Did boba fett have a lightsaber

The Book of Boba Fett

2020.12.18 09:52 NominalPerson The Book of Boba Fett

"The Book of Boba Fett" finds legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett and mercenary Fennec Shand navigating the galaxy’s underworld when they return to the sands of Tatooine to stake their claim on the territory once ruled by Jabba the Hutt and his crime syndicate. Streaming on DisneyPlus!

2021.05.17 01:46 The Book of Boba Fett: Fett-tastic memes

Memes for Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett The Book of Boba Fett will be set within the timeline of The Mandalorian and star Temuera Morrison as the titular bounty hunter, along with Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand.

2015.05.19 17:05 saltylife11 StarWarsEngineering: Plans, Specs, Buildings, and Technology of the Star Wars Universe

/StarWarsEngineering includes is a place for fans of the technical aspects of the Star Wars universe. That includes your Lego builds. This does NOT include artwork of Boba Fett or lightsaber builds, but please feel free to submit those to /starwars

2023.03.26 00:48 dirtdobber_205 [CoD] somewhat unpopular opinion of things I wanna see return

The fondest memories I have of playing call of duty were with my dad when I was younger, the last one being Advanced Warfare. One thing I really liked was the character customization. and how my dad always made the wackiest characters with clown masks and Santa hats. It could be really stupid, really cool, or just sorta lame, and I LOVED it! Then to accompany it that may be there unpopular opinion, were supply crates.
I really really enjoyed the idea of supply crates, but I think the way they started to be implemented as were terrible. It became a crummy pay to win thing that I thought was really stupid, and ruined it for me. The thing I liked about supply crates were the cosmetics that had little to no effect to the game. In Advanced Warfare some of the rewards were clothing for your character, those are ones I think should come back (if extreme character customization comes back). Then in BO3 there were camos that you could get from supply crates which was also pretty cool, having that along with camos you could grind (which is what they did in BO3) would be really interesting.
- Side note with the crates, you would get them after winning a game, and mvp could get like a legendary crate or something. I don't like the idea of buying them, but that could be a thing too.
On a note with camos, I really like the way they did them in MW2022 and wouldn't mind having a similar system in future Call of Duty's. For those living under a rock, all the guns have different camos, but once unlocked, can be used interchangeably with other guns. The same thing applies with the way weapon attachments, and regular weapon progression works. How for bases, like the M4 you have to get to certain levels, and the attachments are unlocked for all guns (if that makes sense). It was a little much in MW2022, but if they tweak it a bit, it could be interesting.
So in all a rework of supply crates that are NOT pay to win, they would only give cosmetics. Specifically it'd be cool for it to be in depth character customization like in Advanced Warfare. Then similar weapon progression and camo grinds to the new Call of Duty.
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2023.03.26 00:47 ClearSailing99 For those who experienced a lot of fatigue and brain fog in the first few weeks, how did things turn out after a month, 2 months, 3 months etc?

I am on day 10 and pretty much since day 1 Buproprion 150XL has been making me feel very tired and kind of spaced out/brain foggy. It seems to be getting slightly better the last 2 days, but I'm still pretty tired most of the day, and I've been going to bed way earlier than usual ( a plus for me). However I'm waking up feeling tired, and coffee isn't as stimulating as it was before starting this med. I'm planning on sticking it out for at least 6 weeks assuming these are just initial side effects. It's a little confusing though because a lot of people seem to have great results the first couple weeks (better mood, extra energy and libido) , though some say that goes away after a while. I'm hoping that because I'm starting out feeling slow, tired, and brain foggy that once the initial phases are over I'll start to feel some of the opposite effects. For those who started out the first few weeks feeling like me, how did you end up feeling after a month or two, and longer?
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2023.03.26 00:46 mountainofentities A podcast interview I did with Mike Paterson on the psychic inter-dimensional aspects of Sasquatch. I have had many experiences as well (a long with the others)…

We discuss and playback some of his audio and photo evidence. https://youtu.be/Av7iEIMz9P0
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2023.03.26 00:46 Propranolo_ Mysterious Package

