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2023.03.26 00:33 lockedinsidea_door I wish I could be happy

Everything seems to be piling up and I'll soon be at my breaking point. I've suffered all my life but when I think I'm finally doing better, something gets in the way, and reminds me of how shitty my life is.
I am in college but I don't know what I am doing here. I never thought that I would be alive past high-school so I feel like I'm doing shitty and useless choices.
I was bullied from elementary school to high school and it really fucked up my vision of others, myself and life. It feels like nothing matters anymore, nothing is worth living.
I recently ended my friendship with a classmate because some things he did made me uncomfortable and reminded me of the friend who sexually assaulted and harassed me. By the way he reacted I felt like I was a shitty person.
I feel like I will never be able to keep my close friends because everyone hates me and finds me annoying. I thought I had finally found good friends in college, but they abandoned me and they don't seem to miss me at all. It feels like they waited for this occasion. Sometimes I read the messages they sent me about how they'll always be there for me.
The last person who was romantically interested in me was the guy who assaulted me at the beginning of high-school. No guy has liked me since. I literally have no experience, I've never been in a relationship and I feel like I never will. Everyone around me has experiences or is in a relationship, while nothing romantic happens to me. My friends keep complaining about guys hitting on them, be it at our university or in other public places, while I wish I could complain about it. I crave male attention.
I'm so unattractive that I don't have to be careful in public transport, when I'm outside alone at night etc... because no one wants me.
I don't feel like doing anything. I could be studying to at least have a great career, but I don't want to. I could be doing one of the things I'm passionate about, but I don't feel like it. I have to force myself to get out of bed everyday to attend classes. I keep eating and gaining weight because I find comfort in food.
I feel like I'm wasting my youth because of having no one to spend time with, when there are many things I wish I could do.
I feel like I'm a burden and that nobody will miss me or even notice that I'm gone if I was to end it all. I have nothing and no one to help me keep going.
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2023.03.26 00:32 4staip93 I'm (29F) in love for the first time but I don't think I like being in a relationship (28M)

I'm (29F) in my first relationship. He is so wonderful. I don't know what more I could ask for. I'm completely in love with him. I care so much for him and I'm willing to move mountains for him.
I just don't know if I like being in a relationship. It's hard to explain but I don't think I understand why you would be in a relationship.
He does provide emotional support. I was stressed about going to see my parents. He provided a comfort/pep talk. It was nice, but didn't necessarily make me feel better, but I would of got thru it myself. I wanted to go to a show he enthusiastically agreed. We went and had a great time. But if I didn't have anyone to go with I would of went anyway and and had a good time. We hangout and chill and watch stuff/play video games which is fun but also I enjoy doing that myself.
Maybe I've been single for too long or I'm just too independent. Maybe I'm too goal oriented and I'm not seeing the point.(we both separately aren't marriage/live together orientated if it happens it happens but won't be said if it doesn't) Maybe because I never had the desire to be in a relationship now that I am in one I'm kinda 🤷‍♀️
He knows that it's my first relationship. It's only been 2.5 months. I've expressed that the speed of our dating is much faster than anything I've done. He's extremely supportive and open to whatever I need. If I need to slow down or a break he's more than willing to cooperate because he "wants me around for a very long time". I'm just afraid that if I take a break I won't come back or slow down I'll slow down to 0. He'll get hurt and I love him too much to do that.
I'm lost.
What is the purpose of being in a relationship?
TL;DR In love and a relationship for the first time with a wonderful person but struggling to understand what is the purpose of being in a relationship.
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2023.03.26 00:31 CleverAgender 21 [R4R/RR] New England - A chill, fun loving person looking for my people for a long term relationship & looking to add up to 2 more to the polycule!

Hi, hello. Welcome to my post. Make yourself comfortable while I give you an overview of what I’m all about.
Let’s start with my interests. My interests include movies, tv, music (mostly rap and my ‘nostalgia playlist’), bowling, mini golf, board/card/video games, football, hockey, baseball, and basketball (yes, I am big into Boston sports). I am also open to trying some new things too (for example those irl escape rooms).
When it comes to my personality, I am honest, humble, caring, kind, gentle, understanding, compassionate, chill/easygoing, and patient. I’m not funny myself, but I do know some good comedians/comedies.
My love languages are definitely words, gifts and touch (with gifts and touch being my top 2 to give). What can I say? I have a lot of love to give 😊
Now is when I describe myself. I’m white, 6’1-2”, with blue eyes, short to medium-ish long dirty blond hair and a bit overweight (wanting to work on being healthier). I am born AMAB (assigned male at birth just in case you didn’t know what AMAB meant), I don’t identify as my assigned gender, male, but as agender (basically I don’t feel I have a gender and understand other people do). I currently dress mainly masculine, but I do want to have a more androgynous wardrobe in the future. Lastly, I am omnisexual which means I’m attracted to all genders with a preference to feminine people.
I’ve also got a super amazing bf in Ontario who’s just a great guy! We’re looking to add a couple more people to our polycule and have all 4-5 of us under one roof in the future, but still allow people in the polycule to date outside the polycule.
I should also say I am anti-bigotry no matter who the target is whether it’s transphobia, homophobia, sinophobia or any other kind of racism. That is one of my dealbreakers. It goes without saying then that I’m a safe person for trans, gay, furries, gender-nonconforming, and poc.
Before I end this, besides the anti-bigotry point, I’m really just looking for people who share some, not a ton or all, of the same personality traits or interests. Preferably you are local to me. If you fit a good bit of those, interested, and are generally cool, send a dm. I’m also fine with an age gap of say 8 years give or take a couple is also cool to me.
Well, I think that’s about it for now. My dms are open so feel free to start a chat and if everything goes well maybe we can move to discord or ig or whatever (your choice if you’d like).
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2023.03.26 00:31 kelggg Background Check going too far?

