.03.25 23:58 Needtomakepaper Mark Skaife: Newcastle result shows Supercars could be entering thrilling new phrase with Gen3

Mark Skaife: Newcastle result shows Supercars could be entering thrilling new phrase with Gen3 Champion driver Shane van Gisbergen could cut through to mainstream Australia if Supercars adopt a similar platform adopted by NRL and AFL heavyweights, writes Mark Skaife.
Mark Skaife 5-time Supercars champion 4 min read March 26, 2023 - 6:00AM News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom Video-link
Supercars: After being slammed by 5-time champion Mark Skaife for his behaviour following the opening race of the season, defending champ Shane Van Gisbergen has responded to the comments. The arrival of Supercars Gen3 in Newcastle is the biggest vehicle change the sport’s made in 30 years — and I’m genuinely excited about what’s on the horizon.
News broke this week from General Motors in the US that the current Chevrolet Camaro will cease manufacturing in 2024.
This has led to questioning around the direction of Supercars’ new era, but Chevrolet has cleverly said “this is not the end of the Camaro story”.
I’m from a diehard General Motors family that spans generations. Holden’s first Bathurst-winning car was actually from my local garage in Wyong where I grew up. And I’ve represented GM the majority of my working life.
But the choice to build Camaro Supercars was because we wanted to maintain the DNA of the sport while giving GM a platform to market their vehicles in Australia.
Same goes for fans of the blue oval. Ford fans were rejoicing with the worldwide motorsport debut for the seventh-generation Mustang, celebrating the world’s No.1-selling sports car.
The Newcastle 500 provided us with two different winners in Cam Waters and Shane Van Gisbergen (above). The Newcastle 500 provided us with two different winners in Cam Waters and Shane Van Gisbergen (above). I can see how this may boggle minds of those with the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” mantra, derived from the 1960s. But sports have to evolve in this hyper-competitive Australian landscape. Look at how other issues — namely concussion — force rule changes in football codes. Just watch a game of NRL or AFL from the 1970s and the style of play is almost unrecognisable.
So what is our sport evolving into? It’s a priority we provide an entertaining broadcast product, which at its core, comes from building stories from great racing.
The Newcastle 500 provided us with two different winners in Cam Waters and Shane Van Gisbergen, two different pole sitters in David Reynolds and Brodie Kostecki, all from different teams, plus Erebus sitting on top of the teams’ championship with their Coca-Cola Camaros.
Relatively unknown young gun James Golding, aboard a custom-built Triple 8 Camaro, even out-qualified reigning champion Shane Van Gisbergen.
Van Gisbergen drove an incredible race through the narrow and tight streets of the Newcastle circuit to send a message to his rivals that he’s still the man to beat this year.
Next up is the Melbourne 400 at the Australian Grand Prix. This wide, fast and flowing 5km layout will give us a real show of where Gen3 is at on a different layout across the four sprint races.
V8 legend Mark Skaife is excited about the new generation of racing. V8 legend Mark Skaife is excited about the new generation of racing. Last week I watched Formula One in Saudi Arabia and my jaw dropped at the speed the Red Bull went past Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes on the straights, rendering a seven-time world champ defenceless.
The discussion has shifted towards Red Bull potentially winning every race, but it seems strange there isn’t much backlash from fans.
Like any new generation of racing cars, the Gen3 Supercar will develop over time with tyre life, fuel economy and driver comfort/ergonomics. These are all things that teams will work on, based on driver feedback.
A modern evolution of Supercars is that the competitiveness of the series has to be genuinely credited based on the development of legitimately world-class drivers.
Through this breeding ground, three-time series champion Scott McLaughlin is now mixing it with the best in IndyCars: racing against F1-experienced drivers Montoya, Grosjean, Magnussen, and Bourdais, as well as Nascar’s greatest Jimmie Johnson. Not to mention Antipodean greats Will Power and Scott Dixon.
And Van Gisbergen entered the World Rally Championship as a one-off in New Zealand last year and holding his own.
Much has been made of my post-race comments in Newcastle about how I felt Van Gisbergen conducted himself in the press conference.
Shane van Gisbergen Van Gisbergen was noticeably quiet when addressing the media in Newcastle. Picture: Getty Images. Shane van Gisbergen Van Gisbergen was noticeably quiet when addressing the media in Newcastle. Picture: Getty Images. Passionate discussion about our sport is a great thing and you only have to look at how AFL360 and NRL360 on Fox Sports help set the agenda every week for the leading football codes.
The NRL has household names such as Latrell Mitchell, Tom Trbojevic, James Tedesco. AFL has got Buddy Franklin, Max Gawn, Jack Riewoldt to name a few. These athletes all understand their obligation to their respective sport and their critical fanbases … it’s the lifeblood of sport.
The show rolls off the back of their profiles and allows sponsors a proper link to engage with their codes, ultimately cutting through to mainstream Australia.
This is exactly where Supercars needs to be concentrating its efforts.
Even when the tide isn’t going their way, they all front up to the questions and understand how the media is a vehicle to speak to the fans and ultimately a platform to give their own version of events.
As a driver I’ve had to attend some pretty average press conferences over the years, the Russell Ingall incident in 2003, Bathurst in 1992 after Jim Richards made his infamous comments on the podium, there is a minimum expectation as an athlete to inform fans of what happened on the day.
Supercars/motorsport rely principally on the person from their team, and that person is the driver.
Van Gisbergen could be one of the greatest drivers our sport has seen — Jim Richards-like in comparison. He can help take Supercars to the next level with what he can provide off the track to match his incredible driving feats.
Genuine rivalry is the foundation of sport, it can’t be fake. When I watch Van Gisbergen against Chaz Mostert, Waters, Reynolds, Anton De Pasquale as the leading Ford protagonists it makes me feel our sport is in really good shape.
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2023.03.25 23:57 GIJhen Experienced Forever DM looking for people who are interested in adventure
[5e] [Online] [LFP] [Beginner Friendly] [Flexible] [LBTQT+] [Discord] [Roll20] [English] [FREE] [PAID]

"TheForeverDM" is looking for all who enjoy intrigue, mystery and adventure.
Whether you are simply interested in watching the game unfold while having a fun community of like minded people to talk to, forge long lasting friendships with, or to play the game itself. We welcome everyone! We use discord to communicate, roll20 to play and all main games are recorded so they can be put on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.
The antics are quite amusing and fun to watch and listen to.
If you have any questions or are interested in joining our band of adventurers please feel free to drop him a line on twitter Th3ForeverDM or reach out to him directly on his BuyMeACoffee or Patreon pages (linked below).
Game: D&D 5eGroup
Type: Online / Roll 20 (Free and Paid)
Experience: Everyone and everything welcome
Location/Timezone: all games are adjusted to fit individual general consensus
Schedule: Games run anywhere from once a week to every two weeks
Game style: Quick games, modules with divergent storytelling and custom games with rare individualized magic items are available.
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2023.03.25 23:56 9Rege BANGBROS - Rico Strong Slings BBC In Alabama Babe Sara Monroe's General Direction

BANGBROS - Rico Strong Slings BBC In Alabama Babe Sara Monroe's General Direction submitted by 9Rege to Ojkhho [link] [comments]