I received a package today. It was from Orange Connex, which from what I can discern online is a middleman company for things being shipped from China. I did email them just now and ask them who the sender was.
I’ve looked in all my emails and I don’t have any orders, shipping, or delivery emails related to this item. There was also nothing in my amazon or ebay order histories. It was dropped off from USPS and apparently came from UPS Innovations service, and that probably explains why I don’t have a “delivered” email from UPS, which I usually get from them. I also have a habit of taking pictures or screenshots of confirmation numbers when I order stuff, and I don’t have any picture of ordering this item.
The package was weird! It was a small styrofoam box. When I opened it, it smelled like chemicals. Inside was a small bubble-mailer. I was already starting to get skeptical and when I opened the bubble-mailer, I dropped what was inside into the styrofoam box without touching it. It was a folded blue microfiber cloth. I thought that it might be containing something more, so I grabbed something nearby (happened to be a wooden ruler) and lifted the microfiber cloth out of the styrofoam box and let it unfold itself. There was nothing else inside. The microfiber cloth was uniform in color but had variations in the fibers in a design of teddy bear faces and hearts. Again, it smelled strongly of chemicals. I put everything back into the styrofoam box. Washed my hands, and wiped of the ruler with bleach. I know I’m being paranoid, but I have no idea what this package is all about.
Any ideas?
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2023.03.26 00:46 boxerangel31 Have cribs changed in 10 years?

My oldest is 10, and I’m currently 32 weeks with our second. My parents are getting us a dresser for the baby and my dad is a overly excited and apparently was asking about crib even though we have my sons old crib. They asked have cribs changed in 10 years and the sales associate said yes. Now I wasn’t there so idk if they are just trying to make the sale or if it’s true. I googled it and didn’t see anything about new standards. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Did my parents just waste money unnecessarily or is this true? Thank you. 🙂
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2023.03.26 00:46 Mahaloth Hyëna - 6 months later. Your thoughts?

I'm always happy to have new KMFDM music, but this felt like an EP of new songs and some leftover tracks they had recorded already, but not placed on an album. I like:
All 4 1
Liquor, Fish, & Cigarettes
There are a couple other OK songs, but most of the album did not feel new or fresh to me.
It's one of my least favorites since they reformed in 2002.
Your thoughts?
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2023.03.26 00:46 Dryguy552 So I ran into someone I work with at AA today Disclosure? Who to tell at work

TLDR I’m in hot water at work because I’m an alcoholic and was doing alcoholic stuff. Who should know what?
I go to this really great meeting Saturday and usually Sunday mornings. A lot of times I know a trusted friend and colleague will be there. I really respect this guy and he’s helped me a lot. We worked together and drank together often, but family life changed that and we seldom hung out. When I switched roles at work we did not see each other daily or communicate much. When I found he’s in AA I thought to myself I probably would have guessed he was the one my other buddy was talking about when he asked my permission to share my name. We had conversations about our mutual troubles with alcohol when we saw each other every work day.
Largely because of my alcoholism and how it exacerbated depression and anxiety I was given a new role at work. I’m at risk of losing my job (not renewing my contract)but the union says “not going to happen”. The rep says if they fire you we will sue and we will win. This does not change the fact that it’s because I f’d shit up that I’m in this position.
Management seems to be backing off, had a pow wow with the grand po ba and the whole gang Friday and was told “just keep doing what you’re doing “ when I asked if there is anything I can do differently or better.
Now enter second guy. I think we have worked together for three years, but I’ve never met him until my new role. Heard good things, people really respect him. Meeting him I see why he’s held in high esteem. Salt of the Earth dude. He really cares about people which is basically his job description and he brings a dog to work. This is the guy I saw at the meeting today. I wanted to check in with a couple people and dog dad left before I could talk to him.
3rd guy is my job “coach”. Coaching, both sports and teachers is most of his role. I think it’s one class he teaches Anyway mad respect for this guy. 100% confident he will keep what I tell him confidential. 100% confident the dude is in my corner. We’re not friends outside of work and I’ve known him through work for close to 20 years. I told him I was in residential treatment for “head problems”. This is true, but not complete disclosure which management all knows about because HR told everyone above me. Yes, they broke the law doing this. I’ll consider what leverage I can get out of this if they sack me. They f’d up and know it.
Obviously I’ll be talking to second guy. Giving 3rd guy the whole story will feel most comfortable to me. As I said it’s guaranteed he will keep confidence, I’m also confident he won’t judge. He shared some of his personal struggles when I told him I was had head problems
Frankly, I’m worried about stress and pressure in this new role. I have kids with serious issues. A couple have the potential to “trigger” me, self harm, borderline personality disorder, suicide attempts etc aka my mom from childhood until her 4th or 5Th attempt and first and only completed suicide. I’m quite confident that I won’t be triggered, but it would be irresponsible to not prepare for it.
I’ve also got kids in recovery, I don’t see any issues here. I do not anticipate disclosing to any kids I’m an alcoholic. Going through treatment definitely helps me do better with kids like this
Also, I’m subject to a ridicules level of scrutiny. I was observed three times last week. Usually it’s a few times a semester and on Friday I learned that they wanna “keep a good eye on Dryguy”..
It already came to pass that it made sense that I told guy two that I’ve got a potential trigger with suicide, I’ve worked successfully in crisis response to a suicide since mom’s death. I left out that helping inspired an epic binge. I never meet the dude, but wish I had. Several people I care about were very close to him.
A final twist is my new immediate bosses, one is great in many ways, and not so great in others. The other is just awful, thinks she’s amazing. Some people are amazed she has a job
I’d appreciate any wisdom you have to share.
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2023.03.26 00:45 macnfleas Trying to make sense of odd setup in new house