Not really sure if this is the right place but, this job interaction really threw me off!
Background - I'm a 28 y/o student. I've been in the emergency service industry for almost a decade now. Recently, I left it to pursue finishing my degree and moving into a different field (business). I just applied to 2 entry level positions in my neighborhood as I needed something flexible to pay the bills while studying.
Job 1 - Substitute teacher for a technical campus. $17.50/hr
Job 2 - Stockecashiepharmacy tech for a grocery store. $15/hr
Now, neither of these jobs require any special education or experience. I just want something low key.
I was hired at Job 1, after a very thorough interview and all the normal onboarding stuff. The only special thing I had to do was get fingerprinted for the state.
Folks, I walked out of the interview/onboarding for Job 2. It started off with very normal entry level questions. I also got offered the position on the spot and accepted.
The interviewer then gave me a back ground packet. She required me to put down all employment I ever had (I mean EVER) Then followed up with asking for my tax information to make sure I listed all of my previous positions.
THEN she said that they call every place of employment and if the dates don't line up they'll revoke the offer. They even asked for my high school diploma and since I don't have it said that I had to send them an official transcript only.
At this point I was flustered. I asked if this very in depth background check was due to working in the pharmacy. The interviewer declined and stated that they do this for every employee as the "company has high standards".
I explained that I was uncomfortable providing my tax information and that it was all a little excessive. Her toned changed quick and it just went down hill.
I thanked them for the opportunity and got up to leave. The interviewer said that I would be black listed from working there. I told her that was okay and walked out.
It was so crazy! I've never had an interview/onboarding go like that. Since when do grocery stores require that much to work for them?
Is this behavior normal now?
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2023.03.26 00:31 xxlovezairaxx interview magazine

I’ve been trying to find it for weeks and i checked barnes and noble again today and they said they already sold the only 2 copies they got and they’re moving on to the next issue :( I really dont want to buy from a reseller for like $200. Does anyone know other places that might have it in the dmv are, or does anyone have an extra copy that they could sell me?
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2023.03.26 00:31 JosephSKY What's the best way of backing up my data?

First off, can't use cloud based storage. So, I'm thinking of moving to an SSD in a week or so, since it's better bang for my buck compared to RAM upgrade, but I haven't done so yet just because of one little tiny thing... My bank accounts, my different login credentials, my social media accounts (all of this in Opera, no, I won't "sync" since that fucked me over the last time I did this) and all my work documents and apps are all stored in my HDD that's been with me for a few years now.
So, I want to make this as fast and painless as possible since I work 12 to 15 hrs in this PC, and I have everything just kinda "laying around" in my filesystem, but I'm used to my mess. I could clone my HDD, but then I'd have to carry on with little Windows quirks that have popped up through the years, and I'd like it to be as simple as just "well, copy this here and there and boom, your Desktop and Documents folders and everything else is just like it was before, but in a new Windows install". What do y'all recommend? I don't mind having to spend 8+ hours just copying files, if that's the case.
Also, considering that I'd like to stay on the low end of temps and wattage, since I'm using an SFF Optiplex, should I go with NVMe M.2, SATA M.2 (I don't know if I can find one of those) or SATA 2.5" SSD?
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2023.03.26 00:30 someshta Please help me with a telehealth laptop for virtual counseling...

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:
$800USD (in US) or less
Are you open to refurbs/used?
For the right machine, yes.
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?
Portability is key (carrying in my bag between several locations). I'd appreciate the ability to sign forms on a touch screen. I would also love a high-quality webcam.
How important is weight and thinness to you?
Extremely important--I'll need to carry it around.
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.
Smaller than 15 inches (speaks to portability)
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.
No video editing, probably no gaming. Primarily telehealth via web-based portal, web browsing, and Office software.
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?
Touch-screen is a plus, excellent webcam is preferable so that I don't need to carry my external one around.
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.
This is for my virtual counseling private practice, so I need to be able to smoothly access telehealth without stuttering.
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2023.03.26 00:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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  • You already have a one-person business but aren’t confident in the quality of your social media posts, newsletters, or content as a whole.
  • You are already writing online but don’t have a systemized way of creating content that stands out (without templates or copying others).
  • You haven’t started learning a skill and want to learn one that you can sell on its own, or enhance the impact of every other in-demand skill.
  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.26 00:29 thatguyfromcod I need help with my skin.

I need help with my skin.
I want to know whats going with my lips and nose they are peeling and they didnt quite get healed yet after maybe 2 or 3 weeks.
My lips became like after i peeled a skin but they didnt become normal again. And my nose started peeling after i injured the skin by pressing a cloth against it. I never had a thing like this before.
Is this psoriasis if not how can i treat it. Sorry for my bad english.
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2023.03.26 00:29 Internal-Campaign434 I feel like I (20M) hate my major and I am not sure what to do