I just bought a house that has a very weird mess of cables coming out of holes in the wall and floor in the utility closet. It looks like a previous homeowner tried to set up their modem in there and did a messy job.
Up top, there's a hole in the wall that has the following coming out of it (pic 1): - 1 Ethernet cable - 2 ethernets connected by an "Rj45 coupler" - 2 coaxial cables connected to a splitter - Another coaxial cable - 2 Ethernet cables that have been cut
Coming out of a hole in the floor by the wall (pic 2): - 2 coaxial cables that are connected to each other - A thin pink cable that's been cut
Coming out of another hole in the wall (also pic 2): - 1 Ethernet
On the other side of this wall is the garage, where there is an Ethernet port. So I guess this mess was made in part to give Ethernet access into the garage.
Any idea what's going on here? I want to get a panel to close up the holes in the wall, but I need to know which cables to keep access to if I want to hook up a modem here, and which cables I can just hide.
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2023.03.26 00:45 martinrsa HMRC says I owe them tax money

So, a couple of weeks ago I received a letter from HMRC saying they'll be adjusting my tax code for the next tax year as they think I owe them £581.94 in tax. I tried getting in touch (without any luck) as this didn't sound right and the letter provided no explanation as to how they've calculated this.
Now on this month's pay, I can see they've put me on emergency tax code BR X claiming none of my current income is tax-free, this resulted in an additional £200 being deducted from my pay this month. Again, tried to get in touch without any luck, but after doing a bit of research it seems this tax code is for people with additional incomes, but I don't think this is correct, as I do not have another job, and in fact, this is the second time in the current tax year that I've been overcharged for tax.
I switched jobs twice last year. I left a job towards the end of April 2022 and started a new one on 03-05-22, jumping up from tax code 1288L to 1257L, then I left this job on 21-10-22 and started my current job on 24-10-22, there was a considerable pay rise but still within the basic tax rate 1257L.
I didn't have a P45 when I started my current employment so for my first month's pay (November 22) I was put on emergency tax code 0T M1. This was corrected to 1257L the month after (December) after I had my P45 from my previous job, and then it remained it´s been the same up until now.
I have logged onto my personal tax page but it just hasn't given me much clarity as to why they think I've underpaid or acknowledge any overpayments. I did find something that worried me, as I can see that for the next tax year, they have me down as still working my previous job on top of my current one, with a tax code adjustment to account for both pays. This is completely insane since I can see that they have the correct termination date listed for my previous employment during the current tax year.
I was hoping you'd be able to advise as to what's the best way to reach out to HMRC to correct this. I will continue to try calling them but it doesn't seem to be the most efficient way, I can't see any email or any alternative contact methods anywhere. I'm in the process of buying a house and currently every penny counts so I could do without another surprise deduction next month.
Apologies for the lengthy post, I've never had any problems with tax so I'm completely in the dark here and tried to give as much detail as I could.
Appreciate the advise.
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2023.03.26 00:45 Dan_the_man42 I just did a bit to tomfoolery

I "gaslighted" a few people into convincing there was a historic invasion and sacking of london by nepoleon in 1807. It was supposedly a "great humiliation" for the British, who then later scrubbed the internet of all traces of it, thats why they couldnt find it when they googled it.
I went as far as to cobble together a fake wikipedia page using chatgpt, and most people bought it. https://imgur.com/a/5Oh3AmL
I did tell them eventually. It's pointless because who cares about some 215 year old battle, it doesnt change anything, but it maybe did have a point to show just how easy people take things.
I dont know, just google things, and dont trust everything everyone on the internet says.
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2023.03.26 00:45 loudclaps Stuck on two issues with VLC on Windows 11: Black bars on sides and 1px white line on right. Help!