I am a third year undergrad B.S Biochemistry Major on the premed track and as of the last one and a half weeks I am starting to feel like I hate my major and I don't want to go to medical school. I thought these thoughts were just a symptom of going through a rough patch and that it will go away when things get better. Only problem is I have been through more rough patches than I can count and this is the first time I said "do I really even like this?"
I stuck out the weed-out courses and persevered thinking once I got out of those it would be smoother and things would get easier. Well after my second year that was a fucking lie.
To be honest I really love Biochemistry but I just cannot deal with how the classes are handled and my ADHD makes things worse. I feel like such a weak bitch for saying this when there are probably others going through far worse. My GPA is not doing the best (3.24) and it got even worse after last semester where I got a C and C+ respectively in Biochemistry 2 and Physics. Biochemistry 1 and 2 had really hard tests and I studied so fucking hard each test and never got above a 70. I am in Biochemistry 3 right now and my professor is super nit-picky about everything and tries to make every assignment as hard as possible. Quizzes we cannot go back to questions we have already answered, tests have confusing wording/she nitpicks reasons to take points off, and homework she is also nit-picky/has super specific answer expectations. Another thing I hate is that she basically spends all lecture talking at us and basically has nearly no details on her slides so I have to basically write down her words which is quite difficult. I have been putting EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING into studying and I have not breached over a 70 on any midterm and never over an 85 on a quiz.
I hate putting in my 110% for it to never feel like its enough. I hate being told "just do your best" only for it to feel like its all for nothing.
Same thing with physics. Who fucking knows why I have to take these awful awful courses. My professors are terrible and my TAs are mid at best. I have to rely on the internet and tutors and shell out more money. I am garbage at Calculus and I find Physics itself incredibly boring. They give incredibly difficult homework and then annoying quizzes with confusing midterms. Then the final comes and I would rather bleed to death than go through that.
All I feel this major does is beat me down, make me feel stupid and worthless. I keep thinking I should persevere because I love science and want to help people, but i don't know anymore. I accomplish things in life and I am proud of myself for it, but I remember it does not pay my bills. I became more social, I learned new skills, I am a healthy weight now, my porn addiction recovery is going well, I am more empathetic, etc yet none of that pays my bills. The people I talk to and they say I am a good person say that they value me for my character yet again those higher ups don't care. When I meet new people and I mention my major they feel sorry for me. I don't know how to react to it. I met my High school friends over break. One told me he switched his major to PoliSci to keep his GPA high, the other makes hundreds per commission drawing furry porn and is getting married later this year, and idk about the third one i think he does CS so he is set after college. They are all like to me "I can't imagine being a stem major".
What makes it worse is my dad when I first applied said out of my choices Biochem would be the best since "it has the most opportunities, just a Biology degree is useless". He said the same thing about B.S vs B.A. I was leaning BA as course load seemed a little easier down the line but again urged me B.S. My dad is also paying way more for me to be at my out of state uni than most others.
I have the MCAT coming in a little over four months and that adds more pressure. My dad already shelled out money for books and a course so telling him I don't want to do med may set him off the rails. I am beyond terrified to have this conversation with him, that I think I should pursue something else. Last semester I did not do well and basically despite him saying opportunities were good for Biochem, he is now saying theres not much out there that has a comfortable salary if i don't do med school. He is saying at worst go to Caribbean school. I don't mind what school, I want to do something I feel happy with. If I am feeling overwhelmed here there is no way I will survive Med school.
Early in life due to my Autism and ADHD+late diagnoses for both I was a bottom tier student. All I did was cause trouble and my grades were abysmal. My parents friends always bragged about their kids and how smart they were so it made my parents more disappointed in me. I didn't start getting my act together till high school when I realized my grades actually mattered now. I still wasn't a star student but I gave it my all. They always did so much for me despite being a rude brat when I was young so I feel so much guilt over it basically every day and I want to give back, yet with the way things are going I feel like I am a burden. They say they are proud of me for my growth but I don't find it easy to believe. I can't shake the feeling I ask for too much and I won't be able to provide them comfort and make it easy for them to sleep at night.
I am not asking this to be easy, I just don't like having my soul being stepped on and kicked around like a soccer-ball. I loved helping others and I loved science thats why I picked this path originally. I still want to do that but I feel hopeless in my choices. All I really want is a job that pays enough for me to live comfortably, not like 500k or whatever but more like I can afford my necessities and still have some disposable income for fun stuff.
I feel like I would actually have depression right now if it were not for the stuff i do outside my studies as well as having a therapist. Luckily i have broadened my interests and at least I still get some free time to enjoy myself.
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2023.03.26 00:29 Ok_Boysenberry2713 Retiring special education teacher confessions...No, I am not sorry.

  1. I have helped parents file complaints with the state against my district when they are not complying with the law. The parents won every case.
  2. I have also helped parents file discrimination complaints against teachers that would not follow the IEP or tried to get their student removed from the classroom because they did not want to follow the IEP. I call them the teachers teachers, the ones that think any student with an IEP should be in a special building somewhere.
Someone had to do it.
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2023.03.26 00:28 Rich_Supermarket_901 Post Bacc/HPSP

Hi everyone, I am looking for some feedback/advice. I have worked in the civilian side as a manager and have been in the national guard for 8 years, currently a Captain. I had a GPA of 2.7 in undergrad and graduated in 2014. I am currently in a post bacc program and have a 3.8 GPA and projected to have a 3.8 Post bacc GPA, 3.5 BCPM GPA, and 3.0 overall GPA (I calculated this using an AMCAS GPA Calculator which combines my undergrad and post bacc GPA, a tool an advisor gave me).

I want to stay in the military and get accepted for the HPSP or get into USU (but preferably HPSP). However, I am really concerned that I will not even be considered for the HPSP because I recently reached out to a AMEDD recruiter who told me that since my undergrad GPA is a 2.7 I wouldn't be considered and that the two GPAs (I think he means post bacc/undergrad) CANNOT be combined. Also, that the requirement to be considered is a 3.2 GPA. If this is the case, it sounds like there are no options for me to even consider HPSP and to just forget it, as I obviously cannot go back in time and fix my undergrad GPA.

Has anyone else had a similar experience when trying to apply to HPSP? Also, what are your thoughts of my chances on getting into any M.D. school? It's probably hard to say as I don't have an MCAT yet but will my GPA throw me out of consideration? Will have 250+ hrs clinical experience, 100 hours volunteer experience, 40 hours shadowing experience, multiple meaningful leadership experiences.
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2023.03.26 00:28 Inorai [Remnants of Magic] Legion - 47.2