Stuck on two issues with VLC on Windows 11: Black bars on sides and 1px white line on right. Help!
Hello I have been troubleshooting these full screen issues for weeks with no permanent fix. What could I try? See the uploaded picture. Same computer and TV on windows 10 did not have the problem but has come since upgrading.
Black bars on left and right:
Full screen has these bars on the sides which is the difference between 4096x2160 (tv resolution) and 3840x2160 (VLC displayed). I can get it to work by cycling crop ratios until it fits but it needs to be changed every time a video is played. Windows inbuilt media player has the same issue but is solved by setting the 'zoom to fill' option on but 'always fit window' in VLC doesn't fix this. Taking a VLC snapshot does not show the black bars on the right and left.
One px white line on the right
Full screen has this line on the right, absolutely no idea what is causing it
I also had the taskbar appearing over the top but was fixed by the solution in here https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=149457

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2023.03.26 00:45 Huge-Passage [Contest] What did I do today?

So today I did something that I never did before? ? ?
For the contest just guess what it is and I will pick the winner based on the correct answer via randomizer.
I’m case nobody answers correctly, also add “First Time” in your comment.
Will end tomorrow, US members only (sorry) and have an item under $10.00 on WL
Oh, let’s keep the guesses rated PG 😊
Hope you all have a super weekend!
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2023.03.26 00:45 EveryLunaEver Strange World when and where is it set?

So first of. Great Movie.
I loved all of the animations and the animal Design so so much. Also just all of the familiy dynamics and the inculsivity and great movie!
Just some random thoughts which I have had since watching the movie.
Question also being where did the turtle? Obviously the even bigger and more glaring question is how did the people get on top of the turtle? And when you see the erath/earth like planet at the end. Are ther other continents? I can't see other ones. Is this planet earth just maybe in the past or distant future? Or ist the planet maybe still a part of the turtles body?
You see the size of the town on the back of the turtoise right? How high is the population actually this could give us information as to how old this civilisation is? Thus, maybe esitmating a time in which the movie is set.
In some scence (for example the first look around town) they actually seem to have a bigger population. At least bigger then in Encanto. But seeing the end of the movie it is just this one city. You also see that on top of this main town there seem to be about 3 smaller villages. I can't quite estimate sizes but when considering the following questions we could only estimate: a small city has between 5.000 to 20.000 and the smaller villages maybe only several hundred.
So many generations were there? You could estimate it from the statues at the towns square. There are 6 statues question being does each one of them represent the biggest figure in their generation? They seem to be quite advanced for only 6 generations. But then these statues could also be farther apart then Searcher and Jaeger...
Just some random thoughts to this overall question of the movie. Maybe someone has more input ^^
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2023.03.26 00:45 DarkSunUniverse The Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers in AC Valhalla needs to be more like GoT.

Just got the ps5 version of Valhalla and I'm impressed how better it plays than last gen, less bugs, better physics, also pleasantly surprised to see it has cross save functionality so I didn't have to start again. But one thing that has left me disappointed is the lack lustre implementation of the Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers support on the ps5 version.
I kind of went in expecting ghost of Tsushima level of haptics but quickly found out that's not the case here. It's a bit like normal PS4 rumble, no real feeling to the weapons or bows at all. In GoT you can actually feel the blade humming in your hand when you unsheathe it and after clashing with another sword, it almost feels like you have a star wars light saber humming in your hands. The bow is also bad, in GoT you feel the tension "wind back" with momentum as you pull the trigger back and the hum of the string tightening, in Valhalla it's just this dull pressure feeling. When you cut someone in GoT you feel this violent "THUNK!" Vibration within the controller like you really just did some crazy damage, in Valhalla slicing and dicing someone up with axes just outputs this PS4 like rumble effect through the haptics, it just "feels" really bad.
Imo It's an incredibly impactful, highly immersive feature that I feel ubisoft need to go back to the drawing board with and implement properly in all their new gen games (played watch dogs and it's implemented bad there too, better than Valhalla but not GTA V level) but most importantly Valhalla for the time being. I hate complaining to subbreddits about games, especially when I'm having this much fun with everything else this ps5 port offers and I guess that's why it hurts so much, because after playing GoT then playing this amazing, true next gen game, it's like my sub conscious knows that it could be so, so much better with this feature done right.
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2023.03.26 00:45 Gullible-Bird7249 FFXIV Launcher download bar not showing.