[Remnants of Magic] Legion - 47.2

Cover Art First Chapter Patreon Playlist
The Story: After a confusing encounter at a McDonald’s register turns violent, Jon is pulled into a magical bloodbath - and his only chance for survival lies with the pissed-off, perpetually-broke immortal working behind the counter.
Step by step, the fire’s light faded out, the grass beneath my feet shading to a muted purple-grey before vanishing into black. I let out a shaky breath, lifting my gaze. We’d claimed a bit of grassy field along the mostly-quiet highway, and Cailyn had marked out a line of branches right before the no-go zone. My steps slowed as I searched for it in the darkness. Wouldn’t do to cross it unawares. No, I’d…
I stopped. It was faint, but…glowing with the scraps of firelight that made it out here, I could just barely make out the shape of a man laying ahead of me, tucked in right before the boundary line.
Aedan raised himself up a hair, the light catching the angles of his face more clearly. “Jonny,” he said. “You finally come to realize the wonders of sleeping outside?” He patted the grass alongside him, dropping back to level again. “Let them blabber away the night on their own.”
I chuckled under my breath, ducking my chin. I couldn’t really place why I’d decided to come over and disturb Aedan, since he clearly didn’t want to be bothered with the rest of everyone, but…while I wasn’t enthused with the thought of joining in on Mason and Cailyn’s banter, that didn’t mean I wanted to sit entirely by my lonesome, either. Aedan was better than nothing.
So I eased myself to the ground with a groan of tired bones, finally flopping down to lie flat.
In the hazy darkness, I saw him glance over. “You good?”
“Yeah,” I mumbled. “It’s…fine. Everything is fine. I think.”
Aedan hesitated, his gaze flicking over me. “...Okay,” he said at last. “Well, if you want to rant a little, I’m not exactly going anywhere.”
I signed, drooping against the soft ground. “Maybe. It’s just-”
“But, uh.” When I stopped, Aedan chuckled, raising a hand to mock at grasping his chest. “Necklace on? We can kill two birds with one stone.”
Right. My out-of-control magic. I grimaced at the reminder of another problem I needed to fix, but there was no pretending. I was keeping a handle on things okay without my relic on, all things considered, but…well, it’d been a few hours between our arrival and now, and the itch spreading across my skin was starting to prickle more than was comfortable. I wanted my relic back. There was no way I’d argue with Aedan’s offer.
A bit of the tension ebbed away at the brush of my fingertips against the entwined rings. I closed my eyes for a moment, leaning back and soaking in the blissful relief. That…felt better.
But Aedan wouldn’t sit there patiently waiting for me forever, so I slipped the cord around my neck, putting the rings back under my shirt, and exhaled. “Okay,” I whispered, trying to remember everything I’d done before. Trying to remember the way it’d felt to take my magic and shove it away. My eyelids squeezed tighter as I pushed. “Is…Is it-”
“Not yet,” Aedan said. “Still casting.”
Shit. I forced myself to take a long, slow breath, refusing to let the anxiety build up anew. You don’t need your magic right now. This is just Aedan. We talk all the time.
Something inside of me loosened. I opened my eyes again. “I…I think-”
“Hey,” Aedan said, perking up. He raised his head enough to grin over at me, waggling an eyebrow. “Would ya look at that? We’ll make a halfway competent mage out of you yet.”
“Shut up,” I groaned, shaking my head. “So it’s working.”
“Well, it’s not working, more like.” When I made an irritated noise, he snorted. “Let me have my fun. You’re good now, so…What’s going on?”
I froze, the words right there on the tip of my tongue. The weight of it all hit my chest again. I grimaced. “It was Brendon,” I said, turning my eyes back to the stars. “He…just wanted to pass on an update about the enemy crews in the area. It’s all looking good, by the way. We should be clear for a while, unless they sniff us out and come looking.”
“Okay,” Aedan said. “So why d’you look like you’ve got a stick shoved straight up your ass?”
Eloquent as ever. I made a face. “But…he reminded me about my parents, too.”
“Wait, Daddy Christensen’s still in the picture?” Aedan said, glancing over again. “Shit, Jonny, I didn’t think-”
“They’re both still alive,” I said, shooting an irritated look his way. “And don’t start with any of that.” I shook my head, letting my eyes rise. “After Greenville happened…they thought I died. Me and Keira both. I couldn’t let them stay like that.”
“And they know about you?” Aedan said. “I know you said-”
“Yeah,” I said “I was just a kid when I got my relic. They both found out when stuff started turning weird with it. They just…didn’t really know what to make of it.”
“Fuckin’ lucky, the whole thing,” Aedan said. For once, though, he wasn’t smiling. “You were a demi who didn’t know shit about how we work. If you’d gone and made a public stink of this-”
“We’d probably have gotten killed by Carl, or Noah, or Anke,” I said heavily. “Yeah. I’ve put a lot of thought into that, y’know.”
“I bet you have.” The faintest snort curled at the words. I heard him sigh a moment later, though. “So you told them what happened?”
I grimaced. “...Yeah. They don’t understand. Not really. But I…I told them to hide out for a while. Get out of the line of fire, in case any of Noah’s cronies decided to make a bid for leadership.”
“Did they?”
“Don’t know, do I?” I retorted. “We-”
“Magic,” Aedan said.
My lips curled into a scowl—but I took a tighter grip on my magic, forcing it away again. “We left Greenville. First to Detroit, then to Anke’s place. I haven’t exactly kept up on the news back home, and…” I shook my head. “They’d moved out of Michigan long before I met you. They’re living down south now.”
“South enough to be out of the range of the war?” Aedan’s voice was quieter, but sharp. “Do you think-”
“Probably,” I mumbled. “I don’t think they should get sniffed out. Neither of them are demis. As far as I know, anyway. If my grandpa had another relic to give my dad, he definitely didn’t say anything about it.” He would’ve told me. I was pretty sure about that. And I could still remember their panic when I first showed signs of oddness. It hadn’t been imagined or invented.
“If neither of them are magic, then I really don’t think they’re going to get spotted.” Christ, now he sounded all gentle, which was somehow worse. “I mean, I know how that shit goes. You’re going to worry regardless, but, y’know. Don’t let it get to you.”
“I know.” I sniffed, wiping at my nose, and shook my head again. “Just…if Madis has all this knowledge like Anke says…he’s looking for me. Maybe he figured something out about my family. Maybe he-”
“Calm the fuck down,” Aedan said with a groan. “You’re making me tired just listening to you. Yeah, Madis is probably going to be…pretty interested in you.” He drooped. I glanced over in time to see his eyelids sag lower. “I…know that much about him. He loves oddities, and he loves old magic. That’s…why I…”
His voice dropped away. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “It’s why I had a deadline, once I realized Anke knew about you too,” he said.
“The kidnapping,” I said. “With Cathy.”
He hesitated, but nodded. “...Yeah. That was her warning to me. She was giving Madis the information he wanted.”
“And giving you one last chance at death before he got here.” It wasn’t a question. At the same time, though…it wasn’t an accusation either. Maybe it would’ve been at one point, but I was coming to understand them all a little better. And even if Anke wanted Aedan to stay around, she hadn’t wanted to arbitrarily deprive him of the very thing he’d spent an eternity hunting for. What a tangled web.
Aedan looked away. “I didn’t know what else to do,” he whispered. “I’m not strong enough to stand up to Madis. I don’t have a crew. I’ve never had any of that shit. If he wanted you…” Again, he swallowed. “What could I do? It was already done. Decided. All I could do was-”
“I know,” I said, turning my sights back to the stars glimmering overhead. “It…was a bad situation for everyone.”
“Yeah,” Aedan said, his voice hoarse. I saw his chest rise as he took a long, deep breath. “B-But. Point is. Yeah, he’s going to be interested in you. But he’s got no reason to think you’ve got parents around, right? That’s not exactly normal for most of you twerps.”
“I guess,” I said. I was pretty sure I’d been told something like that before—it just didn’t make me feel any better. “I just-”
“If you’re so worried about it, why don’t you ask Anke?” Aedan said. “I…can’t do much to help. But she can.”
“Anke?” I murmured, glancing back toward the fire. “That’s-”
My blood chilled as I caught sight of her watching Aedan and I sidelong, blue eyes glinting in the firelight. Before I could say a word the moment passed, and she was back to murmuring something that made Amber bust out into cackles.
“Y-Yeah,” I said, forcing myself to look back to Aedan. “I guess I could, but-”
“You’re slipping again,” Aedan says. “You’ve got to stay focused.”
“Shit,” I mumbled, licking my lips. One hand settled around my necklace. “Sorry.”
“Fuck, don’t apologize to me.”
When I was pretty sure that my relic lay cool and dormant again, I stretched out again, running my useless fingers through the grass. “I probably could,” I mumbled. “Just…I dunno. She’s already champing at the bit to get me locked down working for her, in one fashion or another. I just…I don’t know if handing her more leverage is a good idea. And…” I grimaced. “I don’t know what my family can really offer. They’re not magic. They couldn’t pull their weight.”
“Guess that makes sense,” Aedan said. From the corner of my eye, I saw him wrinkle his nose. “Still…I think you should ask her. She’d probably help them out if it meant getting a debt out of you.”
“You immortals and your debts,’ I groaned. The urge to roll my eyes grew stronger. “Is that all you think about?”
“It’s a constant through the years,” Aedan said, a chuckle under the words. “Not much else is.”
“...Okay, fair enough.” I fell quiet, unable to really argue with that. I wanted to, but…if it meant keeping my family safe, maybe the right thing to do was acknowledge that Aedan had a point. Sure, I might wind up owing Anke a favor, but when she already had me by the short hairs, how much did that really matter? If she wanted something from me, I didn’t exactly have a lot of room to argue.
So I shut my mouth, grimacing, and watched the stars.
That was enough, for a while. I’d been given a lot to think about, between my parents, and Madis, and the scene in that long-distant concrete cell. The worries were starting to purr along more quietly, at least. I could keep a handle on things. Ever so slightly, I smiled, letting my eyelids droop.
“U-Uh. So.”
Well, that wasn’t like Aedan. I raised my head a fraction of an inch, fixing a look on him. “What’s up?”
“You…You don’t have to answer if you don’t want. But, uh. I just thought-”
“Pretty sure we’re past being shy,” I said. “Just ask.”
He let his head fall backward, then nodded. “...Yeah. Guess you’re right.”
I waited. He took a long few moments, but finally, I heard him take a deep breath.
“There’s something going on with you, isn’t there?” he said softly. “Back there in base. I…I don’t know what, but…Your woman wouldn’t bite my head off for nothing, and…sometimes, you…you seem like-”
“Ah,” I mumbled, and bobbed my head. My pulse quickened. I really didn’t want to talk about this—but he deserved to know. If nothing else, it wasn’t fair to let him keep putting his foot in his mouth over stuff he didn’t know.
So I sighed, planting one hand against the grass, and pushed myself to a sitting position.
His eyes snapped to me. “Jon?”
“I…didn’t tell you before.” I shook my head, laying my hands in my lap, and clasped them together as tightly as I could. All I got was a twinge of pain, but I saw his gaze drop to follow the motion. His brows furrowed, and I smiled faintly. “You…did a fair bit of damage to my hands, back then. And they didn’t react well to it.”
Slowly, Aedan pushed himself up alongside me, his eyes dark. “Wait, so-”
“I’m fine,” I said. One finger at a time, I unwound my hands from each other, then turned them palm up, letting the scars catch the light from the campfire. “But…I’m still dealing with these, a little.”
Aedan whispered something in Irish under his breath, the corners of his eyes creasing in consternation as he took my hands in his. And it actually came through in Irish, so…well, I’d take that as a win, however small. His thumbs traced over the thick ribbon of silvered flesh. “But…Anke has healers. She could fix this. So why the fuck didn’t she-”
“They tried,” I said. I didn’t try to pull away, even if the numb, hollow sensation against my skin sent prickles down my spine. I grimaced. “It’s…look. There’s not really a nice way to say this, and all that. Just…it’s okay, but…”
I looked away, unable to hold Aedan’s gaze. “You didn’t exactly do much to keep my hands from getting fucked up, after you sliced me open,” I mumbled. “So…they got infected. Really infected. And then I got thrown out into the forest and left to sit there, and…well, it got worse.”
“Jonny,” Aedan whispered. His hands slipped free of mine at least, and I saw him draw back ever so slightly. “I didn’t think-”
“I know,” I said. “You…really didn’t plan on needing my hands to be healthy.” I shook my head, clasping my hands again, and flexed the fingers against each other. “Hannah put me back together again, once they found me. She patched me up, but…it caused a lot of scarring when she did. Anke’s healers are good. They’re not miracle workers.”
“And that’s why you don’t have a gun.” His words were leaden, little more than a murmur. “Is that it?”
I chuckled. “Pretty much.” Extending one hand again, I curled my fingers—and watched, mute, as they twitched, the torn skin of my palm dancing with the exposed tendons beneath. “I don’t have a ton of mobility with them anymore, and if I’m too reckless with what I try and grab, it hurts. Can’t feel much with them, normally.” I shrugged. “But I can get by fine. With most things it’s just a matter of bracing and squeezing at the right spots. I don’t need a ton of finesse to dial my phone or use a fork. It’s tough sometimes, but if I drop it, no big deal. Keeping control of a gun? That’s…a bit different.”
Aedan nodded, but his eyes were still downcast. “There’s got to be something she can do.”
“Maybe,” I said with a sigh, letting my hands fall again. “Maybe when all of this is over, she can help me with that.” And I’ll wind up even further in debt to her. I grimaced. “But…right now, this is fine.”
Aedan shook his head slowly. “Jonny, I-”
“If anyone’s to blame, it’s Madis,” I said quietly. “It’s because of him I got stranded out there to rot. You were coming back for me. Right?”
A long silence—and then Aedan nodded. “Yeah.”
“See?” I said. I flopped back to the grass, letting my hands fall into the black. I couldn’t feel everything, but the sensation of the coolness enveloping me was a little slice of bliss. “His fault. Not yours.”
“Don’t try and blame yourself for everything,” I said, more softly still. “You fucked up. But this wasn’t all you.”
He sat there frozen, eyes down. Finally, he nodded. “Thanks,” he whispered.
All I could do was smile grimly, letting my weariness simmer higher. I was too damn tired for this mess—and yet, I found I felt a bit better, after laying it all out. It was one less thing I had to worry about, now. Another step forward.
Maybe someday, we could put all this behind us and just be normal again.
Until then, I closed my eyes, leaning into the soft grass, and let the sound of my friends’ distant laughter pull me under.
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2023.03.26 00:28 Edeng6 F4A Welcome to Aria! (Adventure , Fantasy )