So I bought the game on steam just recently and I've been looking for answers left right and center. Of no avail. I tried doing the Internet properties but now it won't even let me click onto my Custom Level or Default Level options anymore. And even when I did what someone said "Click Default Level then go to advanced tab and click "Restore Advanced settings" and did nothing at all (I also did restart my computer). I log in and do my password and such and then it disappears and gives me the option to edit my hard drive thingy after yes it's just gone.
A recent update, every time I try do my login and allow it to download it just goes to the grey FINAL FANTASY screen usually shown when you are logging into the Launcher.
Mind you logging into the Launcher is okay like it loads up and such but when I try put my password and allow the option for the hard drive it just disappears at first and now it's only just showing "FINAL FANTASY ONLINE" Grey screen. I hope I just have to wait for it to download, I just wished their was an easier option to see how long I have to wait but I just hope I didn't do more damage then what it was.
I'm also very baby level for tech stuff so if anyone has an answer, a guide would be awesome. Thanks ;-;
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2023.03.26 00:45 GStera 1 Month Review (5MG)

Intro - This was my first experience taking a daily medication. My anxiety was just at a point where I did not have a handle on it, despite years of behavioral therapy.
Side Effect Summary - My side effects have been pretty minimal, which is surprising because I’ve always responded strongly to medication.
Cons - Couldn’t sleep much the first two days, but since then, completely fine - I had one very bad panic attack my first week (it’s rare that I actually get to the “attack” phase). Thankfully it only lasted a few minutes. - I’ve gained 6 pounds in a month (usually weigh 169 in the AM, now weigh closer to 175). The weight gain really bothers me. I’ve always struggled with my weight (used to be about 235 despite being 5’8) and I need to work through that more in therapy. - My appetite is crazy now. I feel like I want to eat a plate of pasta at 7am.
Pros - I feel “normal” again - I can more effectively talk about my feelings and do not emotionally react as strongly - I’ve truly been able to enjoy my time with my family instead of incessantly worrying
Overall Impressions - My relationships and emotional health are on cloud nine. I’m so thankful for that. Physically, I really hope this weight gain stops soon or plateaus.
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2023.03.26 00:45 rstar547 Friend was being annoying by trying to gaslight me over something stupid