It was a rainy,gray sunday morning. Lately you've been thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone Yeah, Screw this work-work balance! You're not built for that! Maybe a career change? maybe you should finally give it a go -chase your dreams? Is that too childish? maybe you should go and study something you love? that's never too late Maybe-
So many thoughts lingered through your mind on that fateful day as you 'unfortunately' stepped on an open manhole and slipped right in Everything turned pitch black as the entrance seemed to grow more distant. Enveloped by darkness, you panicked then realized ...that you've been freefalling for a few minutes now in the void. Just how deep was this hole?
Like out of a fantasy novel - you found yourself suddenly out of that dark hole, surrounded by beautiful bright sky, the view was alot to take in You could see colossal mountains in the distance a forest at the east, A city that's built like something you've never seen before, this clearly wasn't anything modern..and you were falling straight towards it ..! and - uh...two suns?! underground? how is this even possible?
An aura enveloped your body and guided your way safely into the middle of an open ,grassy field. It was an unfamiliar,yet warm feeling . You somehow landed unharmed. As the dust slowly cleared you could hear whispers at the far back, Infront of you she stood - Long silvery hair, mesmerizing blue eyes. Nothing you've ever seen before. then you noticed that there were quite a few others behind her, They all had the same uniform like they attended College together. And you couldn't help but notice - they all had silver hair
"A-A human?! with dark hair?"
Almost everyone were awestruck at your presence,and at the never seen before dark hair colour
Whenever you liked it or not - this was the beginning of your new life, If you wanted to step out of your comfort zone..well....you've did an outstanding job of achieving that.
Hey! Thank you so much for reading! I'm F 22 if it matters :) So if this was a bit confusing I'll clear it up a bit-
You've been Isekai'd (basically thrown) Into a new world! filled with magic elements,and in the medieval era, and you've been summoned to be my character's Familliar! Now this is a big event for her because:
1)A Familiar is tied to you forever
2)There's never been a recorded case of a human being summoned- let alone one with such strange features.
In terms of how the story goes from there, I have a basic permise but I'd LOVE to worldbuild with you! I'm not planning to GM, I'd like us both to advance the story,add twists,introduce characters and have a great time together
If you liked this premise, and want to be thrown into this magical new world ,shoot me a message! Note: Try to be creative c:.. "Hey,lets RP" Is a tad boring!
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2023.03.26 00:28 StovetopAtol4 High Thought about the Future.

Allow the long story, my mind been all over the place
So I got stoned with my gf and we started watching Battlebots on Netflix. I told her a story about me getting my first ps2 for Christmas, can't remember the exact year but I got a battlebots game with it(it was called something else back then around 2005-2007), but was too stupid to play it so I went to GameStation in the UK to exchange it. And she asked "What do you mean exchange it?" and I told her how back in the day you could go to the shop and exchange a disc, GameStation Also was cheap and had great deals where you could get 4 Decent tier games for 20 quid or 5 Lower hype games for 20. Similar brick and mortar shop to gamestop, which I believe is the only living famous chain game shop. Couple years forward GAME UK took over GameStation and it was never the same cause they were more expensive and bigger dick heads with exchanging games gaving really low price when trading in. Once bought it had to be traded in, instantly losing value. And then she asked if there are still movie rental shops and I said nope because blockbuster was kinda ruined by netflix and streaming services which is actually joining powers with gme most likely.
Anyways, fast forward cause I was in depth explaining about shorts, the bad guys and us the good guys. And she said "yeah but not everyone of you has good intentions". "Probably not but a large amount of us really want to help the les fortunate, save the nature and are just good people in general, there's always good and evil" and continued with what Gamestop is doing with the meta verse for the millionth time. How the GME verse will allow us go to a shop in vr, buy our avatar a painting for a house and also get a physical copy, buy shoes, cars, and get physicals too etc. And then she asked "But you won't be able to feel physically being there.
And then I had a 2 minute thought and got a "shiiiiiiiiieeeet" moment.
I said who knows, for now it's probably gonna be in a vr headset cause we're not that technologically advanced. And she asked me "so you believe in like this sci-fi world living in a computer sort of thing?" And I replied "not really like that, but look how advanced we keep Getting. I think it'll be more like you leave the house normally and have CGI shops that you could see virtually outside and you could just buy stuff from, and we could maybe access this with just our brains. And then I was saying that we have so many different groups of people in this world specialising in different things. Like people who make automatic cookers, they already have solid foundation that they'll keep developing until with a press of a button we will be able to pull out a hot plate of food every day, how you'd have laundry done with fresh clothes every morning automatically and everyone will contribute to a great future. Then I thought who would make the CGI possible, since now we're are developing a VR headsets multiverses but would need to automatically be able to trigger stuff with our brains...??? Who? Who could make that possible in the future? Edon Mask(hopefully not redacted) with his neurological linkage. Maybe he's not bad overall since he already had beef with the ESSissy.
Overall, I believe hedgies and richies run their monopoly in keeping themselves in power, doing crime and getting away with it, controlling the less fortunate, destroying our world. Thoughout history, every disaster, allowed us humans to advance, we always rebuilt the world stronger. Now life is been getting shitter and shitter each year. The disaster has been feeding and will make the world change. We will be the ones who will rebuilding the world to be a better, more advanced and healthy place!
Buy, hold, drs
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2023.03.26 00:28 AdNew4643 Questions from a prospective transfer student accepted for CS + Chem