The situation isn't very serious, but it might get complicated to read, so just bare with me.
Just this past Thursday I got into a car accident while trying to get home from school. It happened in the student parking lot, and involved one of my close friends. We were parked next to each other, her car on the left and mine on the right. I was opening my driver-side door to get in, when she took off in drive to leave. The fender to her Jeep caught my door as she drove forward, and dragged my door until it was forcibly bent backwards, denting her back door and misaligning my door which no longer allowed it to close all the way.
I wasn't harmed at all, as my hand was on the inside of my door when it happened—every time I enter my car, I use the inside handle once I can get my hand in there in an effort to ensure I can open my door wide enough while also being careful not to hit her car. I was trying to be careful, but I was paying attention to my door and didn't notice her break lights, so I didn't know she was going to take off. She would've seen me, but she hadn't checked for me as she usually does, and didn't know I was getting in my car.
She hit her breaks almost as soon as her car had shaken from the impact, and she slowly reversed back to where she was. She was visibly shaken, as I could see her face through her tinted passenger window. She got out of her car, walked out around the front of it, saw my door, and asked me what happened. I was already choking back tears of stress, as it had been a long day and I wasn't looking forward to work in the afternoon, and all I could manage to do was mumble "I opened my door. I didn't know you were gonna drive."
She told me she had to go now, because she had work soon—which was half an hour away. I told her to go and that I'd figure it out. She drove off, and I got in my car to try and drive, and that's when I discovered my door could no longer close. I was alone to deal with it, and I didn't know what else to do, so I took it upon myself—stupidly and clearly not thinking straight—to try driving while holding my door shut to make it home. However, when merely turning out of the school at only 10mph, my door swung almost all the way open, so when I got down to where I'd have to turn onto a main road, I realized there was no way in fuck I could make it home without causing another—possibly worse—accident.
I pulled into a nearby parking lot, where I got out and tried violently kicking my door to force it shut. A cop was parked across the main road and saw the wild scene unfolding, so he came over to see what was going on. From that point on, the report for the accident was filed, my car got towed, and my dad came to drive me home so I could get ready for work. My friend texted me after to make sure everything was okay, and when I gave her an update, she told me she still felt bad about it. I told her it was fine—shit happens—and I went to work like normal.
The next day, I had to take the bus to get to school. Around the middle of the day, our school resource officer called me down to get more info on the accident. I told him my understanding of how the accident happened, and he rolled back the tapes to check, and he confirmed I was telling the truth. He told me her insurance would likely have to pay for it, being she was the one driving and hadn't paid attention while I was simply getting in my car, but that he'd still need my insurance info so both companies could work it out and come to a conclusion.
Throughout the day, my friend saw me a few different times, but she didn't talk to me, or even acknowledge me at all. I figured she was still feeling guilty about it, so at the end of the day, I sat next to her at the assembly we were having to make sure we were cool. I approached her, make a joke about her not talking to me all day, and we laughed about it. I reassured her that I wasn't mad at her about it, cause again, shit happens, and that we can just forget about it. I said that neither of us pay for our own cars anyway, so it's not like it's going to effect us, let alone her since she still had a car to drive, so I told her we can drop it and that she doesn't have to feel bad.
At first, she was fine with that, but when we went on to converse about it, at some point we came into disagreement about what had happened. I had mentioned that my door was open before she took off, but I was confused when she claimed that she was already driving. We went on to argue about it, and it started getting heated as she continuously asserted that she'd already been driving. She was making a serious effort to convince me she was right, claiming I had opened my door too much and swung my door into her back door, but even if she did believe herself, what she was saying confused me. She obviously wasn't even paying attention when she'd hit my door—given the context, it probably wouldn't have happened to begin with if she was. So how would she even know what actually happened if she wasn't looking to begin with?
Eventually I got angry with her efforts to make the same claim time after time, and told her I wasn't arguing about it with her if she wasn't going to listen. She kept arguing with me, saying she is listening and that she knows what she observed. I snapped back, saying I knew what I saw because it happened, in fact, right before my eyes, while she was still in her car and not even looking. I even told her about the tapes, and how the school officer confirmed that my door, in fact, was already opened. She grew furious, and her arguments eventually turned into her claiming the whole thing was my fault for opening my door too wide and parking too close to her to begin with—for the record, I am infamous for my poor parking skills, and the gap was a tight three-to-four feet, which probably didn't help.
I didn't know how to respond to her at that point. I was too busy trying to figure out what her problem even was, and why she was making such a big deal out of it. I finally told her to just forget about it, because it's not like we're paying for it so there's no point in arguing about it. We sat in awkward silence for the rest of the assembly, and I took the bus again to get home, shocked at the entire exchange. My friend is known to complain/argue about something, usually about drama, but we've known each other since we were six and never fought over anything before, so the whole thing came as a bit of a shock, especially since the argument revolved around something as petty as an accident that neither of us were gonna have to pay for or have even been yelled at over.
The more I thought about it, it really annoyed me. I still don't know why she felt the need to be so defensive about it, but the fact that she ignored me all day suggests that she maybe just didn't want to accept responsibility over it, despite how trivial it is. Even if it is just her feeling guilty nonetheless, she has no room to treat me like that. In the grand scheme of things, I was the one getting the short end of the stick:
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2023.03.26 00:44 Jakedtigets Ok why do ya think that ink demon baby bendy has a split personality I mean yeah he acts different but the keepers never say they did in the audio recording I feel like they would have said if they put a new personality on him

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2023.03.26 00:44 mountainofentities A podcast interview I did with Mike Paterson on the psychic inter-dimensional aspects of Sasquatch. I have had many experiences as well (a long with the others)…

We discuss and playback some of his audio and photo evidence. https://youtu.be/Av7iEIMz9P0
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2023.03.26 00:44 Canon6782 Question about tor and torrenting