I applied to transfer to UIUC as a CS + Chem and was accepted (woohoo)! I'm trying to determine whether or not I should commit to the university, so I have some questions listed below if any of you guys can answer them.
I am currently a second-semester freshman at another university in a pure CS program, so if I transfer to UIUC, I'd need to take CS 128, CS 173, CHEM 202, CHEM 203, and one other (hopefully easy) elective in my first semester. Let me know if you guys have thoughts on that as well! It sounds like a lot but I really want to graduate within 3 years at UIUC!
  1. How difficult are CS 128 and CHEM 202 & CHEM 203? Do you guys have any recommendations for someone who is about to take these classes? Since my university's CS program is in Java, I am mostly starting over my CS classes since I have zero C++ knowledge. I also have only taken AP Chemistry in high school, so I'm practically walking in like a first-year student with AP credits.
  2. Should I live in an apartment or should I live in the dorms? Is it even possible to find apartments this late? I'm wondering because my university over-admitted by a LOT last year, so practically zero apartments were available even by November, let alone late March.
  3. This question is mainly meant for CS + Chem students (or even any CS+X students). What is the dual degree program like? Do you feel like you're missing out on anything that a CS engineering student isn't? How is the balance between CS and the X portion of your degree? For CS+Chem students, how is the balance between social life and academics since you're taking both advanced CS and advanced chem classes at the same time?
  4. What are your recommendations for easy gen eds that I should take as an LAS student? I'm mainly looking for recs to fulfill the cultures, humanities/arts, and composition requirements, since I think my CS + Chem program will cover the rest. But I am open to anything you guys can recommend!
  5. This next question is mainly for transfer students. How was adjusting from your previous college to your new college? Was it more/less difficult than when you were adjusting to college for the first time as a freshman?
  6. How bad is student life in terms of competitiveness and being cutthroat? I know that there's a lot of competition for clubs and opportunities (I personally really want to join a dance team at UIUC), but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this. Is it bearable or does it really get in the way of what you're working towards?
  7. Last question (and honestly most important for me): What are some of the biggest things at UIUC that you wish you knew about sooner? This can be in terms of academics, social/student life, jobs/internship opportunities, or anything else! I will appreciate any answers you guys have towards this question!
Thanks to anybody who can answer these questions! Any information that you guys can give me, either based on personal experience or what you've heard/seen from other students, will be super beneficial for me :)
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2023.03.26 00:28 Gallicepticum Me (24F) and SO (24M) mother has aggressive cancer with poor prognosis and I don't know how to help our relationship

Hi everyone. I'm going to write a lot because I felt like I needed an outlet for my voice so please bear with me. I realized how much I was writing so I decided it might be smarter to write here first what advice I'm seeking. I wanted to just see if anyone else had situations like mine and what you did to help your SO heal but also how you healed yourself without having your SO there for you 100% (9 years together you can assume that whenever there's a problem we run to each other to rant and always give 100% support to each other). Please feel free to read as much as you can below:
My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 years and have known each other since we were 10. We are both pursing doctorate degrees and I have 2 years left and then a 2 year residency. I guess our background would be that we started dating in high school and have grown together as individuals as well as grown together as a couple. We have talked about marriage and it's come to both our understandings that eventually when I finished my doctorate and he finishes his, and then we have stable incomes, we would like to get married. We do talk about our future together and joke about how our children if they get my personality will be a headache and a menace, so a future together is something we want but both agree that there's no point in a marriage if you cant support each other financially.
It's been a turmoil of events but a summary is that his mother went to her PCP Doctor and after an initial diagnostic x-ray, the doctor found that she did have a malignancy and to follow up with an oncologist a week later. A week later, we were still hopeful and his mother took an MRI to confirm staging of the cancer. My boyfriend was especially more hopeful because he had thought they had caught it early but a few days ago the new x-rays revealed that the lung cancer had metastasized to her spinal cord and her brain, making the definitive diagnosis stage 4 and inoperable. The part that is the worse is that she never smoked never drank alcohol and this was the outcome.
Throughout the weeks when my SO was taking his mother for scans and appointments, I knew to take a step back and let him breath and process things. I only check in with him to see how he feels and never push to meet him but I do tell him that it's an option on the table if he ever needed me. A few days ago when they found out about the brain metastasis, my boyfriend already knew what it meant and was already preparing for the worse. I made sure to let him know that I was there and turned on my sound notification for his messages only so that I could drop everything and be there for him (I sleep early and have a tendency to turn everything off.
I have experienced loss before when I was younger, but what I never experienced or was prepared for, was being on the other end and being someone else's rock when your breaking too. Because I knew from the beginning and only his parents and brother were aware of the situation, I had no one to talk to for the last few weeks. I finally understand what other reddit forums have been saying about you giving 90% and he can't give that 10%, because he's breaking too while trying to be his parents rock.
He will keep me updated on the situation every few hours but at night he breaks down when everyone is in bed and then confides in me emotionally. Its also hard because we have different sleeping schedules and I have to wake up at 5:30 for clinics (but I'm okay with the late night phone calls because I know it helps but still, sleep is nice). It's a lot to handle when you're breaking too and I caught myself today when I felt some resentment because I was never once asked how I was feeling throughout this whole situation by him.
I guess everything caught up to me and all my emotions came out finally. I confided in two close friends finally and felt better but still felt shitty. I decided to go to therapy because I realized I too need a rock (normally my SO is my rock) to get through everything right now. What I'm feeling is just helplessness because I know how much my SO is hurting and I can't be there for him physically because I want to give his family space. His family only recently told some other family members and I feel like an outsider looking in. I want to help and be there for them all but can't because they're all grieving differently.
It's hard to accept a sudden change when your no longer the priority and I don't want to resent my SO because of my feelings only. Thus, I decided on therapy and to keep sane until my appointment next week, I wanted to finally tell someone my story with no judgement and come here to reddit.
I don't know if anything I even said made any sense but it did feel nice to finally get everything out when I'm so used to running to my SO to tell him everything. And that's the hardest bullet to bite right now, that I no longer have my rock and I know that things will never go back to normal because we're no longer the same people we were a few weeks ago.
I'll will forever love him and we'll get through this somehow, but it's hard to talk about this with him when he's already going through so much. The least I can do at this moment for the both of us is to talk to my friends and a therapist, so that my emotions don't add onto his.
Thanks for reading all of this and helping me cope with the overwhelming feelings of feeling alone (but not truly alone) and the helplessness of everything happening right now.
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2023.03.26 00:28 Altruistic-Bid4584 What to initially say on Instagram after a long period of no response?

Question about asking someone out on Insta:
I don’t have any dating experience or experience asking anyone out which is why I wanted to ask here.
Basically there’s this girl I met at this graduate college event (she coincidentally goes to another college near my school).
Was talking to her a bit, but had to leave eventually. Got her Insta - she doesn’t use social media much. Basically the day right after, I just messaged something like “hey name” to check on if she got back safe plane flight, but then died of cringe so I deleted the message (not unsent - I just didn’t see it).
Anyways she didn’t respond for 3 weeks so I forgot about it. But all of a sudden 2 days ago she just replies “hey what’s up?”
Idk what to say now. Lowkey I just wanna straight up ask her out for something like coffee or boba (got that advice from my friends), but at the same time I had 0 previous convo with her on Insta which I heard is not good. So then I’m thinking of asking something like “how’d finals go” since final exams just finished a week ago. And people online also say to say something funny but I can’t really think of anything funny off the top of my head right now. I don’t know if you have any thoughts.
As for interests, it seems that most of it is academic, not much casual ones. She’s really smart, goes to one of the better technology schools.
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2023.03.26 00:28 Key-Syllabub-4492 I (22F) think my long distance boyfriend (22NB) is going to break up

(22 F) and my bf (22NB) have been in a relationship for roughly 2 years. He lives in California and I live in lowa. The problem arises with communication. I love my boyfriend dearly and I would do just about anything to make him smile. Although recently, the communication has been an issue because neither of us have really had much energy or social battery to do much of any communication and i hate that. I hate that we don't have that spark we used to but if he did decide to call it quits, I wouldn't be upset. The distance really is a rough thing to navigate with an LDR so I understand completely. I still care about him and want him to be happy whether I'm the person making that happen or not. I guess the advice I'm looking for is if he does call it quits and say in tbe future i got into another LDR, what is a way to better communicate and make things work? TL DR: I think my long distance boyfriend is going to break up with me and I'm not that upset about it.
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2023.03.26 00:27 anondroid47 15 years later, I found out today the ACTUAL cause of my Moms death…..

I was 16 years old when my Mom passed away. I remember clearly being told my Moms death was an “accidental overdose” (of pills). In fact, multiple adults I trusted told me that, my Dad, my Moms Fiancé, my Grandmother, my Godmother, etc.,
I was talking to my Dad today, and I don’t know how we got on the subject, but out of nowhere he says “and when your Mom had her heart attack” and I was completely confused.
I asked him when she had a heart attack. I thought maybe it was something that had occurred when I was much younger or before my birth. He clarified by saying she had died of a heart attack.
I replied by saying I was told at the time by everyone that it was a pill overdose. My Dad went on to explain that it was ruled accidental and was due to her doctor’s negligence, but the pill combination caused a heart attack.
This whole experience has been very disturbing to me, and I feel so stupid, gullible and naive. I just accepted a vague explanation of my Moms death and went around telling people for years, when asked “oh, yeah, my Mom overdosed on pills and is dead now”.
I do recall getting the toxicology report of all the meds she had in her system (it was as long as a CVS receipt) and I do remember one day posting the toxicology list on social media shortly after her death.
I did this because I was so tired of people’s morbid curiosity and frankly, nosy questions about her death. Now I realize, it’s because I was responding so vaguely.
I’m having a lot of conflicting feelings and I just feel so dumb. Yes, I questioned over the years whether the overdose was “accidental” due to her multiple suicide attempts over the years, but that’s a whole other story.
I also am questioning if my Dad is telling the truth. I have caught him in lies that he told me, particularly about my Mom, that he told to “make me feel better” but ultimately confused me and upset me.
I guess what I’m confused about is, why would all the adults in my life leave out this very important detail?
It’s weird, because an overdose, accidental or not, is a “taboo” subject, and if they wanted to “protect me” it just seems like they would leave it at “heart attack”. Instead, they all took the opposite approach.
So yeah. I just feel like a Jack ass right now and am very upset about this. I am going to reach out to other family members to see if my Dads story is valid, or another lie.
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2023.03.26 00:27 Aceyleafeo The truth about deposits

So I see a lot of posts talking about people sending deposits in advance to others, only to get ghosted and blocked the very next second. Here’s a few things I look out for and do.
From a buyers perspective: I rarely ever give deposits. Specially on pricey things. Here’s a few dead give away from scammers
• they say that you MUST put a deposit to hold your item even if your coming to pick up today.
•the address they give you is fake
• they say they will ship or mail you the item with a carrier and the carrier will contact you.
• they keep pushing off from face timing you with the item. And only send videos and pictures.
From a sellers point of view:
Sometimes the seller can get scammed as well. I actually encountered a few times personally. So read the following to see the sellers point of view.
Personally I mainly sell puppies and kittens cause I’m a breeder. And the only time I ask for a deposit is in 2 situations.
  1. the buyer request to put a deposit down to secure his puppy or kitten. Sometimes they will come or face time me and see a pup. They will then put a deposit down and pick up on a later day. I always make it clear that if they don’t contact me 1 week after the pick up date or if they change their mind then the deposit is void.
  2. They ask me to deliver. I always have them pay me the delivery fee in advance. I only deliver personally to where I can drive to. I don’t ship anything I sell. I always ask for the delivery fee first and the rest in cash later. Prior to delivery. face time and more is all available.
•if the buyer ask for personal information to send a deposit to the seller such as birthday, passport etc. Then you should know it’s a scam. Buyer shouldn’t ask for anything except your email in regards to your deposit info.
• if the buyer ask you to ship something and that he or she will provide the shipping carrier. You know it’s a scam.
Hope these tips help.
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2023.03.26 00:27 Ok_Offer626 Lonely, tired, overwhelmed

Single mom here for just about the entirety of my daughter’s 15 years. Dad is involved, but I have been single and doing it alone the whole time ( dated, only one serious 1 year long relationship).
I have no mom or siblings. My dad and his wife are around and spend time with us, but that’s about it. I have a career, I work a second job to be able to enjoy some nice things in life. I have friends.
But it’s all on me. Everything is ME. I have no one I can lean on. Due to my childhood and failed marriage, I never want to burden anyone with anything. I am an extremely high functioning individual , but it’s taking a toll on me. I can’t even find a therapist, non in my plan are taking new patients. I feel like I’ve lost passion in life. I’m just going through the motions for my daughter, who is everything to me. She’s a wonderful well adjusted kid. I get along with her father and his wife ( which was his affair partner) and I do it for her. But it takes a bit of a toll on me inside.
I just feel so incredibly alone in this world. I’m having a health scare and I have to deal alone. And why do I have to deal alone? I have High risk HPV again with an abnormal pap again. My first was my ex husband and I got that from him. I was 20 and scared. Had multiple biopisies and a procedure done which lead me to a high risk pregnancy. And here I am again at 42. I’ve had way too many sexual partners, although mostly safe, it’s just a lot of you have even 2 in a year for 15 years. I was hoping to find a monogamous LTR somewhere along the line and I never did. And now as an a middle aged woman, I have to go through this again. And alone.
I just needed somewhere to put my feelings. If you got this far, thank you
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