So this is a bit of an embarassing hiccup I went and had, I just recently learned that you're not supposed to torrent using tor as per the developers themselves for the reason of risking being deanonymized, as you can probably guess by the title of this post I did this some time in the last few years and I want to expressly state I have NOT done it since, can anyone tell me what the consequences of what I mentioned above happening would be? And would I be safe now? I hope this is an appropriate question to ask I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge in this matter.
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2023.03.26 00:44 free_greenpeas My heartbeat is too fast - advice please

I'm currently going through titration on Elvanse, but took 70mg for three years between 2014-2017. Right now I'm taking a short meds break which i'll try to explain. I guess I'm looking for advice about the next steps.
I have anxiety, like a lot of us. It's the reason I stopped Elvanse in 2017. I ended up being discharged by mistake and didn't start meds again until October last year because I had to join the waitlist again. I'm being treated by Psych UK now, although my initial diagnosis was done by the NHS.
I've always really suffered from physical symptoms of anxiety, headaches, vomiting and palpitations mainly. They aren't new things or medication side effects. I've also had tests done, so I'm pretty certain there aren't any other physical conditions going on. I have regular blood tests. I've had lots of investigations about the throwing up, and the headaches and it's all just my bodies reaction to stress and anxiety. I had a 24 hr ECG a couple of years ago because of a high heartrate. Last year I had a sleep study done and wore a monitor the whole time then too. I think the heart racing thing is a trauma response and that maybe what is triggering it but for the most part my mental health is fine. I'm not depressed.
I was feeling pretty under the weather in January, and my blood pressure was on the high side, and kept getting higher. I'd been getting mild discomfort in my chest, I wouldn't call it pain really, and my left arm was hurting but I'd broken it the year before and it had hurt occasionally since then so I didn't really think much of it, but of course, mentioned that too. My P UK titration Dr said to take a break for a couple of days to see if it settled. It didn't and so she told me to speak to my GP. I had an appointment for a review a week later so I said I'd wait until then.
A few days later, I'd just had a quiet day, and felt pretty good because I'd managed to do some chores and prepare for the next day and it wasn't even 10.30pm. I didn't feel anxious at all but then my heart suddenly starts beating faster than I feel like it should. I felt like i could hear it. I lay on my bed and did all the things that I'd do if i was having a panic attack, even though I didn't feel like I was. It eventually developed into a panic attack I think, and I couldn't sit still and my heart beat was around 155-170 bpm. After 2 hours I felt like I was going to die, so as got an uber to A and E. They did lots of tests and made me stay for hours and then said to go see my GP about it.
My GP appointment came up and she told me to stop taking my meds until I had a 24 hour ECG and some blood tests. My heart health is important so I was happy to wait, and I had it done on Tuesday. The heart rate thing hasn't stopped being off of my medication so I am pretty sure it's not related, although I'm also not sure that it helps, and usually when it happens I feel like my meds had worn off anyway, like 12 hours after the dose at least.
I have had my 24 hour ECG earlier this week and now I'm just waiting for the results to send to P UK but I don't really know what happens after that. The P UK dr said I'd need to speak to my GP, and my GP will probably want to speak to my general psych, who I asked if I could have a beta blocker in the past for this, but got told it might make me dizzy.
I don't really know what to do, in order to not have to wait months longer. My P UK Dr said to get the results from the DR and send them on the portal as it will be fastest, but even if they're fine, I need to do something about the palpatations/heartrate thing if I'm going back on Elvanse. I feel myself getting anxious now every time my heart rate increases and I don't think just Elvanse by itself is the answer for my ADHD, but I don't know where to go or what to ask for, and I'm worried that each Dr is going to tell me to speak to someone else.
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2023.03.26 00:44 washing-machine4 Asking my parents for something they can't give me

I've been deconstructing for about a year and a half now, and have been slowly "coming out" to my parents about it. We are really close so I decided to share it with them. They know I have been hurt by the church and abusive friends, and that has led me to question some fundamental things about Christianity. Their position is basically "do what you gotta do, but make sure you come back."
I finally had the Big Conversation with them, and as you guys probably have experienced yourselves, it did not go well. I think it shook my parents pretty hard to realize I may not come back.
I realized that through many conversations with them, I keep asking for something that they cannot give me. I want them to tell me that it's okay if I do not come back. But they are not going to do that, because I know that they believe I'm going to hell if I don't come back. This is a deeply painful realization for me, and i guess I'm just looking for some solidarity, and maybe some advice. Has anyone here been able to have a relatively healthy/close relationship with their parents after telling them you're not a Christian anymore?
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